“I may be a little biased, as the Chief Investigator for RussiaGate for Devin Nunes back then, but let me just put this in terms: The head of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division for New York City, which is the biggest counterintelligence operation the FBI has in our country was in bed with the Russian government while McGonigal, who was Peter Strzok’s head of the CI part of the investigation for RussiaGate.

“These guys were setting up Donald Trump – ‘these guys’ being the government gangsters at the FBI – saying he is in bed with the Russians and the Russian assets and they have the FBI’s own payroll, being paid by Fusion GPS and the DNC tens of millions of dollars to launder false information and take it into the FISA Court and – you can’t make this stuff up – the lead counterintelligence agent is actually a Russian plot, who took a quarter million dollars to investigate Donald Trump.

“I mean, you cannot make this stuff up in spy novels. Putin is having a field day…

“It’s not just the Radical Left Wing media, partnered with the corrupt FBI, like Comey, McCabe, Strzok and company. It’s that they put on a false narrative about ‘Russian disinformation’ and Donald Trump but they, the FBI and the corrupt government gangsters were the ones in bed with the Russians, staging that false narrative.

“And you’re right. At the FBI, it’s not like the leadership structure is just one or two deep to run this sort of disinformation operation, we now know it goes to the head of the Counterintelligence Department at the New York field office in New York City. Where else does it go? Do you think he was the only one on the Russian payroll? Or the only one that wanted to take down Donald Trump? Of course not. We’ve taken down just Peter Strzok and his lover. Who else is left at the FBI?

“And now, you have Chris Wray, over in Davos the other day, saying the way to defend America’s national security is to get in bed with Big Tech. I mean, the FBI has a big problem with getting in bed with its own agents, causing harm to national security. Now, they want to pay Zuckerberg even more money? Maybe that guy should look inwards and clean up our law enforcement agency, because it has destroyed justice…

“The librarians at NARA are not the ones who instigated this investigation into the Biden corrupt family, regarding classified information. That’s not their job. Me, as a former federal prosecutor and Deputy Director of Intel knows that at the intersection of this case is classified documents and the law.

“You know what happened? The Feds were investigating Hunter Biden for two years and that laptop is full of criminal information and the one or two good cops left at the FBI on this investigation found out that Hunter was doing just what you said: stealing his dad’s stolen classified information and using it for pay-for-play schemes in at least, the Ukraine and probably, with the CCP.

“So, once we find the origination document at the FBI – it’s called and Electronic Communication – and the Subcommittee on Government Weaponization is going to have to get it through a subpoena – we’re going to find out this investigation and the Democratic Party and Hunter Biden and Joe Biden have been under the microscope by the FBI for classified document thefts for a year. Mark my words. It is going to happen. We need to get through this fake narrative of the ‘Librarians of the United States Government’, somehow detected this once-in-a-lifetime crime…

“People call me crazy for saying it’s treason. What if Donald Trump was accused of stealing classified information, selling it to Russia and giving his son, Don Jr a billion dollars? It’s not even a conversation the Mainstream Media would be having. They would be talking about the lifetimes of imprisonment those guys should be doing. So, the shoe is on the other foot and now this is perfectly appropriate here.

“What’s more important to me is not necessarily if it’s treason or not but it should be the removal of this Commander-in-Chief from office for this type of criminal behavior and the Department of Justice’s theme – and this is another one of my big problems – Merrick Garland comes out and says ‘We’re following the traditions and principles and prosecuting without fear or favor.’

“No! You are in fear and prosecuting for favor and the traditions and principles you are talking about, that I used to behold at DOJ when I was a federal prosecutor, those are the ones you have destroyed and allowed a two-tiered system of justice to come through. So, it’s not just Joe Biden we need to take down, we need to take down the FBI and DOJ leadership, because they are in on this coverup…

“This makes Watergate look like the Tea Cup ride at Disney World. We’re talking about the theft of government documents for 20 years – in six different locations that we know of, mishandled by dozens of people! Each one of those instances is a felony! I mean, this literally drowns Watergate.

“For me, as a former DOJ guy, people think I’m just having fun on the news, here – I’m saddened every day that this is what our FBI and DOJ have come to. And this is why crime is spiking across the country, because they’re focused on this, instead of child predators and murderers and bank robbers and drug dealers.”

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