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Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and Superman are not real…and John F Kennedy Jr is not alive after all. Many are angry and shooting the messenger, not because they were lied to but because they prefer that the “lie” be true.

In what could go down in history as a landmark case study on the collision of 21st century social engineering, with Hope P-rn, wishful thinking and the mythopoetic structures of the mind, the jig is finally up on QAnon. Or so say two men claiming to be among the original creators of QAnon, Defango and Dreamcatcher. Jason Bermas of WeAreChange is joined by these two, who take us into the world of trolldom and gamer/hacker culture that lives in the online forums of Reddit, 4Chan, 8Chan, Discord, etc.

They say no one ever expected it to last as long as it did or to take on a life of its own the way that it did.

Defango aka Manuel Chavez is a self-described “mind-hacker” who says he had an idea to do a social engineering experiment, the main intent of which was to determine who is for real in the Alternative Media; to see who is in it for the money and who is in it for the truth. The only way he saw to do it was to be in control of something from the beginning and then to watch what happened.

If you’ve been watching Defango, he has been broadcasting his role for some time but because he is such a complete troll, nobody believed him! Many still don’t.

Dreamcatcher aka James Brower is a self-described “Sh*t Lord”, a veritable master in the fine art of Sh*tposting on the image boards. He was a disgruntled Obama voter, drawn to the 2016 presidential campaign who ended up doing social media work as a low-level Trump campaign volunteer.

In the Fall of 2017, Dreamcatcher teamed up with Defango and together with some friends from the Cicada 3301 puzzle site, they hatched their little moonbaby into the Interwebz, where it transformed into a LARP* – or as Jason Bermas calls it, “A shit-posting hoaxverse.”

On October 29th, 2017, the QAnon LARP escaped from the proverbial lab when Defango leaked the “Tripcode” (i.e., the password for the QAnon account in 4Chan) in a YouTube video. QAnon was then moved by users who were not involved with its foundation to 8Chan. He says that almost immediately, “The Jerome Corsis of the world” began promoting it and QAnon metastasized into the cottage industry that it has since become.

Creators in the Alt Media space who endorsed QAnon attracted massive amounts of new followers and traffic, which generated ad revenue, the sale of “Q-Drop” cellphone apps, mugs, T-shirts and other swag.

Prominent QAnon proponents included David Wilcock, Jerome Corsi, Jordan Sather, SGTReport, Tracy Beanz, Praying Medic and X22 Report, who in the eyes of Defango have been left with their “pants pulled down” – to the degree to which they’ve hitched their credibility to the QAnon LARP.

Defango and Dreamcatcher don’t like that people may have been taken advantage of by what they call the “grifters” but Defango repeats that the intent of the project was to reveal the intent of those who got involved and the only way to do that was to let them do what they did.

Bermas asks them to reflect on the LARP and whether they have any regrets. Dreamcatcher says, “You never regret a shit post because you had the intent of it being a shit post…but I do think we can learn a lot from this.”

He goes on to say that if we had a government that was more transparent, something like this would not have happened. People gravitated toward QAnon because they don’t trust their media and they don’t trust their government. He says that if you really, truly care and if you want something to change, you can’t do it by just sitting behind a keyboard. You have to get off the online forums and get involved in grassroots political action.

Defango also has “No regrets.” He says this was meant to be a direct teaching episode on how to use the Internet and that the next step is to learn how to use discernment. The LARP wasn’t done with malice, it was a lesson of survival in the high tech theater of nonstop information warfare. That’s an admirable message from a legendary troll.

For whatever it’s worth, I have two ex-military sources who tell me that it’s not a total hoax, as suggested in this video (a third such source says it *is* a hoax). One tells me, “It started as a military intelligence op and then morphed into the more rah-rah Trump insider thing.” This observation doesn’t rule out Defango’s initial involvement, as the Cicada site is (or was) a recruitment tool of military intelligence. In another podcast on his own channel, Defango said that Mainstream News reporters were now all over him, trying to find a way to blame the LARP on President Trump or to suggest that Trump was somehow behind it, which Defango categorically denies.

The QAnon movement has been out of the hands of these purported originators for over a year, indeed for the majority of its existence. It will be interesting to see how Q’s major proponents react to this “reveal”, if at all. The question remains who is posting as Q now?


*LARP is the acronym for Live-Action Role Play, a hobby that emerged in the late 20th century with the board game, Dungeons and Dragons.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • My suspicion is Debango is a paid Zionist troll to spread confusion in alt community.
    Or just an intelligent fool.

  • Never trust an article that uses Sarcasm and Ridicule
    in the very first paragraph.

    Yes Defango and Sh*t Lord, Discernment is very important.

    I am right now DISCERNING that you are both full of crap.

    Why did you spend so much time analyzing every Q post
    from the start if it’s just a hoax ?
    The claim that 2 internet stoner “autistes” created and
    managed such an elaborate hoax is just absurd and laughable.

    I am DISCERNING that Defango had a bad “falling out”
    with the Q group (cicada 3301) and then started to attack
    Q as being a LARP.
    I also feel that 2 “shit posters” could never produce such
    large amounts of elaborate and complex Geo-political info.

    I will trust DAVID WILCOCK way before someone like Defango.

  • Here is A Written History of Q’s Formation for Newbies:

    VIDEO OF Q’s Origins HISTORY!
    Start at 24:00 – All Awesome!

    100% always ask/remember – “Trust But Verify”

    Notice on 8ch, they gathered 10,000 criminal Deep State tips, clues, video’s, documents, etc all for “Light” yet not 1 fact provided has been used to charge a single criminal they say they are against? Why? They expect everyone to “feed” in all their army cult members to give them all they can in their Bottomless Dark Pit, yet not 1 letter of any tip was ever used to arrest or charge anyone? And they call that “Light”? We are talking 2+ years now and not 1 letter used.

    So how does 1 Really know who is Evil or Good? Shouldn’t Good use facts and tips in charges of criminals? Yet 8ch never provided 1 single fact, nor 1 tip ever used in any charges? Yet their brainwashed cult members “Think” they are for Good? Where’s the proof?

    And clock wheels they fake try to put 2 digits on each tweet, and line them up on a clockwheel, and then to prove and reinforce their fake fantasy story, they look back at all 1000 tweets with that same 2 digits in all past tweets. When they find 1, they link it as factual Coded link, yet they discard the other 999 tweets with that exact same 2 digit code. When you interchange the 2 digit code tweet, you can INTERCHANGE” and “CREATE” any fantasy backstory you want. Yet they believe.

  • 8ch QAnon’s are a scam! Proof?

    Always ask “Trust But Verify”? If you want truth, if one can “Verify” actual events as happened, then you they gain “Trust” correct? So anyone who read’s 8ch, you will not find 1 confirmed validity past event, in its entire history, of anything they forecasted as being TRUE! Get it?

    Like their fake Clockwheel clock, this is pure Slight Of Hand Parlor Word trickery like you read in Horiscopes. Q & Trumps tweets are just a few words, and 8ch “Fills In” their fake self created storyline, that never once in their history, ever verified 1 past event as being factual over time.

    How do they “Connect” the dots? They take any 2 digits in the 1000s of past Q and Trumps tweets, and only using 2 digits alone, they link any of the same generic 2 digits and claim its CODED and FACTUALLY REAL! Not only that but they also take any single word in any tweet, and again, they go back in all millions of DC documents, and if they ever used that “Word”, its Factual Code it links to the story! And they use “Matrixing”. Matrixing means any single digit # or letter can be infiniately twisted to anything. So 1+2=3 but by Matrixing, you can make it mean 84874746398092.3736730540 or “Twisted” to any letter or words one wants. Only 1’s mind is the limits how you can Matrix infiniately. aka Alice In Wonderland, looking into a mirror of endless fantasy. 8ch is a scam!

    Sure, some seem creditable, but 8ch only uses theories, speculation and closeness in tweets and documents makes it Factual to them. Yet they never provided 1 event ever in their past history of being factually proven as real. Yet to 8xh mindless cult members, they believe all 100% without every 1 fact ever being verified real.

    If you only ask 8ch “Trust But Verify” so you can see truth vs. lies, you will never see any truth. When asked, they will call you a enemy shill, yet you only ask for 1 truth; something that does not exist. Yet 8ch makes 100s of pure “Theory Speculation” fantasy storylines per day, yet not one ever was proven factual. So are they truth or lies? I need verification I can see to Trust someone – something 8ch can not do.

    Love Q and Trump, but 8ch boards are all lies, using slight of hand interactive parlor word games to “create” stories to keep people interested. Yet we all know all the criminals players and crimes, so 8ch preys on that general knowledge and twist it into pure fantasy storylines that can never be verified as 1 ever happening. Q even stated, never trust anyone thinking they know whats going on behind the scenes, yet 8ch mindless cult followers ignore Q’s warning, and continue like its real.

    Always demand “Trust But Verify” and have them factually verify what they say, before you “Trust” them. Yet 8ch twists their brainwashed cult members minds to never ask for actual evidence of truth, as they “Twisted” pure theory and speculation, are now 100% “Truth” to them. Since when did “Non Factual Stories” (aka “Lies”) become “Truth” to them? Whats worse, 8ch Cult members thinks fantasy stories they create are real, and if given the chance, they would physically harm you, and they 100% abuse you endlessly for only questioning them. 8ch cult members only demand all follow exactly as they say, and if you do not or have a different POV, you are their enemy and they will attack you by their masses, until you leave and stop asking for Truth.

  • I believe your article contains a serious error.
    10-29-17 was when the posting started.
    The password leak and change from 4chan to 8chan
    was in Jan. 2018.

    Your “revelations” are hardly definitive.
    I have watched some of his videos.
    Defango does not appear trustworthy or very credible.

    Go back and read the first month of posts.

    More likely these were done by Military Intelligence
    than by someone like Defango.

    The originals were real.
    Q was compromised sometime after 1-1-18.

    Current Status Unknown

    • I look to the 40’s when ‘Q’S code inception from milint was utilized; these girls are just one of MANY thousands of semi- created “bots” allowed to camo the actual messages. It’s ALSO been more productive than they ever could’ve imagined too.

  • Discernment is key in these days of massive propaganda, hoaxes, false flags and plain ole bs. I did a report on this Q phenomenon a while back, simply because it had gone viral, and reputable folks were taking the bait. I always say, you need some type of divination tool to help guide you out of a quagmire that is designed to entrap you, and waste your delusional mind time. A word to the wise is sufficient. Funny how YouTube did allow my Ask A Psychic video on Q-Anon to determine if it was controlled opposition. This article should help quell the noise.

    • Is 4Chan’s Q-Anon Controlled Opposition? Ask A Psychic
      I want to do this reading on 4Chan’s Q-Anon. It has been troubling my awareness for a while now. When I see several people take up the banner and begin to report over and over again, what 4Chan’s Q-Anon has said in its cryptic way, I begin to wonder if this may in fact be another “false flag.”

      Now some of you folks may think that a psychic reading is no proof either, and that’s fine. You can move along, no worries. But for those of you who are interested in the hidden hand behind these happenings stay with me, and let’s see what the I Ching has to say about this new addition to the so-called “truth” community.
      Thursday, November 23, 2017

  • Steve Outtrim aka Cryptobeast has a good thread about Q and his very good analysis of its development, with the recent revelations referred to in my article, above along with videos featuring Microchip and Jack Posobiec and others. Outtrim concludes:

    I will give Defango, Dreamcatcher, and Microchip the benefit of the doubt. If they can produce some of this evidence to support their case, then maybe I will take them at their word: it really is #All4aLARP.

    * Post on 4chan from any of the trip codes (except Matlock)
    * Any one of them log into the Discord on a live stream and bring up what Microchip showed in his video
    * Explain the Q Proofs
    * Explain Justin McConney’s role
    * Produce a witness who heard the presentation at Defcon
    * Show other messages, Tweets, DMs, email, WhatsApp, Telegram chats that support their stories

    Until they do, I remain convinced that Q is real. A real psyop.

    • Possibly… it could be a psyop to keep outraged people at bay. If you are the type of person who might actually start some grass roots resistance movement based on the injustice and you see something like Q… you are pretty much lose that fire under you driving you to do so.ething because you feel like if you don’t.. no one will.

  • Found what Q had to say interesting. I never wondered about the WHO, WHY, WHAT, WHERE or WHEN of the information. It fits into the rabid environment that has become daily news and so be it. True or False there is always a bit of truth & deceit in every story. Most of us have our narrative figured out about what’s going on anyway…..this is just a bit more icing on the cake. I read all and everything….I rarely find any information bang on, take it to the bank stuff. It’s left to those of us that like to dig around to gather what is salvageable & make our decisions.

  • To be clear:

    Defango et al. created Q and haven’t been directly involved since ~ Nov. 2017.

    I know investigators who were in touch with Cicada and Defango early last year and what he’s saying here is the same as what they told me early last year – and actually what Defango has been saying all along – but nobody believes him because he has a habit of trolling/humiliating everyone he meets, so few trust him.

    Cicada was/is run by old CIA guys as a recruitment operation, looking for gifted math and cryptology talent.

    A separate military intel source tells me that the original pre-8Chan Q was military intel and that it “morphed into the more rah-rah Trump insider thing,” as I reported. This does not contradict Defango…so, it became a Trump insider thing, which is what it clearly seems to be, to the delight of Q fans everywhere.

    Like so many other things, intelligence ops rarely create things, they exploit things that already exist. I don’t think Q is nefarious but Defango does raise important questions about how we source information and what we do with it and whether it makes sense to trust cryptic anonymous posts. If it does, ask yourself why and really look at it – and if it still makes sense to do so, then, great.

    After reporting this story and then seeing the reporting from the Epoch Times (, it began to dawn on me that maybe the point of Defango getting publicity now was to deflect attention away from the release of the Congressional transcripts of the testimonies of Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, etc. which are VERY damning and are essentially proving what Q has been saying – that the slow wheels of justice are indeed grinding and that we will see these people prosecuted.

  • I always knew Q was fake. After being burned a few times, I am now almost overly suspicious. Here’s a clue, if they don’t call out the Zios after a while….
    they are either afraid to do so, are still in a deep sleep, (perhaps due to their religious indoctrination), or they are fakers, paid troll whores sent in to confuse and distract us. And even the ones who do mention the Zio’s, you have to beware of their angle as well.

  • It is impossible…things that Q posted 1 year ago are happening exactly now–1 year later.(future proves past). no way “these people” have this amount of intel that Q has provided or pictures in real time that he posts sometimes from planes, the tweets within seconds of Q posts over and over, Trump drawing Q’s in the air–Trump having his picture taken with a Q follower….Confirmation after confirmation. I think these pathetic guys have been paid for the disinformation to divide Q followers and it makes me also puts down the people who had the brains and discernment to follow Q..truly pathetic. I’m sure these must be the same people that swayed Alex Jones with their tales..all for attention? Money! Maybe the anons should do an in depth research on THEM. I wonder what that would reveal. It is like listening to/reading the MSM–no proof just propaganda and opinion.

    • Right. I challenge Defango and Dreamcatcher to each, separately post a video stating word for word exactly what the next Q post will say, and the exact time they will post along with their current, same day photo with underlying exif data to match the date on the post. Each must post a separate post. Then followup with a trip/pass post that anyone can access as proof. If they refuse to do that thereby putting to bed any doubts, then they are attempting to sabotage and are liars.

  • Awww, he popped my hope bubble. Remember, always remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it most likely is. I liked Q when he was on Star Trek. LOL, don’t worry, something will happen soon, HOPE for the best people. But expect the worst, I know I’m being negative, but that’s what my life has shone me. Have a better one, maybe these game players are just playing a game again.

  • While I’m not a devotee of ‘Q’, I nevertheless have grinned a few times when it’s explained how Q was right about this or that, which makes me wonder if these guys “exposing” Q as a larp . . . weren’t sent in by the Deep State to do precisely that. It’s odd, for example, that President Trump would don a football jersey with the number ’17’ on it, and we are all aware by now that Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. President Trump has gravitated toward people holding up placards at rallies with the number Q held aloft, lending Q credence. I mean, what gives with that if Q is such a larp? Moreover, these jokers don’t seem intelligent enough to pull the Q phenomenom off. But how quick they are to point the finger at David Wilcock and Jordan Sather and others as exploiters, when these blokes being interviewed are admitting to concocting a lower than lowdown scheme to fool people. “Oh, we’re just a few guys who wanted to , you know, pull a fast one for fun.” (Not a direct quote). To which I answer, ‘my ass.’

    In addition, it galls me that there’s such denial among these clowns of the Satanic ritual of torturing victims, mostly babies and children, in order to drink the blood charged with the opiates that the brain provides under such circumstances, and that blood is termed ‘endochrome’ and is highly prized among those sick bastards. The blood is drunk after the victim is tortured to DEATH. Now what type of human would actually do such a thing? Well maybe they’re not human at all but Draco hybrids. It might just amuse the hell out of these idiots to discover that there are actually other life forms out there in the universe, and not all of them are warm blooded. The ‘fallen angels’ n the bible were ETs, not angels. They mated “with the daughters of men, who were fair”. And what was produced was a reptilian hybrid race, those who are Satanists today, by and large. (There are moronic airheads in Hollywood who jump on the Satanic bandwagon in order to become a ‘star’ and partake of the rituals as well. May they rot.) Hollywood is run by Satanists. So is thewhole bloody world, come to think of it. And these individuals are not altogether human. Be grateful for that. Most of us would shudder at belonging to the human race were these entities human. Wake up, people.

  • So now there are a few more sh8t posters among the “trusted” truthers. I fail to
    see how this “misinfo” is anything but bad for truth community. Luckily i never
    listened to defaggo, or cicadoedoe and learned from experience to trust few, but
    love many. good luck in the coming meltdown, hope you have lots of ammo and food.

  • So will Q quit posting? I suspect it will continue.

    I’ve been suspicious since the inception, after all I am as subject to hope porn as anyone else. But ob3 has to admit, the inside info and Trump “coincidences” are a little too numerous for a LARP, unless Yrump is a LARP, too.

    So that ‘problem’ will plague this shit posting story for a time. If these guys are real, they need to cease all Q posts immediately, or the Q phenom will continue.

    What I want to know is, how did they get all the inside information legitimizing Q?

  • eh… I call bullsht.
    I agree Q was a LARP–said that since (almost) the beginning. I was on 4ch, 8ch since mid-2016 so the idea of official-insider-divulging-DS-coup-frolicking-fun-porn was a good test run. And I admit it was VERY seductive, at first. Desperate people can become… well, desperate.

    And I agree that this goes deeper than “Defango” of all nonsense (you’ve got to be kidding me – I’m sure many people will believe this but it’s pretty unbelievable).

    Most of the group he mentions are also very likely LARPers and on someone’s payroll (esp Beanz, Corsi, SGT). They are not genuine alt researchers/newsers/reporters.

    What I’m curious about is… why now?

    • In the summer of 2016, there was the FBI Anon who talked about Seth Rich on either 4Chan or Reddit (I forget). There was also a male nurse who posted about seeing SR alive after what he described as a routine bullet wound surgery and LEOs shooing everyone away and not allowing post-op care. The nurse seemed to think he’d died although there were no records of what happened. Later, there was a female Federal agent called Meganon (who I didn’t follow and don’t know what she talked about). I don’t think QAnon came on the scene until late in 2017. I didn’t hear about it until November or December, after it was no longer under the control of these two guys. Jason Bermas says that the Internet logs provided by Defango prove he was involved and that Cicada was involved with the original iteration. The latter are/were a recruitment operation for NSA, CIA, etc., as confirmed by unrelated investigators I know who were in contact with Cicada and Defango.

        • it’s called confirmation bias… you look for something you will find it… you only focus on what Q was right about and ignore everything it was wrong about. You want it to be real and you are letting that cloud your judgment.

          • Agree, Randy. But I also think that by the time Q was mainstream it had already been hijacked by the Letters so they also likely coordinated w/ inside info.

            Alexandra – I agree with your account of all that and your post above. “FBI Anon” did AMAs on 4 and then 8chan in 2016 leading up to the election, which had several purposes.

            But I (and others) propose that therein lies the origination of the idea for the Q larp, not that it matters.

            I can’t remember where the nurse posted originally but probably not on the chans.

            The human nature behavior in all this is very interesting and probably predictable in these times. A population groomed to be complacent and rely almost solely on MSM with no “life skills” in the realm of fact-finding and self-education. Pretty dangerous. But they were counting on that.

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