A CNN interview meant to pay tribute to the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) went off the rails after host Alisyn Camerota tried to force her guest, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu into turning the segment into a Trump bashing event. Luckily, the Governor has an IQ of 190 and he deftly avoided her attempts to brow-beat him into ideological submission on live TV.

This segment constitutes assault and battery of the audience. This is 21st Century Neo-Liberal Fascism. Such a climate is unprecedented in the US and it is frankly terrifying to me, as someone who has always identified as a Liberal. Talk about the Mandela Effect! How the Hell did I end up in this universe?

I can only hope that such deranged displays by the Mainstream Media will sour the majority of level-headed people against the Democrats this November and create a landslide mandate that may rid the airwaves of this unrelentingly divisive and abusive behavior.

And I can’t believe I just wrote that. Mandela Effect!

Better yet, CNN should have its broadcasting license revoked. There is no public service being done here. CNN is committing a capital crime in peoples’ living rooms (and airports, etc.) all day, every day, to say nothing of FEC violations, slander and the long list of other felonies and misdemeanors.

The only ideas the Democrats have are histrionics, graft and multi-media censorship.

No, thanks.

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  • OMG! Anyone with the IQ of a gnat can see Alisyn is off the rails. All the gross crimes and misdemeanors of Comey, Clintons, Obamas, et al – completely ignored. Outright lies w/o retractions. And she whines and whants about Trump not showing enough homage to McCain?
    To quote Mika on Morning Joe – “Does she think were stupid?”

    The worst part is her arrogant, preachy manner.

    Talk about cringeworthy.

  • I think the “C” word would definitely apply to the plastic reporter in this interview. It might as well be plastered on her forehead…”Cannot Understand Normal Thinking”.

  • That interview was God awful…..such ignorance & bullying! The entire interview was cring-worthy.On one side you have a reporter that’s not even interested in what the interview was about….. the other side a person besotted with the ‘legacy’ of a psychopath. It was making my skin crawl.
    Personally if I was such a so-called friend of McCain….I would have gotten up and left. Then Camerota could have spent the remaining time pushing what she really wanted to spew. The entire ‘bit’ was nothing but garbage and a vile stain on the MSM…..one of so many!!

  • This rant above is nuts! Trump , his allies and his crime family are the real “enemies of the people.” Several historians have written about, in detail, how he is following Hitler’s playbook, changed a little for today’s times. The death camps didn’t appear in Germany over night, it was a gradual, drip by drip process. Hitler denigrated the Press, as Trump is doing now, and gradually took it over.

    Trump is a proven championship, world class liar. Anything his calls “fake news” I immediately know it’s probably true and is critical of him. He praised the state run media in North Korea when he was over there, because all the NK media unquestionably praised Kim Jong.

    I’ll take CNN over Fox News any day. Fox news are the real liars here.

    The Democratic Party is not perfect, but they’re 10 better than the Republicans and the MAGA movement. The Dems stand for universal healthcare, which 70% of Americans want, higher wages for workers, strong safely net programs and Social Security, and laws to protect our environment. All of which the Repubs and MAGA folks(if they follow Trumpism) oppose.

    • Does the A.W. in your name refer to Ass Wipe. Because your comments about the Demon Rat party are laughable. Especially since you really believe them. You have been propagandized by Commie News Network that don’t have 2 working brain cells to rub together to make a coherent thought or sentence. It’s attack, attack, attack all the time and their viewership has dramatically nosedived because of it. The cartoon network has more viewers.

  • Both these clowns are creatures of the deep state and are not worth spitting on
    Not being a big fan of DT in the past I’ve actually grown to like a lot of what he is doing, especially when he attacks the fake news media and crooked “what’s her name”
    Pity I’m not American as I would gladly vote for Trump just to piss these vile creatures of the fascist left off!
    Well done Alexandra and keep up the good work!

  • didn’t watch it but read the article and all comments.

    1) browbeating from the press is not their role. no-one need stand it. walk out of the room or hang up the phone like tom brady did the other day. period. we are still free – even if they can’t stand it.

    2) sununu is a creep and there are also pedo charges from an old, buried investigation that lead his way, along with ol buddie HW and others.

    Last, I’m on the “Make America Free Again” movement which isn’t a movement yet. LOL.
    John Whitehead. About reigning in excesses of MAGA, but also those of deep state and progs.

    Peace out kids! Great article and discussion, Alexandra.

    • “2) sununu is a creep and there are also pedo charges from an old, buried investigation that lead his way, along with ol buddie HW and others.”

      It’s not a coincidence that he’s governor, nor that he was interviewed. LEVERAGE.

  • The real fascists stem from the left. Our GOVT is usurped by corporate fascism and that includes the MSM as their Ministry of Propaganda. CNN is seditious. They should have their license revoked and their staff investigated and prosecuted where pertinent for sedition and High Crimes and Treason.

  • Backing Trump’s actions by refusing to answer a question about Trump’s negative actions is an “ostrich” approach to examining the truth. Unfortunately, Sununu is not the only Republican to become an ostrich and that my friend will be the downfall of the Republican Party. Sununu’s not seeing that makes his IQ of 190 seem doubtable – – either originally miscalculated or his age has taken a severe toll on it.

    • I don’t think it’s an “ostrich” approach to refuse to be baited into absurd statements by this harpie but Sununu was dumb in the first place to agree to appear on CNN to say nice things about McCain, who deserved none.

  • Sununu,
    A bush era operative, once was dragged thru the mud for using a government limo and driver to drive hundreds of miles to attend a stamp auction. He is an arrogant unabashed insider furthering the globalist agenda.

    • Let’s get one thing straight: The Bush Crime Family is the most loathsome pox to ever afflict the US Government and guess what? The Clintons and the Obamas are members of the Bush Crime Family!

      Like I said, I was never a fan of Sununu but even this perfidious use of a government limo for a freaking stamp auction is Boy Scout stuff, even compared to the flat-out Treason CNN commits every day, let alone the decades of racketeering, genocide and you-name it committed by the Bush-Clinton-Obama Crime family.

  • I use to like Alisyn Camerota when she was on Fox News. I’m amazed at how leftist she became once the “Fair and Balanced” Journalism shock collar was removed. Any news media that doesn’t keep a journalism shock collar on their reporters isn’t worth my time.

    Like you Alexandra, I am a true liberal and a strong supporter of the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.

    Also a Christian. Bless you

    • Sounds like by advocating for a “Journalism shock collar” your are endorsing censorship like Putin enjoyed in the USSR – a communist not a socialist country.

  • Oh my Gandhi. The propaganda is so palpable. Painful to watch. I’d rather have watched a sitting Attorney General bust out in song during a news conference, specifically John Ashcroft singing his hit single “Let the Eagle Soar.”

  • Crap Network News, I may not agree that McCain was all that great, otherwise he would not have earned his nick name, songbird. But I digress. The governor was not entrapped in the “hate speech” of MS, CNN, no matter how many times she tried to twist his point of view to her liking. Even he is a fellow to the late not so great McCain. Let’s poise for pictures with Isis, with a big smile.

  • I’m a life long NH native. John Sununu is one of the meanest individuals to ever take part in NH politics. Genius IQ means nothing if it is used to gratify an enormous ego. I would think twice before aligning with him even if it were a choice between him and the devil. We’ve been manouevered into any anything but Trump position largely due to Republican apologist like Sununu. The other shoe to drop appears to be begging the old crooks to come back and do business as usual. This is also unexceptable. Shakespeare said it best, “A pestilence on both your houses.” If you lose sight of the fact that there are no good guys here, you have already lost.

    • Charlie,

      I thought Sununu was a devil when he was in the Bush 41 Administration and that is the miracle performed by Alisyn Camerota here: he definitely comes off as the “good guy”!

      The whole segment was garbage. McCain was a sociopath and one of the worst criminals in US Government history. I agree with the way Trump communicated because it was respectful to his family for their loss yet honest to decline from calling McCain a “Great American” or any other such horseshit.

      Her Senior Producer was yelling in her ear to keep going after him. What awful judgement. I hope this sort of deranged behavior is alienating normal people away from the Neo-Liberal Democratic party, which stands for nothing anymore, other than the graft of its leadership and covering up their crimes.

      I will never be pro-Republican or pro-Shadow Government/Establishment, either. I’m pro-MAGA.


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