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• The Paul Pelosi bodycam footage has been released
• The ex-FBI agent involved in the Trump-Russia Probe has been arrested for being a Russian agent
• And a Pfizer executive has admitted that Pfizer is doing Gain of Function research

Everybody’s talking about Jordon Walker, the Pfizer Director of R&D Operations and Scientific Planning who was caught by Project Veritas on hidden camera, bragging about how Pfizer has been doing its own Gain of Function research, mutating viruses in order to make, quote “prophylactic” vaccines so they can keep milking the cash cow that is this bioterrorism campaign being waged by the state against its own citizens.

In the video, Dr Robert Malone reacts to the video and he rightly points out that this Pfizer executive is lacking in a moral compass but he’s also promoting this idea that “Big Bad Pfizer” has captured the “Poor Little US Government”. As we’ve been discussing for weeks here, this is a very short-sighted view of what’s actually going on and Dr Malone, of all people should know better.

What we really should be asking is: “Why has Dr Malone been inserted in this video?” This video is not about him. We are in the middle of an information war, with the manipulation of a lot of complex information. This Project Veritas video mainly serves to reinforce the supposedly unassailable assumption that viruses can actually be weaponized to cause global pandemics – which is the central lie of the entire COVID hoax. We need to stay frosty, Everyone!

On her Substack, Sasha Latypova says of Jordon Walker:

This guy is not intelligent. He is drunk, but he is also clearly average IQ. This is exactly the type that Pfizer has hired in droves in the past decade or so, while getting rid of intelligent, experienced people who knew how to design and develop drugs, because they asked too many inconvenient questions and would not be easily bamboozled into implementing mass murder under the moniker of “covid response”.

Of course this guy has no morals.

He is talking about “mutating virus” or “directed evolution” and describes it in the same way Peter Daszak and Ralph Baric do in their proposals to the NIH – same terms, same experimental designs and ideas, and this same script has been in existence for decades. Do you know how I know? I have a book on bio-chemical weapons published in 1970 in the Soviet Union, and I also have one published by the NIH in 2018. They repeat the same things and concepts. Pfizer guy probably got his script from BARDA/DARPA memos. BARDA funds 50% of the pharmaceutical R&D today. It is, however, a narrative. There is no way to “mutate viruses” in a lab in the way they all imply – to artificially make them deadlier and more transmissible at the same time. This is a propaganda fairytale with a very specific goal. You should be very concerned about any person (on “their” side or “ours”) who repeats it with a serious face.

She continues:

Another line straight from BARDA/DARPA – is about “predicting mutations” and “proactively developing vaccines”. Total nonsense. Pushed by psychopaths with PhD degrees onto terminally gullible public and politicians who nod and authorize trillions in funding for “pandemic preparedness”. Herein lies the main point. This is not just silly and scientifically incompetent babble. It is in fact very well thought through militarized propaganda narrative to drive the most important thing for the perpetrators of this global crime:

The perpetrators desperately, at all cost, need you to to believe that “mutating viruses in a lab” achieves some scary result, that then can be “leaked”. That anyone can do it, even a PhD student in their garage. That our enemies are doing it and will “release” a super scary bug any time now, unless the Government is “prepared” by making a stockpile of “predictive vaccines” that can be deployed in DAYS after a new scary virus is detected in China. Or Timbuktu.

Sasha predicts:

they are preparing to orchestrate the global panic by pretending that a scary mutated predictive evolutionary virus was indeed leaked from a lab (and didn’t jump from a bat in the market like last time). They already have all the video footage of people dropping dead in the streets and other promotional propaganda materials ready to go. They will announce it in some remote location, and the Johns Hopkins virus tracker will go in overdrive and all red all over the world. Then within days they will have the “life saving vaccine!” and proceed mandating, quarantining, injecting, etc. under complete panic, claiming all of their own kills on the scary mutated virus.


Sasha suspects that Project Veritas got played by the Defense agencies who “leaked” this “super secret” information and while Pfizer has now deleted all of the public-facing information about their erstwhile employee, Jordon Walker, others had already screen-shotted and archived his entire work history on the Wayback Machine and people like Brian O’Shea are looking into who is this Pfizer executive.

Brian O’Shea is a private intelligence and security consultant and he also happens to be Naomi Wolfe’s husband. What he and others have found is that Jordon Walker was in the middle of his residency to become a urology doctor when he was snatched up by the prestigious Boston Consulting Group, and cast (like an actor) into this role as an advanced marketer and research and development director, which require business degrees and specializations that he didn’t have. He also found that he took a mini course in Mandarin language just before the COVID announcement, which could be a big tell.

Legal expert Katherine Watt, who often collaborates with Sasha Latypova has this to say:

Don’t fall for the fear campaign psy-op and informational weapons being circulated by Project Veritas (probably as unwilling, unwitting participants who just want to get scoops) and spun up by other people whose words have the effect of directing public anger away from DOD/HHS/US Gov/WHO and toward expendable Big Pharma…

Pfizer’s leaders and Pfizer’s employees are mass murdering criminals, for sure, and they should be investigated, prosecuted, tried, convicted and punished along with their government co-conspirators.

But Pfizer as a brand is expendable. BioNTech is expendable. Moderna, Emergent Biosolutions, BioPort, EcoHealth Alliance…

All these front companies can be dissolved as many times as needed, and reconstituted under new corporate names as many times as needed.

The US military-public health system (DOD+HHS+DHS+DOJ+DOS…) — the infiltrated, semi-overthrown US Government — can’t be rebranded once the People understand the mass murder campaign that the imposter senior executive service (SES) officials are operating from within it.

The imposter Cabinet secretaries, President Biden/Obama/Harris, the globalist central bankers pulling the strings, and the mass media are all at a crossroads together.

They can:

  1. Keep the long con going — sacrificing Pfizer and other co-conspirators to the public appetite for justice if necessary — while gradually installing the one-world government systems through acts passed and funded by a Potemkin Congress and ratified by the silent immobility of Potemkin courts (vaxx passports, CBDCs, etc.)
  2. Accelerate the implosion of the US Government and invite the one-world government officials standing by at the United Nations, into Washington DC and the rest of the country, to form a permanent caretaker government for the American failed state.
  3. Submit to ejection by the legitimate US Government (the remnant of courageous, authentic, non-imposter, non-treasonous, non-seditious Congress members and federal judges); submit to prosecutions and trials; and then sit in prison watching the laborious reconstitution of legitimate sovereign government institutions from the wreckage.

They prefer Option 1.

They’ll attempt Option 2 if they feel pressured by circumstances.

They’re trying to avoid Option 3 at all costs.

Keep pushing.

Dr Andrew Huff, who was the Vice President of EcoHealth Alliance under Peter Daszak, the company contracted by Anthony Fauci to do the Gain-of-Function research to create COVID at the Wuhan Institute of Virology was just on with Seth Holehouse of Man in America and he had this to say.

There is clear evidence that is publicly available that Hunter Biden was leveraging privileged and possibly classified information, in order for the Biden Crime Family to profit off of the chaos that had been created in Ukraine by the Obama administration. In the wake of at least six different sets of stolen classified documents – which could literally mean thousands of documents – being found at several locations in Joe Biden’s homes and offices going back over 20 years, ‘Laptop from Hell’ author, Miranda Devine joined Tucker Carlson earlier this week to break down an email on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which indicate that Hunter was illegally leveraging privileged and possibly classified information, in order to enrich the Biden Crime Family.

The implications of this are staggering, as Mike Davis explains, here.

Meanwhile, Charles McGonigle, the former head of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division for New York City, which is the biggest counterintelligence operation that the FBI has and who was in charge of the phony RussiaGate investigation into Donald Trump was arrested this week for taking payments and doing favors for Russian Oligarch, Oleg Deripaska.

And here is your Moment of Zen.

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  • This was a knock out report! Nicely stitched together end to end! With some frosting on the cake via SFPD body cam. Thanks for the finesse!

  • I personally think that our government had something to do with the covid-19 outbreak in China that’s why the head researcher ended up dying the next day they were covering their tracks and I think they should be responsible for everybody who got covid or lost somebody from covid they should have a class action lawsuit against Pfizer and all the other companies that were involved they need to pay us because all it did was ruin our lives and that’s what they wanted we need to eliminate the world economic forum and we need to put a stopped to people and power abusing it to take advantage of the working class so they can get richer and the poor get poor and I think they did this covid stuff so they can eliminate all the sick people and weak people and then they don’t have to pay social security money that they don’t have just an idea but I think our federal bureau and CIA and even our president is corrupt CIA was behind JFK’s murder and the feds have been interfering with elections and withholding information to the people about their investigation into the bidens and they let them become the president of the United States that’s bullshit they should have put a stop to it and whoever let that happen needs to go to jail because they’re working on the enemies team also

  • Alexandra, I am a political/govt/science researcher with 25 yrs research under my belt. I have questions re: gain-of-function, also my husband is a virologist/immunologist with 55 yrs research under his belt. He worked in Public Health Dept of PA and with Nobel prize winning scientist and we have a couple questions:

    1) you say you have 2 sources, one from Soviet Union in 1970 and other source is govt agency, NIH IIRC. Do you consider both those sources to be reliable? Personally, having been to USSR in 1977 and having been there for a month while I was in hospital for emergency surgery, I wouldn’t believe anything coming coming from communists out of USSR in 1970, nor would I trust NIH but I’d like to get your thoughts on this.

    2) Can you explain why it’s impossible to create GOF viruses using science?
    I need more information on this before I know what to think.
    Thank you. E. Grogan

      • I’ve read Sasha’s column and she makes some very good points. I also note that she stops short of saying “it is impossible to make viruses more dangerous” as you have said. I don’t think that statement is quite accurate as it hasn’t been proven whether they can be or not. The deep state, when it comes to science, is not noted for getting things right. Alot of time they don’t seem to know what they’re doing. I do note they never seem to have been able to create a pandemic where tons of people have died but they do have ALOT of biolabs where gain of function is supposedly used. We’ve had numerous “epidemics” in the past that seem to have come to nothing, i.e. avian bird flu, swine flu and zika virus come to mind. It would appear they have not been able to create a more dangerous virus but in reality, how do we know it is impossible? We don’t, as there may well be a way to do so, but it just hasn’t been discovered yet. My husband, with his 55 yrs research, is unwilling to say “it is impossible to create more dangerous viruses” because it simply isn’t known. I’ve learned that scientists are very specific when they make statements because they need to be, as they need to consider all possibilities and probabilities. So, in order to be specific, and to not risk being misquoted, it is probably more precise to say that it hasn’t been done yet – to our knowledge. There are 47 biolabs in Ukraine where gain of function is supposedly happening, as well as a gain of function biolab in at least one university in almost every state in the U.S., as well as other GOF biolabs around the world. What they say they are doing and what they actually are doing is anyone’s guess. To date, we haven’t seen super viruses but that doesn’t mean we won’t. We can say that a highly dangerous pandemic most probably won’t be happening, as so far none of the deep state’s attempts have panned out yet. I realize this may sound like I’m being a pain-in-the-butt about a niggling detail but when talking about science, I’ve found it best to be precise so that misunderstandings and misquotes don’t happen as a result. I think we can all agree there is enough misinformation/disinformation out on the internet as it is. Having said all of this, I’m not trying to criticize you but to point something out you may not have thought about. I”ve followed you for years and respect your investigation abilities, I always read what you have to say and you have a wonderful ability to uncover hidden information. Thank you for this!!

        • Thank you. I did not say anything was “impossible”.

          Based on what Sasha had posted on her Substack, I wrote: “This Project Veritas video mainly serves to reinforce the supposedly unassailable assumption that viruses can actually be weaponized to cause global pandemics – which is the central lie of the entire COVID hoax.”

          I don’t think I misrepresented what she said. I was careful about what I wrote, because I am certainly not a virologist or a physician or a pharma executive, so I had to stay to true to what she wrote:

          “There is no way to ‘mutate viruses’ in a lab in the way they all imply – to artificially make them deadlier and more transmissible at the same time. This is a propaganda fairytale with a very specific goal. You should be very concerned about any person (on “their” side or “ours”) who repeats it with a serious face.”

          It’s pretty Earth-shattering, considering that the global economy has been collapsed, that our civil and constitutional rights have been violated, that billions of people have been injected with poison and that an estimated 450,000 Americans have already died as a result of the genocide jab.

    • Hi E+Grogan,
      Looks like you’re wanting information about GoF ?
      Gain of Function if I’m correct and something about ya wonder how the Science applies to it .
      Here’s a Link that might help ya figure it out

      Title: Why Are There 13,000 Scientists Working On An Illegal BioWeapons Program ?
      BioWeapons Program. Turning BioWeapons Into Vaccines Started Gaining Traction in 1982 , meaning Funding For it Increased Tremendously !!!

    • Virology is a fraud in its core.
      There has NOT been any single virus isolation properly done, and these guys stubbornly claim the existence of virus.
      So how will it be possible to create a virus that’s not even proven to exist?
      And why are the injections still called as “vaccines” when there’s no purpose for it (as there has not been virus proven to exist)?

  • Dear Alexandra, the government is the enemy? Was that the original intention for the people to vote for an oppression organization? With such protector, defending the citizens, we don’t need enemies and or terrorists to genocide us.

  • Brandon is President and CEO of the WHITE HOUSE OFFICE Inc…a VATICAN MUNICIPAL Corporation. You see, what you are mistaking for our lawful government is a foreign, privately owned, international, commercially registered, incorporated, legal entity, for-profit, governmental services business organization, that is bankrupt and insolvent (literally). This corporation is not government, but rather, just another commercial for-profit corporation; merely doing business as the WHITE HOUSE OFFICE Inc (previously UNTITED STATES Inc) – specifically in the business of providing governmental services for pay (Constitution = debt agreement)…a contractor with millions of employees, volunteers, dependents and franchisees. The best a corporation can do is create internal policies for its employees not promulgate Public Law. By the way, the word POLICE is derived from the word POLICY. The POLICE Departments are private security for the privately owned municipal corporations – Pinkertons. There are 185,000 municipal corporations operating in commerce and they all get their charter from and pay tribute to the VATICAN (April 15th). The VATICAN owns the copyright on the INCORP system…yep, let that sink in…I don’t know about you, but I don’t have an employment contract with any FEDERAL governmental services corporations so their company policies do not apply to me. I am an American not a U.S. Citizen…it would behoove you to know the difference. (contract = the word FEDERAL is a synonym for contract 1824 Merriam Webster – Federal Government means “contract government”)

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