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Mark Anthony Taylor is back with Sean on the SGT Report. Taylor has long been litigating against JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank and others for manipulating the gold and silver bullion markets. In the process, he’s made many unexpected discoveries.

Last October, he was on with Sean for what was, in my opinion the most important podcast that I’d ever posted on this website, in the 10 years of its existence. Mark shed light on the relationships between the ongoing coup against Trump, international intelligence agencies, Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail ring, the Clinton Foundation, how all of the major bank CEOs are controlled, how this affects what projects do and don’t get financed and basically, which coporations become successful and which don’t and how the whole world is controlled – much of it, with blackmail.

This interview, likewise does not disappoint, as it gets into the gritty details of the Illuminati bankers whom most of us have never heard of at Deutsche Bank, who were working with Jeffrey Epstein, Teflon people, who literally get away with murder.



Sean: All right, Friends. Let’s begin. This is a deep deep dive into banksters, wet works and pedo networks. This one is dangerous. I have on the line Mark Anthony Taylor. I’ve interviewed Mark once before, back in October of 2019. That one was titled Bankers, Bullion and Pedo Rings and Mark revealed in that interview his litigation against JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and Barclays for precious metals manipulation litigation, which was then squashed by the banksters.

This interview with Mark should probably be titled Banksters, Wet Works and Pedo networks. Mark joins us right now. How are you, Mark?

Mark: So, as I said just before the interview, I’m, I’m extremely tense at the moment. I’m shaking with rage from what I’ve learned. I’ve been like this a few days, because what I’ve learned is truly horrible. I’ve learned that there’s a conspiracy to kill off key bankers who were witnesses in the LIBOR manipulation.

This execution ring seems to be the same people behind the Epstein blackmail operation. The focus of the investigations has been corrupted. Now, I’m not a supporter of Trump – not until he pardons Assange and not until there’s a successful prosecution of Pizzagate members, including Hillary Clinton and Podesta. I’m certainly not a fan of the opposite, creepy, senile Old Woke Joe.

But being objective, I can see that the murder of these bankers is being wrongfully directed to Trump’s door and from what I can see, the prosecutors already know who’s behind it. They have the key information. At the very least, there should be an investigation. So, I’m not saying at this point that I know, for a matter of fact who did it but I know for a matter of fact who should be investigated and who has apparent immunity from all litigation and from all criminal prosecution.

Sean: Let me just say this, guys for those who have been following the work at SGT Report and other truth-telling sites in the Alt Media space for any period of time, you’re going to remember the long list of dead bankers, of suicided bankers. One reminder is in January of 2014, the body of William Brokesmith, 58-year-old man, a high-ranking Deutsche Bank executive was found hanging in his London flat from a dog leash tied to the top of a door. That’s just one of many and I think what you’re going to hear in this interview with Mark is who he believes is behind so much of these wet works, so many of these suicided people.

Now, everything that Mark is about to share in this interview is all public domain information that he has gathered, compiled and put in order, to try to make some sense of all of this. Now, with that said, these are Mark’s allegations but I think when you take the totality of his information, it will leave you scratching your head.

We can look at this illustration you have on the screen and already, we’re seeing some names we all recognize, where would you like to begin?

Mark: Okay, I’ll try not to repeat myself, because all of this stuff links back and forth in circles. We begin with a bombing back in 1989, the bombing was of the Chairman of Deutsche Bank, Alfred Herrhausen, who was on the steering group of the Bilderbergers, so he was probably a bad egg, pro-European, German nationalist.

The bombing was a highly-sophisticated roadside bomb, so he was in his car, the bodyguards were in front and there was bodyguards behind in their cars but the bomb appears to be activated, I presume by remote control and blew a shaped charged jet of metal into the rear seats of his car. So, his chauffeur gets away, I think but his legs are completely severed and he’s killed.

That was in 1989. That was before the fall of the Berlin Wall and that bomb looks like it was designed by the Stasi. There are similar NATO weapons that have a similar kind of technology but it seems far too sophisticated to be terrorists. So, I would guess the Stasi – and we know that there was a certain person in the Stasi at that time, who did physics research and she’s now quite high up in the German government, so I’ll leave you to guess her name.

Sean: Mark, who is the target of that bombing?

Mark: Alfred Herrhausen, who is the former chairman of Deutsche Bank. So he gets his legs cut off, he bleeds to death, dies and then Deutsche Bank sets up this society in his name, called the Alfred Herrhausen Society, which sounds quite boring. It’s these boring names that sometimes are where we should focus our energies.

Now, it turns out in 2013, the Anshu Jain, the Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Bank appoints these six executives to become trustees of this Deutsche Bank-run so-called charity. This charity has the aim of promoting the Internet, which seems rather pointless but also “German interests abroad”. So, that sounds like a kind of crypto-German supremacist organization or maybe just a German lobbying group.

Sean: Hey, Mark – just so people understand what they’re looking at, here though yeah I got the names right here, so Deutsche Bank, Alfred Herrhausen Society, 2013. So, we have Mathias Döpfner [Director of Netflix, kingpin of German media], I’m not sure if I’m saying that right, Lynn Forester de Rothschild [Clinton’s banker, Lady #Pizzagate]. You can go through this list if you like, but I just want people to understand what they’re looking at. So, these are the six executives that were put in charge of this Herrhausen Society.

Mark: Yep. So, you have these six people in this German lobbying group but the interesting thing is, probably these two people, [Peter ‘Mandy’] Mandelson and Lynn Forester de Rothschild – now why does the German lobbying group appoint these two people? And it turns out that these two…they’re both involved with the Epsteins and the Podestas…and Alefantis and that crew.

So, you have Lynn Forester de Rothschild, she bankrolled the Clintons – that was released by WikiLeaks. She sold a house to Ghislaine Maxwell, she has ties, friendships to David Brock.

Lynn de Rothschild sold a New York apartment to Epstein for about 70% below the market price, according to this Reddit link. She’s also linked to Henry Kissinger. Her husband was linked to Ken Starr, who ran a Ponzi scheme. I think she’s a frequenter of the Lolita Express. She runs The Economist and you see here, there’s a link to The Economist, which publishes this idea that conspiracy theories are dangerous and here’s how to crush them.

So, she’s involved with the Epstein ring, deeply involved, involved with David Brock and her publication tells us “beware of conspiracy theories.”

…Mathias Döpfner, now you’ve probably not heard of him. He started off as a musicologist, so you thought, “Well, a musicologist is probably not going to accumulate much wealth in his life.” And he very quickly took over large parts of the German media industry. I think he’s probably the biggest player in German media. He runs the lot, runs the biggest companies.

And then, for some reason, he’s invited over to America to take directorships of American companies, including Time Warner, Warner Music Group, the UK’s Vodafone. But interestingly Netflix, recently released a film or series called ‘Cuties’. You’ve probably seen that, Sean?

Sean: Right. It’s a movie, ‘Cuties’, right. Yep, pedophilic in nature.

Mark: Certificate-18 [R-Rated], that features 11-year-old dancing girls. So, that comes under his watch. He’s a member of the steering committee at the Bilderberger’s. Prizes include the Anti-Defamation League, International Leadership Award, Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum.

So, this man is a major insider and in particular, he’s a key executive of If you do a lot of article research on, it is very, very unfriendly to people who expose conspiracies. He’s in charge of it and he’s hired by [Anshu] Jain in 2013. He’s actually a part of Deutsche Bank, he is an executive Deutsche Bank and he’s hired by Jain into this Herrhausen Society.

So he can see who’s around him he can see Lynn Forester, you can see um Peter Mandelson. You have the two probably the most boring people in the Herrhausen society, Henrik Enderlein [SPD economist, Germany’s ruling party] and Ruth Herkes [Secretary of State for the German economy].

Ruth Herkes is like a kind of nondescript Globalist. She’s all over the place. She’s invited by Lord Greene into, that looks to be a kind of business-as-usual apologist lobbying group for the Chinese industry, after they invented COVID-19. So, she’s a part of that. This Henrik Enderlein, he appears twice, here. So, you have Craig Kennedy, he’s a member. He’s the President of the American German Marshall Fund. Well, Henrik Enderlein is an Economist for the German Marshall Fund.

So, this Alfred Herrhausen Society, run by these people with connections to Jeffrey Epstein and a little connection to the Podesta Group, they seem to have very strong links into this German Marshall Fund and what that does is lobby America for German interests and they have access, of course to people who’ve been on Epstein’s island, Lynn Forester and Peter Mendelson.

And Les Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein, they lived, I think it was 9 East 71st Street in this big mansion…co-owned it with Jeffrey Epstein. So, this is Jeffrey Epstein’s pad, Upper East Side, New York mansion, 9 East 71st Street. Next door to that is 11 East 71st Street and that was owned by the German Marshall Fund. So, they bought it off Wexner and Epstein, under the control of Guido Goldman and then they passed it on to the CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald.

Sean: Oh, wait a minute! That’s so – wait, wait, wait, wait – that’s so interesting that you just said that, because my mind was racing and I was thinking about 9/11 and I was thinking, if you were really to get into the rat lines surrounding what happened on 9/11, you’d probably come up with some of these same people, some of these same organizations and then you just mentioned Cantor, which was the largest bond trading firm in the United States and all of their employees died on 9/11 with the exception of the CEO, Howard Lutnick.

Mark: Yep, I was going to cover that later – but let’s cover that now.

Sean: Isn’t that stunning, though? That obviously, this is exactly the rat lines that you’d find around 9/11. I want to just say this real quickly. Also, what popped into my head is that interview between Laura Ingraham and President Trump, in which she said, “Well, who do you think is controlling Biden, then?” Because the President said, “Look, if he gets in, he’s not making any decisions. The people around him will.” And she said, “Well who are these people?” and he said, “These are names you’ve never even heard of,” and she said, “Well, that sounds like a conspiracy theory,” and he basically shut her down. And I just want to point out to people that he’s right.

You need to think of the names and organizations, like the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group, Herrhausen Society, Lynn de Rothschild, these are the names the common man has never heard of, friends. I think this is what President Trump was referring to. Back to you, Mark.

Mark: And I think a lot of your audience, as informed as they are, probably don’t know a lot of these names but these names are crucial.

Now, Anshu Jain, he was forced out of Deutsche Bank in 2015, due to all of the litigation and the fraud and the corruption and he walks straight out of his job and he gains employment under Cantor Fitzgerald.

Okay, so Howard Lutnick, he was in charge of Cantor Fitzgerald, he looked at Jain and he must have felt very sorry for him, so he gives him the presidency of Cantor Fitzgerald. Now, it was in the mainstream press and in the Wall Street Journal, that BaFin, the German regulator, their field agents had accused Jain of personally masterminding the LIBOR manipulation and lying to the Bundesbank [central bank of Germany], with false LIBOR rates – basically, distorting the entire European banking system.

So, Jain is the kingpin of the European side of LIBOR manipulation, walks out of his job gets a new job at Cantor Fitzgerald, courtesy of its Director, Howard Lutnick. Now, if you look at Lutnick’s response to 9/11, he sets up this thing called Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day. And for years and years, what it does is invites a load of celebrities from the film and music industries and they all have a smile for the cameras and money flows in one way or another and then this is presumably given to the victims of 9/11.

So, it’s as if Lutnick is returning something to the community. And all of this changed, as soon as Jain steps in, in 2017. If you look at the membership list for that Charity Day, which is on Cantor Fitzgerald’s website, you can see that they didn’t quite invite so many celebrities in the subsequent years. What they did was replace them with politicians, including Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.

So, how do you think the 9/11 survivors feel, when these two people are invited to the charity event to raise money for them? Something about that really stinks.

So, I think what happened was that this Lutnick, this chief of Cantor Fitzgerald, I think he was in the third ring of the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers and then he invites Jain to take over, knowing that Jain’s running this Herrhausen Society, which is basically the Epstein Society and then he uses that, basically to promote himself to the second tier.

See, the Bilderbergers is just a talking shop. It has far too many people to have an involved conspiracy without the possibility of leaks, so when you want to do something really dirty, you need something no bigger than this Herrhausen Society, with half a dozen people involved. You don’t want to spill your secrets to 150 people.

So, this Lutnick is effectively promoted by putting Jain on board. So, he makes Jain President and then, Lutnick then becomes an insider, he becomes the second tier of the Illuminati.

Now, this is where it starts to get really dirty. So, you have Jain, 2013, he is made CEO of Deutsche Bank. At that time, Danske Bank, from 2007 to 2015, during the key years of Jain’s reign laundered over $300 billion through its Estonia branch to the Russian Mafia.

The with the first whistleblowers for the Estonian money laundering set claimed that it was Putin behind it. I think it probably was. That doesn’t necessarily make Putin a bad man, because I think what the operation was was just to allow Russia to financially function, even though there were all these sanctions on it. So, from Putin’s perspective, he was doing his duty as a Russian to bring the money into the country.

So, Danske was organizing all of this. Danske was taking unmarked gold bullion bars without the paper sales or receipts, shipping them through its Estonia branch. It’s about 2000. There’s this guy called Oleg Deripaska. I have to keep memorizing that he’s called Oleg Deripaska. He starts out in life as a student physicist. He’s Jewish. He knew a Rothschild when he’s studying physics but he figures there’s no money to be made in physics in Russia, while he was a student in the ’90s, and so he switches course and becomes an accountant for a year or so and then he joins this big metals company, just as a kind of accountant physicist and trader.

So in one year, he goes from being the junior to actually becoming the what the Russians call the Director General of the entire company. So, you think that’s odd? Someone joins a major metals company worth billions and in one year, they get to the top? That sounds a likely story, doesn’t it? And then he becomes the richest oligarch in Russia?

Well, it turns out there’s a lawsuit between him and this Israeli money-launder and mafioso man, called Michael Cherny and he claimed, in the lawsuit that Cherny was running a protection racket on him for hundreds of millions of pounds. Well, if you’re a student, it’s unlikely that some mafioso is going to knock on your door and then start demanding hundreds of millions of pounds from you and expecting to be paid.

And if that was the case, you probably wouldn’t be in a position to run this company. So, I think the likelihood is that Oleg received his seed capital from Michael Cherny, so he was just the front man for Cherny he was ended up being confined in Israel, to escape money-laundering charges.

Now, if you roll that on a bit forward, there’s a meeting arranged by Nathaniel Rothschild to introduce Peter Mandelson to Oleg Deripaska. Mandelson is acting as the Trade Commissioner for the EU, so he’s the EU’s top trademan and he’s given a secret, private meeting to meet with this Russian oligarch who almost certainly is Russian Mafia.

Sean: The surprising rise of Oleg Deripaska, from a poor student to the Director General of a large metal company in one year reminds me just a little bit of what happened to Hunter Biden in the Ukraine. It’s not what you know it’s who you know. Correct, Sleepy Joe? So, yeah. It just seems the whole the whole world, at this point is, how could you even describe it? It is a kleptotocracy. We are ruled by thieves. The best way to rob a bank is to own one, Mark.

Mark: If you look at Abramovich’s lifestory, he started out with nothing and then he decided to sell rubber ducks from his flat. And then he moved on to little dolls and then, within about two years, he’d moved on to the oil fields. It’s totally unbelievable. It’s funny, how they’ve all got this same story, rags to riches in one or two years.

Sean: Yeah, it makes perfect sense. I don’t want to rush you, because this is such interesting information. We could go a little bit long, here today. I wanted to do an hour but we can go a little bit longer than that. But I do want you to get into and tie us back into the idea of pedogate, child sex trafficking, you’ve got these little Besta Pizza logos associated with these folks – and for guys for those that don’t know, the Besta Pizza logo has since changed – but that is a “Boy Lover” symbol, if memory serves.

They changed it after the Pizzagate investigations began. Of course, CNN tried to debunk the whole thing and nothing regarding James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong and his connections to David Brock and GQ putting James Alefantis in their magazine as the “49th Most Powerful Person in Washington DC” before this whole thing broke only made people scratch their heads and ask why.

He’s a pizza shop owner and you people are telling us that there’s nothing to see here? He’s the 49th Most Powerful Man in DC? Give me a break! So, anyway, I just wanted to bring that up, because you have these Besta Pizza logos associated with these folks.

Mark: Okay, so you’ve obviously got this man, Mandelson brought in to somehow facilitate this Danske [Bank] operation, which Deutsche Bank were firmly behind that, and they were behind it during during Anshu Jain’s reign as CEO of Deutsche Bank.

So, my belief is that Mandelson is part of this Herrhausen Society, is basically brought in as the Blackmail General, Mandelson is seen on Epstein’s island, he is gay, so he had no interest in the girls on Epstein’s island and he’s made a Peer, he’s entered the House of Lords, he’s got a title – absolutely no one questions him or his relationship to Epstein in Parliament – so, he’s almost certainly the Blackmail General, brought on by Jain to make sure that this money- laundering operation would never get back and impact Jain. So, that’s why he was there.

So, you can see, the Epstein-Pizzagate-pedophile ring basically facilitated all of this and made sure that the prosecutors kept their noses out of it.

So, I’ve just drawn this diagram here. So, you can see, you’ve got Epstein, you’ve got Jain. Jain was laundering money from Epstein, from 2013 to 2019, doing that through Mandelson. So, Mandelson is helping the bullion get to Putin.

These guys are running the mining operations. If you want to launder bullion, the best way to do that is to bury it in a gold mine, then immediately dig it up, put it in the refinery and it comes up as freshly-minted bullion bars, that have come out of the gold mine inventory. So, figure that Nathaniel Rothschild is getting involved, so that he can launder his own bullion away, before this manipulation system ends and people go looking for the bullion.

Israel and Switzerland are too vulnerable to keep this bullion hidden. He needs a vast country with a massive nuclear and conventional arsenal to keep his bullion safe. So, I think that’s why he got involved. This was covered-up by Sir Ian Burnett [current Lord Justice of England and Wales], he knew all about Jain, knew all about the bullion laundering, knew all about Deutsche Bank’s fake audits.

He slapped restraining orders on me, telling me that gold and silver manipulation, all the allegations were “totally without merit.” Those allegations have been proven to be totally WITH merit, so he should have stepped down or rescinded his orders. He didn’t do so, so he’s still covering-up for Jain.

The Lord Chief Justices know that and they know that once Jain is exposed, then the full paper trail leading to this laundering of this bullion is exposed, so Burnett is still keeping that all secret and under wraps.

Sean: Let’s just touch on the rigging of the precious metals, because you’ve been on that story now for years and you tried to take the fight to the big banks and they squashed you. Meanwhile, there’s smoke coming from the LBMA they’re trying to help fill the demand for physical at the Comex, it seems to me that while JP Morgan, their Precious Metals Desk has been called a “criminal operation” by the DOJ, it seems to me this whole Ponzi scheme is finally collapsing. Do you see it the same way?

Mark: Everything they’re doing is coming out of their hands but the danger is, particularly when you blend it in with this COVID-19 lockdown response, is that all of the people of the world, when they when they’re faced with the collapse of governments and the financial systems and it is shown that the COVID-19 response was a complete fraud, the danger is people will say, instead of blaming China for the initial release of the COVID-19 and going back into that laboratory and looking at the Globalist links, the danger is that we’ll say, 1) we’ll need a new political system without the market-rigging, without the lockdowns, without fake information so, we’ll need a system of total information control – and what system provides that total information control, but something similar to the Chinese Communist Party?

So, this financial crisis and the lockdown, they’ve been timed perfectly together so that we say, “Everyone is to blame” and not this Communist system, so we should go to this Communist system, as a solution. That’s what the lockdown is for, to make fools of our politicians, so we blame the fools and not the origin of the virus.

Sean: Right, and many these politicians are bought and paid for, so they’re already onboard with this plan and I’m sure Republicans, like John Kerry [sic] and others are part of this system – obviously, John Kerry, Skull and Bones – but I think all of the Ds have sold their souls to this system.

Now, you’re over the target with Deutsche Bank. I mentioned JP Morgan. In service of your narrative, here let me read this article, real briefly, headline from Zero Hedge, dated September 17, 2020: “Deutsche Bank Gold Manipulator quote ‘Spoofing Was So Commonplace, I Figured It Was OK.”

He’s talking about spoofing in the precious metals markets, creating fake sell orders to drive the price down and then buying on the cheap or vice versa. This precious metals manipulation is something we’ve been talking about since the birth since the foundation of and the YouTube channel and Mark has been over that target and taking flack, trying to do his best to actually sue these people in courts of law for disclosure, so he can get actual information to prove his case and try to recover some of his damages, of course the courts are rigged and he was squashed. But let’s get back to your storyline, here, because I find it so fascinating, Mark.

Mark: Just quickly, on that. If you go onto my website, there’s all of the defendants’ witness statements, including JP Morgan’s, signed off by Jamie Dimon, that said it that “put its absolute trust in Deutsche Bank’s gold and bullion audits” and said my “allegations of spoofing were totally without merit and fanciful conspiracy theory.” So, you can read that for yourself,

Sean: JP Morgan full conspiracy theory. And here we are now, in September of 2020, with the actual news coming out now, of course, they’re only going to hang out low-level traders and I’m sure they’re going to just blame the spoofing on low-level traders and they’ll say that the people at the top of the chain, like Anshu Jain had no idea. Give me a break.

Mark: Okay, I’ll very quickly take us off this topic but anyway, this German Marshall Fund owns the house next door to Epstein and his blackmail operations were running. We know that German intel had blackmailed Ted Heath, using Ted Heath’s proclivity for rent boys and little children –

Sean: Every time somebody brings up the name Ted Heath, the former Prime Minister of the UK, I have to remind people, after his death and of course, only after his death, did the Mainstream Media in the UK begin to report about his connection to the murders, his alleged connection to the murders of as many as 16 children.

Mark: Yeah, and that was in the RAINS list in 2005, so that was years ago.

Sean: Well, let me just say, so now, because I think this is very pertinent. Those who’ve followed my work and the work of the Alt Media are going to remember the name of Dutch banker, Ronald Bernard, who went on the record and said he finally woke up. He had sold his soul to this banking system, basically. He was all in and he had lost all of his empathy for human beings. And it wasn’t until he was invited to sacrifice a child that he woke up and got his soul back, got his humanity back, got his empathy back. And he tells that story through tears.

So, for those of you that think that we’re not over the target, here and these people aren’t running the rat lines and the pedo rings and the bribery and the Epstein and the Wexner blackmail schemes, we’re just scratching the tip of the iceberg.

Mark: That’s right, so you have this German ownership of this house, right next door to Epstein and this German Marshall Fund’s involved with Epstein’s blackmail ring that involves Peter Mandelson. Peter Mandelson wants Britain to be part of Europe, and so he’s in the perfect position to extract blackmail materials from what was happening in Epstein’s house, supply them to German intel, so that Britain would be forever subordinate to Marshall Fund.

I’ll try and get onto the murder of some of these journalists, now, because this is taking up a lot of time.

Sean: Well, and there’s been a long list of dead bankers, too; suicided bankers, bankers falling out of windows, bankers falling off the top of JP Morgan’s building, I think in London. I mean, if you want to touch on any of that, please do.

Mark: I’ll just say on the subject of London, there have been a number of publications as of late that have shown that Russian oligarchs are using the British judiciary to launder money. So what they do is sue each other and then they settle out of court. And when they settle, the settlement is stamped with the judge’s seal.

And what that does is create a legal flow of money from one oligarch to another, and in the case of this Oleg chap, and Michael Cherney, that was settled in the British Court of appeal – who runs the British Court of Appeal? Lord Chief Justice Burnett –  so, his name crops again, in the money-laundering.

So, the Appeal Court was facilitating the money-laundering of those two men, Burnett would have known about it. Burnett would have known that these two people got their money illicitly and were just playing games with the judiciary to create a fake paper trail.

Now, Jain’s crimes go well beyond being a LIBOR kingpin – well beyond the gold- and silver-rigging – and even well beyond the laundering of money for Epstein’s blackmail operation. So, we’ve got a number of dead bankers, all of whom appear to be suicided, you know, with wounds like you’d find on Epstein.

One leaves a note of apology but the details on that note are whitewashed in the coroner’s inquest. Let me go into details, here. Okay let’s start with [Thomas] Bowers. He was a banker associated with Trump. There’s obviously a fake suicide but Bowers had been on Epstein’s island and he was a Deutsche Banker, so he would have known about the Deutsche Bank money-laundering operation.

He was in direct control of Anshu Jain, so he ends up suicided and then all of the mainstream says, “Well, he was helping to lend money to Trump, so Trump must be responsible,” and there’s absolutely no mention of his relationship with Jain and Epstein or the Deutsche Bank money-laundering for Epstein.

Once you realize what was going on, then you know that the blame –  some of the blame, some of the suspicion should have gone on to Jain. Far more should have gone to Jain than on to Trump. Trump was just borrowing money. How Deutsche Bank underwrote that in its own systems was up to Deutsche Bank. Just because a bank lends you money, does that does not mean that you’re incriminated for what the bank does with that money.

We all have a relationship with the banks and we’re not all guilty and I see almost no link, at all, linking Trump to the death of Bowers, other than Bowers being connected with his banking.

Now, there’s a Judge Esther Salas; she was handed a lawsuit, in which Deutsche Bank executives, John Cryan and Christian Sewing were both alleged to have been insiders on the money-laundering for Epstein. I think that is an absolutely atrocious lawsuit. I contacted the lawyers and I asked them why they didn’t put Jain’s name on the list of defendants, because Jain was involved with Deutsche Bank, at the very same year that they started laundering for Epstein.

So, Jain would have been would have had principal responsibility, and even after Epstein was sentenced to prison for a year, Jain is still facilitating the deals with him. Now, suppose Salas, reading that lawsuit, she asked the same basic questions that I did: she puts times and dates to the times and dates of the appointments of the directors and then asks the plaintiff why Jain’s name wasn’t on the list and that would give Jain every reason to want to see her dead.

And sure enough, there’s some kind of assassination attempt [against Judge Salas] that’s botched and her husband and son allegedly killed by someone who appears with a gunshot wound to his head. They call that “suicide” and that someone had strong links to Deutsche Bank and Epstein.

I don’t know exactly who shot her Husband and son but I do know that the lawsuit that she sits on that is corrupt as Hell – and the lawyers on the defense, the lawyers for the plaintiffs know that they know: that Jain’s name has been stripped off.

So, Jain appears to be immune to any kind of civil litigation, in comparison to Trump. Trump seems vulnerable to litigation. He lost litigation against Deutsche Bank – so Jain appears to be politically more powerful than Trump. He has more immunity.

Now, there’s a whole slew – I won’t go into it all here, because we’re probably running out of time – but there’s a slew of Deutsche Bank lawyers, they all have these strange stories, where they die, they’ve all known about the LIBOR manipulation, they’ve all answered to Jain and they end up suicided – and Jain gets away, with absolutely no suspicion – and BaFan’s field agents explicitly named BaFan for manipulating the LIBOR rates, and all of these people involved with LIBOR end up dead – and no one in the media asks Jain for his opinion; asked jane for comment. Nobody. They asked the other bankers for comments but not Anshu Jain.

Sean: All right, friends. I decided to stop it, right there, because it’s so much to digest. I mean, who’d ever even heard of Anshu Jain and why isn’t the Mainstream Media asking the relevant questions of this man?

Well, I think we all know the answer to that. And in Part Two, we go even deeper, getting into so many of these suicided banksters, so stay tuned for Part Two. I’ll post that on Monday night.

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  • Thank you, Alexandra, for transcribing this video because I missed getting to view it and now I see that it’s been removed from YouTube. I haven’t checked yet to see if it’s been posted on other platforms. Again, thank you for all you do for your viewers.

  • So much information here and the Lutnick connection interests me. Another lucky survivor and key figure who was miraculously running late on 9/11 as was his sister and the owner of the towers & his children. Did they all get the J call from Howard Koch as Al Franken did? When I saw Lutnick interviewed soon after he didn’t seem authentic to me. I also recall that CF’s London office was able to bring the affected trading markets back online within days. How fortunate that their European operations had purchased hundreds of new computers in the weeks leading up to 9/11. Billionaire Lutnick also profited financially from the attacks, winning $135 million in a lawsuit against American Airlines.

  • This is so much to take in wow ummm I started learning about the Bankers in March roughly 7 month’s ago so it’s all very new to me as well as terrifying. With that being said there is absolutely nothing at all we can do about what is happening?
    I know this group as the Bankers so that’s what I will call them even though there’s different ones from different places. The Bankers run the whole world don’t they? And we the people are SOL?
    Will the United States be controlled by China soon?
    If so how would China go about making Patriots follow their rules? Kill us all? One more thing before I go. Can you recommend some of the videos for me so I can Have a better understanding. There are so many names so many people involved and I’m sure the dates date way way back there’s no doubt but I think I need to have a better understanding of some basics.
    Thank You

  • What would they do if 100,000 deplorables purchased as much bitcoin as they could between now and the economic tipping point and then wrote sell orders for 100% of it at the same time to crash bitcoin exactly at the vulnerable moment?

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