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The “novel coronavirus”, SARS-CoV-2 has two components, 1) The Spike Protein, a bioweapon which was originally developed at Fort Detrick. This work was continued by Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and; 2) The Coronavirus, another bioweapon developed in China by the People’s Liberation Army.

Chinese refugee virologist, Dr Yan Li-Meng has claimed for over a year that the backbone of this virus was developed by the Chinese military (PLA) and that it is based on the Zhoushan bat coronavirus, which she has referred to as “ZC45” and “ZXC21”.

The Fauci emails reveal that the NIH, the Pentagon and – now, we learn, Google – financed the merging of these two elements, the spike protein with the virus (aka “Gain of Function”) at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, through Peter Daszak’s NGO, EcoHealth Alliance.


Currently, there’s a public debate as to whether or not the CCP virus was released by accident or on purpose, although most agree that the CCP purposefully allowed the virus to spread. These points are a diversion, because it’s clear that the Globalists, i.e., the UN, World Economic Forum, Big Pharma, big banks, Fortune 1000 Companies and Bill Gates colluded with the CCP in this bioterrorism campaign as a pretext for the Great Reset and for “vaccinating the entire planetary population.”

To blame everything on China is nonsense, albeit politically expedient for those who wish to take down the CCP, like members of the Chinese Whistleblower Movement. Both the CCP and the economic elite stood to gain, longterm from the deliberate collapsing of the West and from the global depopulation agenda. The bankster Cabal and the CCP are collaborators in this mass genocide project.

In this video, Clif High begins by explaining that the Globalists engineered the spike protein in order to conduct mass genocide. He has reversed his previous opinion that Xi Jinping is being scapegoated by the Globalists. He now believes that Xi was in on the mass genocide project, all along. He cites a speech given by Xi in November 2019, which made a huge splash on the Chinese Deep Web, in which Xi said, “At the end of this [unspecified], CHINA, [written all large] will be more prosperous. All Chinese people in China will be more prosperous when the end arrives.”

Clif says, “If that were to be true, China would have to accumulate more stuff from the rest of the world…And within China, the idea is even more disconcerting, because the only way one Chinese can be more prosperous in China is going to be if there’s a lot fewer Chinese to divide up the stuff…and I think it [Xi’s statement] directly related to the virus and what was to come, so I think Xi was part of it. Initially, I thought it was done to screw him.”

He says Chinese scientists attached the spike protein to a prior virus but in 2015, they discovered that this was an inadequate delivery mechanism. “In 2016 – a year later – we hear the head of Fauci’s chief of production [Peter Daszak] bragging in a video that they had attached the spike protein to a coronavirus…They’d tried another virus that had crapped-out on them in 2015 and they had to re-engineer it to the [Zhoushan bat] coronavirus in 2016…

“The coronavirus was used because they were under the impression, after tests done on the Uyghurs in 2015 and 2016 that they could use the coronavirus to good effect, because it appeared to be more than ‘majority-population-effective’.

“They were under the impression that their…COVID-19 would…disable or kill more than the majority of the population, based on the results they had, testing it on the Uyghur population.” But it turns out the Uyghur prisoners were very susceptible because they’re Sun-avoiders [low Vitamin D] and they have poor nutrition.

He says, “Some time between 2016 and 2019, they discovered that CV-19 would not be effective and in 2019, they presented the very first samples or tests of the mRNA vaccine with the spike. And that was presented to Fauci’s crew in 2019. So sometime between 2016 and 2019, that phase of the plot was hatched; that phase of the global depopulation plot that I’m discussing here, now.”

They’d figured out by 2016 that they needed another approach for populations with adequate levels of Vitamin D and that’s when it was decided that it would be done via injection.

“Once you’re inoculated, you become a spike protein-producing, a vaccine-producing machine…If you get enough shots in you, you’ll produce spike proteins and you’ll infect everyone around you…You become the node for the supposed killing approach…

“Whether you get it from the virus or you get it from the shot, the spike protein is what’s causing the problems. We now know from autopsies that the spike protein travels and it gets in all your organs and it concentrates in the testes, the ovaries, the liver, the spleen, the endothelial layer inside the blood vessels, the heart…the brain. It gets throughout your organs but it concentrates in those that are replete, replenished with heavy blood supply; so, your gonads. Your stomach, not so much, because the stomach is only active when you’re digesting stuff. Your brain, yeah, you get a lot of spike protein, because you pump a lot of blood through your brain…

“So now, we’re learning that their chosen delivery method is actually the shot, so the shot, itself is part of the bioterrorism war that’s now being waged…

China is now inoculating with their own vaccine, the Sinovac, which is widely criticized in the Death Cult (Mainstream Media) as “ineffective”. He says, “Maybe what is making the Moderna and Pfizer so deadly, and then, the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson following behind that – and then, Sinovac behind that, maybe that whole progression comes from the mRNA in a mono-polar magnetic bubble by virtue of SPIONS, (Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles). Maybe that’s so effective at moving the spikes around you…


Clif says we are in war of the power elite against the rest of us. “It’s not a nation-state thing, it’s not a race war, like the Commies and the Wokians want. It’s the power elite vs the rest of us. They opened the war, they attacked us, it’s their plan, they’ve duped lots of people. Now, a lot of the people they’ve duped are starting to wake up.”

We’re starting to see doctors and lawyers sue the establishment and this will eventually overwhelm the legal system, because all of the lower level minions who support the power elite took the vaxx. Though they haven’t previously “informed on their own suffering, for fear of ‘looking like a Conservative’…those people are starting to turn on the power elite, they’re starting to wake up and many of them are starting to realize, from the magnetism and all of this, just how damaged they are.”

In this war, we will see mass deaths and injuries, which will affect inheritance and labor pools. Clif reminds us of the Black Death, which killed one third of the population of Europe, which had the effect of knocking-out the feudal system. Likewise, he says, “We’re going to have a different kind of social order emerge as this bioterrorism war goes through humanity at this time, and it’s going to have many of the same kinds of effects as we have seen in death of empire and great plagues.”

He estimates that those rendered sterile will probably outnumber the dead and injured and this overall cohort will favor the Progressives, college-educated and white people. He says, “We may breed out Progressivism, Leftism and Communism, simply because they’re not going to be able to have children and so many of them will die.”


Clif then gets into the actuarial aspect of the genocide. It’s being said that 1/7th of the world population has been vaxxed, which is about 1 billion people. He says if only 10% die from the vaxx, that will mean around 100 million people will die, worldwide. In a previous video, he has referred to the vaccine having “different batches”, accounting for the different kinds of side effects and the cases with no adverse reactions, at all.

“All kinds of inflation issues change…real estate becomes real cheap, because you have 100 million less people looking for it; hundred million less people needing washers, dryers, food, etc. This is gonna happen over these next few years. And they wanted it much larger. It’s only going to be something between 100 million and a billion…

“Let’s look at the effect on deflation. That’s a deflationary event, if a hundred million people are gone. And this affects everything, in terms of the financials. And it transmits money all around; people with money are gonna die, there’s gonna be inheritance being sent to people – those people are going to die…a lot of money will go back to the State, because there won’t be anybody in a inheritance chain to pick it up…it’s gonna be unlike any kind of normal event…

“We’re already seeing this, for instance, in the rumors that are coming out now about British Airlines, where they say 80% of their pilots and flight crews have taken the vaxx. And so, if that’s the case, then they’ve only have the other 20% to rely on, because the 80% is gonna go real quick and it’s gonna go exceptionally quick, if you take these people that are now prone to blood clots and you stick them up, at high altitudes, and you keep ’em there for a long time and you’re gonna kill them off, in essence.

“And so, maybe also, you’ve killed-off all of the airline industry. Like, globally.”


An example of the latter, says Clif is Charlie Ward, promoting this QFS and NESARA/GESARA stuff. He says Ward has admitted to taking underage girls to Jimmy Savile’s Top of the Pops TV show. Clif refers to Ward as a “money launderer” and a “pathological liar” and a “disinfo agent”, which he says is also true of Simon Parkes, saying “Simon Parkes is pumping up QFS like mad, now.”

He says anybody who is visibly pumping out disinformation should be warned that we are coming into a point where, “Actively, it will be seen that the MSM has been in war, on the side of the elite, against the whole population and the individuals within the media will be held personally liable, personally culpable for their actions, in spreading the disinfo.

“Once they’re eliminated, once they’re dealt with, in terms of once the population has gotten their anger out on the Mainstream Media and it doesn’t exist anymore, then other disinfo agents will be the next natural target.”

Clif says that even the States’ vote audits are a distraction from the central fact of the war, which is that we’ve been poisoned – as much as the election theft is a big part of the war.

“So when they start pumping the audit and throwing Biden under the bus – and Harris and all of that – then you know that the next thing that’s going to break out is the reality of the ‘vaxxed and the spiked’, because that will be one of the last things that they’ll use as a distraction, trying to whip us up, totally diverted away from the fact that we’ve been poisoned…Humanity has been poisoned by a very small part of humanity… 

“The celebrities, the power elite and everyone – they’re gone. They’re going to disappear – and it’s not because of some Charlie Ward bullshit saying they’ve been killed. It’s not because of Simon Parkes saying they’re in Gitmo, OK? There’s only so many f***ing cells down there, guys, you’ve already got it populated with like 20,000 people or something.


“None of that is true. It’s because they’re hiding out. The smart ones know that the backlash is coming and that, when this backlash comes, it will be pitchforks, it will be shotguns. It won’t be tar and feathers. It won’t be ‘allowed to live and just simply retire off somewhere’. So Fauci is not going to be simply able to retire. If he were to retire anywhere, could he go shopping? Could he get out of his house? Could he walk down any street, anywhere in the United States and not fear for his life?…

“We’re going to see a destruction of the social order on many levels but it’s not going to be on the levels engineered by the power elites, because, I think to a great extent, timing and circumstance and personalities have interfered, in that the power elite have been hoisted on their own petard by Universe.

“And as we move into July, we will see the panic. It’s already starting to show up…By the time we get into July, you will not be able to look at the Mainstream Media in any way, shape or form, or any other representatives without seeing some signs of panic, whether they’re gritting their teeth to hide it or not, these people are going to be in a constant state of panic…

“Be well. Prepare for any kind of weird-ass reaction from the Powers-That-Be. They may, indeed try and shut off the power grid in certain places. They will certainly try and bring down all of the information sources and keep you in the dark…We may be reduced, for some time to just local radio for getting the news, because the Powers-That-Be are going to start f***ing with the internet but they can’t do it too much, for too long because that is the source of their power (laughs), so they can’t really turn it off!

“We’re at war. Don’t be a casualty.”


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Hey Clif. Could you address vaccine placebos? Are you getting data showing that some of the injections are placebos? I know some humans who got the Moderna injections, whom are quite fragile, and so far, appear to be symptom free.

  • One of the blessings of this catastrophic event is that the morons and shills are showing themselves by promoting the deadly bioweapon. Here are a few examples:

    E Tolle (Save your $$…his books say nothing)
    Deepak Chopra
    Sadguru (when you need to use the term guru in your name….that is a clue that you are not a guru)

    God Bless

  • Thank you, Clif. I absolutely love your work a d your spicy personality. Your methods are phenomenal. I knew about the agenda since March 2020. It was obvious upon lockdowns. I am called names and lost many friends along the way. They are CCP Potato BLieden Fake Presidency supporters and jabberwicky fans, so there is grrat potential they will become brown shirts ….at some point….so its a cleaning house necessity. Anyhow, I appreciate your info. You are in alignment with my medical intuitive work. I use you to validate my findings. God Bless.

  • Hey Clif. Any insight when/how Fraudchi and Ghates will go to jail? Is so long overdue. I want to plan my celebration. Get the Dom Perignom on ice.

  • God Bless Clif High and all the truthers/researchers out here. We are searching for truth. We are uncovering false flags….evil plans…stolen elections….fake wars….controlled weather….medical tyranny…etc. And none of us will stop until we expose them all and justice is served. I feel the powerful energy of truth….here and beyond.

    We are warriors. All walking down the road together towards a better life.

    May all the evil F**__ckers be fully exposed quickly and sent to camp Gitmo and/or the 6 foot hole in the ground.

    We have all been abused for far too long. Far too long. We are good humans. We deserve freedom, abundance, and peace.

    Keep on keeping on…..

  • Manchurian Obama funded the Gain of Function studies w the CCP. The deep state/cabal/illuminatI (whatever term you want to use) released the bioweapons upon humanity. I don’t believe it’s a virus. It’s parasitic w bacterial properties. If you study “germ” theory versus terrain theory…it’s self evident that Louis Pasteur was a Charleton and Anoinne Belchamps terrain theory was correct, but that would not allow big pharma to abuse humanity with its cycles of illness and treatment. Big pharma is Rockefeller controlled. Nasty at its core. The inventor of all illnesses.

    Klaus Schuab, G Soros, Obama, HRC…etc are all mobsters. They are abusing humanity on multiple fronts. Obama and HRC use the Saul Alinski playbook. At the root, these subhumans are all devil/BAAL worshippers. They do horrid things to children. None should be free to walk amongst humanity.

    Blackmail is their currency. HRC has a death arm with a far reach. The Durham Report tells a lot. Where if it?

    Bliden is a brain dead clone. He is being puppeted by Bathhouse Barrie. Big Mike wears lipstick and a dress, but he is no woman. Although the dedo share magazines often post photos of him, as a her.

    Everything is a lie. The deep state is vile and expansive.

    We need to save the children and lock up as many of these dregs on society

    Save the Children. Save the Children. Save the Chikdren.

    May the truth free is from this evil.

  • Thank you Clif. Your scientific method results often match up my telepathic research. You are a valuable resource. Grateful for you and your work.

  • Who is this man? I don’t see his name or credentials. I’d like to know before I pass this on to others.

    • Just some guy who is up to speed with a magnetic Marker Board he got on sale. You need to look up Judy Mikovits PHD or Dr. Carrie Madej

    • Clif High. He has been around a long time. He studies trends by analyzing words on the Internet with a sophisticated computer program. He knows his stuff. He is spot on and thousands of doctors will agree with him. Check him out on Bitchute.

  • No one has isolated and purified this “virus”, so why are all these accusations flying? It still has not been proven. And in the mean time, they were going through the nursing homes giving the elderly a quadravent flu shot, that contained 4 times the amount of crap than they were giving to the rest of the population. But no one brings that up. No one asks why mike osterholm at CIDRAP ordered synthetic N1 and N2 genes from a lab in iowa, or why he received the first call about this “pandemic”,and how they came up with the pcr test. And the primers and probes all came from the same gene lab that he got the synthetic genes from, the EXACT same genes that were being tested for. That the gates foundation, the nih, the cdc, the fda, mayo clinic, and CIDRAP all move money between each other. Osterholm has been central in all of this. How was he testing pigs for this in 2003?
    I’d like to mention while I’m spilling some of my research that Osterholm is very much a deep state swamp creature that sits on many committees, he’s also the advisor to the who, cdc,fda,nih,and the presidents, and also sits on the council of foreign relations.
    He is active in many more simulations and table top exercises than fraudci or gates. Hes done Atlantic Storm, Clade X, emerging and infectious disease with the CDC, Spars 2025-2028, every single one they do at Rockefeller, Carnagie and john hopkins.
    If anyone needs investigation its him, he always sneaks under the wire.
    He laughed and bragged about spraying malathion on 45,000 acres, and 208 towns in Minnesota leading up to a “meningitis” outbreak where he got to quarantine a population in Minnesota, and come up with a “vaccine” and play the savior while maiming and killing college kids in Mankato.
    These creatures all work together, they collaborate, they launder money through their foundations. CDC, who, nih, mayo and fda, are not government agencies, they are all 501c3, for profit agencies. And they all have their very own foundations, and they all hold patents on the same stuff they are killing us with!
    I hope someone researches this like I have, but the sad part is, no one will go to prison. We the people will still be “conspiracy theorists”, and enemies of the state for telling the truth.
    I’m so done with all this crap, I hate even looking at email, news, anything…….It got old quick when no one is doing anything, and won’t. That’s why we’re in the position we’re in now!!!

    • I read you loud and clear and I, too, have done my homework from ALL angles…from covid to chemtrails, politics, and beyond. Already 600 hrs involved, reading, seeing and listening. I’m tired and must retire to simple vegetable gardening to clear my mind. Accurate post!

    • That is why Cliff said , these people will be shot on site by people who have nothing to lose when they realize these doctors have poisoned them

      • These criminals will be the walking dead. Once people realize there is no going back and that their lives are now meaningless, they will have nothing more to loose other than take out those that purposely created this evil pandemic. That will include your normal MD and MP that was bought and paid for by big Pharma to sell this hoax to an innocent patient.

        A time bomb ready to explode in a very short period of time. The consequences will be felt for decades to come. I sincerely hope that all those responsible for this crime against humanity will be exposed, indicted and face public execution . People will not accept anything else.

    • I agree Shannon, I don’t believe there is a virus even though some nefarious people tried to create one. The culling is the injection. To me the good news is that the filth at the top(like fat on a cooling broth) is becoming more and more visible. Their narrative is crumbling. They will run away to hide in remote places with a portion of their material wealth, they may survive but at least they will be gone!

    • Thank you Shannon. I agree w all you say. The swamp is vile….and deep and smelly. HRC…Nobama…and big Mike…Opra…Clooney…Pence…Kerry……are also heavily involved in the rampant fraud. They all hide under fake charitable organizations. They do horrid things to people. I think Karma is finally catching up. It’s time.

  • I did not know that the Chinese language doesn’t use pronouns. Hmmm. I find that very interesting in view of what is being done to the English language here in the USA. Isn’t the “woke” group encouraging the omission of pronouns like him, her, she, etc?

  • Glad Clif “has reversed his previous opinion that Xi Jinping is being scapegoated by the Globalists.” China’s Unrestricted Warfare has been going on for at least 3 decades. It is more like Clinton, Obama… together with the globalists laid the perfect grounds for the Unrestricted Warfare, especially getting China into WTO, and Xi is finishing it.

    The Chinese Whistleblower Movement folks have been blaming everything to CCP and pushing the narrative of CCP is not China, which is false. Confucianism and communism are perfect match. China is the most successful and powerful communist country in human history because of its culture. Confucianism is based on hierarhical social orders and ideal for totalitarian government.

    • The Bushes, the Clintons and the Obamas are all part and parcel of the same globalist cabal. This grand plan has been in the works for decades. Papa Bush was one of the club members that initiated this agenda. No wonder they were all shocked at his funeral when they received the famous letter.
      As far as the Chinese are concerned, it is part of their culture. They were born to be submissive and governed by brutal force. If you put the Kazarian mob together with the CCP you have a recipe for disaster. I cannot believe how gullible and ignorant people can be. They seem to be in a state of coma or under some hypnotic stance not to be able to see what is happening world wide. The coup d’tat which took place on November the 3rd, 2020 which was orchestrated by this cabal including those foreign powers determined to get President Trump out is so obvious that even a blind person could see what happened. Hopefully, justice will prevail in the end.

    • Obama is one of the most evil humans on the planet, along w Tedros, Birx, Soros, Queen Elizabeth, Pence, J Kerry, Pelosi, AOC, and others. These vile creatures should not walk among us. Their assets need to be seized and they need to thrown in jail or executed for crimes against humanity. We need to take back the world. And wake up more sleepers, although sadly, I think many of the sleepers chose the poison venom and may be soon departing.


    • Hello, Susan —
      I would like to know more about your comment about Simon Parkes. Do you have credible links to support your claim, please? – I have found his information resonates with me especially when first starting to research about this SCAMDEMIC over a year ago but I have heard negative comments – would just like to know the TRUTH for as a journalist doing best to only share TRUTHS, it’s important to vet sources, of course.
      I’m not challenging your claim, just wanting to verify – many thanks!

    • You have seen proof of this, or his word? Love Trump , but he should stand before peers in a court to explain his warp speed. Within days of his warp speed my research showed this vaccine to be a bio-weapon .Also, he had to right to kill that General of Iran with no due process, he should be charged for this also.

      • If that is your opinion about President Trump, take a moment and ponder on the thought of Hillary Clinton having won the election of 2016. Perhaps you were a fan of Hillary !!!!!!!!
        A terrorist is a terrorist. Does not matter how you paint him.
        If you do your research properly you may find out why Trump pushed the vaccine program at warp speed. Had he not done it before the election, the next administration would have mandated the vaccine to the world via the WHO and killed hundreds of millions. By having activated the emergency act and forced big Pharma to bring it out before November 2020, the vaccine could only be used on a voluntary basis because it was not properly researched and tested. Trump had no other choice. He had to bring it out before the election to snooker the cabal for their intentions would have been mass culling of the world’s population.

  • OKAY, as crazy as this may sound I am going to share what was said by “tapped” in individual regarding ridding the body of these “nano” particles …spiked protein. PURE ALFALFA…(.the food they feed small animals PUT into your HOT bath will attract the nano particles as they feed on protein. IF YOU PUT A BLACK LIGHT ON THE WATER… will see the nano particles leave your body and go straight to the alfalfa. Worth a try…..

    • Hi, Sandra – Your “crazy” info is supported by Dr. Christiane Northrup who recently shared this very method – I think when one THINKS it through, it seems perfectly logical – thanks for sharing!

  • Excellent Cliff….. the message is …Nothing but good coming our way…human’s will live again.. but i really would love to see the so called ELite on Pikes..So we know they and their ilk are removed.

  • Thanks to Clif High for making me feel so good about not getting spiked. Unfortunately, I have a “woke” son, and his wife who did and so even though they were the ones that stepped in the “doo doo” I’ll have to live with it too. I’m collecting lore on spike cure like I.V. NAC, saunas, of course, D and C. It would be nice if the agencies would make them “cease and desist” the spiking and it would be nice if “Big Harma” would publish the contents of their weaponry, but it helps to think of it as a war. At least their lawyers won’t let them. It’s a good time to get rid of the 1986 Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, the Patriot Act, and the FBI–at the very least the 1986 act.

  • My comment is more of a question . If the spike protein has an HIV component or envelope ( as they say) does that mean that anyone who has had Covid 19 or anyone who got the MRNA shot will have or test positive for HIV ? No one has really talked about that in any videos that I’ve seen or listened and I haven’t seen it mentioned on comments either –

    • Yes, some people have tested positive for HIV after they took the vaccine. In a previous video, Clif talked about there being different “batches” of the vaccine, which yield different side effects, as well as a significant percentage of the shots being “controls” or placebos, i.e., saline solution.

        • I don’t believe they are human. Queen Elizabeth is some kind of reptilian. That is not an area I delve deeply into, but in my psychic vision, I see her as a cannalistic reptile creature. Soros is operated by a team of demons. Zuckerberg is an AI puppet. I don’t sense there is any soul residing therein. He appears to be a clone of sorts. Crazy times. It’s great to be awake and aware, but living amongst normies can be exhausting.

  • Hi Alexandra!

    Here’s some legal tactics to use for situations like this:
    Depraved Indifference Law and Legal Definition USLegal, Inc.

    Depraved-heart murder – Wikipedia

    Reckless Endangerment Law and Legal Definition USLegal, Inc.

    Endangerment – Wikipedia

    …and don’t forget about the RICO Act

  • Very interesting..but why do you need to ssluuurp a drink while presenting?
    Made my teeth clench…some cultures don’t like this gross sound!

    • LOL, Just imagine you talking that amount with out something to lubricate your vocal cords.
      Not too difficulkt to understand why, now was it.

  • Thank you so much for the information you give us. I’m glad there are still some people in the world that are likeminded. We can’t give up. We have to keep fighting for our rights.

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