Dr. Steve Pieczenik Returns, Claims Trump Is Still President

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We are living in a battle of narratives. The dominant narrative is the false one about the January 6th “storming” of the Capitol, which journalist, James Grundvig describes as a “Swiss Army knife”, an all-purpose false flag event feeding scripted Globalist talking points about rising “right wing extremism” and “white supremacism”, all of it channeled from the latest publications of the UN and the World Economic Forum.

January 6th is being used as another 9/11 event to ram through a new Patriot Act on steroids, one of beyond-dystopian police state controls and a boondoggle for defense contractors bidding on methods to turn the entire country – and cyberspace – into a massive virtual TSA screening area.

And here to push this through on Tuesday was Robert Grenier. Grenier was the Director of the CIA Counterterrorism Center under George W Bush and prior to that, the CIA Station Chief in Pakistan, where he helped plan covert operations in support of the US invasion of Afghanistan, as part of the Northern Alliance Liaison Team which landed in Afghanistan 15 days after 9/11.

Grenier wrote a New York Times article last week and was on NPR on Tuesday, comparing Trump supporters to al Qaeda and ISIS and how Trump voters need to be treated as an insurgency, requiring counterinsurgency tactics similar to those used in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In his article, Grenier wrote, “We may be witnessing the dawn of a sustained wave of violent insurgency within our own country, perpetrated by our own countrymen and without national action, extremists who seek a social apocalypse … are capable of producing endemic political violence of a sort not seen in this country since Reconstruction.”

Never mind that throughout much of the year, extreme-Left BLM/Antifa have overtaken police precincts, set up “CHAZ” Autonomous Zones in the middle of cities, burned down thousands of businesses and caused billions of dollars of damage.


Newly sworn-in Biden Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin is ordering a military “stand-down” to discuss right wing extremism in its ranks, after it was revealed that current and former servicemen took part in the so-called “Capitol riot”. Each branch of the military will be required to hold talks on the issue in the next 60 days.

Austin’s tweet on Wednesday afternoon tells you all you need to know about what a total Globalist puppet he is: “As Secretary, one of my very top priorities is to do everything in my power to combat COVID-19. To that end, I released a memo today providing updated military guidance on the use of face coverings and masks, social distancing, and other health measures.”

Biden has called troops to Syria and there’s an extremely tense situation with China and Taiwan but Secretary Austin has chosen to launch demoralization campaigns across all military branches, with superfluous discussions of COVID masks and the threat of white supremacism.

The Joint Chiefs displayed their own Globalist loyalties by unanimously approving of Austin’s decisions, leaving little hope that the military is anything but captured and that basically, China and the Globalists have taken over every facet of the US government and military.


But yesterday afternoon, Steve Pieczenik was back on the Alex Jones show, where he TRIPLED down on his previous statements, that we are in a military coup against the fake Biden administration and that the arrests of Pelosi, Biden, Hunter Biden, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell and others are imminent.

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  • Alex, I think the CIA talk about you may be true just saying followed you for awhile and your last good interviews were on coast to coast. 2018 maybe. But keep the pressure up but not a good look I am here for the guest not your views…

  • Alex, I just simply don’t enjoy your show. You interrupt and insult your guests. I used to like your show. I don’t know what happened. Why are you so blind to what is actually going on? Ask yourself that question. God is good and will always win. Steve Pieczenik is smart and has great insight. I pray that you and your viewers can just see that nothing seems normal about the so called inauguration. Nothing is even close to NORMAL if Biden was actually President.

  • Well, Alex: I am not a military strategist but I do understand exactly what President Trump is doing, the farmer losses hens to the fox, farmer catches fox and cages her, then releases the fox to find out its lier, now the farmer eliminates the whole brode, No more lost hens!!

  • Alex: don`t you understand, you don`t send a copy of your troop advancements to the enemy, you let them expose themselves to show their weakness and their strengths THAN YOU MAKE YOUR MOVE, IT IS CALLED PROGRESSIVE ENCOUNTER STRATEGY!!!

  • Dr Steve Peaceofshitnik is trying to laugh out loud to the gullible people who believed his psy op wonkery to begin with.

  • AJ, The good Lord gave you two ears and only one mouth. Use them proportionately. Sometimes you TALK TOO MUCH!

  • Shouldn’t Dr. Pieczenik call this a “military countercoup”? The actual coup was executed by the election steal of 2020 putting the fake “President” Joe Biden in office (NOT in the WH, but in a Castle Rock Productions studio in Hollywood). The military and President Trump are trying to CORRECT this!

  • Steve Pieczenik has missed the boat a number of times (who hasn’t?) but he has had his good moments! Call it wishful thinking, but it sounds as credible as most other stuff we have found on INFOWARS. Certainly, the fact that Trump and his family are STILL ALIVE suggests strongly that the DS Cabal does not have everything their own way. Does AJ or SP know everything? Some of the things said about “Q” are real howlers!
    The bad guys also have their problems! Nothing can keep the truth from Americans everywhere that they preside over a phony government, a FAKE How president, and with nothing but FAKE NEWS!
    He is probably spot-on in his narrative here. I trust Trump and his people more than Biden.

  • Of all the alternative media platforms, why would Dr. Pieczenik chose Infowars to make important announcement such as these? Alex Jones isn’t just having big and loud mouth but just outloud rude with his remarks. There are other platforms that can deliver Dr. P message with more respect and effectiveness.

    • Jo1515 is hitting the mark! Indeed, he’s been quite upfront for being an agent of disinformation, a manager of information warfare, about being sheer and utter scum of the earth. Pieczenik answers to Kissinger. Pretty easily sourced at this point. Brendon O’Connell goes into who he is in great detail in “Rats in the Ranks” on his channel: Brendon O’Connell ll. As for an article, here’s one that was easily found within a 30 second googling: “I’ve always been suspicious of Pieczenik ever since he started appearing on the Alex Jones show. He simply claims too much. He claims to be an insider within the deepest regions of government military operations, and yet on the side of Alex Jones and those who believe in the globalist conspiracy. You can be a former insider and come to a belief in the conspiracy (maybe) but you can’t be both at the same time—unless you are a disinformation agent and someone who makes things up… ” https://lipstick-and-war-crimes.org/myth-white-hats-busted-steve-pieczenik-disinformation-agent/

  • I agree with Alex Jones and I’m beginning to think Steve Pieczenik is full of shit (i.e. his own ego). Like Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Trump fiddled while America burned. Trump had the power to crush ANTIFA, BLM and the Democrat party and he chose to fiddle instead. All Trump needed to do was to ask himself, “what would Lincoln do” and act accordingly. He chose to do nothing. Just like the Durham investigation (now a report), it was supposed to be ready back in December of 2019, then spring of 2020, then summer, then fall, then before the election, then befor the first of the year. Now it’s February 2021 and it’s still not done, and the Durham investigation? It’s been downgraded to a report and we may never see it. I hope and pray I’m wrong on this but, I think this has been all a show and I suspect Alex Jones feels the same.

    As far as Law Enforcement is concerned, all they care about is their pentions and they’ll shoot us down in a heartbeat. Blue live’s don’t matter.

    • absolutely he is,but very dangerous one,still many sheeple,especially from the Q-Anon Psyop believe in him

  • Lots of disinformation being splashed around the internet but, definitely confirmed to me, that I really can’t listen to Alex anymore. Too bad – he had a great Sunday talk show on Ladybird Radio.

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