Minnesota National Guard was called out by Governor Tim Walz early Thursday morning.Riots broke out following the police killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man on Tuesday. All 4 officers involved were immediately fired and a DOJ investigation was immediately launched.

But after 10 weeks of COVID lockdown and large-scale unemployment, this wasn’t enough to quell the rage in Minneapolis.

Big Box stores and banks were reduced to ashes. Rioters attacked firefighters who responded to the Auto Zone store that was engulfed in flames. Other fires blazed and a building collapsed without any action from the fire department.

Andy Ngo, a journalist who specializes in domestic terrorist groups claims that the mass arson attacks, looting and vandalism on Wednesday night were largely perpetrated by paid Soros gangs. He tweeted, “Antifa have joined forces with BLM [Black Lives Matter] again to carry out mass carnage and violence.”

Ngo also noted, “Antifa accounts are encouraging and celebrating the violence in Minneapolis. They’ve even started a jail fund for those who may get arrested. They are calling it a ‘freedom fund.'”

Riots took place in District 5, the seat of Rep. Ilhan Omar, who tweeted, “Our anger is just. Our anger is warranted. And our priority right now must be protecting one another.”

Omar’s teenaged daughter, Isra Hirsi retweeted a list of supplies needed by rioting “comrades”. The original thread came from the Twin Cities Democratic Socialist Party, who were actively coordinating support efforts for the rioters, including car rides out of the area.

All of this, of course leads one to ask if this violence, more than 24 hours after Floyd’s death was organic. Some had commented that Floyd’s murder was so in-your-face and egregious. It was done in the middle of the street in broad daylight, with the cop looking right in the camera.

Observers on social media have been pointing out that this week’s cluster of racially-charged viral videos may be false flags, with one tweeting, “Do you see a pattern in viral videos the last few days? White cop kills black man, black man beats elderly white man, white woman calls cops on a man in the park and tells the 911 operator there’s an African American man threatening my life. Wake up! They are creating a race war.”

This could be the beginning of a cruel summer. Ngo said that the rioting in LA was also organized by Black Lives Matter.

Mountains have been moved to trigger social unrest. 40 million Americans have been made unemployed in the past 2 months. Millions more have been arbitrarily detained in their homes. Thousands of criminals have been released from prison, while small business owners have been jailed for opening their shops…

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  • It is not about George Floyd at all, it is just an excuse to steal, destroy, and injure. There is no excuse for this, there are instigators actually being paid, and paying to do this damage!


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