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    This is the newly-released Director’s Cut (40 minutes longer than PBS version) of the award-winning documentary by Charles Ewing Smith, featuring Ed Asner, psychologists and other mental health professionals, including Fran Shure, M.A., L.P.C. and Marti Hopper, PhD., Scientific and Military Experts like Dr. Bob Bowman and the late Dr. Lynn Margulis.

    So much scientific information shows 9/11 could not have happened per the official explanation. This should be cause for a new investigation. This documentary shows why that is not happening.

    “The Demolition of Truth: Psychologists Examine 9/11″ takes the discussion of questioning the official story of 9/11 to a whole new level. The documentary takes on an uncomfortable subject and brings it into the light, exploring how individuals and communities can heal and move forward.”

    – Shari Bernson, Director of Development/Executive Producer Colorado Public Television



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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • What a powerful video. Born in the 50’s….many of my generation’s first exposure to the ‘gov’t’s all consuming need for war was the assassination of Pres. Kennedy; after that the floodgates swung open and war took centre stage for the power brokers to wheel & deal.
      Afghanistan; Iraq; Iran, Syria.. Israel’s extermination of Palestine & more…it never ever ends. 911 was and still is a cloud of lies & more lies. It’s like what you see in your bathroom mirror looking back at you ….. really isn’t you…we’ll (gov’t) tell you what you see! What a festering ugliness on humanity. Much gratitude to those speaking up and opening the eyes of what has happened to what used to be truth & a future with some hope….there is none in the MSM. Thanks Alexandra!

    • First thing to ask is why get rid of all the evidence so fast. Second, did anyone notice how fast the “patriot act” was put into “law”, kinda like it was pre-written before it was “needed”. Third, what was destroyed in buildings 1, and 2, and 7, no one seems to notice that there was a vault full of gold that disappeared from a basement in one building. as well as that certain spot on the pentagon that stored information. One thing for sure, it was no “false flag”, it was the real deal done by professionals, most likely from the home of the “TERRORISTS” the us of a. I get so disgusted every time I think of this country any more. Maybe, just maybe, “Finally, the Dam Is Breaking: Intelligence Officers Come Forward” could be a glimmer of light in the distance, if it’s real, but, will anyone notice? Will it be censored ? Hope for the best, and do what we can. Thank you, Alexandra, one again.

    • Might I suggest that Alexandra’s video yesterday titled “Finally, the Dam Is Breaking: Intelligence Officers Come Forward” could be the start of President Trump’s draining of the swamp including the evil Clintons, the Bush family, Robert Mueller, Comey, Loretta Lynch and at least another two dozen major players? If as I strongly believe it is, then the truth will come out, and Bush and others will eventually get nailed to the wall! Although not before time!

    • Watched it past 1:25 and will conclude later.

      Well documented and produced. I like the addition of the psychologists and their testimony giving the valuable info as to why its so hard for Americans to move forward with the idea that their own gov could possibly do this to them.

      To Kennyboy,

      Until we SUCCESSfully get America to the point of accepting that this OFFICIAL story is a LIE, then nothing will be done. FIRST things first. Since you’re smarter than the rest of US, feel free to read ahead. NOBODY is stopping YOU. How about something NEW in one of YOUR responses???

      • WHAT, do you mean by “Nobody is Stopping YOU (Me???)
        I’m simply telling the TRUTH about the 9/11 scenario and ANYBODY who has half a brain already KNOWS Who carried out that event…Yet media still dealing with WHAT happened, with NO ACTION against those that carried out the attacks.
        I already KNOW what’s going to happen to ALL Evil VERY SOON.
        And it will NOT come by a “White Savior” named Donald Trump…It will come from “Divine Source Creator” when the Original FEMALE & Magnetic Energies return in FULL Force.
        The funny part about ole’ Donald Trump is…HE ALREADY KNOWS EVERYONE WHO CARRIED OUT 9/11….GET-IT???

    • I find it HARD to believe at this late date there are STILL videos being made that ONLY address WHAT happen, rather than WHO carried out 9/11 (Laugh!!)
      IF you are not TOO Naive and understand HOW Governments work, then its OBVIOUS that Only a Government have carried those so-called “Terrorist Attacks”.
      By now only an Idiot still believes those attacks were NOT carried by: The USA…Isra-Hell…Saudi Arabia….in other works ALL the citizens of America were the REAL targets.
      The FUNNY part is that NOTHING has been DONE about it…All we keep getting is even MORE stories about WHAT HAPPEN.
      Meanwhile ALL the PSYCHOPATH’S carried it out are STILL Free and running about….WHEN EVERYBODY KNOWS “WHO” DID IT.
      GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

    • I have always believed that Bush and his English cohort Blair would one day stand trial for crimes against humanity. How anyone, for more than one minute, could believe the official hype, beggars belief!

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