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Alexandra Bruce

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  • “You will know them (both) by their fruit” first by their character, mindset then speech coming from the heart forthright in dealing with any matter, any matter or subject. If any hesitation, something is afoot!

    Yet, too after they begin to lie and lie so well it may be difficult to see or hear at first they may not hesitate but their fruit is rotten and its shown by their smell of their rotten actions and plan(s) that that come to light thereafter.

    Scrub it all and start over, yet who among us are truthful and honest anymore?

  • How creepy is that freaking Alejandro Mayorkas? Did he just escape from a crypt like Nosferatu? What a rogue’s gallery of thugs hired by muppet Biden.

  • Name names or stfu: 2024 approaches.

    And wasn’t McCarthy supposed to be on a short leash?

    Make people show what they are.

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