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Catherine Austin Fitts joins Greg Hunter to discuss her latest issue of the Solari Report: ‘Biotech on Your Plate: The Next Chapter in Big Money’s Battle to End Food Sovereignty’.

Catherine says, “Finance your local farmer or buy a farm or grow your own food or do something – but you’ve got to find a very serious way of making sure that you and your family have fresh, healthy food…We don’t think people realize how much venture capital and how much money – government money – is pouring in to making synthetic food, to making, particularly lab-grown meat and this stuff is so creepy and frightening…

“I’m a great believer in unless we finance them and make them profitable, they won’t be there to feed us. And I’m always telling people, ‘Invest in your local farming capacity in your local fresh food capacity, not because you want to make money, but because you don’t want to eat insects. You don’t want to eat lab-grown meat.

“This is one of the most frightening reports we’ve ever written and we don’t like to scare people, but this was one of the few times where we said, ‘OK, you need to see the amount of money that’s creating the capacity to feed you things that in a million years, you would never want to eat – and it’s serious. They are seriously trying to build complete control of the food system, including delivering you food out of the manufacturing plant, not out of a farm.”

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  • Well I am buying a farm, and setting up a glass house because of the geoengineered weather!
    Jesus will be returning soon….as all this is totally evil. Killing people in Hawaii so they can grab their land is totally evil.

  • Well, where are the Brave Warriors of this world,??? WHY haven’t these psychotics been Liquidated by Now???
    I mean, seriously… The psych elite are a tiny aspect of humanity .. Where is the proper leadership, military?

  • The best way to reset is to default on the 33 trillion fiat money. Voila, instant balanced budget. Another way is reduce the Federal government spending? We don’t need huge military, CIA, bureaucracy, …. Let the treasury department print our currencies as needed and pay no interest on the newly printed moneys.
    Copy similar measures in the state and local levels.

    Vivek Ramaswami has a great agenda similar to my suggestions.

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