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Investigative journalist, Leo Hohmann talks with Pete Santilli.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • If I don’t get censored or removed. 1st of all, these people are all shills for the Republican Party. They’re all bald faced liars. The gasoline inflation and long lines came under Tricky Dick Nixon, in 1974, and Nixon stepped down on August 9th, 1974. And then his V.P., Gerald Ford, took over until Peanut Jimmy Carter, was selected and took office in January, 1978. Ok ? But the dollar had already collapsed by then. And they were all controlled by the Rockefeller’s. 2nd, no matter what the shills Mike Adams and Alex Jones and all of the rest on TV and the Internet claim, our dollar started falling immediately after the Jewish Bankers, Rockefeller, Rothschild, JP Morgan, created the Federal Reserve in 1913. And it has continually declined ever since. And the serious problems started during WWII. Before the war ended, in 1944, they built the Breckinridge Hotel in Connecticut, and brought in all of the world’s Presidents, PM’s, and economic people and started the International Monetary Fund, where all countries had to put up 1/4 of their gold reserves to use to start the International Monetary Fund and support the American Dollar, whereby all other nations got screwed because they had to exchange their respective monies to Dollars in order to buy and sell worldwide. And we promised them all, that anytime they wanted they could buy back their gold. Only two nations balked and bitched. DeGaul, of France, and Suharto, of Indonesia. But America wouldn’t budge and squashed them. That’s when DeGaul, kicked us out of France, and we had him destroyed. By 1971, our dollar had fallen so far down, it was only worth about a quarter of it’s previous value. Gold jumped 4 times it’s value. We were desperately looking for a solution. That’s when Kissinger, went to Saudi Arabia, and created the Petro Dollar. And then we started screwing the rest of the world even more. Then other nations wanted their gold back and Tricky Dick Nixon, told us on TV, that in order to stop the offshore flight of OUR gold, he would be taking us off the gold standard, gold reserve. So you see, it really doesn’t matter what color, Red or Blue, all Presidents are in on this but you and me. Well, you anyways. They are all the same puppets controlled by the Jewish Banksters. So shut the f… up about the dems. It’s both sides. You dig? Or do you need more lessons? Capt Joe Kelley.

  • Pete lost me when he said he just recouped from COVID. Do NOT tell me you’re awake and still believe that your cold or flu is COVID. There are no clean lines anymore between sleepers and truthers who are awake. In fact, greater is this era of deception than what we’re calling the great awakening.

  • I respect this man, Leo Hohmann, but the answer is part of the solution. Call it what it is. Call it a bioweapon aimed at humanity. Everyone needs to call it what it is. BIOWEAPON. Game over. Using their lingo is to lose. Wake up a little more, faster people

    • Exactly! Just as Dr. David Martin succinctly said, “As soon as you call it a vaccine, you’ve lost the argument.” Language is powerful. Liberals understand this. It’s their tool for manipulation. The most recent example is coming out of Pfizer changing what’s been called “Gain of Function” to “Directed Evolution” — same rat race, just different rats.

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