According to official FBI reports, 9 cell phone calls were made from passengers in the hijacked jetliners on 9/11. This clip from Massimo Mazzucco’s ‘September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor’ systematically and scientifically demonstrates how in 2001, it was technologically impossible for these calls to have occurred while the planes were in flight, as reported. A Japanese TV experiment seen here using cell phones from the three main carriers at the time proved that such calls could not have been made from altitudes above 10,000 feet – in some cases, at thousands of feet less than that.

That the calls were made, however is not in debate. This suggests that the planes may have been diverted and landed somewhere and the passengers forced to make scripted statements to their loved ones. Evidence in the recorded calls indicates this could have been the case.

The CIA has been developing the means to conduct in-flight swapping of commercial airliners with military drones, undetectable to air traffic controllers since the 1960s, as was proposed by the declassified plan for a false flag attack against Cuba called Operation Northwoods.

Over the years, I’ve read speculation that the planes were landed in Cleveland, Ohio and/or at Westover Air Force Base in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

What happened to the passengers? I have a friend whose tenant, who lived in the basement apartment of his house in Silver Spring, Maryland was on the American Airlines flight from Washington, DC to Los Angeles. She was supposed to be on Flight AA77, that allegedly crashed into the Pentagon.

This website  shows that the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics has no records that either American Airlines Flights 77 or 11 ever departed from their respective airports. Neither the tail numbers nor the actual departure times exist for flights AA77 or AA11 on September 11th, whereas they do for these same flights on September 10th and for the two other hijacked flights, UA93 and UA175 on both dates.

Reports vary, that either 184 or 188 of the 189 passengers were identified by forensic scientists, who included Drs. Douglas Owsley and Douglas Ubelaker, both of whom were tasked to identify victims of the Waco Massacre, another event viewed by many as a mass-murder of Americans by their own government.

The video goes on to detail more outrageous discrepancies between the official reports and what was physically possible.

The same people who lied to you then are lying to you now. The Mainstream Media is useful only if you’re curious as to what the criminals in power want you to think and nothing more.

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  • If the planes were drones then where are all the passengers? were they paid off and relocated? Where are they all?

    • I believe that they were kidnapped, forced to make the calls, then killed.
      Unbelievable the Bush Jr was behind it all.

  • This statement: “This website shows that the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics has no records that either American Airlines Flights 77 or 11 ever departed from their respective airports. Neither the tail numbers nor the actual departure times exist for flights AA77 or AA11 on September 11th, whereas they do for these same flights on September 10th and for the two other hijacked flights, UA93 and UA175 on both dates.”

    I and others dealt with this claim online in 2002 and after. I posed the question I always do when dealing with specific claims like this: what facts *must be true* for the claim and premise behind it to be true? Think about the first sentence in the claim. If neither flight 77 and 11 ever departed the airports, what are the kind of questions would ask for that claim to be valid? For instance, who would you interview to verify the existence or not of the flights? Every flight requires a number of people to make the flight happen: maintenance people, those who fuel the plane, baggage handlers, ticket agents, baggage tagging, curbside bagge checkin, gate agents, food service delivery, plane cleaning service, flight weather service, flight route planning, pilots review, air traffic ground control, tower control, takeoff sequence with other planes, departure control, air traffic control for duration of flight. So, all of these people would necessarily have to know if a particular flight existed or not. Not to speak of the passengers’ relatives. We’re talking about at least in the hundreds of disconnected and disparate people with necessary knowledge. So, in all claims and conspiracy theories like 9/11, there are necessary conditions that must be satisfied for the claim to be valid or the conspiracy theory to be valid.

    Conspiracy theorizing means never having to take responsibility for the claims made in the conspiracy theory. In fact, the opposite is true. The burden of proof falls squarely on those who make the claim. Having dealt online with 9/11 Truthers for years, no Truthers would take on that responsibility. Instead, they always said, “well that’s a reason why we need a new investigation.”

    So, it is very straightforward when hearing claims like the above to ask yourself what conditions must be true for the claim to be valid. Seventeen years after 9/11, nobody who would know about the flights has ever claimed they did not exist.

    • Jason, you are saying that the conspiracy theorists put the burden of proof on those pushing the official narrative, but right here you’ve done exactly what you are saying they are doing, and then some.

      Instead of actually talking about evidence against the evidence presented, you merely raise the question of “Well, how could nobody have come forward?”

      And your question, btw, is simply the result of (I hope) a lack of research on your part. Just before NIST published its final report, Barry Jennings, an eye witness in WTC 7 and emergency response coordinator for the New York Housing Authority , died of unknown causes. It just so happens that Mr. Jennings was an outspoken critic of the official story. He was there, and he saw the clear signs of bombs exploding under the building.

      So, what will you say now? “But, there must be MORE people who came forward! How could only one come forward?”

      Well, admittedly, I haven’t done enough research to tell you exactly how many came forward, but I’m guessing a lot of people would not want to put their lives, and their family’s lives, in danger, just to be labeled a loonie conspiracy nut.

      If you haven’t figured out yet that every government is built on lies, I have collected some info for you:

      • There is a documentary of the widows of 911. Its call 911 they lied, they all lied. It has them telling you the trujth of it all. Btw, I saw a report years ago of tge fact that they saw these EXACT planes still sitting in the run way. So yes, I believe they never took off. The two the man commented on this thread. You can buy the book called The Mathodical Illusion. It has great info in it.

  • As an airline pilot, I had a couple emergency situations where digital cell calls were made, one at 35,000 and another at 26,000 and both went through. Reception was not great but the short term call went through. One was eastbound (tailwind) and one was westbound (headwind) so they varied by 30 kts or so from 440 kts (510 mph) across the ground.

    The more you know.

  • Great analysis–nothing new if you’ve followed the 9/11 truth movement over the years but it’s one of the better discussions on the phone issue.

    I personally know someone who spoke w/ Lyzbeth Glick shortly after 9/11 and had multiple conversations w/ her abt what happened w/ her husband, Jeremy. It seems that among others involved/directly impacted that day who are clearly operatives, Lyzbeth may have been an unwitting participant–her accounts of Jeremy’s phone calls seem informative+sincere.

    Another very comprehensive set of details on how the calls could have been made, theories on where the actual commercial airliners flew and landed, and what happened to the unwitting passengers as well as the faux passengers was posited a few years ago by a person claiming to be a former international airline attendant going by the alias Rebekkah Roth (real name was Ann something). I dug around on pilotsfor911truth website and these guys were unable to locate anything abt her in “airline” information. She’s also become outspoken (in an irrational way) about other truthers, which is a telltale sign of infiltration. But I agree w/ their consensus that her info is very plausible. I eventually learned that most of these 9/11 truther shills initially present good value, get you believing in THEM, and then they start decomposing. But that doesn’t mean the initial info isn’t useful.

    So Roth wrote 3 books detailing her theories in fictional novel form so that they would be easier to publish. I’ve not read the books but I dug up every single conversation/interview online about her, which contained most of this info. It is VERY good, very logical and believable and concise and answered A HELLUVA lot of questions for me.

    However, also in following her around online and after a couple email conversations it is very obvious she is being “handled”. Now, that doesn’t mean she, herself, is a shill but it does mean that she is probably being informed which is how people soon become controlled.

    Whenever you dive into 9/11 research you must remember that MOST of the 9/11 research community, especially if was good and over the target, was (still is) infiltrated:
    – Some of it was simply narrowed in scope so that it’s tougher to piece it together w/ other research.
    – Some of it was infiltrated by operatives who supplied researchers w/ info, gained their trust, then programmed or coerced them (often unknowingly) against other research in order to get groups arguing with and discrediting each other.
    – Some research groups were literally broken apart.
    – Some research was completely derailed and now serves as mostly disinfo – done intentionally to turn people away and also serve as a scapegoat for “crazy conspiracy theorists–look at what they’ve come up w/ now” claims by meda+establishment).

    So, it takes awhile to find the reliable research and even then, it’s not always pure and some overlapping info doesn’t always agree and not all the questions are answered and alternative theories proved.

    The essential key to understanding 9/11 truth is to start with a serious analysis of the official version of 9/11. That starts with an understanding of the official version of WTC 1,2,7 “collapse” by NIST as published in the 9/11 Commission Report.

    The analysis on WHY and HOW the towers were destructed is not comprehensive and there are pieces other researchers disagree with. However, it’s overall analysis on the failure of the NIST analysis to scientifically analyze and present not only logical but physically feasible causes for destruction are agreed on almost universally. The NIST report is fraudulent.

    • I agree. The Roth woman is very, very convincing. I have heard her in about three long form interviews. I tend to believe she is being fed information but seems to know the airline business. It’s apparent to me that someone wants this info out, regardless of the vehicle. Listener/Viewer discretion is advised…

  • MORE, Old News again??? (Laugh!)
    Geeee! wouldn’t be nice to see ALL the Luciferian/Satanist responsible EXPOSED Here and ALL the details of HOW they carried it out.
    You know like the VATICAN…So-called “Deep-State”….The BIG Three; USA/City of London/Vatican Jesuits…Zionist…The Saudi’s.
    I already KNOW what’s going to happen to those snakes, and it’s ON THE WAY HERE ALREADY.

    • It’s ALWAYS time for 9/11 awareness and Fake News awareness, especially during the week before 9/11 and during the week when the NY Times has probably committed a capital crime.

  • Speaking of plane swaps, there remains a number of anomalies in the plane that allegedly hit the south tower. All of the clips show it to be a solid dark color even though the film was all from the sunny side of the aircraft. One of those was zoomed in and if you looked carefully the plane looked to be painted a solid dark greenish blue color. One eyewitness swore he watched it and it was a solid dark gray color with no passenger windows.

    Allegedly it was an American Airlines aircraft and nowhere have I found any AA color scheme for that period to be a solid dark color. In fact the AA color schemes were all mostly white with blue and red trims. Like I said all the film was from the sunny side of the aircraft so it should not have appeared dark colored if it wasn’t dark colored.

    Another anomaly is the appearance of a large pod attached to the right side of the bottom of the fuselage. Everyone has commented on it.

    Another anomaly appears when you stop start the clip as the aircraft penetrated the building. It plunged into the building without the wings leaving a mark on the building. This is worth repeating. The building looks like it healed over where the wings penetrated and the fuselage continues whole on into the building until about 3/4 of the way in just before the tail enters, there is a large ball of fire coming out from inside the building that engulfs the tail of the aircraft.

    Whatever hit the Pentagon is even more bizarre. I don’t think anyone believes the official story on that and I mean literally anyone who has looked seriously at it!

  • One thought this morning is of the Bushes…

    A clan reared to believe in fascism, depopulation of earth, a beautiful nirvana for the elite, etc…
    would have no ethical issues, whatsoever, with a mass killing of any kind.

    Looking back at the videos of HW extolling the new world order, the utter glee, the excitement, the heart-pounding realization that “now we can get this thing done,” seemed to emanate from his post desert war speech.

    The man was psychotic with it. As was his offspring.

  • One other something no one seems to think of is that the planes were designed to do 500 miles per hr at 30,000 feet, but at dam near sea level, the planes would have been almost impossible to fly, let alone hit something as small as a building. But doing it three times on one day? Drones maybe, however… Then the phone calls from the plane, yeah, right, and who was in control of NORAD that day. 911 stinks a little too much. But the politicians love that smell.

      • “Vigilant Guardian”: in every other year before and since, it was held earlier or later. ONLY in 2001 was it exactly on 9/11, to confuse the air traffic controllers as to whether it was a “real” hijacking or the practice drills. And it is already well known that the perpetrators at the very highest levels of government made sure almost all USAF jets usually based at bases on the US east coast were training in ALASKA or western Canada that day, so they would be too far to respond to any “attack.” The events are much more correctly described as the terror CRIMES of 9/11, committed by the highest level leaders against their own citizens, as evil governments have been doing for thousands of years.


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