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Owen Shroyer hosts The Alex Jones Show to call for Pfizer exec Jordon Trishton Walker to become an official whistleblower to save lives.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Has anyone been receiving calls from the CDC? I started getting calls from a caller ID labeled “CDC NATL IMMUN” @ 1-404-806-4812 (3 times in 2 weeks). They continue to call despite telling them that I am not interested in their survey questions.

  • Everybody who lost somebody or got infected we all need to fight for a class action lawsuit against Pfizer I ended up getting the vaccines by Pfizer and I keep feeling like I’m going to have a heart attack and ever since I got covid my lungs have been mucousy and I haven’t been able to breathe right I knew there was something going on with this crap and I know that our government was behind the release of that virus because of their gain of function research and them trying to slow China’s economy down and also eliminate all the weak people in the United States so they could create new room for all the illegal immigrants coming across the border that will work who don’t collect social security money that they don’t have

    • Chris Sky put a piece out claiming he was contacted by a family member of an 18 y/o woman who died from the “poisonous” jab, said that Moderna basically paid the family “relocation” money to keep their mouths shut.

  • You can’t be serious about getting that Pfizer Pfag to “Roll Over” on Pfizer. Can you imagine the credibility of that distraught Fireball on the Stand? I’m not sure that it would be exactly Legal having your “Star Witness” wearing restraints and dosed on Thorazine! I think that this guy is an “actor” hired to play a nefarious part, possibly to deflect attention from Pfizer’s actual “Dr. No” Bond villain Plan with a refugee from a Grinder date. Somebody’s setting somebody up.
    Be vewy, vewy careful or you might find yourself Dying Suddenly.

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