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    We are living in interesting times. I’ve just uploaded some footage I saw on Twitter to give a picture of what happened yesterday and overnight.

    Montgomery County, Maryland executive Marc Elrich announced Phase I re-opening – and was relentlessly heckled.

    One wag tweeted, “I love how the weasel Governor Hogan sends someone else to make these announcements. Must be hiding in his basement with Biden.”

    Indeed, the need for masks evaporated last night, as Minneapolis’ 3rd District Police Station was invaded and burnt to the ground and Instagram revolutionaries livestreamed their victory.

    Mike Cernovich tweeted, “I’ve spent too much time watching riot footage, it’s not the community doing this. It’s preppy white kids, street gangs, and other ANTIFA types.”

    The people harmed by this most will be local residents who won’t be able to get groceries, diapers, or have a home to return to.

    Meanwhile, in Louisville, 7 people were shot during protests there and in Columbus, the State House was violently stormed by Black Lives Matter.

    Still, by far, the biggest violence conducted this year is the government smashing the economy.

    All this chaos is a distraction from the fizzling bullshit psyop known as COVID-19, which is a distraction from the disgusting government corruption known as Obamagate and Ukraingate.

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