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    The crew at Infomatic Films, creators of “Meet Your Strawman” has done it again, in this comedy activism piece about the pernicious deployment of SmartMeters.

    SmartMeters connect to a highly-hackable SmartGrid, which, in turn is to be part of the Global Information Grid (GIG), as well as the Internet of Things (IOT), soon to be boosted, when the 5G network comes online.

    I’m happy to say that I’ve physically moved away from the horrid SmartGrid places of the world (California and Florida), back to a staunchly unionized place, where the local populace years ago shut down the construction of a nuclear power plant (only to pay extra on their electricity bills for the next decades) and who regularly block the construction of new cellphone towers – hence, some of the worst cellphone reception America has to offer, within an oddly rural pocket within the biggest megalopolis of the US.

    I swear, there are no swear words in this informative humor piece!


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