Patrick Byrne: What Really Happened During the White House Meeting

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Former CEO, Patrick Byrne joins Dr Dave Janda and excitedly relays the details of what really happened last Friday at the Oval Office meeting, where he almost came to blows with President Trump’s White House Counsel, Pat Cipollone.

Cipollone, who seemed to do a good job of representing Trump through the Fake Impeachment last year, sadly now appears to be controlled. Byrne says Cipollone and his staff are doing everything to slow-walk and stonewall the President and to force him to concede. He believes that had he and Sidney been able to have that meeting with Trump on November 4th and had he taken their advice and their evidence, including 50,000 sworn affadavits (which were withheld from Trump by his staffers), the Election would have been settled before Thanksgiving.

Worse, Byrne says, Cipollone not only leaked about the meeting at which Byrne was present to The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman but he spread malicious lies when he claimed there’d been a discussion of Martial Law and the Insurrection Act. Byrne, who was in the meeting for 4.5 hours insists that these topics were never raised.

Cipollone screamed at the President with such disrespect, Byrne said it was a disgrace to the Office and to the Nation. Also, Byrne says that the condescension and sexism demonstrated by Cipollone and his staff towards Sidney Powell and her female staffer was something out of the 1950s and that in the corporate world, it would have been cause for a major sex discrimination case.

He notes that Trump’s current Chief-of-Staff, Mark Meadows seems incapable of helping. This thought was corroborated by Chinese Dissident, Wén yáng sìhǎi, who tweeted on Monday that Meadows has been exposed as yet another person the CCP planted beside Trump: “The White House Chief-of-Staff is the key to Xi’s threat to President Trump.”

Byrne says that Trump’s chances of winning will expire after one more week of this White House sabotage but he feels that if Trump were to appoint Sidney Powell as Special Counsel and Lt Gen Michael Flynn as Chief-of-Staff, he would have an 80%-90% chance of being sworn-in next month.

He says the President impressed him as superintelligent and kind and not at all what he’d expected, from the way he’s portrayed in the media. In an observation that will be ironic to most, he says Trump’s biggest deficits are his loyalty and his kindness.

As dire as all of this sounds, there’s an interesting wrinkle to this story being presented by the successors of Paul Furber, @apf_nyc and @BernardoDeLaPaz, the last non-de-platformed people on Twitter who curate the 4Chan posts of two Federal Agents (or accurate LARPs?): the FBI’s very own BigDickAnon and his sidekick, CIA Fren.

@apf_nyc says, “Byrne’s leaks are done with permission for some strategic reason, Trump runs a tight ship, no one knew about the ME peace deals till they were done. Trump wants this out for some reason.”

In other words, now is the climax of 4 years of nonstop rope-a-dope, in which Trump has applied the teachings of Sun Tzu:

Appear weak when you are strong. If they think you are weak and they attack, you know the level of their aggression and greed. Any time you can confuse or deceive the opponent by appearing weak when you are strong, you force them to adapt. In these adaptations, you can discern their patterns of movement, strength of force, and tendencies to react.

BigDickAnon and CIA Fren facetiously and sarcastically throw around filthy, disgusting language characteristic of the fiercely pro-1st Amendment (albeit puerile) culture of 4Chan. It is shocking to the uninitiated, so I’ve redacted it a bit.

CIA Fren, who claims to have inside knowledge of the election fraud and has fled the US for the Caribbean has been posting that Trump is fully in control and that he will soon be dropping a MOAB about what was discovered during the November 10th Special Forces raid on the CIA hacking operation at the US Consulate in Frankfurt:

“The January rally will be a festival and celebration. Trump is going to ass-rape his opposition the last week of December in an address to the American People. Till then just chill out and enjoy Christmas. Trump knows everything and all of the hysteria going on now is just entertainment prior to the beginning of the third act. The election was stolen in Frankfurt not in Stacey Abrams…stealing ballots out her fat ass.

“Yep it is over and Trump has won. After his speech and members of Congress not voting for Trump will be hung on the Capital Grounds. Trump may be an idiot but he has a gift and he is the master showman and this moment was made for him.

“It is amazing how many of you Democrat[s]…lack basic math skills. Granted the theft of votes by the Democrats was impressive and…Stacey Abrams did an outstanding job of stealing…

“Having said that keep in mind the thugs on the left and the Chinese could not infuse enough votes to get Biden over the finish line. That was where Frankfurt jumped in. Over 7 million votes were switched there. The site was raided and all the equipment is in the possession of the Defense Department.

“Trump will be making a speech the last week of the month he will outline in great detail what happened and that the CIA and others switched those 7 million votes and then sit back and dare Congress to give the Presidency to Biden. His supporters will be in Washington and even the Democrats will panic and cross the Rubicon to support Trump. It will be glorious. Now enjoy Christmas and get ready the happiest New Year in history.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • “You’re FIRED”! Wasn’t that somewhere back in the President’s past? Lol, seems difficult to believe Trump is as disarmed as Byrne describes.

  • How the hell can the DS and Swamp be vanquished when 98+% of Rs and 100% of Ds are of the Swamp, by the Swamp and for the Swamp. Corrupt SCOTUS, corrupt Congress, corrupt DOJ. Patriots in DC are outnumbered 100-1 by rotten hacks.

  • Dear Alexandra,

    For the record, P. Trump is protected by Sentient Beings. They will keep him safe!
    My partner and I were attacked by a run-away vehicle uprooting a set of traffic lights which were hurtling straight at my front passenger side window while we waited on red lights.
    Two feet from the car the whole pole and light assembly suddenly elevated some three feet and went over the top of us.

    Over the past five years or so, since being given protection, I have experienced multiple examples like that, including falling off a roof without actually touching the ground, etc.!

    So I am certain the President will be kept physically safe. And they are not protecting him to let Biden win!

  • There’s a file a foot thick on Trump irregularities.
    Trump is just waiting if TPTB let him stay or if he will be bumped off.
    This is how he got elected anyway, there is nothing he can or will do.

  • By reregistration we can put full name and address on card along with a clear Thumb Print. The original can be sent to a National Voter ID Data Base. When voting we have to put a clear thumb print on ballot. The print matches then the vote counts. If it does not match, then person is taken into custody to determine if they were trying to vote illegally!

  • Too nice? He’s just smiling through the insults, not letting them know what he’s really thinking. Trump has a massive team behind him no doubt.

  • Dear Alexandra,

    I had hoped for a ‘happy ending’, yet, did not hear it?

    May the true God help American if its President is just way too nice …and worse, his closest advisors have malevolent ‘Evil’ in their hearts!

  • The question I have is, “Why has the President not fired all these two-faced sons of bitches”?

    Why has he put up with them for four whole years?

    • The main idea was to out the DS participants, the plants McConnel was providing him, and see who goes on the take. As it becomes clear, he provided the plants China agents and DS agents the appropriate show they needed to see to deliver the proper message to their respective handlers.

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