This is a fun piece about the QAnon phenomenon – but don’t get me wrong. Recent events have led me to take the Black Pill.

Mike Flynn is now looking at 6 months in prison for no good reason and everything else coming out of the Department of Justice, from Julian Assange’s extradition to James Comey’s virtual exoneration do indicate that the Grand Poobah of the DOJ, William Barr is the mother of all swamp rats.

I’ll be ecstatic to be proven wrong.

For whatever it’s worth, the latest Q drop on Wednesday was, “The Castle is Clean” with a photo of the President and two Marine guards. Q pundits are taking this to mean that “all leakers and traitors have been located and removed. Patriots are completely in control. @Potus surrounded by US Marines and Spec Forces guys he trusts.”

Lullabies help us navigate the traumas of life – but it might be time to grow up.

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  • I actually believe that Q is a psyop, poorly performed by somebody(s) with very good White House access, poor knowledge about how things get done in DC, long on predictions and short on accuracy, very thin skin but superior access to top secret information. Donald Trump, are you Q?

  • I’m going to say you’re wrong on this one. I think everything is coming out in drips which will soon lead to a flood. BUT, if you are right, and Barr is a swamp rat, then BULL DURHAM will be one giant can of WHOOP-ASS!!

  • I am still not on board with the Q. The Deep State/Shadow Government has been around for over a hundred years…Woodrow Wilson/Teddy Roosevelt and as we see here JFK has talked about this shadow government.
    If Q is as legit as Q says Q is, why is Q not supporting Wiki-Leaks/Julian Assange? It is because of Wiki-Leaks/Assange we know about Clinton/Podesta’s involvement in human trafficking and pedophilia and the war crimes committed by the American military.
    I believe Q is nothing more than a psyop perpetrated by Trump people, these people are clever and greedy. Politics has always been about the acquisition of power…a battle between the oligarchs. Television has no credibility; these people sold their souls long ago. Don’t waste your time! Television is propaganda and subliminal messaging…don’t kid yourself about the power of television…stay away! Read the proper books, read more Wiki-Leaks…You will find no truth in Q or the idiot box!

    • There have been many Q proofs, with Q posting, and Trump tweeting nearly same time. the only other explanation I can think of is that Trump is just the other side of a deep state coin. If I had to vote for one of 2 deep states, I’ll take Trump’s any day. He is the first President to make a speech at the Pro-Life rally today in DC! It was epic. After all , what is the point of any other government program if there are no people.!

  • It seems that Rudy Giuliani would have been a better choice then Barr.
    At least so far, he has brought more out than Wm. Barr.


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