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    Catherine Austin Fitts joins Dark Journalist to discuss the CoronaHoax Flu d’État and the riots – and she says some unexpected things, here.

    In this non-subscriber Part 1 episode, Fitts isn’t totally anti-Trump. She notes his impressive physical and mental stamina, for having survived the siege of the past 4 years but she pulls no punches in her criticisms and in some very incendiary insinuations against him:

    “I’m not going to give him a pass on COVID-19. He basically bankrupted hundreds of thousands of legitimate businesses and is allowing the private equity guys to make a fortune taking over that market share. I mean, it’s pretty simple. Over here, you got Main Street. You shut them down and you say they’re ‘non-essential’ and then you give zero percent cost of capital to these big guys, who go in and take all the market. It’s the ultimate in economic warfare. He just destroyed Main Street.

    “That was him. People say, ‘Oh no, it’s the governors, the state governors.” No. It’s not the state governors. If you had told the truth about all of this, it would have shut it down, right away, number one. But number two, if the CDC has the power to stop evictions nationwide, they have the power to stop these shutdowns. There was no scientific basis for them.

    “Trump has to take responsibility for not stopping the riots. He has to take responsibility for shutting down and destroying Main Street. He just bankrupted millions of legitimate people who supported him.”

    Fitts also seems to suggest that Trump may be in on the riots on some level, as well as members of the Pentagon.

    That the riots are so incredibly illegal, breaking many laws, that they could be legally shut down in a matter 24 hours, this suggests to her that Trump supports the riots on some level and she wonders aloud if they’re  being financed by FASB 56 (Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board Statement 56), which Trump approved in 2018 and which authorizes the Government’s use of secret accounting books on a permanent basis, so that the US Treasury can be looted endlessly to finance Black Budget projects into perpetuity.

    She says here, “NSA is tracking them all. The Fed and Treasury, FinCEN  know where all the money is, so they know where the money’s coming from and the Department of Justice can shut them down.

    “So, you have total intelligence about who they are, where they’re coming and who’s financing them, and they’re breaking the law and Department of Justice can shut it down in 24 hours.

    “I mean, I know what the Department of Justice could do to me, right? I had a business. I was a fine, upstanding citizen in Washington and I know what was done to me. So don’t tell me they can’t shut this down. They can shut this down like that. And if they’re not doing it, there’s a reason…

    “Those aren’t street revolts. That’s an operation, right? So, let’s call what it is. It’s a multi-layered op. It’s an op and somebody’s financing the op…

    “Way back in the beginning, during Minneapolis, Trump said, ‘I’m going to send in’ – I forget, it was the National Guard or the Army or whatever – and the and the DoD went ballistic. And I’ll tell you how they behaved. They behaved like people who had negotiated contracts with private firms for all of this and you had a Scope of Work and you had priced it on a very tight Scope of Work and that Scope of Work did not include doing this in the face of soldiers with guns trying to stop them. That would have blown the price, like a hundred times and called for a different army.

    “It looked exactly like a big contracting Scope of Work mess…I’ve said, ‘Okay, they’re on both sides.’ They negotiated with the team to go in and do this. They don’t want to send in a team to stop the team, they just are paying to go in and do this. I mean, that’s my question. Are these riots being financed with FASB 56 money?”

    Fitts suggests an incredibly underhanded agenda behind allowing the rioters to continue tearing the country down and it’s because the US is effectively bankrupt. However, “You still have obligations. You have military pensions, you have Social Security, you have all these healthcare obligations, so you’ve pulled the assets out but you haven’t gotten rid of the liabilities.

    “Well, how do you get rid of the liabilities? If you have a civil war and people demand that their states secede from the nation, you can say, ‘Well, the people didn’t want the vehicle anymore, so they they would rather walk away. They chose to secede rather than get Social Security.’

    “You need a war to get the people to self-destruct their own covenant. In other words, they are owed trillions of dollars in healthcare, trillions of dollars in retirement obligations, trillions of dollars in many different regulatory obligations and now, what you want to do is you want to slither out of them without admitting that you stole all the money.

    “Your job is not just to slither out of Social Security and FDIC insurance and all these other obligations, your job is to make sure you can keep the $21 trillion. And if you destroy the mechanism, then they have no vehicle to ever get the $21 trillion back. If you bankrupt the country now…I would argue you can put that $21 trillion back on the plate and claw it or assets back in a bankruptcy to help pay for those obligations, to keep your promise…

    “You need the mechanism to be destroyed and you need the people to destroy the mechanism. Remember, you’re trying to get the younger generation to support you destroying their family wealth and the money they stand to inherit.

    “I just had a back and forth with a wonderful young man on my subscriber you know the forum on our website, where he was saying he wants to secede from the nation and, who cares about the obligations to all those Boomers who betrayed him and sold him down the river?

    “And I said, ‘Wait a minute. Let’s get the state of play correct. You had this group steal all the money. Those greedy Boomers were sitting there, paying for your college, taking care of their grandparents, doing philanthropy, keeping the civic life in their community going and they got snookered. They put all that money in the pension fund that these guys then stole, so you know they’re not your enemy it’s a little bit like the Harry Potter game, you know, make the insiders out to be Wizards and your stupid parents out to be Muggles.

    “Who cares about the Muggles? Let’s ditch them! Not realizing you’re not ditching them, you’re ditching the inheritance they were going to leave you, right? If you look at the inter-generational politics and the sexual and racial politics of a lot of these games, it’s amazing but it’s all designed to divide and conquer.”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Amazing show where intelligent AWAKE people are telling the TRUTH about this Scamdemic NWO takeover! Lord Jesus strengthen and bless you and all who read this!

    • I would need to see evidence to support the insinuation that President Trump is supportive of the violent riots we have seen in some of our major cities. I believe that Trump is vehemently opposed to such unlawful behavior. The initial national emergency shutdown was seized and ridden out by the governors who claimed state rights to do so against presidential interference.
      Also , what I understand is that the CDC is not a government agency and has no power but to offer professional advice.
      Please look into the activities of
      “The Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) based out of Minneapolis, an openly pro-CCP organization, and Bay Area-based Liberation Road, with very close ties to the Chinese consulate there and the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), are behind the recent riots, ” Loudon

    • I wonder about the smart grid thing though, all these people investing in 5G are going to lose big when starlink gets switched on. Austin Steinbart was talking about this.

    • I love Alexandra Bruce, she is a very intelligent, educated and in many respects, an atractive and accomplished woman. I have subscribed to her channel going way back to almost when she began. I couldn’t recomend her enough. Please subscibe to her channel, I prommise you won’t be disapointed. Blessings

      Gary from Montana.

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