This video is of Kiwi technology wunderkind Steve Outtrim by Lift The Veil is edited-down from an interview posted a year ago. The former just uploaded to his Cryptobeast channel.

Outtrim was a pioneer and software developer whose graphics program was the third most downloaded software on the Internet when he sold his company in 1999 and retired for the first time at the age of 26. He has since devoted most of his time to his passion for “conspiracy” research.

He says most of the companies in Silicon Valley derive massive amounts of funding from government contracts and that to become the first Facebook, Google, Cisco, Microsoft, Apple or Amazon, you have to get deeply in bed with either Lockheed-Martin or the US national security state.

“Not only are they [the Deep State] everywhere but also the occult is everywhere in Silicon Valley. It used to be hidden but more and more, it’s coming up to the surface…the Satanists have gotten so bold that they decided to show themselves and I think that’s actually worked against them because everyone can see it.”

Outtrim says he got involved with Smart Cities concept in the late 1990s because he was interested in energy efficiency, growing up poor and needing to save on energy.

He notes the global trend of Megacities and how this relates to the New World Order. He says urban populations will be increasingly controlled by mind control and propaganda. “We see such major support for the Democratic Party coming from the biggest cities in the US and that’s because they’re in a condensed area, where the messages and the disinformation can be delivered to them much more effectively.

“When you go to the more rural areas, you find like family values and people connecting to their local community through a church…those structures are still quite strong and powerful in rural areas.

“Those structures have been the target of the Illuminati for hundreds of years. They really want to destroy the family unit. They don’t want you getting advice from your mother and your father, they want you getting advice from the state because the state is God.”

Outtrim adds that it’s worrying that the people in control of Smart Grid technologies are Satanists. “Not only is it God but they’re building these artificial intelligence systems. The state is going to be a giant AI and the AI is God…it’s religion for Atheists. You merge your head with Google and you can live forever on the Internet.”

Outtrim was one of the first people on the Internet to correctly identify Q as a “pro-Trump psychological operation” in late 2017. He says, “I believe Trump is a white hat, that he was recruited in by other white hats in military intelligence in the wake of 9/11. They saw what happened in 9/11, they believed it was an inside job and they said, ‘This group that’s doing this type of thing should not be allowed to be in power,’ and…that’s what I think is behind the Q activity.”

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  • “Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for machines to learn from experience”

    They hooked up a computer program to a Space Invaders game & let it play all night = approx 9 hours.
    In the morning the program had played every possible version of the game & recorded it to memory = in super fast fashion.
    *It learns faster than a human mind …. no, no, no, silly – it memorised every possible move & counter move super fast.
    It mimics … because it is a machine – no, not a machine – a software program fitter to a machine – ok !!
    AI is a software program that problem solves in that the lock is explained & how it works & the program has the instructions to take it apart & put it back together again.
    A security system also –
    Q: Is anything safe from AI ??
    What’s to stop an AI software program from decommissioning a banking security system & once in reprogramming the banking security system to lock you out ??
    How will we evr get a good nights sleep ever again !!

  • Steve Outtrim is a heck of a guy! Great insights!
    First time I’ve heard him, but he thinks so much like me, I’d bet we’d be mates. Nice to see a good guy win…

  • Trump is some white hat. A white hat that sells billions of weapons to the Saudis that they “deploy” on the children of Yemen. A white hat who is agitating for war against Iran. A white hat who appointed Zionist maniac, John Bolton. A white hat who appointed known torturers like Haspell. A white hat who helped fund Hillary’s 2010 election campaign; is as thick as thieves with Rudi G.; has sanctioned Iran, Russia, Venezuala, Nicaragua and Iran. Threated sanctions against India for buying oil off Iran. On and on. Joseph Farell was right: Q-Anon is neuro linguistic programming for Trump supporters. If Q Anon were real it would have been de-platformed. Funny too how all the Q-supporting channels on YouTube haven’t been de-platformed, either. Follow the dots..

  • I enjoyed what this fellow had to say. It’s great to hear others give their ideas an airing. I don’t think that anyone has all ‘the answers’ to any of whats’ happening in our world today. Information is fluid and so is the future ……. you can speculate & hedge your bets but it’s like the stock market… nailing jello to the wall. It does verify some of what every individual is now starting to grasp about what’s going on. It’s good to hear that the puzzle is starting to make sense. His ideas on the large cities getting most of the scrutiny & 5G to boot is right on! Not sure who’s going to take the prize home….but let’s pray it isn’t HRC’s ilk.

  • And by the Way, doesn’t anybody REMEMBER the pope declaring LUCIFER as being GOD, back in 2016??? There is the REAL leader of the whole Sha-Bang Folks!

  • Q is NOT a “pro-Trump psychological operation.” Q is a “pro-US Constitution MILITARY operation based on Game Theory. It is designed to red pill the public using open source material. Huge difference.

    • To ADD to this, The whole “Sha-Bang” is being actually run by the Jesuit Operated VATICAN…The Poop’s (Pope) hoping to become what is NOW called…The Pontifix Maximus…Better known as “THE ANTI-CHRIST”!…and Donald Trump is their assistant along with the FAKE JEW Bankoholics.

      • If only it were that simple, Kennyboy.

        I’m not saying you are wrong – in fact, much of what you say is true. But I think that’s only a part of the spectrum.

        For example, the human species was derived from at least 5 extra-terrestrial races, each with their own spiritual philosophy (or, none at all). And much of what is written in the Bible is flat out wrong, although, interestingly, the Indian Mahabharata and Upanishads are much more accurate in terms of their historical truth.

        While the idea of One True God is correct, none of the gods depicted in our history is correct, except perhaps Brahman, as the universe (or multiverse..) itself is the One True God.

        So while Lucifer is a real force, the God of Moses is probably not Brahman. The Christ consciousness may be, but the point is, the forces of Good and Evil are necessary to maintain infinite eternity. The balance ebbs and flows from 99.999999% Good/ 0.0000001% evil, to the opposite. I believe it is only 100% Good (and 100% 180 degrees of time away) for only a fraction of a second, and this is what triggers the Breath of Brahman, or the start of the universe (perhaps it’s a Big Bang/ Big Crunch?). It IS an Ouroboros.

        So whatever Q is, it’s not AL or neurolinguistic programming, because that level of AI isn’t there yet. This is clearly someone (or some group) that has access to the NSA’s database, and to military intelligence (if there is such a thing…)

        The true agenda of Q is unknown – there is so much double-double crossing going on, every action by Trump or Q or the Deep State is a “move-countermove” tactic, based on a very complex strategy. What that strategy is might be:
        1. Rid the corrupt from the system (we all Hope)
        2. Mis-direct the good folks so they think someone is fighting for them so that the existing corrupt power structure can remain
        3. Something else

        Until we see results, #2 is the logical candidate. When HRC and Podesta and Cheney go down to Gitmo (“Going Down to Gitmo” sounds like a country song…), THEN I will give #1 credence. Until then,

        – Be Vigilant
        – Discern Correctly
        – Listen to Multiple Sources/ Diverse Perspectives
        – Take NOTHING for Granted
        and, finally – in order to preserve our Democratic Republic, we MUST
        – Support Trump’s Presidency (even if you hate him), because we voted for him, so we got him, and like it or not, that’s our America

        • Oops, typo (you need an “EDIT” feature, Alexandra)

          “I believe it is only 100% Good/ 0% Evil (and 100% Evil/0% Good for a fraction of a second at 180 degrees of time away)”


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