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After the 2020 Election was stolen and members of the Trump administration began abandoning the President, Patrick Byrne met with Trump and his lawyers in the Oval Office for nearly 5 hours on December 18th, which he documented in ‘The Deep Rig’ and which he has spoken about publicly many times since the meeting, talking about how he almost came to blows with White House Counsel, Pat Cipollone.

Cipollone, who seemed to do a good job of representing Trump through the Fake Impeachment in 2019 had by then been turned against him. Byrne said Cipollone and his staff were doing everything to slow-walk and to stonewall Trump and to force him to concede.

Moreover, Byrne said Cipollone screamed at the President with such disrespect that it was a disgrace to the Office and to the Nation. He also noted that Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows seemed paralyzed – a point that was corroborated at the time by Chinese dissident, Wén yáng sìhǎi, who had tweeted that Meadows was a CCP plant and that he was the “Key to Xi’s threat to President Trump.”

Byrne now believes that if he and Sidney Powell had been able to have that meeting with Trump on November 4th instead of on December 18th and if Trump had taken their advice and their evidence – including 50,000 sworn affidavits, which were withheld from Trump by his staffers – the 2020 Election would have been settled before Thanksgiving.

Sadly, Cipollone not only leaked about the meeting to The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman but he spread malicious lies when he claimed there’d been a discussion of Martial Law and the Insurrection Act. Byrne, who was in the meeting for 4.5 hours has insisted for three years that these topics were never raised.

Special Counsel, Jack Smith is currently trying to make a case that this December 18th meeting was the big planning event to orchestrate the great “Insurrection” of January 6th, in which Trump sought to overthrow the government in a violent, military coup d’état, which Byrne describes as “fantasy”.

Byrne tells Alex Jones that Jack Smith is not trying to throw Trump into prison, it’s about obtaining a court decision that enables the Blue Secretaries of State to claim that they have the right to keep Trump off the ballot. Smith wants to invoke Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which made it illegal for any politician who served in the Confederacy to serve in the US Government. Byrne believes Jack Smith’s efforts will not go his way and that he and his cohort, including Soros operatives, like Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson will instead end up in jail, themselves.

AG Nessel recently indicted 16 Republican activists, which Byrne says is actually about pre-empting and blocking investigations being made at the county level in Michigan. He says that after the 2020 Election, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson sent out unlawful instructions for everyone to erase their voting machine hard drives.

Byrne says, “There’s been a completely legal law enforcement investigation going on in Michigan and you know where it all leads to? It all leads to Jocelyn Benson and the AG. The Secretary of State and the AG, both of them are goons from Soros. They are implicated and so what they’re doing now, they’re trying to bring criminal charges against the sheriffs and the lawyers and the expert witnesses who have been working in this investigation. It’s the most Banana Republic thing you’ve ever seen.”

Alex asks Byrne if all of this is happening because the US dollar is at its end and the central bankers want a crisis to roll out the CBDC and Byrne replies that he thinks it’s far, far beyond that, saying, “It’s Cloward and Piven. They’ve never been down with republican, Constitutional, limited government. For 250 years, Central European powers have been against it. They want to destroy it.

“This is Cloward Piven reaching its end. It all collapses. They emerge, in charge of some Goon State, is how they view it; something like the ‘Hunger Games’ and it may be true that they intend to starve 80% or 90% of us out. I think that what really happens, if you read the Chinese national security literature, the Lefties here are going along with that, because that’s how they think it ends. What really happens is then, there’s a three-year period, where the cartels and the UN Blue Helmets are given three years to rape, pillage, loot and burn and destroy America.

“When it’s nothing but a carcass, the keys get handed off to China, they colonize. It solves the food problem. For 2,500 years, the Han have faced one problem. The greatest problem they face is food. They colonize and they occupy us.

“And if all of that sounds nutty, just read their national security literature – I’ll send you a link, Alex, the ‘Secret Speech of Chí Hàotián’, the retiring Minister of Defense in 2003.”

Byrne proceeds to drop some bombs about January 6th, which he believes “was absolutely a Fedsurrection to some degree” and he reminds us of Antifa militant, John Sullivan (aka “Jayden X”), who impersonated a Trump supporter while storming the Capitol Building. Jayden X was paid $70,000 by CNN and NBC, for his video of the shooting of Ashli Babbitt. He had previously been voted out of the Utah chapter of Black Lives Matter, because they viewed him to be violent and dangerous.

His brother, James Sullivan claims to be a “Patriot” Conservative activist and they were reportedly working on a Netflix movie directed by Bryan Fogel about two brothers on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Their father is retired US Air Force Major General Kevin J Sullivan.

In 2008, the General was caught in a shady deal transferring nuclear fuses via Taiwan, which was hushed-up and which sent him into early retirement from the military. He now has a lucrative job brokering military contracts.

Gen Kevin Sullivan is exactly the kind of person who Catherine Austin Fitts saw as being contracted to organize the BLM/Antifa riots that we all saw in 2020. These riots were so incredibly illegal, the fact that they weren’t shut down suggested to her that those weren’t street revolts, they were an operation.

In the film, ‘PSYOP the Steal’, private security contractor, Jason Funes says that the Sullivan brothers are working both sides of the Conservative and Liberal movements “For their own private agenda,” and that their father, Gen Kevin Sullivan had been in charge of getting Antifa members trained by Syrian rebels and Kurds to commit militant-style attacks on domestic soil. An anonymous source said on-camera that Gen Sullivan wanted to integrate a PSYOP team into his son’s political rallies.

Byrne says that James Sullivan, the “Conservative” brother has come forward, claiming to have his brother’s Excel spreadsheet with 224 names of Antifa assets who entered the Capitol.

‘PSYOP the Steal’ shows footage of agent provocateurs using “Hong Kong tactics”, walkie-talkies and earpieces to coordinate. These were the “A-Team of Antifa”, as opposed to the meth heads one normally sees being rounded up in Portland.

Proud Boy Chairman, Enrique Tarrio reportedly instructed his members to dress up like Antifa and it emerged after his arrest in DC for transporting two high-capacity magazines that Tarrio is a “prolific cooperator” with the FBI.

Well-known Ukrainian provocateurs who participated in the 2014 Euromaidan CIA Color Revolution in Ukraine collaborated with all of the above Feds to create chaos at the Capitol.

In other words, the same people that were behind the Ukrainian Color Revolution – and current war – are ALSO behind the ‘storming’ of the Capitol, they’re behind the bogus January 6th Committee and they’re behind Jack Smith’s lawsuit against Donald Trump.

Byrne tells Alex, “So, I think 800 people entered Congress…Steven Sund the Capitol Police Chief has come out and said the crowd was filled with federal agents.”

Innocent protesters were tricked into going into the Capitol Building by these agent provocateurs and with the aid of Interactive Internet Activities (IIA), according to Patrick Bergy, a PSYOP veteran of the War in Iraq and a developer of the social media psychological warfare micro-targeting weapon called ShadowNet.

Hundreds of innocent protesters still languish in jail, many without due process, while John “Jayden X” Sullivan is free and currently running a CIA operation in Ukraine, according to Alex Jones.

In ‘PSYOP the Steal’, Bergy says he saw members of the 91st Cyber Brigade – the same unit in which he served in Iraq and which developed ShadowNet – deployed throughout the area surrounding the Capitol. Bergy said he also saw members of this same unit in 2020, deployed throughout the same states where we saw the worst riots and election fraud.

Bergy says, “This is the exact same weapon I helped develop to destroy the integrity of elections through social media psychological warfare and hacking the voting machines – the exact same capabilities [Robert Mueller] indicted the 13 Russians for, I pioneered and sold commercially for General James Jones, Obama’s National Security Adviser.”

In addition, Byrne speculates that there was some Republican involvement in January 6th – not MAGA Republicans but anti-Trump RINOs cooperating with the Feds and Antifa.

Byrne then tells Alex about talk what really happened at the White House on the night of December 18, 2020. He says he told Trump about the January 6, 2017 report Intelligence Community’s report, ‘Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions’ in recent US elections and the FBI’s follow-up report by Obama’s Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division, Bill Priestap.

This report got turned into an Executive Order on September 14, 2018 signed by Trump, which states that if an election gets hacked, the President has several powers granted, anything from ordering a quick investigation to re-running the election – as set out by Barack Obama with Bill Priestap.

There was a LOT of evidence that the elections were hacked and warnings about it coming beforehand from the Federal Government. The DHS’ October 6, 2020 “Threat to the Nation” report, that talks all about the threat to the upcoming American election and about how the DHS-CISA on October 22, 2020 said the Iranians were trying to attack our systems.

Then, on October 30/November 3rd, the FBI and DHS put out a statement that the Iranians had, in fact hacked the election systems in one US State; that other nation-states were joining in the cyber attack and that other states were also under attack.

On December 8th, they put out a report about a huge cyber escalation against the US.

Then on December 16th, CISA announced the SolarWinds largest hack in history, in which 425 out of 500 of the top US corporations were hacked, all of the US Government was hacked; all of the military, the CIA, the NSA, DHS, CISA.

Byrne says that anyone who had a key to the SolarWinds Hack had a key to every election machine in America that was running the Serv-U product, which means they had unlimited administrative access to any computer network in America and they could change whatever they wanted to change. This is according not to him but to statements by the US Government.

On December 18th, Patrick Byrne and Sidney Powell advised Trump about Obama’s Executive Order and told him that the SolarWinds Hack would be enough to trigger the powers granted to him by the EO, specifically, the clause about legal actions to be taken when there’s enough evidence that the elections have been penetrated. Once confirmed, the President is granted extraordinary powers.

Byrne tells Jack Smith and the DOJ that he will take full personal responsibility for everything that was discussed on December 18th, because it was he who was leading the discussion of the SolarWinds Hack and Trump’s options under Obama’s Executive Order, saying, “You can’t indict Trump for listening to an argument.”

Byrne says that Trump only ever considered taking the least intrusive of all the powers granted by the Executive Order, which would be to image the hard drives from six counties – not to seize them.

Byrne told Trump that his team could do the investigation with the Government in under two weeks but that if they did not find what they were expecting, he should concede as quickly as possible – upon which Trump cut him off and told him that he had no problem conceding and playing golf for the rest of his life, if he really did lose the election. What Trump had a problem with was conceding if the election was stolen by a foreign power.

Byrne distrusted the DHS and CISA at this point, so he recommended using the DIA and the US Marshalls, which was quickly shot down by Cipollone and rejected by Rudy Giuliani, Mike Flynn and by Trump.

Byrne’s introduction of the military into this discussion is what now has Jack Smith claiming that that Trump wanted a “military coup” but it was Byrne’s idea and it was never implemented because immediately after Byrne left the White House at midnight on December 19th, Rudy Giuliani told Trump that they’d all go to jail if they followed through with Byrne’s suggestions. Minutes afterwards, Trump tweeted about the peaceful protest on January 6th, telling all who wished to join to be there. 

Alex mentions that Trump chose, instead to go with Steve Bannon’s plan, which was to line up all the states to find all the evidence of fraud and to have people attend the January 6th rally to show their numbers peacefully and to hope that the Senate would have an investigation.

Byrne says that the heart of Trump’s January 6th event was originally supposed to be him, Mike Flynn and two government scientists, one from NSA and the other from Los Alamos who’ve studied election fraud for decades, with a brief presentation of the fraud that had occurred, along with their recommendation that the Senate and the states’ legislatures take a week to investigate.

However, the day before, Byrne says some people close to Pence got wind of this and eliminated their presentation and turned the event, instead into a “pep rally”. It was these people who Byrne thinks were part of the anti-Trump RINO element who had a hand in disrupting what was supposed to happen on January 6th and who helped turn it violent.

Byrne thinks the Democrat goons who are trying to overthrow the United States should back down because they cannot escalate their way out of this and he hopes that an adult Democrat emerges willing to negotiate, because they’ve lost everyone.

He says the good news is that about 85% of Government employees are on our side but the bad news is that they’re probably going to try to start a nuclear war this Fall or pull some other False Flag, in order to weasel out of the mess they’ve created.

In the meantime, he says the Globalists are pressing forward with a massive engineered worldwide famine by collapsing the fertilizer supply chains, etc, the effects of which will begin to be felt before the end of this year, although less so in the US than in other countries. Ideally, from the point of view of the Globalists, the famines will result in the death of up to 90% of the world’s population over the span of a year. Like, next year.

He says, “I’ll put it this way: their plan since 1949 was to conquer us by 2049 – to reduce us to a vassal state. In 2010, they changed the due date to 2030. They now believe it’s 2028 or 2027. Deeds have already been issued in China.

“Alex, some Chinese general has a deed to your home there, in Texas and he probably looks on Google Earth once a month, he sees the new hot tub you put in your back yard, he thanks you for it. He believes he’s living there by 2028. That’s how they’ve already distributed deeds in China to homes across America.” 

Byrne says, “Where it’s going, if we win…it’s de-Nazification. Just what we did in Germany after World War II, we have to de-Nazify the institutions.

“Just as Gramschi and other Cultural Marxists were about the ‘Long march through the institutions,’ we have to de-Nazify the institutions.

“We have so many Nazis in our institutions. We don’t understand when you restrict peoples’ rights to Free Speech or assemble, say for religious meetings ‘Because COVID’ or try to take their guns away or restrict their voting, that’s Nazi. They’re the Nazis and we need to de-Nazify our institutions and we want to do it peacefully, like we did after World War II in Germany but we have to de-Nazify our institutions…

“These mediocre European intellectuals were always against the American Experiment and this is their chance it…The American Left thinks they walk out running some new world.

“Then look at what happened to the Viet Cong after the Vietnam War was over. They were the second people destroyed. This all gets turned into a farm for China and you just have to read their national security literature to see that but so far, the techno fascists think they’re going to end up in charge of some new Hunger Games world. They have a big surprise coming for them by a couple of years down the road.

“But now, none of that’s gonna happen, because we’re gonna win. We’re gonna expose a whole lot in the weeks and several months ahead and we’re gonna be back in charge, the people who care about the Constitution – Democrats and Republicans – and we’re gonna de-Nazify the institutions…

“My final point is that the day after the Durham Report was delivered, a certain very well-respected military officer called me and said, ‘Patrick, our Republic is hanging by a thread. It may be lost. If we have any chance, you’ve got to get your story out there. That led to a series of interviews, which became that magazine.

“If you read that magazine, Alex, you’ll have fodder for the next month of your shows. You’re gonna be shocked when you see what’s in that magazine and it’s been vouched-for, right there, in the opening.

“So, if you read that magazine, I’ll come back on your show and discuss it. You’ve got the answers to a lot of things you’ve been talking about.

“I’ve worked for Brennan and I worked for Comey and I bribed Hillary Clinton, I set up the Russian Collusion Delusion and I created a rape and murder sting and forced the Deep State into approving a rape and murder in order to go forward with a plot.

“You gotta read that story! You will have me back, I think,” Byrne finishes, with a grin.

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  • Nationalist Socialist Germany in 1933 – 1945 Never took private gun ownership away, they in fact reinstituted from the previous government & encouraged it, men & women.
    Never trust News outlets that use trigger words as “Nazi’s” or “antisemitic” or “Hitler” or “Auschwitz” or “Brown Shirts” to doubt what should be obvious by now, defeating the Germans was by far the worst ethnic cleansing of a people in such a short amount of time (1938-1947) RIP. Many are buried underneath the cities that were heavily firebombed 1942-1945.

  • No interest in supporting these thugs further: Our taxation has proved to be the ending of them.

    (Hypothetical) Can a GANG of crooks, who have not been sworn in, actually be impeached???
    These evil – have not been duly, sworn in!!! This, in and of itself, saves these varmints from an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth of being burned at the stake, executed, or otherwise.
    A cushy prison “block” for a couple of yrs. would become their due, according to law. However,
    personally, I am not interested to pay for their “stay” in a suckabunch, corrupt facility that have no operational cams to record the suicidal hangings, moving out of felons to an underground RR…

    • Dear Depswah,
      After I am elected, I promise I will declare ALL these “people” to be (as GWB would pronounce it) “TERRISTS” and use the crap laws they shoved down our throats to take them out back and shoot them.

  • Once any person, any organization, any government starts down the path of deception, which is lying, it will end very badly.

    Anyone can back engineer the USG as it now stands and see from the record exactly how we got to this sorry state of confusion. How we frittered away our heritage on imaginary false reality! Always, through the strong deluder visual media.

    Ancient nations were raised up and brought down believing in visual media which then manifest in artworks such as paintings, carvings, castings, images accompanied by oratory, ceremony and propaganda. It’s nearly all visual and auditory. As long as the masses submit to it they will be subjected to it and subjugated by it.

    The purity of heart in which this nation was seeded by the Pilgrims was soon enough infected by opportunists pretending to be like minded, but were deceivers. Their interest was instead to gain unfair advantage for personal selfish gain. That same scenario has happened over and over in the short history of our nation. We had hitherto survived all of these many deceptions, because the people had retained to some degree the purity of heart lived out by their walk through life.

    That purity of heart was thought to be in my youth, the “Golden Rule”, loving my neighbor as myself irrespective of natural differences. Loving my neighbor is a bar against my treacherous natural inclinations such as lying for the purpose of getting a leg up on my neighbor.

    But “good people” have allowed the central government to sanitize what their children are taught in schools, cleansing their education of what is wrongly identified as religious teachings such as the “Golden Rule”. As one SCOTUS justice put it, we can’t have our children viewing the Ten Commandments on school house walls lest they be tempted to obey them.

    In other words, G-d forbid American children grow up in compliance to them. What is taught in one generation will rule in the next!

    Thus reducing the Moses facade on the US Supreme Court building to a mere hypocritical… …LYING FACADE!

    It was in effect the coup de grace on the foundation of American purity of heart! It was not to be the last coup. November 22, 1963 was the next shot heard round the world. Again SCOTUS played a key role through its Chief Justice symbolically (it was not a true SCOTUS ruling) rendering a lying decision in which perpetrators were a party thereto. Nearly every central leader of this nation have since stood as defenders of… THE LIE! It was a watershed from whence all our sorrows as a nation have flowed at the hands of lying agencies, because the blood of our national leader yet cries out to heaven for justice.

    Well, there will be justice one way or another, yet in this present world as well as the next. We can repent now or after it’s too late, but we will repent, one way or the other.

  • What’s coming starting THIS FALL

    Visions of Glory
    The financial Structure of the world had completely collapsed every bank had closed down and money was worthless people were learning to trade and barter. Manufacturing and industry were at a virtual standstill. There were no raw materials and no money to pay the workers. Factories and global businesses shut down overnight.

    All of the utilities were in chaos. People tried to keep the necessities of life running but they were sporadic and mostly off-line. There were blackouts everywhere some of them lasting many months. Almost all water was not fit to drink because of acts of war against this country. People suffered everywhere.
    My flight across North America began in Salt Lake City. There had been a massive earthquake in that area in the fall of the year. I tried to determine what year it was to no avail.

    THE NEXT SPRING (2024)
    I saw that the next spring after the destruction in Utah there was another devastating series of earthquakes that occurred along the west coast of North and South America. The western coast of California, Mexico, and all the way to the tip of South America, was shaking so badly that much of it broke away from the mainland and formed a series of islands off the Coast. Major cities were shaking to the ground with inland areas suffering less damage.

    The earthquake sent title waves across the world. Europe sent large amounts of relief supplies to America after the earthquakes.

    About two months later, another earthquake opened up a narrow canyon approximately where the Mississippi River is now, though it deviated eastward what is it

    Mississippi presently merges with the Ohio river. It followed the Ohio into the great lakes. the Ohio river and the remainder of the Mississippi River Rerouted itself into this canyon. It created a huge new lake and river system approximately where the Mississippi river is now. This Canyon essentially created an eastern and western United States.

    Almost all of California was ruined, with less destruction further away from the coast. I saw that a great landmass had risen up into the gulf. Extended from Mexico to Florida and consisted of a few large islands that replaced the water of the gulf. I did not think to look toward Cuba. In some places the new land met Mexico, Texas, Florida, but there was also a large waterway separating most of the new land from America. (…)
    This great landmass created a tidal wave that did a great deal of devastation as far north as Chicago.

    I flew across the upper part of Florida and up the East Coast of the United States. The earthquakes had not reached here as strongly so the infrastructure was more intact. But there had been a biological attack and there was more death in the eastern and north eastern parts of the country then in those areas stricken by the earthquakes. I saw bodies stacked in town squares and cities abandoned because of the stench of death. there were marauding Bands of people plundering and stealing in every major city. they were murdering everyone they found to preserve remaining resources for themselves.

    Arrived to help restore order & bring supplies

    I Pet Goat II shows war coverage & dollar collapse hand-in-hand. It also shows CIA trained Muslims (Al Quaeda) attacking the USA on or near the Annular Eclipse on October 14, 2023. In response, The USA sends TR3B’s to bomb Al Aqsa mosque on Temple mound.
    Financial collapse on Friday the 13th October 2023?

    Then the EARTHQUAKES BEGIN, starting in Salt Lake City Utah, then the West coast of South & North America in Spring 2024 turning California into an island chain , then Fall 2024, New Madrid Fault ruptures with a MASSIVE Earthquake, dividing the USA into an EAST USA & a WEST USA, separated by an inland sea channel along the former Mississippi River. A REAL PANDEMIC 2.0 Starts in Florida and sweeps the nation.. a weaponized virus kills 50-80% of its hosts within 12-24 hours. Touch the puss, get the disease. Stacks of bodies in mass graves, picked up curbside under martial law.

    It is a Chinese Bioweapon & the soldiers coming to help restore order are vaccinated against the bioweapon, but variants defeat the vaccine.
    Earthquake damage with no power, transportation crippled, dollar crash, water poisoned & unfit to drink, clean food scarce, Islamic terrorists & roving gangs of marauders killing everyone they see.

    There will be NO 2024 “Elections”. We will be told to accept the NWO.. the government no longer exists.

    It only gets worse from there.. Tribulation, persecution, execution

    It’s time for the New Global Government to emerge.. Order out of Chaos.

  • So, the George Floyd national inferno was on display for weeks…angry citizens burning and stealing. The media, the police, and the justice system stood in total understanding that they were ANGRY!

    Comes Jan6, and another group of citizen got ANGRY about the election theft, and immediately, the same police, media, justice system disproportionately reacted.

    Tucker was taking about a dictator like Saddam and how his sons are ABOVE THE LAWS, and compares that with Biden and his son.

    Are we a banana republic?

    • No were not a “Banana Republic” we need to decipher what is being presented as actual events.
      George purpose was to serve as an icon of anti-whiteness & anti-police.
      George was not seen as a hero for blackness, but a representative of this movement.

  • Your republican party past presidents since kennedy have not had oaths of sworn and notarized oaths of office since kennedy up to incl biden and cabinet. they cany even be accused of treason. country was sold out since then- all this is planned. its all manipulated. theatre. election was stolen with cia obama from us embassy in italy with trumps knowledge. they just wanted it hidden. when dr zelenko contacted trump bout hydroxy cure they faked sending out but trump got fooled. right. they just had to bury a cure cuz it would invalidate e auth 4 vax. the bleach remark was mocking chlorine dioxide. boths sides play to stall stifle and mock. chumps such a murderer gets fooled doing it over and over and over- but wait in your stockholm syndrome he may just save things.

    • Can’t have a cure for something that does Not exist.
      I’ve always been with Dr. David Martin on this.

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