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A year ago, on the 16th anniversary of 9/11 Sean at the SGT Report published this video interview with author James Perloff, explaining what really happened on 9/11/2001. I was too cowed to run this video, let alone to watch it until now but the getting to the truth is more important than anything, especially now.

He says he realizes that a lot of what he says here goes against the grain of what he’s said in the past and he doesn’t insist on this scenario. “I’m trying to bring us closer to the truth. I have worked with people who are expert in nuclear weapons, in flight, to develop the scenario and what I’ve told you today is an extremely condensed version.”

“I’m well aware of the nano-thermite and directed-energy theories and I have friends in those camps but with the help of people who are experts in nuclear weapons, I have written an extensive post called ‘9-11 and Beyond.’ I do believe this was a nuclear event, surely involving conventional explosions…but as far as what took down the towers, we believe that there were two suitcase nukes in the service pits of elevator 50 bear in mind there were six basement levels below each tower. Elevator 50 was the only elevator that ran the full length of each Tower.”

Perloff also advances the following:

1. The WTC towers were not hit by commercial jets; they were hit by missiles cloaked with a holographic technology that publicly exists, which caused the missiles to appear like commercial airliners. The Air Force claimed it had this technology in the 1990s, it was called the “Airborne Holographic Projector”

2. Thermite was used, not for any functional purpose but for advancing the narrative that jet fuel could melt steel beams [which it can’t].

3. The planes earmarked for American Airlines 11 and 77, although they did not end up where they officially did, they were, indeed hijacked, according to Perloff, to “Establish the narrative that they wanted. Here’s something amazing – amazing sentence, I found in September 21st 2001 London Telegraph quote, ‘Accounts from the doomed planes indicate that the hijackers encouraged people to call their families and tell them what was happening,’ unquote… what ruthless hijacker cares so much about the victims that they want them to call their families and let them know what’s going on? The Israelis would, because they want this Muslim narrative to be established.”

Perloff believes the hijackers were Israeli Special Ops who knew very well how to fly commercial Boeing jets. He plays back audiotapes from Air Traffic Control to bolster his case.

Perloff notes all 4 planes involved were bound for California to give them the fuel they needed for “an extended getaway over the Atlantic.”

He says these passengers were quickly dispensed with. From consulting with professional airline pilots, the easiest way for the hijackers to kill the passengers would have been to take the planes up to a very high altitude and to depressurize the cabin (which he notes is exactly what happened with Malaysia Flight 370).

Perloff says that Los Angeles is equidistant from the US East Coast as Lajes Air Base on the Azorean Island of Terceira, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, which is used for CIA covert operations. This is where he believes these 2 planes were landed to refuel before proceeding over Sub-Saharan Africa (to avoid Italian, Moroccan and Libyan radar) for their final destination in Israel.

“Because the one place on Earth, Sean it where you can guarantee that these planes and passengers will never be found, it’s not in the bottom of the ocean, it’s not in a military base in the US, it’s in a hangar in Israel.”

Perloff explains that all flights en route to the US were ordered to be turned around by Dick Cheney and such air fields as Lajes are official diversion airports for aircraft in trouble and that actually, the day before, on September 10th, a Canadian airliner running low on fuel had been diverted to Lajes.

As for Flight 93, Perloff believes like many others, including Christopher Bollyn that Flight 93 was shot down but not for the reason that most people do. He believes that the “Let’s roll!” scenario happened, the phone calls were genuine. He believes Cheney ordered the shoot-down, not to save any targets in Washington, but because Donald Green, among those onboard who were fighting the hijackers was a professional pilot.

Perloff says that, “If they’d succeeded in landing flight 93 and the police and the FBI arrived and it turns out that those hijackers are Israelis, the entire 9/11 narrative would have been destroyed. There’d have been no war in Afghanistan, no war in Iraq; AIPAC would have lost its special relationship with the United States, as would Israel. The entire plan would have been destroyed.”

He details these arguments in his article, ‘9/11 Simplified’ and ‘Conversations with an Airline Pilot About 9/11’.

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  • I dont believe that nukes were involved at all! A guy picks up a random handfull of dust on 911 and sticks it in his pocket. A friend gives him a baggie to put it in. Its examined by a physics professor at byu and he finds tiny steel balls. Then finds they are both steel and aluminum. He says that only happens at extreem temps. Thousands of degrees. Also finds tiny flecks of red on one side and grey on the other. Says it looks like thermite. Tests and yes thats thermite. Futher examination not just thermite but nanotech thermite! So there must have been tons of the stuff used in the demolition of the wtc for it to show in a random handfull! Whos able to afford and provide tons of nano thermite? It was also painted on the girders over the month prior to 911! Also a month before one of the muslim “hijackers” in denver claimed to have lost his passport. This passport happened to have been found on 911 entact on the ground and supposedly survived the crash and floated to the ground….. I suspect that someone in intelligence helped themselves to the “lost” passport in the persons hotel while he or they were away. Then deposited it on the ground on 911. Wonder if near the wrong jet engine also deposited…

  • Having followed many threads of this story, I must ask a simple question;
    if this were largely due to nuclear explosions, has anyone taken a Geiger counter to ground zero?
    At this later date, could it be done now with reliable results?

  • Absolutely great! Many, many thanks for the Truth about 911. Very sad to know that all of the innocent individuals who died were just so much fodder for the grist mill in the eyes of the psychopaths that caused this massive destruction. I’ve always believed that Israel was a major player in this horror…..those 5 dancing men of Israeli decent….they should have been smarter…glad they were sitting on their brains that day. There are always the weak links in the plans of mass murder.I’m sure that the American people have not bought the govt’s official version….and the truth will end in the shocking truth and very sick and twisted people hopefully ousted & dealt with.Still waiting on many other events of horror; Hillary & Bill Clinton; what happened in Haiti; Libya; Kennedy; the list goes on and on. I’d be very happy with 911 being the first story to cross the line.

    • Did you know that the day before 911 that sec of defense don rumsfeld reported dod lost $2.7 trillion dollars? The 20′ in the side of the largest bldg in the world the pentagon just happened to be where the investigation into the lost $2.7 trillion was taking place…..all evidence destroyed….what a coinkedink….. Also how does the dod happen to aquire $2.7 trillion to lose? Thats the entire budget for 4-5 years…… Oh george bush just happened to buy $300,000 acres of paraguay for a hacienda on top of one of the largest aquifers in the world. Equated to a swimming pool 3 x’s the size of california…. Also had a airforce sized airbase built and has a 500 man security detail. Im sure his cut of the operation paid for this.

  • I do believe that the tower floors were a mixture of concrete, vermiculite, asbestos fibers, making a mixture called Perlite. The asbestos fibers give the slab a bit of flexibility for when the building sways in the wind, and the vermiculite makes it weigh less. Ask an engineer how much water is still trapped in the mixture years later as a percent of volumn, and you can get an idea of the explosive power of steam when the trapped water is heated to thousands of degrees from the incendiary/explosive nanothermite. The heat from that stuff would also greatly weaken the bolts and welds holding the steel connections together, allowing gravity and the weight to aid in the destruction. Conventional explosives would act as kickers, and the fine dust would act as a giant silencer, absorbing most of the sound from the explosions. The SADM’s (Special Atomic Demolition Munitions) placed down a shaft below the basements, would send a gamma ray burst up the inner core chimney, totally destroying about 40% of the core columns by weight, turning the core columns into a Swiss cheese structure on the molecular level, which would greatly weaken them and make them more susceptible to the nanothermite and conventional explosives. Additionally, the SADM’s would leave massive craters with about 10,000 degrees of heat in them that would make very convenient burning pits to push much of the remaining debris into, ensuring a rapid cleanup. Much of the radiation would be trapped in the molten Rock that slid to the bottom of the pits by gravity, and covered up by the lake of water that was poured on the pit by the firemen. Massive amounts of soil and M291 Radiation Absorbing Resin were then layered over the burning pits, and finally topped off with giant pools of water disguised as monuments to the fallen. Mark my words, 4″ drill cores will someday be extracted from the site as they “dig for the truth”.

    • Nope.

      There was no “gravity and weight” involved in the destruction of WTC1+2. 220+ acre-sized floors of these bldgs simply disappeared in 11 SECONDS.

      Much of the lower 6 levels subgrade in the “tub” was relatively intact and there were no 10000-degree burning pits.

      Nothing you describe could “disappear” 200,000 TONS of steel in a matter of seconds, which is essentially what happened. The buildings disappeared. We didn’t see weakening of steel connections and a progressive collapse. We saw most of the building disappear after the tops of WTC1+2 started to “fall”. And in no way were there 2m tons of bldg debris left in a pile on the site. It disappeared.

      Only one explanation for that.

      There was “rapid cleanup” – I’ll give you that. Because there was little to clean up. What took them months was the recovery of very small pieces of human bodies.

    • I think that if nukes used that N.Y. today would still be hot like Chernobyl. It was a conventional demolition with exception of nanotech thermite painted on girders over the month prior. Must have been tons of it! Who can aquire and pay for tons of nanotech thermite? You may recall that sec of defense don rumsfeld the day before reported $2.7 trillion lost by the dod…. Thats like 4-5 years of the dod’s total budget! On 911 the 20′ hole in the pentagon the largest build in the world just happened to destroy all evidence of the “lost” $2.7 trillion….. 3 years later george bush buys a 300,000 acre hacienda in paraguay. Its on top of one of the worlds largest aquifers. Equated to a swimming pool 3 x’s the size of calif. He also built a airforce sized airbase. Also has a 500 man security detail…

  • Here’s an email comment from John Lear: “Nukes cannot reduce 960,000 tons of concrete and steel to dust 80 microns in diameter. Cannot be done. The ACARS units data had the airplanes flying westbound, no eastbound.”

    • On the other hand, it looks very much like nukes in the basements. Looks to me like a holographic airplane, around a very sophisticated missile, remembering that where there should have been crumpled wings, and two holes where the engines went in, there were two slots. (which may also have been caused by explosives placed previously)
      The use of thermite to cut steel beams seems very plausible also.
      I think it was a combination of all of the above, plus some beam/field weapon we haven’t seen before, but is reminiscent of the California fires.

  • i think the building was mined with explosives during construction. There’s a good case for exotic resonant-frequency tech…the disappearance of the antenna, into smoke, is hard to explain otherwise, but I think that technology was not around when the towers were built. It makes sense that the prefabricated concrete slabs making up the floors and walls were already mined with detonating cord, against the day of demolition. And then asbestos reared its ugly head. Det-cord in the slabs would go some way towards explaining how so much fine dust was generated. If I’m right, there are probably other buildings still standing, with det-cord in their slabs.

    • I disagree that any mechanisms were included in original construction–way too much visual documentation (photographs, construction sequence which is highly documented and inspected, etc.) every step of the way.

      However, as I indicated in a post below, due to the asbestos abatement projects and entire groups of floors under renovation at the time, as well as renovation of the elevator cores starting early 2001 there was ample opportunity for the placement of detonation mechanisms at critical areas of the bldg. Additionally, building security was literally shut down over the weekend before 9/11. And guess whose family owned the security provider?

      Also, I think it’s key to remember that we’ve had advanced energy technology for decades…

      • Let me place the dots a little closer together.
        Detonating cord can be made to look like, and even to function as reinforcing mesh.
        There is a popular misconception, that explosives have properties far in excess of their real utility.
        You can blow up a concrete slab by placing explosives against it in shaped charges. This will give big chunks and a hellish noise.
        You can disintegrate the same slab into mostly powder, with very little noise, by placing exactly the right charge in the middle of the slab when it’s cast.
        When the slab comes out of the mold, one corner or more may be marked, and a little chiseling will expose a receiving sleeve for a detonator.
        I think the chances of this scenario being right, are quite high.

        • I understand how those devices could be placed and could function and cause demolition–but that’s all you’ve outlined, not reasons that it is what occurred. I think the chances of this added complexity to intricate, complicated high-rise construction is quite unlikely.

          Also, there’s no obvious motive to design failure into these buildings, in particular–they exemplified significant, ground-breaking technical, material, design and construction advancements worldwide. However, the relatively “low impact” destruction of these buildings contained primarily on top of their own footprint in 2001 solved MANY problems for MANY people.

          However, the elevator cores were entirely renovated. I’m not sure how extensive the floor renovations became and you might be suggesting successful ways the controlled demo could have been augmented!

          • I broke my cardinal rule re: additional evidence, evolving theory, and “failure to imagine”.

            So, I take back my insistence that the buildings couldn’t possibly have been designed+constructed with certain mechanisms in place for ultimate demise, given the context for these events and a lot of other realities that suggest this catalytic event was planned a very long time ago.

            It’s entirely possible.

          • gotcha, Verum.
            My opinion is that such buildings have a design-life of four or five decades, and that measures may be put in place to make their demolition cheaper. I don’t think that the towers were built to be used as weapons against America or the whole human race, but perhaps they were. New York is a bit special, being the birthplace of the advertising industry as we know it, which most certainly is a weapon.

        • Although i believe that your scenario is possible i dont believe that is what happened in the construction and demolition of the wtc. I believe that the fact that thermite was found in a random handfull of dust aquired on that day that there was tons used. Also it was not mearly thermite. It was nanotech thermite. Who is capable of producing tons of nanotech thermite? That came from los Alamos….. Painted on girders over the month before. After larry silverstein paid $11 million to insure the wtc. He recooped $4 billion. Also a month before one of the muslim “terrorists” vacationing in denver reported his passport missing. On 911 it showed up “miraculously on the ground undamaged near the wtc… I believe deposited by the intelligence tail detail of the “terrorist” (dont get me wrong he could very well be a terrorist but i dont believe he hijacked the plane!) I wonder if deposited near the wrong jet engine also deposited….

      • The guess who’s cousin also had a construction co. Working in the pentagon at the sametime…. Also the day before 911 sec of defense don rumsfeld reported on t.v. the dod lost $2.7 trillion. That the budget for like 4-5 years….. How does that happen…. Also all evidence for investigation lost in 20′ hole inside the pentagon the next day….. The statistical evidence way off the charts! Wheres columbo? George bush 3 years later buys 300,000 acre hacienda in paraguay on top of 1 of the worlds largest aquifers… Equated to a pool 3 x’s the size of calif!

  • I have a heck of a memory, almost total recall. I remember Larry Silverstein saying that the decision had been made to ‘pull’ Bldg. 7 because he deemed it unsafe. “Pull it”? Oh really. It came down by controlled demolition, which takes a LONG time to set up. So Bldg. 7 had been outfitted with dynamite or whatever they use (thermite?) to bring down a building weeks in advance of 911. A heavily insured building, as a matter of fact.

    I didn’t buy the ‘phone home’ scenario back in 2001, nor do I buy it now. “Mom, this is Mark Bingham.” WHAT? Can you say crisis actor, boys and girls? Nobody gives their mother their last name, or even their first name. Baloney. Moreover, testimony existed back then that stated cell phones were not advanced enough to broadcast at the elevations given.

    I adhere to the theory that hard holograms were used, that there were no jet aircraft involved in the catastrophic 911. A Tomahawk missile hit the Pentagon. Mossad masterminded 911 and I can’t wait to see all the perps swing.

    • The phone call by the stewardess on 911. The last thing she said was wispered… “Its a ruse!” The japanese did a recreation to check possibility of phone use. They were not able to do so! Also no jet drone in background! The plane had already been landed. The 1st responders readied themselves for the carnage only to find none! The official explaination was the plane burrowed itself into the earth…..all 3 planes were lapped over by holographic cloaked cruise missles and exchanged then they were landed at an undisclosed location. Then what happened to the witness’s on board??? As far as the israeli art students (mosaad agents most likely demolition team) are in a picture in the wtc standing among cardbord box’s stacked high that someone looked up the #’s on the box’s and found them to be haliburton demolition switchs….. They were also driving a moving van that had a painting of a jet aireliner crashing into the wrc…. Hutzpah at its finest…oh and im sure they painted it so cant say their not artists or israeli….

  • AND…ALL the the “Creatures” responsible for that crime are STILL untouched and running around FREE as birds…By the way those “Creatures” DO NOT Have “Souls” and Still work with their Luciferian/Satanist VATICAN over lord’s (Jesuits)

    • Yeah, Kennyboy, it’s always the VATICAN…or is it ?! The Vatican controls the Fed and ECB and the BIS, the WB and IMF…right ?!…You are either a troll, or an IGNORAMUS…like many others…

    • Did you know that the day before that sec of defense don rumsfeld reported $2.7 trillion lost by dod? Thats like 4-5 years of total dod budget! A little hard to believe…. Then on 911 20′ hole in the side of the leargest bldg in the world just happens to destroy all investigation evidence of lost $2.7 trillion …… Also a bit difficult to digest……. I mean what are the chances… Like 1 in $2.7 trillion? 3 years later george w bush buys 300,000 acres of land in paraguay on top of one of worlds largest aquifers.. Equated to a pool 3 x’the size of calif. …. Also airforce sized airport with a 500 man security detail. From his cut?

  • I’m not an SGT fan. I turned off awhile ago and now can’t remember what the situation was-partly his style but some of his associates might be disinfo platforms (e.g. Titus Frost). But I think it also had to do with his rejection of the possibility of DEWs and Judy Wood’s analysis. Perhaps he has evolved but it wasn’t that long ago and what I’ve learned after following the 9/11 truth movement is that dogmatic and definitive assertions of who, what, how, why are usually red flags indicating an infiltrated and controlled narrative, as are attacks on other truthers. Seems like he’s hardwired to promote the nuke theory like Perloff.

    And the Isreali students meme is a stretch that he+others like Rebekkah Roth are overselling IMO. Most people don’t realize that in addition to building renovations that consumed entire floors throughout the buildings there was an extensive elevator renovation going on in both towers since early 2001 (per documentation+testimony), which closed off entire elevators for long periods as well as access points that were apparently under guard, according to tenants. Additionally, during the weeks leading up to 9/11 there were multiple security system interferences due to upgrading and repair in which the security for access points to the entire buildings were disabled for extended periods and the typical security dogs were given the day(s) off.

    These details explain how access to the building was provided (btw the security system contract was w/ Marvin Bush family co) in multiple ways over extended periods, which seems to support the controlled demo theory, not the mini-portable-nuke-in-backpack theory.

    So even Perloff’s discussion doesn’t incorporate all of the pertinent details about the buildings that support other theories. And that’s OK.

    The value of analysis like this is that it provides more perspectives that offer additional pieces to the overall puzzle of what happened and where and maybe why. I personally like J.P. Farrell’s theory of 3 Levels of operation on 9/11, which supports multiple theories and possibilities and provides answers and also poses more questions.

    I’m not a fan of Bollyn–I think he’s uncovered some good stuff but he hasn’t done the job of linking everything that he uses to support his absolute declarations the “Zionist did it all” theory and I think its a trap. Sure, they were likely involved but Level 3 goes deeper-we have many more enemies than Zionists.

      • We probably don’t know their names. The interview included mention of the media monopoly although today it’s 96% of MSM owned by 4-5 conglomerates compared to 60-70 a few decades ago. And these 4-5 are all on CFR, they’re on the boards of MIC and MIIC corporations, etc… There is no doubt that a significant control of our existence is Zionist, which I already stated.

        But in my research of finance, exotic technologies, rogue finance, and what has been going on in space for the past century suggests the motivation for what drives everything on this planet isn’t as simple as that which “Zionists” control. It’s much bigger and “other”.

        • I’m in agreement with you on your last sentence, Verum.
          The whole network of crooked senior police and judges and co-opted military leaders and wicked media, seems too big for mere mortals alone

    • sure we do.

      I’d begin with Bush, Cheney and Rummy. that part we could probably prosecute on. the proof is there. the rest? well, maybe sometimes you need to scape the goat. (jew pun link intended). ha ha.

      kennyboy, oh never mind.

      • YEP, go after the peons…like Oswald, and leave the big sharks untouched….OR maybe not the right example: Oswald was just what he said he was – a patsy. Go after the street drug dealers and let the providers untouched…like CIA – Cocaine/Crime incorporated…ha…ha…PS; I came from the…’ other side ‘….( Communist ) Eastern-Europe…it’s a deja-vue for me…from the ” Communist Paradise ” to the ” Capitalist Paradise “…same Demons…or for the average sheeple, same ‘ Angels ‘…I’M Alexandra’s spiritual twin…kind of same life…same destiny…same karma…

    • verum — with regard to Rebekkah Roth; I don’t believe she was even a flight attendant, or a purser as she claims. No flight attendant would EVER call slides “chutes”, as she did. It is drilled into your head in ground school to never call the escape slides “chutes”, for obvious reasons. I flew 8 years.

      • That sounds reasonable. During a radio interview she mentioned that she received a hard drive w/ FOIA data on it, some of it which she incorporated into her theories.

        That was another good sign she’s being handled and that she might not have ever been an attendant. Also, FOIA has been (mostly) a ruse since the 80s when Bush cabal incorporated endless exemptions into FOIA so anything recent is pretty well washed before it ever hits the public so I didn’t believe any of that.

        Her hair style, glasses and makeup style also suggest a disguise of some sort… can’t put my finger on it but something doesn’t look right.

    • Did you know about the random handfull of dust grabbed on 911 that was studied by a physics professor at byu? He found evidence of extreem temps thousands of degrees melting bothe steel and aluminium mixing them. Also thermite but not mear thermite but nanotech thermite. Who was able to come up with tons of nanotech thermite? I suggest it was los alamos! I guess they had to farm out for a demo crew to destroy the wtc and the thousands in it! There was pjctures of the israeli art students (mosaad ) in the wtc next to cases stacked high that someone checked the #’s on boxs and they were haliburton demolition switchs! So holographic cloacked cruise missiles, tons of nanotech thermite, $2.7 trillion reported lost by sec of defense don rumsfeld the day before 911 then all evidence destroyed on the next day in 20′ hole in the largest bldg in the world the pentagon…… 3 years later george bush buys a 300,000 acre hacienda in paraguay builds a airforce sized airport also has a 500 man security detail….his part of the cut? This also led to the military industrial complex’s funding in the middle east and far east untill even now! Also israel’s enemies have been knocked down to size as a result. Oh and larry silverstein in just over a month racked in $4 billion on his $11 million insurance investment…..

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