Fake News just got faker on January 8th, when an editor employed at Seattle’s FOXNEWS affiliate station, Q13 rolled-in a doctored video with boosted red color levels in order to make President Trump look extra orange and weird.

During his live announcement last Tuesday, while calling on Congress to rise above partisan politics, a visual effect that looks like Deepfake technology was keyed over the live image of Trump’s mouth. A spoofed video of his mouth blown up, slowly licking and unlicking his lips in a digital loop was superimposed over the live image.

This Deepfake would not have come to light and the Trump-hating Seattle market would continue to feel justified in hating him that much more, unless one viewer hadn’t filmed the broadcast with his iPhone and sent his video in to the Conservative radio show, MyNorthWest, who edited the two clips side-by-side and posted them to YouTube, seen here.

Almost 48 hours elapsed before an editor at Q13 was fired and as of this writing, no mainstream outlet with national reach has covered this story. This is in stark contrast to a video retweeted by Sarah Huckabee Sanders last November of Jim Acosta karate-chopping a White House intern’s arm while frivolously badgering the President and precipitating Sanders’ pulling his hard press pass.

Sanders’ post had been retweeted from Paul Joseph Watson, who’d used software that comes stock in most computers to slow down video of the altercation. He was falsely accused of doctoring the footage.

As Watson says, “The corporate press engaged in a week-long demonization campaign of Infowars by claiming that I had doctored a video of CNN reporter Jim Acosta having a physical confrontation with a White House staffer during Trump’s press conference back in November…No such doctoring took place. Despite this, the media vehemently asserted that the White House had shared a video manipulated with the intention of deceiving the American people.”

No retractions were ever issued on the claims against Watson and Acosta sued successfully to have his hard pass restored. It appears the limits of Deepfake technology is being tested, as the ruse has been revealed yet remains unreported.

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  • The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act has to be repealed. With that law in force, the MSM and the government can propagandize us with lies, distortions, and fake news.

  • Move along! Not much to see! Some small time newsperson at a local FOX station. I think of fake news as coming from the mainstream. Yes there are lots of Facebookers and Youtubers who put out disinformation, but I was expecting to see CNN doing fake news.

  • Gee Folks…Don’t You Remember that Trump is a FAKE too???
    Where is your sense of HUMOR???
    After all, He’s just playing his part of the “Swamp” he WAS saying he would Clean-up.

    • People following Democrats need to realise they are voting for DEEP STATE and end to freedom. The deep state is for total control of everyone, Deep state owns Media, Big Tech,Universities,all Democratic leaders.
      President Trump is changing all that and giving freedom back to the people,the deep state is trying to stop TRUMP because he is stopping their dirty tricks,Nadler and his ilk are desperate to stop William Barr because he will bring out the truth of what Democrats have been corrupting.
      Hillary Clinton wont accept she lost the 2016 election and has been determined to get Trump removed,Trump has stood up to all the nastiness,and he is a proven strong leader who wants the best for the people,
      Clinton has proved she is in it for gain for herself .the Deep State wanted her to win because they could control her,if she had won Soros would be running USA.

  • Hey, if this is what the left wants for ‘news’ have at it! It just shows that lies are acceptable…. ! The world that you choose at the end of the day will not only be yours personally but your childrens’ as well to inherit. Lies only get you so far until you hit a wall and have no one else to direct your anger & frustration onto….then what? You have to live with the choices you are making and the world that represents them. Pretty ugly if you ask me!

  • More BS everyday, it seems we have slander from the fools who want socialism. But some fools get caught at the wall of truth. And some don’t… At least that’s what I see. I think there are too many lawyers (lairs) in the world, and not enough truth tellers.


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