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    On Saturday, I talked with Cosmic Cowboy Daniel Ott of the The Edge AM Broadcast and here is the last half hour of that show!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Lies and lies but also mind control. I agree with that, Alexandra.

      CIA HQ Denver, through Shriver AFB is beaming MC programming to American citizens, businesses and politicians through satellites, drones and cell towers.

      So, how much of the info, the thoughts and the anger, etc is programming selectively or in masse, to achieve dark state objectives?

      A few examples:

      1) When is the last time that Texas went blue in an election?
      2) A president who stated release of JFK files to allow the truth to come out, retracts later and agrees to massive redactions?
      3) A popular president’s party (-/+ 50%) gets undone to such a degree in mid-terms?
      4) a false narrative planted by opposition becomes the facts of the case among main street Americans, even thought the facts have been clearly known?

      To answer your host’s questions about telling our thoughts apart from suggested thoughts, google Bryan Tew Hyper Game Theory on youtube. He is a CIA whistle-blower who is now targeted by dark state because of his disclosures.

    • What unbelievable times!…..What we’ve ‘known’ for a lifetime has all been lies. So much hatred, murder, treason and treachery has gone past us pretty much undetected by the masses. When Kennedy & others were murdered, that’s when the lights started to peak through the curtain of the deceit. So many strange events that just did’t fit into the flow of ‘normal’ life. Now it’s Deep State; pedophiles; sex-trafficing; mass shootings……we are losing our grip on ‘sanity’. We are being pitted against one another….in a battle to what end? It’s the Punch & Judy show! Look at all the strings that are doing the bidding — who’s behind the curtain? Not certain of anything any longer. Time to wake-up folks!

    • excellent interview, and comments. One point, I’d like to follow up, the history of dystopia. It is the problem of predatory behaviour by a clever, privileged group. A few snippets, which may be apocryphal, but good food for thought:
      We know there has been a division, for at least 40,000 years, between shamans and ordinary people. One story has it that around 10,000 BC, this shamanic class divided into two groups, one which went to the sub-Arctic regions, and continued to work to nurture intelligence in the ordinary people, and one whose shamans conspired to dumb down its people, and make themselves comfortable at the expense of its peasant members.
      In the Danube valley there were towns with sophisticated culture, 7000-4000 BC. Here, there were no signs of war for a couple of thousand years, but it seems there were centres, perhaps temples, where bread was made, and distributed to the people who worked to produce the grain. In one of these, a pit was excavated which contained remains of “sacrifices”, mainly adolescent males.
      The Romans were just as viciously clever as todays neocons. In Cleopatra’s time, they went through Rome and murdered and looted their own middle class to finance their wars.
      It is recorded that a traveller bravely arrived in Denmark, in Viking times, asking the first formidable warrior he met, to “take me to your leader.” He was told, “We’re all leaders here. Try your luck with me.”
      The question is, how do we understand our vulnerability to being controlled. The crime in question, is a cosmic crime, the crime against intelligence itself, a selfish act to destroy a large potentiality, for the sake of enhancing a small potentiality for oneself. It is win-lose in the short term, but lose-lose eventually.

      • Truer words were never said. Mass suppression of the development of intelligence is the ultimate crime because all others spiral out of that.

        • nice to be recognised in one’s own lifetime.
          We may hope that the power-mongers take the example of the ancient kings, and allow for the existence of the “court jester”. If for no other reason that they’ll expire of boredom, if all their subjects are slaves and sycophants

    • Good interview…I’ve very often wondered about the billions in free air time (2.5 – 5b seems to be the range espoused) ‘someone’ placed on the table for Mister Trump.
      The networks did it, but to label an expenditure that large as a mistake n a shrug, cause ‘she’ lost, seems mighty specious for a rationale.

      These are the cleverest of the clever psychotic’s who live by the rule that all free air time is good air time regardless of whether the spin is pro or con, so they HAD to have been aware of what they were doing, especially with the middle of the roader voter play towards Sanders, who consistently polled double digits over Trump and high single’s over ‘her’.

      …the above is rarely if ever included in ‘how’d-he-do-that’ discussion.

      • Well, they’re still at it because the funerals of Aretha Franklin and John McCain were all about Trump. Who’s fault is that? Who put up the billions to make that happen?

    • Reality, what is it?

      Alexandria seems to be connected with it.

      I’ve been blessed with long life and good health for which I am both humbled and grateful. I’m also thankful for an inquisitive open mind which has enabled me to conclude things like recognition that humans are hypnotic and addictive by nature. I was born into a Christian culture that has been transformed in my lifetime by centralized government education and communications which has captured the minds of so many people. How did I escape capture?

      Numero uno, I was not a good student and didn’t become one until after I was long gone from government schools. Then because I became a voracious reader, I paid little attention to government controlled communications. I was aware of them, was influenced by them I will admit, but with time and experience reflected and saw how everything was designed to accomplish a political goal – change culture with hypnotic and addictive monkey see, monkey do news and entertainment.

      In 1999 I became widowed, didn’t like the solitary life after forty years of marriage so I dated off and on until about five years ago when I reflected and thought oh my God how many bullets I had dodged, it scared the hell out of me! I never knew there were so many mentals running loose.

      Mentals with diverse realities. This is what has been done to us on purpose. This is education at it’s core, RELATIVISM! Every hour of every day 24/7 we are bombarded with diverse realities and it’s driving us mad!

      There is only one reality, but many interpretations. One must take care how to interpret it lest they run off into the ditch of delusion and destruction. Relativism has penetrated and perverted all of our institutions today including church institutions.

      Think about it.

    • Alexandra,
      We have a very different take on Trump. To me, he just brought a whole new, much more entertaining, group of actors to Swamp People. I used to only trust Jon Stewart’s take on the news and he would have mercilessly trashed Trump if he had been given the chance. I am convinced he was forced to retire so all this could happen the way it is happening, without any mainstream acknowledgement of the false narrative being developed between consevatives and the rest of the population.
      Also, sorry to hear about the tragic Museum fire in Brazil. It’s a major loss.

      • I’m not under any illusions about any politician but if he can stop the censorship and make the Internet a fair place to make a living again, I will think he’s a hero. Jon Stewart was the perfect comedian to have during the Dubya era. Dubya did not receive anything like the hate that Trump receives at every turn and Dubya deserves to be strung up by his heels like Mussolini.

        • Trump doesn’t want a “fair” internet, only one that carries positive news about himself and suppresses any criticism.

          All the criticism of Trump is well earned. He brings it all on himself with his extreme narcissism, emotional immaturity and constant lying and distorting.

          • AW, which criticism of Trump, that you have leveled on this site, was suppressed by Trump? Do elaborate your menstrate.

    • Alexandra Bruce shows how feminisme should be.. concerned, connected, taking initiative with feeling, looking for facts and having real guts, at the same time staying a woman to admire..

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