After I published many articles about MH-17, which thoroughly discredited Obama Administration and Mainstream Media claims that Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine shot down the Malaysia Airlines plane and after writing several anti-Hillary articles in the run-up to the 2016 Presidential Election, I was de-platformed by Google AdSense, who had paid me handsomely for the ad space on my blog over the preceding 5 years.

This disenfranchisement was done without explanation, without warning and without recourse. A few years prior to that, my mass-emailing account at AWeber was similarly shut down without warning or recourse, after I published a story about how to stop utility companies from installing SmartMeters on the side of your house.

The way these Big Tech companies do business is pure Corporate Fascism and it violates the First Amendment rights of their American customers.

This is why, when I watch the abusive propaganda raging from the Mainstream Media, I experience the classic Snowflake symptoms of “Actual mental, social, psychological and physical harm” claimed by student groups on college campuses when they seek to block Conservatives from accepting invitation from other student groups to speak.

Liberalism has become so weaponized it has not just become unrecognizable to me; I genuinely fear for my personal safety, if this faction wins any more political power. If it becomes any greater, I may become a homeless person – or worse. I’m not kidding.

Liberalism is the new Establishment and it has all of the tyrannical characteristics of the previous Conservative order. In truth, the behind-the-scenes players are the same Bush-Clinton Crime Families, who pay politicians, journalists and Tech Lords to propagate their narratives and to cover up their crimes. This really isn’t about Liberalism vs Conservatism.

Liberalism and anti-Trumpism are the new clothing the Deep State criminals have donned to camouflage their criminality.

There is a major coordinated effort to silence anti-Establishment speech, which has destroyed my ability to make a living. So, when I receive fiercely anti-Trump emails from subscribers, friends and family members who are caught up in this relentless campaign by the Mainstream Media to impeach Trump, day in and day out, the trauma and dissociation I experience is so overwhelming and distressing that it simply cannot be put into words.

Whether my loved ones understand this or not, they are on the side of the people who are trying to end me. This is beyond traumatic when this abuse is coming from your own friends and family.

Trump is the only President who has ever addressed the tyranny of the Tech Giants who torpedoed my livelihood and those of virtually everyone else who I cover on my website and having lost both of my parents in the middle of all of this plus a host of other personal problems and worries, the Trump Derangement Syndrome and anger leveled toward me are so off-base and extreme that I don’t feel safe among the remaining members of my own family, even though this is our only point of disagreement.

This corrosive division is of course the goal behind the $18 billion that George Soros has distributed to Non-Profit Organizations, like Media Matters, whose collusion with the Tech Giants was finally revealed. A confidential memo by Media Matters’ David Brock was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon at the January 19-21, 2017, ‘Democracy Matters’ Florida donor retreat at Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura, Florida and it was recently made public:

It is cold comfort to have all of my suspicions over the past several years confirmed by this document. On top of everything else, to have these sleazy Soros operatives lump me in with “Right Wing Propagandists” is beyond annoying, as nothing could be further from the truth! I am anti-corruption, plain and simple.

Being de-platformed twice and barely scraping by for the past 3 years has left me with PTSD, all the more so with the accompanying social and family divisions that have further isolated me.

It is all the more disturbing when I understand that disruptions to my publication have actually been small tests to prepare for the coordinated mass de-platforming of others, far more influential than I, like Alex Jones, for example, with a hardcore following of about 6 million people, summarily disappeared from the Internet last month.

I ask you: Is this America?

If they can silence 6 million Americans in a single day and lie about 9/11, the Iraq War, Ukraine, MH-17, the Clinton Foundation, etc., etc., what can’t they do and get away with next?

This excellent video is the latest by Canadian YouTuber, The Truth Factory, which puts the latest calls for Trump’s impeachment into a legal and historical perspective. The fact that she has to make a cat be the narrator of her very intelligent work tells you all you need to know about the robot censorship of the Tech Lords!

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  • Alexandra: You are one of the reasons, I still have my sanity. The reason I see the MSM for what it is. The light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel. You keep my spirits up and my hopes high for our population to see what has happened to intelligence & the fabric of our society.
    Don’t despair…..(easier said than done,I know)…. your contribution to the future of information has been engraved in stone. You are making your mark and boy, in this battle for truth & reason…that’s not something to be taken lightly.
    Family should always be ones’ support….it shouldn’t matter what one feels is the better choice. Hold fast…we are behind you.

  • Trump and the Republican Party and the rich donor class that supports them are the “establishment” right now. They control two branches of the Federal Government and are busy trying to stack the Supreme Court and control that branch.

    If they really wanted to reform the “tech giants” they could file anti-trust suits against them and break them up. Or, pass legislation to at least declare social media sites as public utilities and regulate them as such. They’re not doing that nor even planing on doing it.

    Maybe it’s time to start railing against Trump and the Repubs for a change.

    • If Trump had all of the control you say, I don’t think we’d have the DOJ, FBI and CIA and their mouthpiece, the MSM carrying on the way they are, in open rebellion against him. When have we ever seen anything like this? Haven’t you asked yourself this question?

      But apparently, he’s about to invoke Anti-Trust, FEC violations and all kinds of laws to put an end to this information monopoly of suppressed search results, algorithmic filtering, mass de-platforming, etc., etc., per his rally the other day in Indiana:

      • It’s September 7, 2018 and Trump has done nothing concrete to
        invoke anti-trust suits against the major social media outlets. The Republican led congress is doing nothing also.

        I’m on Twitter some during the day and I am constantly getting conservative Twitter accounts in my main timeline that I didn’t follow and have to block or mute them. If anything, Twitter is favoring conservatives, it seems to me.

        I don’t use the other social media outlets enough to personally comment on them.

  • For the record, US taxpayers funded the science that developed the internet, which was then parted out to corporations and government departments who now want to dictate to the very people who made it possible for them to get insanely rich and unjustly powerful! Nothing new there actually.

    Because the same thing happened to radio and television and we ended up with three corporations and the FCC controlling everything in communications for decades, then there were four and more, but it was all controlled by the military industrial complex for the purpose of using our human and natural resources for war and hegemony.

    Also for the record, all governments lie to other governments and to their own people! There is nothing new under the sun. Also for the record, their aint no free lunch and liberty is not free, it costs eternal vigilance, something most Americans I know of have not been practicing . If you want to be told what to think, what to do, then just go along with those who want to control others and you will get what you want.

    Alexandria is paying her dues for liberty, justice and fair play as some of us who understand those terms have also. I paid my dues in the work force and took the hits while lesser lights chose to warm the bench. One of my daughters was banned from her profession because she stood up to corruption in it. She suffers too.

    It boils down to character. How much of it we possess we never know until we are tested. Sadly, it seems too many Americans today have had character propagandized out of them, but the internet has been a Godsend.

    We have a choice before us. Are we going to defend our liberty to use it righteously? Wake up you sleepy heads, and look at all the nonsensical filth permitted on the internet while FKTV and like publishers are throttled by, well, what do you call people like that who take pleasure in destroying other people because they don’t like what they are doing for no other reason than a political agenda?

    Big corporations, big government and government apparatchiks are not your friends.

    i don’t always agree with Alexandria, but by God she’s worth a thousand of them!

  • Hang in there Alexandra, what you’re doing is nothing short of heroic, a vital public service. I’ve sent you a few £ also.

  • Alexandra, The clarity of your writing and the choices you make for inclusion are the reason I read your page. If enough of us stop in there should be an opportunity to sell adspace. If Maria Rigel doesn’t even understand this much about true capitalism she should crawl back to her fascist (corporate/socialist) masters for better instruction. They were easier to spot when they just took a hammer to the presses. Stand tall, Alexandra.

  • Free speech means you are allowed to express your opinions. It doesn’t mean you are allowed to make money from them. Sorry. If you are trying to build a business on a flawed premise, and you are failing at making money from it, blame your business model, not the Universe. As a right-wing person, surely you understand that freedom of opportunity doesn’t mean you have a God-given right to make money doing what you like doing.

    • I am not a Right Wing person. And the point I’m making is that I was well-paid to do exactly what I’m doing until from one month to the next, Google stopped paying, without explanation, warning or recourse.

      Maria, I’m not sure why you show up on my comment board to say mean-spirited things every time you post. Why do you bother following my site if you hate it so much? Where do you find the time and energy to waste on this?

      • I second that. Everyone deserves to make money at what they do best, or what’s the point of doing it. We all can’t be altruistic. That’s a luxury and it doesn’t put food on the table. The fact that these social media giants can change the rules in the middle of the game is disingenuous and discriminatory after inviting people to use their platform making people believe they have ‘free speech’ and free expression of their views.

        I am a relatively new subscriber. I saw you on Dark Journalist and I enjoy your work here at FKTV . I see a glimmer of hope that the social media may get spanked by President Trump by a series of anti-trust lawsuits. Keep your chin up!

    • Dear Maria, I respectfully ask what God-given bar against making money doing what you like are you basing your opinion upon?

  • It’s not liberalism, it’s communism.
    Here is a litmus test on judging a person’s level of awareness:
    Do they still watch cable TV? Do they still read mainstream newspapers and magazines?
    And I empathize with you even more so because you are a genuine researcher & journalist, and thus are on the front lines.
    You will be OK, don’t worry.
    I think most of us who have awakened to the mass level of social engineering via TV mind control programming, infiltrated academia, and mainstream media in general, have lost friends, and alienated relatives.
    At this point those lost loved ones, are unable to break through the programming. It is amazing how tightly some humans will hold on to lies.
    I do think that karma is real. And it might not seem like it now, but you shall be rewarded for remaining strong & vigilant while many around you chose willful ignorance. You will be safe, remember that always.

  • OK, let’s check your track record. What is the latest thing that TASS, the official Russian news agency, has to say on the MH-17 disaster?

    On May 24, the Team gave an update of the state of affairs in the criminal investigation, claiming that “the BUK-TELAR that was used to down MH17, originates from the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile brigade… a unit of the Russian army from Kursk in the Russian Federation.”

    Russia’s Defense Ministry rejected all the allegations and said that none of the missile systems belonging to the Russian Armed Forces had ever been taken abroad. The ministry noted that Moscow had provided Dutch investigators with overwhelming evidence proving that a Ukrainian Buk missile system had been used to bring down the aircraft.


    So, even the Russian government official story now is that it was a Buk missile, and they’re left to arguing over whether it was a Russian or a Ukrainian one. I wonder why they felt the need to provide all sorts of alternative stories, and it took them so long to accept that maybe, after all, it was a Buk missile.

    Propaganda isn’t an American invention. Every government has engaged in propaganda since the times of the Egyptian pharaohs. Rejecting American propaganda in order to absorb Russian one is like rejecting your tap water for fear it could be polluted, and drinking from a pond teeming with bugs instead.

  • Dearest Alexandra– Truly appreciate your efforts and struggle. I’ve been nose deep in hidden history stuff for 30+ years and sometimes out in the open in rebellion.
    Increasingly I turned inward at “spiritual” encoding, meaning that much of our battle today to expose the nuke the Parasites with Light in fought within us, as individual resonators or nodal crystalline transmitter in the connected Web of Life. Sound simplistic and cheesy?
    After sessions with ayahuasca, iboga, Light Streaming Down, and some more rare “frequency raising” tuner medicines, it seems the battle is really behind the scenes on a hidden level. Books like neuromancer and SNOcrash illustrated this in a popular sci-fi disguise.
    What has helped me the MOST… and which is THE medicine for PTSD, is good old MDMA, Molly. See (you prolly know) for just how good it is for PTSD.
    We may not immediately “win” the battle now raging, the disease exposed, but you as Soul are also here for something, this opportunity. Let these Waters refresh you so that you remember how GOOD you are, that beneath the tumultuous waves of morons & psychopaths (who will surely all be composted at their end as they wasted their lives in negative reactivity and ego-clutching greed and self absorption) . there is a great substratum of Love…this is the Motor. Doesn’t mean we “win” either, but you can come to peace that Correction is on course, you are a part of it, we may lose a battle but eventually win the War.
    Not going to anthropomorphize this as some “Savior” but the Bad Kids in the Sandbox are going to be put on a time-out.
    Please take a time-out yourself, it is not cheating or retreat to go within and get some love and healing. Part of the Teaching is that the out turmoil and ruckus is all Drama, a projection from the Inner dimension where the Code is laid down.
    You can do responsible work from those invisible levels. It’s not a cop out, maybe you should drop-out. Graduate. Maybe your apprenticeship is ending, ala Occupy where we put our outer expression as a body on the line is ending. WHO is “Alexandra?” after all?

  • I agree with Hickory. We are being destroyed by the enemy within. Slick Willie sold them our ICBM and guidance technology. The witch Hillary allowed the State Department secrets to be given tho them via her unsecure bathroom server. Who is the enemy within? Is it the Russians? No. It’s the Communist Chinese. They have infiltrated every institution in our country; education, high tech, government, religion, and infrastructure.

    The Marxist Left’s game is to distract us with the Russians, while the Red Chinese gain a soft foothold in America. That’s going to be the real New World Order. The Red Chinese. Our worst nightmare is just a little ways away.

  • We are witnessing the end of Empire and end of the dollar. A new multipolar world is upon us. When this has happened in the past, the same shit went down. However, this time I fear the complete extinction of our INDIVIDUAL rights given to us by God, not the government. That is what the American experience was to be about. And to that principle I will most likely give my life as those before us have done. They have stolen my fortune, they may take my life but they will never destroy my honor.

    God bless you Alexandra. You are valuable and loved. We fight. Never, never give up.

  • Dear Alexandra, I do hope you consider me part of your extended family. I don’t make much myself, however, needs are needs, and I feel we need you. I’ve been a follower of yours for some time now and I don’t always agree one hundred percent of the time, mostly I do. Thank You! Please keep up the fight for freedom and learning that you always bring with you. I put a few bucks in the coffer to help. Don’t give up! Not that you could, anyway. J P C

  • hardly snowflake symptoms unless its a cop out and a way of life; needing a blankey, thumb for sucking, mommy and daddy to make better and a time out roomie. daily…

    that ain’t you, alexandra, obviously!

    we all go through stuff like this. soldiers returning with ptsd, families with lost children from violence, etc. i’m one of them as well. brother shot at point blank range – streets of dc many moons ago. for $$$ in pocket. a waste of a life. changed me forever.

    but, life eventually healed for all of us.

    i agree its fascism. and it’s blatant now because the public doesn’t understand history of what fascism even is.

    liberals don’t act this way. these ain’t liberals. liberalism ( i know you know this) is about freedom. obviously, controlling speech on media accounts by punishing those with whom they disagree, is not liberal. it is the opposite.

    i can’t afford it but i am sending a donation anyway. it’ll be a new annual. peace.

    • Bless you. I’m so sorry about your brother. I grew up and lived in many of the biggest cities (NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, São Paulo, Rio, Paris) but after getting good at street fighting I was glad to get out of there and go live at the beach and not have to lock anything.


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