George Webb began posting on YouTube in mid-2016, investigating the protracted disappearance of Clinton Foundation President, Eric Braverman.

Back in 2016, Webb was a “Bernie Bro” but over the course of the past 3 years, his motivation has shifted to stop the illegal coup d’état against the President, bringing his skills in Big Data and experience with the Intelligence Community.

Webb sometimes uses elliptical language to throw off the algorithms but there are times, every once in a while when he delivers a  report of mind-shattering granularity and gravitas. This post is one of them.

Webb livestreamed this blockbuster podcast from Western Florida, where he’s researching CENTCOM, the Central Command of the United States military, located at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida and also the home of Special Operations Command or SOCOM.

He’s there trying to get as much information as he can on the Afghan-Pakistan Center of Excellence (AfPak COE), which was established in 2009.

The first Director of the Afghanistan-Pakistan Center of Excellence at CENTCOM was Derek Harvey, who was selected by General David Petraeus in 2009 to lead the new organization. Webb says Derek Harvey is the handler and recruiter of Lev Parnas, the star witness of Adam Schiff’s impeachment and that Parnas was trained at the AfPak COE.

Originally established as a counterterrorism center, the AfPak COE became a key recruiter of Defense Intelligence Agency informants who were used politically. This includes Henry Oknyansky, the person who lured Roger stone with Hillary Clinton’s alleged “hacked” emails and Hina Alvi, the main contact for encrypted communications for former DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Webb says the encrypted communications established for the AfPak COE on the BlackBerry platform were repurposed and diverted for a spy ring in Congress.

He says, “When they went off to training from here, in Tampa over to Fort Huachuca [in Arizona], when they did their initial training to be DIA informants, that’s where they left these telltale IP addresses.

“We know that Lev Parnas…shares not only one set of IP numbers with Derek Harvey and one set of IP numbers with Peter Strzok, the key architect of the takedown of Trump, the takedown of Crossfire Hurricane, the CIA takedown before that, the transition attempt to take down Mike Flynn, the attempt to take down with the OCONUS Lures after that, the attempt to take down with the Mueller plan; again and again and again – all these lures by Peter Strzok.

“We have the key star witness for Adam Schiff, Lev Parnas sharing IP numbers at Fort Huachuca with Peter Strzok. We know Peter Strzok was a key communicator with all of these people, [like Henry] Oknyansky [aka Hank Greenberg]…we know Peter Strzok was communicating with him through Fort Huachuca, which is a military 111 branch.

“Fort Belvoir [in Virginia] is the headquarters of the Intelligence Command for all the Armed Forces and then the key training branch and development branch is in Fort Huachuca in Arizona for military 111…that’s where “AfPak 111” comes from – maybe that’s why there’s 111 pages in the impeachment document.

“This is yet another one in the series of these AfPak Center of Excellence informants being used to try to take down Trump, OK, so that gives you the background.

“Remember, the IP addresses…this is evidence for the impeachment; that we have Lev Parnas with not only one set of IP addresses in Fort Huachuca but also at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama also, at NASA-Huntsville and potentially, we’re checking it out, NASA-Cape Canaveral.

“These are places to go for missile launches and missile sites. So, we think very much that [Lev Parnas] was the go-between to Iran and Soleimani, through Russia; for missile sales for Russia.

“We’re not going to deal with that today – we’re talking just about the impeachment – just about using encrypted communications; diverting encrypted communications that were intended for stopping people like Osama bin Laden and turning them on presidential candidates, the President-Elect…the President and now the impeachment.

“That same technology – that’s the key, here that’s what we’re showing, that’s the evidence trail that we have for you. So, Parnas shares three sets of IP addresses with Peter Strzok. We also have Oknyansky, the person who offers Roger Stone Hillary emails at Fort Huachuca, we also have Hina Alvi, the key sidekick to Imran Awan, who is the key IT person in the Congress over a 16-year period….we have [Alvi’s] IP addresses…

“This encrypted Blackberry traffic didn’t travel through a VPN, it traveled through public routers…the payload of the packet is encrypted but the reason why we know where the ‘To’ and the ‘From’ is, there’s no way a router can make routing decisions about how to forward the packets unless it has the ‘To’ and the ‘From’. That’s how we got this information.

“So, the source of my ‘To’ and the ‘From’ information just sent me another connection here and so the the data is definitely coming in. This is not speculation, this is hardcore IP addresses and communications packets and proof. This is not speculation…

“I discovered a key witness named André Taggert [who rented a house from Imran Awan], whose wife was a Navy cryptologist…We have Taggart’s testimony that this set of Blackberrys existed…Imran Awan stashed Government Blackberrys with Government markings at [Taggert’s] house…

“We know [Imran Awan] kept using the email, the ‘123 Dropbox’ email [address], which I think effectuated the ‘123 agreement’, basically the covert ‘123 agreement’ with Iran.

“We’ll get to that later but we’re not guessing, here. We have a fact witness that puts those Blackberrys – again, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s and Nancy Pelosi’s Blackberrys in Imran Awan’s house – *after* he’s been banned from the [House] network. No question about this. This is fact.”

Webb describes being contacted by a Biden whistleblower who did IT work on Biden’s staff at the Senate and who describes himself as a “30-year friend” of Joe Biden’s. They met over dinner and he drank too much and accidentally left his Blackberry with him, which Webb returned the following day.

This Biden whistleblower configured encrypted Blackberrys for Biden and his staff. “Now, the key linkage point here is with Hunter Biden and why Hunter Biden is a fact witness, because if you remember correctly, when Hunter Biden and [former CIA official]…Cofer Black later go to work for the board of Burisma, Hunter Biden becomes the oldest ensign in the United States Navy.

“At the age of 42, [Hunter] gets commissioned as a Naval Officer. Why? because he’s not allowed to carry an encrypted Blackberry with military-grade communications without that being against the law with the NSA. He’s given this encrypted Blackberry, because it brings him into an enclave; a secure enclave that only is classified.

“He’s given a blackberry [that] maps to Joe Biden. It maps to [the Stratcom Communications Center at Fort Belvoir], a guy named Gonter who is also a Navy cryptologist. Again, you have Navy cryptologists configure your Blackberrys because you’re configuring for a classified program…There is no doubt in my mind, the reason why they made Hunter Biden an Ensign in the Navy in 2014 at the age of 42, which is unheard-of – normally, no one ever over 40 years old – is because they’re giving him encrypted communications…

“If they used these same encrypted Blackberrys to do the Iran nuclear deal – and part of that nuclear deal was missiles, this becomes very important. If their ‘123’ Dropbox, which Imran used terabytes to Pakistan was part of a recipes-for-missiles or specialty metals that went to make missiles, it’s very important that we run this down.

“This is not just about the impeachment it has a bigger implication than that…these Blackberrys, which I very strongly believe were a part of negotiating that deal…

“If somebody is using encrypted communications, the NSA cannot see…the NSA is blind to that traffic. That means you could negotiate Iran nuclear deal outside of the US Senate. The US Senate is supposed to do all treaties, right? It means that you could affect an agreement outside of the law.

“Eagle Treaty, right? Remember, in 2014 the CIA spied on the Senate for exactly that reason, because they couldn’t get the votes to pass it?

“So, not only do we have probable cause, we have predicate. We have predicate that the CIA spied before. Why wouldn’t they spy again? And why wouldn’t they use nefarious purposes – which is what the House Inspector General said the Awans were doing – why wouldn’t they use nefarious purposes to get around the Senate hurdle?

“There is no deliberative body…in the words of our great…Chief Justice John Roberts, that wouldn’t want to deliberate about its own proceedings, that should have taken place for the Iran nuclear deal – and we have smoking-gun evidence that Adam Schiff has brought to the US Senate, saying Hunter Biden was probably the key go-between for those discussions.

“Again, we don’t have all the dots connected. We have the dots connected up to Hina Alvi being military-grade encryption, military-grade training and military intelligence; Lev Parnas, their key star witness: military-grade training, military-grade recruiting with [Colonel] Derek Harvey…

“We have the same indications with Oknyansky, another person was used for as a lure, OCONUS lure,  an “Out of Continental United States” lure, is the technical term that’s used.

“We have Peter Strzok talking about the use of the term ‘OCONUS lures’,  we have Lisa Page in the conspiracy talking about ‘OCONUS lures’. These are all OCONUS lures, Folks! They’re not all Butinas, some of them are Mogilevich crime gang members and had been a part at Brighton Beach crime gang for over three decades.

“Isn’t it a little bit odd that Rudy Giuliani would pick out two Mogilevich longtime crime hoods from Brighton Beach, Long Island, when he worked breaking five crime families, 30 years ago in New York? Why would he go pick out the crime gangs? Why? Because that was his linkage to talking to the person who put together weapons deals. Because these guys – before they were used by Peter Strzok to take down Trump – did weapons deals.

“Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen and Iran. The Iran deal, itself – it’s the same group.

“And who was the key person that they took Rudy to go see? Why are Fruman and Parnas even involved in this whole situation as the star witness? Who did they take Rudy to go see? Not just Zelensky not just a phone call for Zelensky – they took him to see Kolomoyskyi, their crime boss and they knew Kolomoyskyi didn’t just live in a mansion in Kiev. They knew Kolomoyskyi wasn’t just sitting by the the intake money-laundering machine in Geneva and HSBC Private Bank, they knew Kolomoyskyi didn’t just have a villa in Geneva over by HSBC Private Bank.

“Where did they take Kolomoyskyi? Where do they take Giuliani to go see Kolomoyskyi? They took him to Tel Aviv. We were the first channel to tell you Kolomoyskyi, the key weapons broker for those five big takedowns, right? We were the ones who told you that Kolomoyskyi was actually in Kiev.

“He actually brokered some of his artwork through the Braverman Art Gallery, there but that’s – we’re gonna get to that later – and maybe Abe Braverman might have helped us out a little bit. We don’t know. Kolomoyskiyi might want to check that but anyway – you didn’t hear that…

“They used encrypted communications for Libya. They used encrypted communications for the weapons-dealing; to move the weapons after Libya to Syria. They moved the weapons after that to Sudan and they moved the weapons after that to Yemen. And they paid for it all with the Iran nuclear deal.

Half of the deal – at least half – was weapons and some of those some of those weapons were missiles. That’s why I believe Lev Parnas…his IP address is also mapped to Redstone Arsenal and NASA-Huntsville and potentially NASA-Canaveral.

“We believe now…basically, these private CENTCOM Blackberrys, the private network began in 2002. The Iran nuclear deal and missile placement was actually done before the Iraq war. Soleimani actually helped in the invasion 🤯; the initial barrage of the Eastern targets by pre-positioning and purchasing Russian missiles on the border of Iran in the initial wave.

“That’s why we needed a broker to go between Russia to buy old missiles. Some of them needed to be reconditioned for the initial wave attack on Iraq, going all the way back to 2002. All of these takedowns since 2002, when these when this private network of Blackberrys was put together by P-Tech, which is Jack Lew and Denis McDonough’s little private network to effect all this.

“Denis McDonough worked across the aisle – this is a time when people do work across the aisle! Denis McDonough put together a coalition, if you remember for the “weapons of mass destruction” reason of going into Iraq and that didn’t go to even a vote until it was all said and done, basically in committee.

“Denis McDonough was the key operative on the Left side of the aisle, with Peter Strzok to make Iraq happen and the key benefactor was Peter Strzok and his dad in the deal with [ODE?] who had a company called Middle East Trading and and you all know the Iraq reconstruction story.

“But even today – just an hour ago, Adam Schiff says part of the package to get to Ukraine in this supposed deal that was held up by President Trump was radar and night-vision goggles. Night-vision goggles sold by Excelis night-vision goggles, which over a year and a half ago, we told you about the Strzok relatives that had…an illegal position selling Excelis night-vision goggles!

“Oh! And guess what? Also Oshkosh SuperHumvees were in the proposal. Do you think a few Cruz and Associates missiles were in the missile package, as well? This is going to be one of the biggest repackages of technology and exfiltration of technology in our country’s history…

“We said from the beginning, their downfall would be metadata…

“Hunter Biden is a fact witness. Hunter Biden is a material witness. Hunter Biden used the illegal encrypted communications. That’s why they made him an Ensign in 2014 when he went over to Burisma, laundered Kolomoyskiyi company, laundered the money from Libya and Syria.

“The conflict energy that was stolen from Bolivia and Syria – and probably also Sudan – but I’m just gonna say Libya and Syria – and we said it from the first day – and who else did we say was the kingpin behind all this?

“Kissinger and Petraeus (KKR)…established the AfPak Center, right over here, at MacDill Air Force Base, that Colonel Harvey, Derek Harvey, who’s the handler of Lev Parnas, guess who established that? You guessed it – David Petraeus.

“We were right three years ago and we’re right as rain today. Thanks, everybody.”

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  • Even if all of it is true, the most efficient way to move volumes of weapons is to create a new enemy, agree in advance to the terms of war engagement with that “enemy”, lob a decade of war quagmire at them, moslty hitting soft targets, and keep the weapons sales flowing. Beautiful schema!

    Agent Tim Ossman = Osama bin Laden; created al queda
    Obama’s “JV Team = ISIS, made in America and trained in Saudi.

    All fare in love and war.

    How much does it cost, I’ll buy it;
    The time is all we lost, I’ll try it,
    They can’t even run their lives
    I’ll be damned if they’ll run mine
    When he says in love and war all is fare
    He’s got cards he isn’t showin

  • Great detective work George!! I really hope the sleepy Republicans will wake up to the opportunity to actually follow the leads here and get some of the arms traders. Hope and pray there are ears to hear!

    • Kapoore—come on man! The Republican side of the UniParty are the guys who “conservatively” support corporations, industry, military while wrapping themselves in the flag. They’re on the take all the time, members of the Insider’s Club in DC to make their fortune. The Swampers are all invested in eternal war and arms sales.


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