On Saturday morning, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced that 80% of the rioters arrested in Minneapolis are from out-of-state, a claim repeated by the mayors of both Minneapolis and St Paul, as well as by Trump and underscored in a video statement by AG William Barr.

The claim was contradicted by several investigative journalists, who say the arrest records show that between 80-86% of those arrested were Minneapolis residents. More data should emerge as events unfold.

In the raw footage I’ve seen from disparate sources all over Twitter, it appears the most violent vandals and arsonists in the protests throughout the country are “Black Bloc” Antifa members from outside the communities being destroyed and that the violence that we see nationwide is highly-coordinated.

Perhaps most disturbing is how several Hollywood celebrities and Joe Biden are proudly donating to a fund to help bail out these domestic terrorists and how dozens of lawyers are offering them their services, pro bono. There is  zero regard for hundreds of Black-owned businesses devastated by the rioters they seek to finance.

Minnesota officials and the MSM were trying to call the perpetrators “White Supremacists”, leading some wags on Twitter to joke about how the Democrats can’t keep their lies straight; that these celebrities actually seek to bail-out all of those rioting “White Supremacist Trump supporters”.
About the Minnesota Freedom Fund, Lawyer/Filmmaker, Mike Cernovich tweeted, “Anyone who has property damage or who was beaten up in Nashville, you found some deep pockets. There are strong lawsuits to bring against Justin Timberlake, who directly funded the riots. Enjoy, Justin!”
All levity aside, it appears some of the regime-change destabilization techniques deployed by the CIA for decades overseas have been turned inwards and this would be the logical progression of the Color Revolution that’s been ongoing in the US for the past 4 years. Antifa are their rag-tag shock troops, since they don’t control the military.

When the DNC flushed Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination for the second time, we may recall that the “Bernie Bros” and Antifa (same difference) had promised to wreak havoc during the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee scheduled for August. Now, we’ve gotten a taste of what they meant – and of who Bernie represents.

The riots are distracting from all of the DECLAS bombshells, the latest of which was the firing of the FBI’s top lawyer, Dana Boente on Friday, after the declassified Flynn transcripts showed him to be innocent of all the innuendo that had ruined him. The DOJ reportedly went over FBI Director Christopher Wray’s head and requested Boente’s resignation. Will Wray be next?

At 8:05 Pm on Saturday night, Minnesota National Guard soldiers began firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protestors and even at people sitting on their outdoor porches for violating the curfew. It remains to be seen if National Guard troops will be enough to stave off Martial Law.

The Deep State had been trying to force Trump to declare Martial Law and he’d been resisting it. Recall how Cuomo was basically begging Trump to do it two months ago.

Martial Law would suspend the presidential election and could be perceived as another kind of an impeachment, used to discredit his presidency.

For now, he has the military police of all branches on call, which would add another notch of pressure, along with with the National Guard.

We may live in a defacto Martial Law without it being declared. But for how long?

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  • So many valid points, or should I say concerns. As I have said from the start of the virus hoax, this all seems to be a bit to contrived. The lockdown created a fuel of anger and angst, tensions were high, the population on edge, then, as if on cue, the killing of George Floyd. It was almost as if one were to listened closely, you could hear a distant call , a voice hidden in the darkness calling out, “Release the Kraken!” The video of Floyd’s death seemed to surreal, to well documented, to intentional, and to purposeful, the players to indifferent, unconcerned, even though the documentation was obvious to all. By all appearances, actors playing out their rolls, the timing, absolute to provide the spark that would ignite the fire, fanned into rage by outside influencers such as Antifa, instigating riots. I don’t believe in coincidence and this all seems way to coincidental to sustain any real truth value. The left has proven, time and time again that they know no bounds, have no limits as to what they will do to hold power, achieve control and rule over the populace.


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