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9/11 remains the most important US event in the 21st century. This video created by TruthStream Media is a great collection of initial live local news reports. Many things were said live, as events unfolded which were never again repeated after 11:12AM. Some of these reports were said to have never happened, including 1. Fire on the Washington Mall; 2. Fire on Capitol Hill; 3. Car bomb at the State Department and; 4. Plane crash at Camp David.

At the World Trade Center, there were official reports of numerous explosions and of “secondary-” and “ancillary blasts”. The CBS affiliate reported that it was a “third explosion” which “caused” the South Tower to fall down at 9:58:59AM and Fox also reported a “fourth explosion”.

After the North Tower collapsed at 10:28:22AM, a CBS reporter at the scene said that “another explosion” had occurred at 10:44AM.

In DC, after the Pentagon was hit, CBS reported a fire at the Washington Mall, while ABC said the State Department had additionally confirmed that a car bomb exploded outside its headquarters.

Reports about what happened at the Pentagon shifted as the day wore on. There were initial eyewitness reports of a “tail of a plane” striking the Pentagon. Then there was a report about a helipad at the Pentagon blowing up and later, a car bomb was reported to be the cause of the collapse of a section of the Pentagon.

As to the number of planes hijacked, CBS said “intelligence sources” reported “actually 8 planes that were hijacked” with one headed for “some target in the Texas area.” Then, American Airlines confirmed losing contact with “two more flights.” A plane was then reported “crashed at or near Camp David,” the country retreat of the US President located 62 miles northwest of DC in the wooded hills of the Thurmont Naval Support Facility. This plane was later reported as having been “forced down” by the US Air Force and the State Department’s website quoted Secretary of State Colin Powell as saying, “Other planes crashed elsewhere in the United States, one crashed near Camp David and the other crashed out in Western Pennsylvania**.” (“**Correction: No plane crashed near Camp David.”)

In speculating the reason for the attacks, CBS noted that September 11th was the “anniversary of the Camp David Accords” (with US President Jimmy Carter, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachim Begin) and “speculation that the attacks were retaliation for US support for the State of Israel,” (however, the 23rd anniversary of the 1978 Camp David Accords were on September 17th).

CBS said, this terrorist attack “…comes just a few weeks before there was supposed to be a major world gathering of Jewish leaders on the 23rd of September, that was supposed to be bringing in people from all around the country and around the world to voice support for Israel in its battles with the Palestinians in fact all of the Israeli leaders were expected to attend…” and this was when the Bin Laden narrative started getting worked in: “Just three weeks ago, Osama Bin Laden…had promised an unprecedented attack on US interests because of this country’s support for the Nation of Israel.”

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  • No mention of the 300 bombs found in key buildings in Manhattan. The media said these were all hoaxes but they were all real, but failed to detonate. Also no mention of the high radiation levels detected in Liberty State Park and other locations in the area.

  • Sept. 20 – the traitors arrested
    2019 – traitors hanged by the neck until dead
    2020 – ET phones home – wirelessly!
    2023 – Civil War
    2030 – Let ’em all go to hell, except for cave 76!

  • 96% of MainStreamMedia is owned by only 4-5 conglomerates compared to 60-70 different companies a few decades ago. Free press is DEAD.

    Media received their 9/11 scripts that day.

    Political parties have never seemed more divisive, which is usually an indicator that MSM propaganda is alive and well. Younger generations are opting out of everything it seems… not sure what this means for future of MSM.

    But 9/11 couldn’t happen again–not in the same way. FAR too many people have been red pilled. Granted, this has not exposed everything we need in order to answer all the 9/11 questions abt who and why but it’s enough that more and more people are seeing MSM for the fascist, corporatist oligarchical propaganda machine that it is.

    Also, 9/11 already served its purpose, which was to strip civil rights, open floodgates for mass surveillance, pave the way for more endless warmongering economies. And if you’re on board with Dr Farrell’s “3rd Level” analysis like I am, 9/11 served to “put Level 2 on notice.”

    They will continue coming after what’s left of 1st amendment and alternative sources and its main platform: social media.

    • And all the MainStreamMedia are owned by Jews…..Dual Citizenship in Con-gress is the major issue for The Sheeeple (Amerikan peoples)

      • That’s only part of it–don’t get pigeon-holed in that rabbit hole.

        The general public is largely unaware that most major news/media outlets have executives and journalists on the Council on Foreign Relations, which was stablished in 1921 as a private bipartisan organization to “awaken US to its worldwide responsibilities”.

        For decades the CFR’s 5000 elite have shaped U.S. foreign policy and public discourse, accordingly. People think our publicly elected president and Congress run this country—they do not (which is why all politics is theater). This country, it’s foreign policy, its domestic policy for everything including finance and economics is determined largely by organizations comprised of corporate leadership like CFR and their agendas. media/

        A Council member famously explained that the CFR’s goal has been to establish a benevolent but global EMPIRE.

        Official membership rosters depict extensive media network of CFR and its two main international affiliate organizations: Bilderberg Group (covering mainly US and Europe) and the Trilateral Commission (covering N.America-Eur-E.Asia), both established by the CFR to foster elite cooperation at the international level.
        Media corporations comprise 5% of the CFR Network, which includes:
        – Democrats and Republicans
        – US Presidents and Vice Presidents
        – Secretaries of State, Defense and Treasury
        – US Military and NATO Commanders
        – National Security Advisors and CIA Directors
        – UN Ambassadors
        – Federal Reserve Chairs, World Bank Presidents, National Economic Council Directors, many
        in Congress (notably in foreign and security policy matters) and Wall Street tycoons
        – entertainment execs
        – academia (especially economics, international relations, political science, history, journalism)
        – policy think tanks and NGOs
        – and key members of the Warren Commission (JFK) and the 9/11 Commission.

        CFR rarely fails to get a CFR-endorsed candidate into the White House. For example, the Wikileaks emails showed that Citibank execs provided Obama a list for his cabinet one month before he took office.

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