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    ReasonTV attends the Psychedelics Science Conference in Oakland, California, which features medical researchers studying the therapeutic uses for psychedelic compounds, such as LSD, mushrooms, and ecstasy (MDMA), which are today getting more attention than they have in several decades, due to reforms at the Food and Drug Administration that allow researchers to study the effects of these drugs. Reason speaks with researchers about the past, present and future of this controversial yet promising area of medical research.

    The studies range widely in scope. One recent study found that MDMA-assisted therapy could help veterans suffering from PTSD. Johns Hopkins University published a paper which presented evidence that the mental suffering of terminal cancer patients could be eased with talk therapy while under the influence of psilocybin mushrooms.

    The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is the organizer of this event and it also provides funding much of this research.

    “It’s a fundamental right to explore one’s own consciousness,” says MAPS founder Rick Doblin. “We have the freedom of the press, the freedom of assembly, and the freedom of religion, and all those are based on the freedom of thought.”


    Produced by Zach Weissmueller.

    Shot by Alex Manning and Weissmueller.

    Music by Kai Engel, Selva de Mar, and Lee Rosevere.

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    • I could show an example of how a spiritual appraoch could be of help for any problem.
      Moreover, I do not know whether it is here the right place for it.

    • When you think about what the FDA approves to be used on people, with all the altered data, why not psychedelics? Then the pharmaceutical drug company’s could make it , oh wait, they don’t own the patent, so they will fight against it. This world is full of Bullsh*t. If it’s good for people, and a cure, there is no profit in it in the long run, so, it’s a no go situation.

    • I prefer a spirtiual de-hypnosis based on feeling/tninking and not of sensing/thinking.
      Sensing/thinking is visible light oriented, where hypnosis is possible.

      There is a possibility to colllect inside all the light images of emotional pains, where the past becomes de-hypnotized.
      For collecting all these energies inside the stem brain is needed, where a hormonal impact of vasopressin supports the process of self healing.

      When these light images of human time are collected inside, the human past-time disappears and the universal time of being in heaven of feelings comes closer.

      A scientific appraoch as observer is not enough.
      A new scientific approach of perceiving is needed also.

    • Also consider the benefits of hypnosis to treat these same issues being addressed in the video without drugs:

      I respect the drug research, especially the John Hopkins work which I am familiar with going back several years. It’s just that we seem to just want to provide a non-holistic jump direct to big pharma answer to pop a pill for everything, when the body has many ways of healing itself. These many ways of self healing are quite accessible through hypnosis and more serious attention should be allocated to it first, before pushing more pills. An integrated scientific approach comparing and contrasting all healing modalities is needed.

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