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    It seems that, just as I was about to blow a gasket out of frustration, the very thing that I’ve been hoping for is finally happening!

    Two Federal Agents, Robert Caron and Joshua Macias have announced on Ann Vandersteel’s YourVoiceAmerica show, that a coalition of 119 (and growing) US intelligence workers from the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS, the Department of Defense, the Office of Naval Intelligence, the CIA, the National Security Agency, the National Security Council and other organizations, including former Federal Judges are launching the public website, with official documents and information that should turn the tables on the Mueller Investigation and reveal criminality on the part of former Obama Administration officials.

    Frustrated by the slow wheels of justice, this group will be offering their analysis and reports in a repository for us to disseminate and to circumvent the Fake News.

    Caron says, “There’s been a lot of information that our group and other groups and individuals have given to Congress and that have also been given to Mr. Horowitz, the DOJ, OIG and other agencies and departments that, when you look at all the documentation and when we post all that on these websites, available for the public and available for other agencies to look at, both the agencies and those that oversee some of the parties I just mentioned, then it’s going to be pretty clear that they’re gonna have to do something. They’re gonna have to take action because if not, anybody that doesn’t take action that receives incontrovertible evidence, they’re gonna be guilty of obstruction of justice, themselves and I don’t think they want to gamble with the momentum that’s going on right now and is growing by the day, that they would take that chance not to act and either defer from taking direct action, depending what their role was in the Government.

    In addition, Caron mentions during this interview that he, Macias and at least two other people from the Intelligence Community plus someone from the Trump Campaign will likely be testifying before Congress “very soon”.

    Robert Caron (To Vandersteel): There’s a national emergency going on. That’s what your viewers need to know. This emergency is this weaponization of our departments; DOJ, FBI, IRS, as we saw, that was also weaponized to attack people from the Tea Party, has been going on by the former administration…The wrong people were at the helm and that’s what caused this this debacle.

    There was no Russian collusion. Joshua and I were there, so were the other 119 people that have become public in our group and hundreds of others that are probably becoming public pretty soon, here. There absolutely was no Russian collusion, that any of us ever witnessed during the Trump Campaign but there was a significant amount of misdirection and misinformation coming before the inauguration and then afterwards…

    Crimes were actually committed by members of the former administration, by FBI representatives and this is what’s very hurtful, because of our ethos, it’s very difficult for me to get up here and for anyone, regardless of what area of intelligence or law enforcement they’re in to say anything about any of the organizations, because that is the United States – but these people [former Obama officials], they’re not the United States. These people are serving themselves, they’re serving foreign interests – and that’s why so many of us have grouped together…

    There’s really two sides of the Intelligence Community. There’s unreported assets or dark ops and then there’s the people that go over to Dolly Madison and through the doors of the different buildings and do the analysis on the computers, all of whom are patriots…

    Never before, has this many people from unreported assets come out, like they are now and giving more and more evidence – and there’s a whole lot more that are going to come out – and listen, let me say something else too, please on the thing with John Brennan.

    John Brennan, a person who voted Communist was the head of our CIA, which tells you right there, how there was such a directed effort by the Obama Administration to find people that had these Far-Left, extreme radical views. And it’s top-down management, in any organization and the people that I’ve talked to, both formerly with the different agencies and also hearing from people…currently working – everybody is on President Trump’s side.

    We’re going to have a website open this week for your viewers and that’s actually specifically made for the President to pull down information and also for his lawyers and for members of the NSC, who are going to be able to get all this evidence from all these different departments online, in one central location; evidence on-demand. That’s gonna change the whole thing and this is the date today, September 3rd and you’re leading the charge here, by publicizing it…


    We learn here that, following the unforeseen election of Trump, on December 15, 2016 James Clapper moved to alter Section 2.3 of Executive Order 12333, about which an article was published by Endgadget that reads: “The NSA is now able to share raw surveillance data with all 16 of the United States government’s intelligence groups including the CIA, FBI, Department of Homeland Security and DEA. These agencies are able to submit requests for raw data pertaining to specific cases and the NSA will approve or deny each request, based on its legitimacy and whether granting access would put large amounts of private citizens’ information at risk. Previously, the NSA would filter information for specific requests, eliminating the identities of innocent people and erasing irrelevant personal data. That’s not the case any longer. The rule changes open up the NSA’s trove of raw data to other intelligence agencies, making it easier for authorities to notice trends or spot troublesome communications. These changes have been a long time coming.”

    “Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed the new rules on January 3rd, after the DNI, James Clapper approved them in December. President Barack Obama’s administration passed the changes in its final days in the White House. The FBI and other agencies used the systems laid out by the FISA Amendments Act, an Executive Order 12333 in different ways, as noted by The New York Times.

    “The warrantless surveillance program enabled by FISA allows FBI agents to search that program’s database when investigating ordinary criminal cases. Meanwhile, the 12333 database is limited to agents and national security analysts, working only on foreign intelligence or counterintelligence operations. Either way, if an agent sees evidence of an American committing a crime, that information is forwarded to the DOJ.

    “Surveillance isn’t the only sector where the US government is attempting to keep up in an increasingly connected world. For example, in December, the Department of Justice received expanded powers to search multiple computers, phones and other devices on a single warrant…”

    Continuing the YourVoiceAmerica interview:

    Ann Vandersteel: The Trump campaign was aware there was a spy in there. There was serious changes and then Loretta Lynch made some more changes in January. The former Attorney General made more changes, modifications to that same Executive Order, prior to President Trump taking office. Joshua, in your opinion, was this an attempt by the previous administration to cover their tracks for the for the ill deeds they were doing?

    Joshua Macias: My humble opinion is that it was a total definition of a cover-up…Why else would you come in and retro-active events that you know are directly against; an affront to our Constitutional Rights? Why else would you go and and shift and make changes after the fact? Well, it sounds to me almost like creating a letter of letting somebody go before you can go into a formal inquiry.

    Ann Vandersteel: You mean, like James Comey did with the Hillary Clinton email investigation?

    Joshua Macias: Exactly. This is the way that they think. This is the way that they act. They don’t believe that we are, as Citizens of America and the US Constitution have the right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Frankly, they want to see total control and dominance and that’s also what happened back in 9/11, when there was an opportunity to seize more power, there was an opportunity for different agencies to seize more power, more control that’s what they sought after and from at that point, you have others that go to the controls and start managing that and desiring more and more power and more control and this is the definition of such…This is also why we have a separation. This is why we have the the oversight that we’re supposed to have; is to keep the checks and balances of power, which they were using. Absolute power does corrupt, absolutely.

    Ann Vandersteel: So essentially…they were stripping us of our own Fourth Amendment rights by changing that Executive Order, to cover up the tracks of the fact that they were spying on somebody who had no reason to be spied upon. Is that accurate?

    Robert Caron: Yes, and what the dynamics were, the modification that Mr. Clapper made on December 15th was to change their overall protocols of how they handled that information and who would be receiving that. So, his action was to enable all 16 public intel agencies to receive it.

    Of course, the FBI was already receiving it from the NSA prior to that, we know that through a number of cross-referenced evidentiary records that are open-source, so that was the motivation of doing that and secondly, in January, more dissemination language was put in there on how to effectuate the transfer of that information.

    Ann Vandersteel: So, we’re going to talk about this in greater detail coming up, in the next segment but the information, that that phone call you got on November 1st, Robert and Joshua, when you were there in Norfolk, that sent Robert to New York to go to Trump Tower and meet with somebody high-up in the President’s campaign…that essentially was the beginning of what we would now know as Admiral Rogers and General Michael Flynn going to visit with the President, following that on November 17th, that same information where they were made aware of the 702 queries out of the NSA, where they were basically spying on the President. The FBI’s private contractors [like Fusion GPS?] even were given access to the NSA’s computer – to make those queries, themselves which is completely against protocol – completely against the law, at that time, which led up to the fact, why they went to modify the Executive Order, because they knew they were gonna have to atone for this. They knew they were gonna have to answer for their sins. So, I just want, quickly, as we wrap-up, we have about a minute and a half left. Robert, General Michael Flynn and Admiral Rogers have been out as heroes, essentially for making the President aware, you all were there.

    Robert Caron: I can confirm.

    Joshua Macias: I agree, as well.

    Ann Vandersteel: And they came up after you on November 17th. Did you have any communications with those two?

    Robert Caron: Well, let me say this, because there’s a limit to what we can talk about on this. I think both Joshua and I and two other people, at least and plus the person we met with at the Trump Campaign are most likely going to be testifying before Congress very soon.

    But Admiral Rogers was already ahead of the game. Now, how this information circulated, I don’t know. I was working on another project with Joshua concerning the voter fraud, election integrity and also a couple of other things that that were pressing us at the time, just seven days before the election, when I got the phone call.

    That could have been circulated information that might have come from Admiral Rogers and the NSA directly or it may have come from one of our outside foreign sources, because we were told that these were plants or people that had communications with the bad actors in the GCHQ – not that all GCHQ is bad but a few, just like over here – so yeah and people from UK and also from Russia. And then, after the November 17th and Admiral Rogers went up there, which prompted the move from the Trump Tower over to New Jersey and he gave a lot more information to and in Congress of course. He also you know told the public what was going on.

    Besides those FOIA requests, when you have people from the different agencies that handled the documents, that are now coming forward or leaking those documents out, which Joshua or any of the 119 official people in the group deal with directly. If we did, we would be compelled to turn those people in, not knowing if their information is true or false or what side of the road they’re on, here. But certainly there are some shortcuts being taken, now to get those documents front and center to the public, without having to be delayed, with the slow-rolling that’s been going on.

    Ann Vandersteel: So, in terms of Report for the President, we have a 119 folks that you’re working with that are coming out from various agencies, including the Department of Treasury, the NSA, NSC, DOJ, FBI, just to name a few. Joshua, tell me a little bit about what this Report for the President is going to mean. How do people access it, what do they expect to find there, up to and including this broadcast and more like it.

    Joshua Macias: Sure, well, interviews like this, that you’re helping us with and going through a deep dive into this information will be there on the website, as well as our reports, some of the information that we’ve turned in that has been made public. I know a lot of people were very interested in the memo and details but I could tell you that these reports go into that even further. (Is he saying that his stuff helped Devin Nunes with the memo?)

    Joshua Macias: And it’s more deep-dive. So, we’re gonna have that broken down, able to disseminate that information, so that
    people can access it from both the public and for those who need it to understand in the USG and other places it should be out by this Friday.

    Robert Caron: We’re making this available to anyone who wants to look at it. Certainly, there’s people in the Administration and in different government departments, besides the President too and that that’s a very important part of this, that will have access to it but not only that, there’s been a lot of information that our group and other groups and individuals have given to Congress and that have also been given to Mr. Horowitz, the DOJ, OIG and other agencies and departments that, when you look at all the documentation and when we post all that on these websites, available for the public and available for other agencies to look at, both the agencies that oversee some of the parties I just mentioned, then it’s going to be pretty clear that they’re gonna have to do something. They’re gonna have to take action because if not, anybody that doesn’t take action that receives incontrovertible evidence, they’re gonna be guilty of obstruction of justice, themselves and I don’t think they want to gamble with the momentum that’s going on right now and is growing by the day, that they would take that chance not to act and either defer from taking direct action, depending what their role was in the Government.

    Joshua Macias: I do know information’s power and and we, as Patriots and as oathkeepers of the Constitution, we made an oath to defend the Constitution against both foreign and domestic enemies and we know that if that information is power, we want that information in the hands of the people. As we want and elected our President now, because he looked at us and also made an oath that he would give it for the people – and we want this information the hands of the people, to make decisions for the people, not the oligarchy and those who are using it for their own means, their own desires or for their own illicit gain but not for the people just as you had referenced before, just like those six fighting veterans of Benghazi…


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    • I know Robert personally and I can confirm your statement and verify that he is a con artist with no verifiable credentials

    • Robert Caron is a convicted felon from back in 2008 for securities fraud and has no ties to the intelligence community besides the false statements that he pulls from the conspiracy forums. He has made claims in multiple occasions that he has proof, of corruption and cover ups, but has never came forward with verifiable proof

    • These two guys are conmen. They have defrauded me out of tens of thousands of dollars and I know of other victims who allege very similar stories. Stay away from them at all costs.

      • I know Robert personally and I can confirm your statement and verify that he is a con artist with no verifiable credentials

    • Uh-oh! Kevin Shipp and Thomas Drake are tweeting that they are not affiliated with and telling Robert Coran and Josh Macias to take their photos down from their website! Find it on Twitter under the hashtag #jtfmaga.

    • I still have PTSD flashbacks about 911…..I think the whole country and anyone that witnessed that nightmare of horrors carries those pictures around with them…. People trapped, no where to go….only escape, leaping off ledges to their death. First responders desperately trying to help. How can one believe that this was actually planned…and why? It certainly shines a huge light on the ‘psychopaths’ that are in charge of what remains of our leadership & freedom.
      The Vietnam war; WMD fairytale; Afghanistan; Israel’s extermination of Palestine; Iran & Iraq; ISIS; Bosnia;Rhawanda; the bombing of Germany (WW2); Pearl Harbour; and it goes on and end to the atrocities. Where are we going? It takes the co-operation of all countries to commit these murders(everyone wants the spoils). Not only showing up at each and every war to be counted but torturing captives for the ‘fun’ of it and gathering children for sex trafficking.
      Is this what we want for ourselves & our future….a history of bloodlust and cruelty.
      It’s time we see these ‘leaders’ for what they are….a plague on humanity. Wars have to stop….keep the military at home…the country needs their help in rebuilding what’s been lost. Not sure if the way forward is still possible…..time to re-think what governs us!

    • Find out about Antartica BHO JohnKerry Russian pope kurill & Pope Francis Merkle Several Heads of country’s dozens of Scientists The Pilots Had to airlift BuzzAldrin & I Quote it’s pure Evil itself “

    • These guys wouldn’t mention the Patriot Snowden? Something reeks in Denmark, and it isn’t the flowers….

      • Snowden is not a patriot by a long shot. He worked for the deep state/CIA that tasked him to infiltrate the NSA and leak the PRISM program and more.

        He fled to Russia with the help of the deep state and their partners in Russia.

        The CIA has long tried to damage the NSA with the intent to destroy it as though to name them the ONLY agency to be trusted.

        Until the CIA can be cleansed of the bad apples/black hats it is so damaged that it may not recover.

        Snowden remains a black hat despite being given opportunities to do the right thing.

        You must understand that patriots like these two men here being interviewed all working together to rid us from these black hats and their agents involved in the coup against the president.

        The rabbit hole goes very deep.

        Thank God for all these patriots as mentioned in this article who are stepping forward.
        Millions of us here and abroad are thankful!!!

        • I agree the whole Snowden disclosure was a psyops but also that there was a ton of legit disclosure going on.

          But let’s not pretend BOTH CIA and NSA aren’t members of different Deep State drivers. They are.

          What has been happening for a long time covertly has been very overtly unraveling in the public sphere: Deep State civil war. Both sides have nefarious intent but are trying to overpower ea other. That’s why we see some legit disclosure every now and then.

          The entire Congress and all public agencies, presidential admins, all intelligence agencies, FBI, CIA, NSA–all of it–will continue suffering from a crisis of confidence by the public. NOTHING has happened to mend that.

          But most all of the corruption is based on leverage and blackmail courtesy of the backdoors and surveillance systems that have been in place for decades. It’s a done deal. The remainder of anyone in power who is NOT already leveraged or vulnerable to become, is miniscule. The system is so thoroughly corrupt that I cannot imagine that true recovery will ever happen. This is what is meant by our Democratic Experiment. I believe in the continued unravel until we have succumbed to the NWO and demise of everything American. Over time, future generations might not even notice much difference. We’re in that transitional stage where we will.

    • Voting won’t rid the system of criminals.

      We’re going g to need to forcibly through these traitors out.

      Get your gun training now, and be prepared to fight for freedom once again.

      • This could not be more obvious than it is today… I am just not sure that there are enough REAL Americans left… They will let their children be sacrificed so long as they still have TV and social media…

    • And these fiso warrants and this whole idea of government overseeing far too many things if a government agency has access to the NSA than every single American should have access to the NSA so get rid of it or give everyone access because government is nothing more than an institution designed to steal money and a republic is not taxed if we are living in a republic remove the IRS get rid of it and I believe that all these agents are hardly Americans they are part of the Gestapo that they knew these in justices were going on they were a part of it and then they sat by and watched it happen they did not organize themselves into a powerful force of good to root out the evil rats know they were so complacent and followed orders so willingly without question that we had a succession of criminality in the White House from Clinton through the bushes and into Obama two or three decades of criminality in fact it goes back all the way to FDR and the Fed we need to eliminate this corruption forever

    • Free Schaeffer Cox and all the other political prisoners of our corrupted government and the fourth branch of government is a grand jury that is supposed to be and needs to be defined further as a fourth branch of government it is we the people that create the grand jury not a prosecutor or a judge because as we see the judges in the judicial branch the whole fucking thing has been corrupted and that means until we fix it it’s going to corrupted again and there is a way to fix it we have a way through Quantum grammar we must educate our judges to understand Quantum grammar to accept it and to have to use it so that their biased opinions can no longer remove real Justice and extort the truth

      • Can’t fix this shithole of corruption Amerika has become.

        We need to re-boot the entire system, just as the Declaration of independence has become.

    • The system was created in fraud with intent of harm against the People of the land. The Act of 1666,
      The Act of 1781,
      The Act of 1871.

    • The US destroyed Iran’s democracy in the 50’s and the US wants to bomb Iran now, to steal resources and to further the Greater Israel project. And you are trying to justify moreattacks on Iran, a country that has done nothing to America or anyone else, they just want to develop in peace and use their resources for their own people. You are disgusting warmongering Zionazis. You are the swamp! You are trying to protect your jobs; the intelligence agencies should be shut down for serving hostile foreign and domestic agents; you should all be prosecuted for dereliction of duties and for treason and violating our constitutional rights. You aren’t protecting Americans, you are preying upon Americans. You are the swamp rats, jumping ship and squealing and biting each other to stay alive.

    • I am starting to beLIEve that there AR NO patriots left in the alphabet agencies. The blatant in your face deception, corruption, and outright COMMUNISM is NOT being challenged, and frankly, I love my country, but think its time to udder destroy its government. If you 119 are for real, use your LEO powers to start arresting traitors, You are either with America, or AGAINST us. Everyone reading this should pick up the declaration of independence, and READ IT! We went to WAR for less, and quite frankly, give me ONE example, JUST ONE , of WHY we should NOT abolish this corrupt police-state that has hijacked the former United States of America… No one can actually give me ONE legitimate reason…

      • exactly – especially concerning is the weaponization of the police and their military/ Gestapo tactics. This will pit neighbor against neighbor ultimately, so AGAIN, GET ARMED, get trained, stay informed, and know who your friends are (and their friends, too); be really discerning.

        And KNOW that these traitors will do anything, say anything, betray anyone for money & power. I was at Sandy Hook on that false flag day, so I KNOW what traitors these liars are.

    • Once again. What Constitution are they referring to? Do the know that the original convention for which the Constitution was voted on only got 13 yes votes which was not enough to pass it? See the Fifth T-ROH show on youtube. Also when you go to vote, your vote is not counted and the people are not elected but selected under the current system, (automated). The voter registration card is a copyright instrument and is used to fraud the people to think that their vote counts. When one places a check in the citizen box they commit a crime for to be a citizen one must reside or be employed within the ten square miles of D.C. its forts or ports or it Territories. Does this sound like you if, say you reside in the state of Florida? Think about it. Plus, these guys must know that Trump is the C.E.O. of a for profit Corporation. I can go on with more truth but I must go and get some self employment work done. Bob H

    • Will be waiting for the website; much as I didn’t want to admit any of this was really happening by our own government….I have to face facts. When 119 of our intelligence agents are willing to testify before congress, I have to take it seriously. Will also be watching for the other interviews…. thanks for this interview, and God bless those men and women willing to stand up and tell the truth. It’s not an easy thing to do in this political climate.

    • I have removed a post which referenced “kikes” and the 2 responses to that post.

      I’m all for free speech but I’m not for abuse.

      • Even our language was created to deceive us Quantum grammar is mathematically in Harmony and a statement can be Quantified and then it can be translated into over 5,000 languages and the value of the statement remain the same we must educate our population with Quantum grammar and have our judges be forced to use it they have too much power they tell me when you go to court that the Constitution doesn’t matter nor does any law in the land because they are the king of that courtroom… judges use their opinions and lawyers use their opinions to extort the truth and continue a deception and Ally we must change this and we must educate the public through any means but are public schools need to be reworked and all the material that they’re learning today needs to be thrown away and Revisited with a very editorial eye…

    • These people sound like a bunch of far-far right malcontents. The fact they get their feathers ruffled because the “tea party” was criticized gives them away.

      Also, when people use the word “patriots,” that something used by right wing extremists, as they mean only people that share their views are “patriots.” \

      Problem is, Mueller is unable to respond to all this at this time, due to ethical and legal restraints. I’ll wait and see what his team has come up with by way of evidence.

      Meantime, we’ll see how far this self appointed group of “patriots” really gets.

    • Echelon is old old news, and again laying at the feet of Obama 911, and using it for political gain is again one sided “secret” reporting by “retired” “government” officials, oh wait 911 was Bush. Hum. Tell me something NeW, not that “we” had spies in Trumps campaign. Dems and Repubs have been doing this for YeaRs. Anyway tell us something new guys, you look like you just graduated collage for “retired” guys.

    • The Deep State has run amok. They must be punished for their deeds. Under Hussein, there were no consequences for bad behavior because anything that was bad for America was good for him. That was his agenda. We must learn from these GROSS lapses of security and governmental action. (I think FISA should be dismantled and ended!)

      Without respect for the law, our Republic cannot survive. The law of the land is the Constitution. Like never before, we must defend our Constitution and those who defend it. God Bless the Patriots. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    • Once upon a time, in a far away land there was something called checks and balances. JFK knew of this, and was trying to re- implement it. He was snuffed out like a candle in the wind, by those that were left unchecked and unbalanced, witch they still are. I have hope for this to put back in place, however, my lung capacity has diminished over the years, so I can’t hold my breath as long as I use to. Is there a chance for the United States of America to be “Great Again”? Have hope people, cause we the people ain’t got much else. Best wishes to almost all.

    • When there is well-funded, -scripted, -rehearsed, -groomed finger-pointing going down, it is instructive to observe obvious omissions, places where the finger neglects to point.
      This is weaponised smoke. I can’t say any more about that, right now…(laughter)

      • Ann Vandersteel’s show has existed for a while. She likely has lots of on-camera experience. She certainly looks great, at 51. Everyone was directed to keep looking at the camera, so it does have a professional look for this reason, as compared for example with my very uneven performance on Cosmic Cowboy the other day.

        It was recorded on Skype, so it’s not high-tech or necessarily “well-funded”. There’s some basic lighting and a separate camera and a green screen keyed with what looks like a still of a car seat, as opposed to no lights and a computer webcam and somebody’s bedroom in the background. Would a crappy suburban bedroom make it more authentic? Sometimes, I feel that way; that anything done professionally is suspect.

        I intensely dislike the packaging of this Bill Mitchell show. I’d never heard of any of these people before. It’s clearly “Rah-rah! Trump” but is it “weaponized”? How can this podcast be called weaponized, in the face of what is lobbed against Trump, across all platforms 24/7?

        In any case, the proof will be in the pudding (or not) on Friday, when the websites are launched.

        • I know,Alexandria, you follow the site Aim4 Truth.
          They commented that they are not promoting this.
          And referred to it as psyops…trying to hook certain ones in. Also Nothing new was said. Hopefully they will clarify for us soon…or it will become evident when the future websites are launched.

        • i stand corrected, Alexandra.
          To me, a provincial, rural colonial, even the eye-shadow looks like a million dollars. I’m easily impressed. How about, maybe, a forest setting? I’d be credulous as hell!
          “They’re gonna have to take action because if not, anybody that doesn’t take action that receives incontrovertible evidence, they’re gonna be guilty of obstruction of justice”
          Doesn’t this apply to 911?
          Shouldn’t every high-ranking policeperson, judge, lawyer, journalist give back all their earnings to the public purse since about Christmas 2002?
          Not to mention the crime committed at Christmas 1913… That was the big one. Followed by the unbelievably destructive wars of the 20th century, Also crimes.
          Anyway, 911 got a mention in passing from these folks, as an opportunity. That’s a cop-out.
          911 could not have happened, without the nod from the real paymasters of the spies and assassins, the biggest of which was not mentioned. Really, shouldn’t they at least doff their cap at some point to the agency whose name begins with the letter between L and N, somewhere?

          • ok, how is it weaponised?
            Those guys are well- drilled. They seem like trained actors, trained by the same expensive people who coach politicians. I’m imagining wires above them, like the moon landing clips (laughter)
            Weaponised, because they could be the leading edge of a big distraction, and because (in my opinion), they have infiltrated a high quality alt-news site, and they (the two guys anyway), are not sincere. They just feel chintzy, so i assume they are a weapon.

          • Indeed. 9/11 is the mother of all crimes committed on US soil in the 21st century.

            I’m running the Director’s Cut of the 15th anniversary ‘Demolition of Truth’ today.

            These Mainstream Media bastards engage only in the demolition of truth.

            • Who is “John” below? Why can’t I hit “REPLY” to respond to him?
              VERY VERY anxiously anticipating Univ of AK’s study.

              I’ve been slowly introducing AE911truth’s analysis on NIST report to people–it’s the best segue for those who want to remain ignorant and much more convincing than starting w/ controlled demo/DEW theories. Start with the official story FRAUD. The engineering analysis should be a perfect followup.


            • Rebekah Roth, through a FOIA request and the help of Air Traffic Controllers, pilots and other airline people has looked at that data and found out that the 3 planes that left Boston on 911 were landed at Westover Air Force Base, SW Massachusetts. There are direct eye witnesses that saw this happen on 911 when the planes were supposed to be hitting the towers.

              Also check out John B Welles, Caravan to Midnight, episode 369 if it is still available.

        • I was introduced to you on Dark Journalist and you impressed me. I thought that unlike Daniel, you weren’t a Trump supporter, but now I’m thinking perhaps you are too.

          I came to FKTV to see what you were doing and the first show I watched was Ann Vandersteel’s and when she started lauding Trump in the intro alone, especially re “draining the swamp”, I had to make sure I got there from FKTV and was disappointed to find I had.

          And what is with all the “No collusion!” proclamations when Mueller hasn’t even finished building his case let along making public anything other than the prosecutions? He is a very formidable prosecutor and hasn’t and won’t show his hand until he’s ready to play it.

          I stopped listening to Daniel because of his increasing Trump cheer leading and am now suspect of FKTV because of posting something like this.

          • I don’t like the packaging of Vandersteel’s show and I agree that this piece is too “Rah-rah Trump,” even if I am his fan. If you were an online publisher, you might be too because you would see what lying sleazebags these CFR-approved Globalist pieces of sh*t are in the MSM and how rigged Google, Facebook, Twitter and all the Tech Giants are against people who care about the truth. The Left has only corruption, faux outrage/propaganda and full-spectrum censorship on its side. They have become alarmingly authoritarian and they have completely lost my support.

            I am a lifelong Liberal and I abhor the endemic corruption of the US Government, which includes the DNC, RNC, DOJ, FBI, CIA and 99% of our elected officials and more. I believe that Trump is attempting to dismantle decades of racketeering, corruption and devastating trade policies, like those with China and NAFTA. The foul swamp creatures hate him because they’re corrupt, blackmailed and anti-American. The Mueller Investigation is revealing the the abject corruption of the FBI and DOJ and is serving a positive purpose in that regard.

            Like Daniel (who grew up Boston Irish-Catholic family that worshiped JFK), I did not set out in life to be a fan of Trump. It has been a very unexpected odyssey. The point I’m making is that I am open-minded, unlike most of my friends and family who watch too much MSM. Trump has impressed the Hell out of me, in spite of all of my earlier prejudgments of him.

            If you can’t deal with my opinion, then tough. If it’s Trump-bashing you need, there’s always CNN or virtually every other fake news propaganda outlet owned by one of 6 corporations world-wide.

    • TBeanz has been THE ‘Q’ cheering section for most of it’s existence.

      The ‘hopey changey’ mantle has been transferred to former dim n ‘her’ pal, trump and the zionist crowd.

      As much as i hold Bill Binney in regard, one is forced to stare at the fact that his revelations came more than 15 years after his tenure and were no more revelatory than vanilla as most were fully aware of ‘that stuff’.

      This entire scenario, who is presenting and what they are driving at appears to take aim at obomber-dahmer, wedding and funeral drone king, goes silent with dumbya n evil cheenee, the towers n the unquestioned scotus coup d’etat and then picks up with hillybilly.

      I intentionally capitalize nothing to do with these treasonous under- miners of WETHEPEOPLE and this fast dimming former Light-on-The-Hill we were once able to actually consider honorable and deserving of the international acknowledgement of HONEST BROKER.


      • I’ve followed TBeanz and others in what appears to be a clique of “researchers” who are clearly psyops or opp control operatives. It was at this point that I started connecting the dots that I realized most of alt media has now been co-opted, pilfered, redirected, infiltrated or censored.

        Very few voices left yet the volume of Americans disengaging from MSM continues to grow.

        • I don’t think that TBeanz is co-opted. I think what you’re describing is a decentralized group of passionate and self-motivated people with little professional training and who somehow need to pay the bills, too.

          • I hope you’re right.
            I question it because of my focus on pedo crimes+those who cover it (for some, almost exclusively), which is journalism’s 3rd rail. Since HRC emails were scrubbed and the #pizzagate phenomenon evolved I’ve followed several “sharers” (instead of actual researchers most are simply sharing info) who post primarily on this subject. This past year a “camp” was discovered along AZ-MX border and reports of “rape trees” and an old septic tank used as a holding cell for kids, etc. -photos were horrific if authentic.

            Craig Sawyer, a vet who poses as a vigilante savior of children for $, goes to “investigate” and the entire site gets immediately bulldozed and “nothing to see here” and in the process he tried to eviscerate another vet vigilante who was trying to investigate (not a coincidence that they are very similar in packaging). And that’s when suspicion of CS exploded online.

            Several weeks before that happened CS had posted a vid (donation plea) containing references to NCMEC (a known gatekeeper for child trafficking) and I called him on it as well as a sharer who promotes him and they both went on the counter attack along with their Twitter associates incl. a few notable names like HoneyBee, TBeanz, Hagman, Liz, etc.. And the counterattack that is as weird and suspicious as the initial suspicious acts.

            Over the past several months many people have started to expose CS, questioning his stints working with Clinton, McCain, DynCorp, yet a half a dozen researchers remain adamantly supportive of him. Something’s not right. Through all this time (followed him+others maybe 2 yrs) not one child has been saved… several low-level operatives exposed? maybe.

            I expected a Corbett-reveal of Sibel Edmonds” -level response but it’s been **crickets**.

            I also noticed other patterns among shareres: one newer guy on the scene (can’t remember his name-don’t have access to my Twitter acct) and Titus frost, for example, who seem to report on benign or typical stuff yet they also promote disingenuous info that is intended to disinform. Example: they’ll promote dogmatic Judy Wood/DEW and explode at anyone suggesting ANY other possibilities re: 9/11, like AE911’s NIST analysis. That conversation was the first time I was reported to Twitter.

            Another example is they’ll take Dolan’s SSP “breakaway civilization” terminology and misapply it to the To The Stars Academy promotional memes (as a way to discredit it).

            9/11 research infiltration is notorious for that kind of psyops–it’s classic misdrection. I’d post responses pointing out their misuse and they’d argue w/ me, others would join who really seem quite innocent. And with the newer guy I mentioned above and his Breakaway Civilization piece, along came Joe Napoli who gave him props for the piece (Joe was/is the “moderator” for Crowd Source the Truth YT vid stream and just happened to be at the LV concert for the mass shooting, etc… ). It’s laughable.

            When sharers suddenly appear or rapidly rise onto the scene, it usually isn’t organic. I compare it to the vast majority of health advocacy online that is placed there by people/bots connected w/ pharma or CDC-like agencies whether THEY know it or not.

            I was reported to Twitter again on the 11th in a conversation w/ someone likely posing as MAGA supporter while gaslighting 9/11 truthers. So I don’t have access to my acct or I’d post more-bad at remembering names.

            Most everyone gets “fed” info and it’s either legit or not-there seems to be a little disclosure in even the most obvious disinfo platforms. We all know that nothing digital is shared in total security so it’s safe to assume most of what is shared online has already been vetted by the gatekeepers. So it’s reasonable to suspect that the majority of these grassroots “researchers” are really just sharing info (which I appreciate as I don’t have time to dig up everything), some are likely operatives or are simply being managed in order to contain information and it’s very possible some might not even know it.

    • This is huge. Overdue is such a small word to describe the action that many thought would never come in our 2-level justice system.

      As far as accountability, and people like Obama & Queen Witch Hillary actually paying the price for treason and other crimes, I’ll believe it when I see it.

      The DC door mat is too big and houses too much dirt for this to go full spectrum. There would be few political survivors (on both sides) if it does.

      I hope I’m wrong, of course.

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