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    “What we are witnessing, in the wake of public enactment of these alchemical psychodramas, whose spiritual consequences for mankind are far more momentous than most have thus far guessed, is a process of global occult initiation.” – Michael A. Hoffman

    The quote seen at the head of this documentary comes from one of the most important books that I’ve ever read, ‘Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare’, published way ahead of its time in 1992, which outlines the author’s view that there is an aspect of the shadow government that would be best described as an occult “cryptocracy” that is Alchemically conditioning and processing the masses through ritual trauma, such as the Kennedy assassination, 9/11 and a constant process of “death by a thousand cuts,” otherwise known as asymmetrical warfare.

    A central tenet of these manipulations is known as the “Revelation of the Method”, a concept first articulated by Hoffman’s sometime collaborator, James Shelby Downard, in which the means and symbols of a targeted group’s subjugation are exposed for them to see, to reinforce their sense that “Resistance is Futile.”

    One begins to understand how Black Magick and Occultism are at the core of psychological warfare methods and germane to effecting the necessary demoralization of a target group.

    When we extrapolate these ideas to the increasing Satanic imagery and activities we see all around us and especially in the entertainment industry, the occult message is one of enslavement and one of no escape, while the overt message may be one of “self-love” or “freedom.”

    TruthStreamMedia has just released this excellent documentary about how the proliferation of Occult imagery and themes in Western Pop culture constitutes a full-saturation, Satanic psychological operation, as part of an assymetrical, “death by a thousand cuts” tactic, in the war for your soul by a powerful elite whose evil and desire for total control knows no bounds.

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    • Couldn’t watch this video after the hypocrisy or lack of education with the concert rambling. To be fair – The Smashing Pumpkins thing is about the ritualistic abuse he went through mind controlling you into thinking you’re a God and “the one”. It’s pretty obvious that’s the common theme of the artists that write lyrics like this (Alice in Chains, Bruce Springsteen, etc.). The representation and ‘weaponizing’ of the art to manipulate the masses is an unintended consequence and another example of how the artists are used. They aren’t the enemy here and while I’m guessing you’re aware, it would make for a convoluted video explaining the broad implication of this assuming you weren’t just ignoring it to get YOUR point across. Be fair… and adding to this, it’s probably why bands as a whole are dead and singers like Taylor Swift and company are the only ones who ‘make it’ nowadays – because piling money onto one person (an attractive woman) buys her silence and complacency and makes for an easy figure for masses to idolize being the vapid western people that we are.

    • 13Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find

    • let’s not get distracted in the detail. The occult symbolism is just the wrapping paper.
      The satanic stuff belongs to a particular stratum in the hierarchy. The most powerful people aren’t in that club.
      What matters is whether “our” culture, so-called, makes us strong, knowledgable, competent and able to stand on our own feet, and then make wholesome and enduring connections, from a position of high independence…..or, on the other hand, it makes us narrow-minded, always aware of the supervision of Big Brother, respectful of obscene wealth and celebrity, suggestible, and lop-sided in our development, particularly with respect to emotional maturity, and emotional-intellectual integration

    • Excellent article! If one has been interested in finding out about the occult and its’ huge history you can recognize what’s going on in the media….books, films, art, music, advertising, food …. it’s covered all of its’ earthly bases. Its reared its’ ugly head and is embraced by the masses. It sits upon your soul and becomes part of how you see yourself and your environment, a dangerous infestation. It can suck the joy of life out of all things. Become aware and stand firm…this is no joke……the occult awaits your arrival, it takes all comers under the guise of ‘you have nothing to lose’, come on down!

    • The ONLY thing Attempting to Alter “Humanity’s destiny” is the Luciferian/Satanist Vatican Jesuits and their Creation VERSION of Humanity (Man-KIND)…The one that wants to KEEP the planet Enslaved to the Slave Monetary System and their OBSOLETE Energies like OIL and Wired/Wireless connection systems.
      This is OBVIOUSLY exposed by their Renegade websites that LIE about EVERYTHING…Like “Rumormillnews”…Redefininggod…Millennium Report…2012,…Operation Disclosure…PrisonPlanet…InfoWars…NewNews, Etc.
      All designed to Attempt to Confuse Humanity from attaining OUR True Identity…All that WILL Change once the VATICAN and Their “Corporate Governments” are REMOVED!
      Female Melanin Energy is Returning to RESTORE Our Destiny.

      • OH, and I almost forgot to mention The Vatican operated “SECRET Space Program”, as one of the Luciferian/Satanist control Grids…Sorry!

    • After TSM’s bit on unicorns a few months ago, I figured this one was coming. They always do such good work.

      I have an aunt who, by a few measures, could still be living in the early 1900s given how little her life has evolved or even changed much in 50 years… it’s so strange. And she was flipping out about the Harry Potter books when they came out, which I thought was so weird. And this was during the Bushy 2 era with all the proselytizing that goes on in their politics (which now seems even more ridiculous knowing their alignment with the DNC cult…)

      Even now I hesitate to say she was right because everything is propaganda, especially organized religion. But also because there is a version of God-fearing Christianity that prefers we were living in log cabins reading scripture by candle light.

      The Dark Journalist’s X series is an interesting context for this entire discussion about controlled knowledge, enlightenment, the occult, faith, good and evil and where advancement of civilization falls on the spectrum.

    • Totally agree, this heady mix of imagery that’s everywhere is very troubling. I walked out of BlackKlansman because of the strobing images of ritual and mutilation at the end. But I guess the clue was in the title right? Reminds me of Mary Whitehouse in the 80s who objected to imagery of sex combined with violence, now it’s ritual combined with mutilation. Might be worth revisiting what that lady had to say. I remember she was totally ridiculed by the media at the time.

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