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    This is a wildly fascinating interview!

    Las Vegas resident, 5-times married Diamond Dee has a wild, over-the-top life history of extreme sexual addiction, which destroyed his family relationships. Part 1 of this interview is frankly too disturbing for most viewers of this channel and may it may actually violate the Terms of Service of my mass emailing company. This interview is a follow-up to the first one, three years later. It doesn’t get into nearly as many of the gory details but Dee’s disarming honesty and his love of God and his profound Christian faith are nothing short of amazing, coming from a guy who looks like him!

    After exhausting himself with every possible heterosexual experience as a man and wanting still more variety (he was not interested in sex with other men), Dee became determined to get a sex change, in order to experience sex as a female lesbian (!)

    He proceeded to lie successfully to the doctors about having Gender Dysphoria and he received complete gender reassignment surgery and is now a transgender female. He is obviously not the typical transgender female, because he never really thought that he was “truly female inside” and the surgery was just a ruse to fuel his powerful sex addiction.

    The unexpected result of the surgery was a complete loss of libido, which ironically delivered him from a lifetime of self-destructive compulsions.

    Dee now misses being a man and he’s had his breast implants removed and has stopped taking estrogen but at this point, to pay to have all of his paperwork switched back to that of a man is too expensive and as far as he’s concerned, they’re just pieces of paper. “My relationship with the Lord, that’s all that matters. He knows who I am, I know who He is and it’s great.”

    Dee ministers for the XXX Church to share the Gospel to the LGBTQ community, preaching that, “God loves you, He hates the sin.” He warns people away from considering gender reassignment surgery or to think very carefully about it, because they might not want to end up like him, although he does believe that his foibles were all part of God’s plan, that he is saved and he is now able to serve God by helping others struggling with similar issues.

    When asked how his community has responded to his switching back and forth between genders, because he hurt the transgender community by living a lie but he says he’s found the perfect church in the Fusion Community in Henderson, Nevada, where he says, “They tell me, ‘We don’t care how you come dressed, we love you no matter what,’ and that, right there is the secret, the key to all Christ followers: ‘We love you, no matter how you are looking’…This is a true Christ follower, who would do that…

    “If you really want to live for the Lord, then you’re going to have a blessed life. But until you get rid of all the baggage, I don’t care what it is; you try to keep a few things over here…then, no…You have to listen straight to God and if you can do that, then you’ll get it. And once you get it, you’ve got it. He fixed me up, so he can fix you, too – but you’ve got to let Him…if you don’t let Him, then it’s not going to happen.”

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    • D. DEE, thank you for your honesty! 10:47 Is true. Repentence is key! God will work all things together for our good. Dee has realized his mistakes and this is showing he is overcoming his previous regrets and mistakes. We overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony! I see his genuine love for God in 12:59. This is truly a person who has come full circle from darkness to light! Rejoicing for you DEE!

    • Poor, confused human being. He got rid of his sex addiction with the transgender change and he doesn’t know how that happened but if it took chopping off his member then it’s good? Very confused and so sad to watch him. He’s working it out, apparently, trying to lead a moral life and be a good person. Nevertheless, he reminds me of why religions and churches are so important for some. It puts the world in perspective, a thing they can’t do on their own. Otherwise, those same God fearing people would be on the rooftop with Uzies mowing down the rest of us because they resent their life, are full of shame and generally have a victim’s mentality.

      • Their is much confusion over sexuality by bodily gender. Besides this there is also a spiritual sexuality, where a spiritual oneness can appear. This I expereinced as being in heaven on earth in 1980. Here my inner maleness and inner femaleness merged into spiritual oneness.

    • Confusion! This gentleman is a walking, talking billboard of and for confusion. The Jesus he advertises is not the same Jesus OF RECORD. I don’t know the intentions of his heart, but what he “does” exposes the delusion he is living. Claiming someone’s love without corresponding respect for the lover is characteristic of a user. A self respecting person would hardly damage themselves to the extent this gentleman has and instead of repenting of his “obsessions”, he imagines another Jesus while advertising the shame of his confusion.

      Wittingly or unwittingly he is using the name of Jesus to justify his obsessions. It’s not real, it’s delusional and he is an embarrassment.

      Actually he is providing a clear extreme example of a make believe Jesus. There are many more make believe Jesus’ in the market place. Many and many are deceived thereby!

      I blame the church institutions for the conditions which would not have taken so many captive had they been teaching systematic theology and history instead of a loosey-goosey, touchy feely Jesus who is not real. I’m of the opinion that people enter into the kingdom of God in spite of the church doctors, not because of them.

      There are other forces at work here and I’ll go no further than to warn that this man’s Jesus is not the Jesus of record.

      • Jon,

        it would be great that anyone should describe of what kind of being Jesus was/is.
        I guess, there would be many different descriptions.

        My description:
        Jesus was a man, who was able to receive emotional pains and to heal the pains of other human beings. He showed that it is possible to transform emotional illness into feelings of love.
        For this ability he became punished………..

        I know now, that this is possible for any human being, even when it will take much time and much reincarnations.
        I wrote many words over these possibilities………where a consciousness of health appears instead of a consciousness of suffer.

        • All due respect to you Aham, this description of Jesus traces to Christian child psychologist Dr James Dobson whose work in the field of psychology is remarkable, but his theology is wanting.

          Mental and physical health are byproducts of Christ’s remedial ministry for giving life and life eternal to whosoever obeys his commandments of the gospels. It’s not religious smorgasbord, it’s a covenantal relationship with conditions – I will if you will. It’s called conversion – not everything you see with your eyes is real. There are many false conversions, because they either don’t know or want to obey the prescribed instructions.

          It’s natural to try to find another easier way into the kingdom. I could not find comfort there and the hound of heaven was hot on my trail.

          All are welcome to enter into the kingdom of God on condition…… That condition is that I or anyone surrender my throne to the King and become a citizen of the commonwealth of Israel-spiritual, subject to his rules for lawful conduct which in turn produces peace and well being.

          However common sense tells us there are limits which none of us understands, that some wildly attempt to enlarge by unauthorized means. To pick a foolish example, I’ve never seen anyone grow a new limb to replace the missing limb.

          I’ve experienced instantanious miracles, but most healing takes time due to growth, having my mind and heart planted in the life giving soil of the scriptures.

          Certainly life is not kind to anyone. We all are damaged goods. Christ gives us hope of healing, deliverance and welcoming into the inner sanctum of holiness (wholeness before our Maker) if we are willing to let go of the snakes that are poisoning us.

          It does not appear to me that the obsessive gentleman in this clip has been willing to let go and let God.

          • I think you might need to watch Part 1 to understand how wretched his life was and then by dint of a botched surgery, he was totally enabled to give it all up:

            He even says here in Part 2, that you can’t expect to hang onto your deviations from righteousness and “get away with it”. There’s no getting “away” from anything!

            He says, quote: “If you really want to live for the Lord, then you’re going to have a blessed life. But until you get rid of all the baggage, I don’t care what it is; you try to keep a few things over here…then, no…You have to listen straight to God – and if you can do that, then you’ll get it. And once you get it, you’ve got it.

            “He fixed me up, so he can fix you, too – but you’ve got to let Him…if you don’t let Him, then it’s not going to happen.”

            To me that’s as succinct of a teaching of Christianity as any you’re going to get anywhere. The “rub” (no pun intended) is whether or not the self-described Christian will faithfully cleave to “the way”. This is as pertinent a question for any self-professed Christian, as far as I know.

            I was raised an Atheist but then having experienced too much precognition, telepathy and related phenomena, in addition to 30+ UFO sightings and ghosts plus a gelatinous or ectoplasmic amoebic sky being, etc., etc., etc., it became untenable for me, early on say, around 14, to remain a Scientistic materialist. I couldn’t because I could hear everybody’s thoughts and it disgusted me, so I turned it off.

            I’m currently opening up to the message of Christ for the first time. Expressions of hate and condemnation against Diamond Dee, in the face of his testimony is not Christian, imho – or certainly not the brand of Christianity, where I could have integrity in its practice.

            • If you think I’m condemning or hating him then you are reading something into my words that is not there, and perhaps I am reading something into this clip so I will take your suggestion to view an earlier clip.

          • Jon,

            I know two kinds of snakes, where they are named kundalini.
            The one in the spin, rasing from the bottom to the top.
            The one inside the center of being, raising from the earth chakra, passing the “hollow” body and finding universal “heaven”.
            This heaven is not of visible light, moreover of feeling light.
            These snakes happen by self-healing, activated by the spirit of oneness.

          • I am not theological inspired.
            I am a spiritual being, where I perceive a spirituality of wholeness, oneness and not of holyness.

            This spirit is at home INSIDE any human being, where he is himself by oneness. Self-experiences ever since 1980.
            Instead of a belief, I perceive truth by feeling.

            For me is any belief sensing and thinking.

            Jesus is still for me an example, however I do not want to become crucified.

            • Interesting conversation, guys and civil. Love that. Although I’m not on board with some of the POVs, I enjoyed it. Thanks for posting.

    • For Diamond Dee – Jesus loves you because you’re starting to love yourself and hence are now a light, giving out the love and light you have for yourself to others in need. You’re a beautiful person.
      It’s so easy to see. It’s flowing through your eyes and your heart.

      • Of course, I posted this because I knew it would challenge a lot of people and trigger judgment from all sides against Diamond Dee. I’m glad to see that at least one person got it.

        Personally, I see Dee’s complete devotion to Christianity in his very palpable love for Jesus, in his full commitment to God and in his service to a demographic in need, which he is uniquely qualified to help. I see his repentance and his full renunciation of his past ways.

        I come from the line of thinking that addiction is not a moral failing but rather a disease.

        Did he do some bad things, when he was under total control of his compulsions? Yes. He recognizes this fully and does not attempt to justify it, at all – not even the aspects of his behavior which were beyond his control. He takes full ownership of his actions. If you see the rather squirmy Part 1 of this interview, you get a better picture of this – but it is definitely a queasy thing to watch.

        I’m surprised by the hate I see here.

        • Addiction can be indeed a disease. There are many forms of addiction: to money, etc.
          However an addiction to love could be an addiction to health also.

          When I say, I hate pains is this right or wrong?
          By hating it, I have to find a way to transform my pains!

        • I was also surprised how much denyal hate is present inside any person.
          I started to hate this hate and found a way for transforming old emotional pains.

          BTW. Is your idea of creating a forum still alive? For sure it is more easy to discus and/or to communicate all issues needed.

    • Instead of a transgender being, I know a gender independent being and a gender less being.

      A female person is also a human being.
      A male person is also a human being.
      Now a human being is independent of gender.

      A genderless being is being of energy, where I prefer to say:
      I am spiritual energy of feeling, thinking and sensing, by which intelligence, intellect and even belief appears.

      I have a question for “believers”:
      Is god male, gender independent or genderless?

    • Hi Alexandra

      I subscribe to your newsletter for relevant and reasoned
      perpsectives-the ramblings of a sexually confused cultist
      does NOTHING to uplift the consciousness of the planet!
      His connection to christianity and blaming satan for HIS
      reality is part of the problem of humankind and really
      deserves no special attention. ALL religions need to go
      if we are to evolve.
      So how about sharing clips with a little more relevance-
      and even some satirical humor is OK. But this whining
      psycopath does not deserve to steal any attention from

      • In some way, I agree.
        Moreover I often hear this word uplifting consciousness.
        This seems to come from the vision of a higher and lower consciousnes.

        To me there is a need for an inner consciousness, for discovering of who/what I am.

      • Not a lot of compassion for this man, huh? Clearly, he’s a human being in pain who is trying to work it out. Perhaps a public forum is not the best place. However, if you can’t feel compassion for another human’s pain, just a little empathy, I find that more directly revealing than this guy’s public pronouncements.

        • Compassion is a kind of love, yes.
          Empathy is a kind of love, yes.
          Moreover, what is love?

          Jesus threw the business man out of the temple.
          Is this love?
          I say yes.
          Is this compassion for buisiness?
          Is this empathy for business?
          I say no.

          By empathy for any pain, the pain does not disappear!!!
          No, this pain is now used for reincarnation, where the survival system of heaven and hell is kept upright.

          • Actually, they were “money changers”–BANKSTERS–and for good reason. It was a judgment about evil-doing. I would not put business people in the same category, myself.

    • Junk food religion. Ya don’t gotta call it Christianity or Buddhism or Judaism, whatever, but its still make believe without foundation outside of his imagination.

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