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On Thursday, President Trump issued an Executive Order to defend free speech from the suppressive actions of social media companies by threatening to remove their Section 230 exemption from the 1996 Communications Decency Act.

The announcement of the EO was a joyous moment for myself and for thousands of online publishers whose livelihoods have been systematically demolished by algorithms designed to behaviorally modify all users into “woke” drones of a technocratic New World Order.

It is absolutely revolting to see the tech giants and the Mainstream Media construe the Executive Order as an “attack on the free speech rights of all Americans,” when it is exactly the opposite! It is Big Tech who want to carry on sculpting the Zeitgeist into their Corporatist-Globalist image via algorithmic censorship and de-platformings.

This is the upside down world that we’re living in, in which Big Tech and the MSM are in open sedition against the very edifice of America and have succeeded, by relentless repetition and algorithms, in programming our dumbed-down denizens to think the way they want us to think.

Section 230 ruled that social media companies should be treated like phone companies and not as publishers. This enabled the Internet to thrive over the past two decades with very little regulation.

Like phone companies, tech companies are not supposed to editorialize, censor or otherwise infringe on the Free Speech rights of their users; however, Section 230 give tech companies leeway to remove objectionable content, “whether or not such material is constitutionally protected”, as long as they act “in good faith”.

As FKTV readers know well, Big Tech has been acting in bad faith, abusing their Section 230 exemption – and their users – since the run-up to the 2016 election.

Considering that the Internet in 2020 is almost unrecognizable to that of 1996, it’s high time that we have a proper Internet Bill of Rights. Thursday’s EO signals that this is underway, spearheaded by Missouri Congressman Josh Hawley and others.

There’s much more to this development, including Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey and Twitter’s Policy department condemning the EO as “reactionary and politicized” – and even doubling down by censoring Trump’s subsequent tweet!

This resulted in a letter from Texas Senator Ted Cruz later that day, calling on the Treasury and Justice departments to launch a criminal investigation into Twitter for potential violations of US sanctions against Iran, centering on the accounts of supreme leader, Ali Khamenei and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, who are known to frequently exhort violence and other politically-incorrect things – and who are never censored.

I could go on and on, as this announcement was long-awaited and would have been major news – but it’s been a busy day, to put it mildly!

We must be accelerating into that phase of “infinite novelty” that comes at the End of Time, as described by Terence McKenna’s Timewave Zero graph! Are we moving into a higher dimension? (I think so!)

On another front, declassified transcripts from the infamous telephone call between Gen Michael Flynn and former Russian Ambassador to the US, Sergey Kislyak were released by the new DNI, John Ratcliffe, revealing that there was 1. no legal predicate to spy on Flynn, 2. the Mueller Investigation was fraudulent and 3. the destruction of General Flynn’s career was superfluous.

Retired Green Beret, Robert Patrick Lewis noticed something interesting about the transcripts, tweeting, “the transcripts seem to have been taken by someone for whom English isn’t a first language? What are the chances we got this from another nation’s intel agency who we discovered was listening because our corrupt FBI destroyed the evidence to cover their crooked tracks?”

In other words, corrupt members of the DOJ and DNC have had a false sense of security that these call records were destroyed – now deflated because a foreign intelligence agency shared these audios with US investigators!

Then, on Friday afternoon, Trump completely severed ties with the World Health Organization, who he accused of being controlled by China. He also announced the following changes with respect to the status of Hong Kong, in the wake of the Chinese parliament’s vote to enact measures to end Hong Kong’s autonomy:

• The US will suspend Hong Kong’s preferential trade and financial status.
• The US will suspend entry for Chinese foreign nationals who are identified as a security risk.
• The US will remove Chinese stocks from US exchanges.
• Phase One negotiations on the China trade deal remain intact.

It’s a head-spinning amount of news but it’s all getting drowned-out by the nationwide protests over the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin.

Nearly every major Democrat-controlled city in the US is experiencing violent riots, many of which appear to be orchestrated by domestic terrorist groups, like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The devastation is being allowed unchecked by the same feckless officials who have falsely-imprisoned their constituents for the past 10 weeks due to a bogus virus.

Footage has emerged of an agent provocateur dressed in all-black, smashing windows of the Auto Zone, the site of the first major fire set in Minneapolis on Wednesday night and considered to be the catalyst of the ensuing riots. He was allegedly identified by his wife as Jacob Pederson, an undercover cop at the St Paul PD.

As of midnight, Saturday morning, the White House was surrounded by protestors, while those inside were on lockdown.

Former NYC Police Commissioner, Bernard Kerik tweeted to Donald Trump, “This is not civil disobedience. This is domestic terrorism. Paid radical left wing anarchists dispatched to numerous states to engage in extreme violence, looting and arson, and to threaten innocent civilians. The FBI must investigate!”

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  • We are Rome, and the fires are burning. “We the People,” have some choices to make. We can sit idly by while the Marxist, Communist filth usurps our Government and land, (which is well under way) or we can get of f our recliners and DO SOMETHING about it ! We are a strange people in a way. When our neighbors house is on fire, we just say, Gee, that’s too bad, and go on about our business with our blinders on. When OUR house is on fire, there is no one left to help us, so we scream and holler.
    We cannot depend on our Constitution, State and Local Laws, or the CP (Corrupt Politicians) to help us anymore. The CP are only concerned with their own wellbeing, and most of them have no idea what the Constitution even says. They prove it every time they open their mouths! WE must kick it all the way up!
    GOD is our only hope at this point. He split the Red Sea for Moses, and he can save America. You can name call, get as mad, depressed, and violent as you want, but only communicating directly with GOD himself will save this nation, if it is his will, and if we pray. I pray that it is. Won’t you join me?

  • “arrest soros,….” are you kidding….? Drone him in his bed. It is too obvious who is causing this violence. I already said it,…when the demonstrators see the violence begin they should just all leave en masse and then the provokers will be the only ones left and they will become exposed. Well, has been said,…the democrats will stop at nothing in their attempt to make TRUMP look bad. Arresting him will place lives in danger as he has too many armed guards.

    • At this point, Soros could be taken out of the equation, and the machine would not skip a beat, unfortunately. It fat too late for that. See my comment above.

  • “arrest soros,….” are you kidding….? Drone the fukr in his bed. It is too obvious who is causing this violence. I already said it,…when the demonstrators see the violence begin they should just all leave en masse and then the provokers will be the only ones left and they will become exposed. Well, has been said,…the democrats will stop at nothing in their attempt to make TRUMP look bad.

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