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    James Corbett’s latest documentary, ‘A Brief History of Hopium’ is a crowning achievement, parts of which will likely annoy avid Q followers.

    Skipping over Bill Clinton, who is literally The Man from Hope, it starts with the Obama Op and the unlikely rise of a one-term Illinois State Congressman. Using footage of the Obama Campaign and Inauguration, Corbett reminds us of how “The religious frenzy that Obama’s appearance on the national political stage caused was, in retrospect, undeniably strange.”

    Then, he points out how Trump ran on the very same “Deus Ex Machina” concept.

    Corbett then goes in for the kill, absolutely savaging the Q movement, many of its exponents of whom I’ve featured here over the years, like the X22 Report, the SGT Report, Praying Medic and Steve Pieczenik, as examples of extreme hopium – if not a targeted counterinsurgency program and a replay of the Soviet’s Operation Trust.

    Trust Sessions

    Trust Grassley

    Trust POTUS


    Corbett says, “Q also rallied people, time and time again to support the policies, operations and personnel of the very Deep State they were supposedly fighting against. Suddenly, Jeff Sessions, Bill Barr, John Bolton and other longtime members of the political establishment were the Good Guys in this elaborate drama…

    “But even beyond the pacification of those who would otherwise be resisting the Government, the ‘Q Army’ of Digital Soldiers provided the very foil that the Deep State needed to move to the next step of their counterinsurgency program: the crackdown on domestic terrorism.

    “And now, after years of being told to ‘Get the Popcorn!’ and ‘Enjoy the Show!’ the QAnon movement is slowly beginning to realize that they were had.

    “Worse, the very intelligence agencies and military that they had so fervently hoped would swoop in and save the day are the very agencies swooping in to round them up.”

    Corbett is not a complete cynic. He says rightly that, “Nothing will change until we stop ‘enjoying the show’ and realize that we are not spectators watching history unfold from the sidelines. We are history’s actors and, propelled by genuine hope, we can and will change the world.”

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    • Yeah, hope was not a way to end the war in Afghanistan,close Guantanamo or change healthcare for the better. None of that actually occurred.

      And sometimes change just brings corruption, like Mexican arms to the drug runners, Benghazi’s nightmare, or building a moat for the border problem (sar) and then seguing to open borders to meet your new neighbor policy. Not even the famed beer summit made a difference come Ferguson time.

      Oh well, all’s well that teaches well.

    • I have not heard of James Corbett until this documentary/commentary. A cursory google search of the man yielded information that labeled him a “conspiracy theorist” but in this commentary, he renounces a popular “conspiracy”. It sounds like he is trying, among other things, to debunk Q. I am a Christian whose ultimate hope is in God believing that this Earth is not all there is. But while I am here, I also want to have hope , not in Presidents, but the rule of law. And the rule of law is disintegrating before our very eyes. It is no wonder we want hopium when there is no justice. Many keep looking for justice. Turning to the 2020 election, I have seen enough reports of election fraud to convince me there was something fishy and there is no justice. Those who had the power to rectify the situation did not. I don’t have any faith it will be rectified if the audits provide more proof. It is difficult for citizens to accept the lawlessness and want hopium very much so they can sleep a little at night and get up the next day and live in this fallen republic.

    • Any idea what it means, in the context in which it was originally said, to “wait till you see the whites of their eyes.”?

      You’re standing there with a weapon you cannot possibly reload before being overrun and your leader is commanding you to hold your fire.

      Do you obey or break ranks?

      Chaos will result when the 80 % blow a gasket. That’s what the DS is waiting on. It depends on it.

      Fuck the Deep State.

      It’s not about reinstating Trump. It’s about knocking down this international EVIL.

    • I would agree with a lot of this narrative , but not everything… I definitely agree that there are, and for a very long time have been, psyops on both side of the isle. I agree that we should individually be pro-active in standing for what we believe in and speaking out for what we want for our people, instead of weakly depending on someone or some group to save us. We are sovereign beings with our own power and we need to own it and to stand up straight and act on it. We as humans, in a very tricky time in history, (emphasis on “tricky”) definitely need to do our own research and take no one’s word for anything, especially what is circulated by politics and the relentless, repetitious poundings of ideas over and over by blatantly biased media outlets. Refuse to trust any source that tries to tell us what to think and feel about something. If its called “news” then just give us the facts please, and some documentation to check for ourselves. No commentary in the news is necessary or wanted. There are other commentary shows for that. And who is fact checking the fact checkers? … We, as sovereign beings can and must think for ourselves, and look to our hearts to discern what we instinctually feel is truth or whether its intended coercion. Pay attention to what we see with our eyes, feel with our hearts, and question the validity of what is being commented that we did not actually witness. Question everything. This is how we protect ourselves from being hoodwinked by controlling intentions. Its a fact that the human mind can be manipulated, the heart however knows the feel of truth. Run everything by the heart. … The statement in the video that “…Trump did not take down the swamp… (as he promised)” as well as some other statements, I think are incomplete. He forgot the word, “yet”. … For those of us who have been analytically watching, regardless of political party preference, and who are not taking someone’s commentary as absolute truth, who are fully realizing that lies can be mixed in with some truth to slide them by, and who are tuning in to our guts and researching for ourselves, we know that there are big things going on behind the scenes. We have not yet seen a definitive conclusion of what has been moving and shaking the past four + years. And really, if we are just simply paying attention, an awful lot of sensing something really big is going on, some really big unprecedented changes coming, can be based on just simple common sense, – that is, common sovereign empowered human sense. Trust nature to stabilize us to get us back to our full senses- nature doesn’t lie. Trust our deep selves and our instincts. And never, never give up hope! Hope is vital to human existence. Don’t listen to those who try to distinguish hope. Stay focused on the positive that we want to happen. Let everyone seek truth as a priority and come to his own conclusions. And please lets use the powerful truth-finding tools we humans were born with. Lets pull the truth cleanly out like never before in our history.

    • In the world of Intelligence you can trust no one! That’s one of the first lessons they teach and they mean it! This article clarified many things I knew in the pit of my being! Thank you!

    • The latest hopium is the vaccine hoax. Yes, put your faith in Big Pharma and the CDC, WHO to save you. Thanks James…another awesome video.

    • God wins. No times designated by Q. Anons just predicted. Recall Q asked What if Trump lost? This guy will be surprised. Even child trafficking rebralrd and truth emerging every. Look ay Chinese top intel defector. How do you prove crimes and foreign intervention jappened, crimes against humanity? Thos man has mo real insight or faith

    • I have been watching and learning from James’s video content for many years now. There are numerous good points to make regarding his productions but one that I would like to highlight that, for me, through consuming James’s work, is self evident, is that James has no goal to be liked or be popular. Instead, his goal is to be honest, accurate and truthful regardless of whether the facts are popular or not.

      IMO, A Brief History of Hopium is what we really need right now. The easiest person for anyone to fool is oneself. This information about hopium that James has assembled and presented, can be utilized to help one turn their attention from what seems to be an external world and instead look within and engage in some honest self-inquiry focusing on the subject of hopium.

      • Rather than gaze at my navel, I’m transplanting pok choi and zucchini squash, replanting spinach and Swiss chard that didn’t take because of the heat, watching Arizona, listening to Pieczenik, Flynn, Tenpenny, McCollough, Clif High and Juan…I’m pissed, I’m ready and I’m fucking disciplined!

    • There was a socialist revolution ff trap about to be sprung for America. Trump Q etc took the sizzle out of that just in time. I think that was the point of Q

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