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    Donald Trump’s defense team filed a new motion on Thursday indicating that the former president will present classified information exposing foreign interference in both the 2016 and 2020 U.S. Presidential elections. This move comes amidst a contentious legal battle by Judge Tanya Chutkan and led by Special Counsel Jack Smith in the District of Columbia. This evidence is said to substantiate his efforts to overturn the election results.

    The court document reads:

    “The Indictment in this case adopts classified assessments by the Intelligence Community and others that minimized, and at times ignored, efforts by foreign actors to influence and interfere with the 2020 election.

    “President Trump will offer classified information at trial relating to foreign influence activities that impacted the 2016 and 2020 elections, as well as efforts by his administration to combat those activities.

    “President Trump will also present classified information relating to the biased and politicized nature of the intelligence assessments that he and others rejected during the events in question.

    “Collectively, this evidence will undercut central theories of the prosecution and establish that President Trump acted at all times in good faith and on the belief that he was doing what he had been elected to do.”

    As we discussed on this show a couple of months ago, former President Donald Trump praised the analysis and comments made by Dr Jan Halper-Hayes last August during an appearance on a British morning show that went viral. Dr Jan stated that the current indictment has inadvertently given Trump a platform to present his case and expose possible election irregularities. At the time, she had the Fani Willis case in mind, not the Jack Smith case.

    This is what happens when you get high on your own supply, because Jack Smith, Tanya Chutkan, Tish James, Fani Willis and all of these corrupt imbeciles currently subverting our legal system are smoking that wacky tabacky and they don’t seem to have gotten the memo that the election actually was stolen and that there are reams of evidence for this and now Trump gets to present it – in this case  classified evidence – unless all of these jurisdictions somehow manage to block it though I can’t imagine what grounds they would have to do so.

    The other big news in the US, of course was ascension of Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson to the House Speakership, which, as we see, is causing the Communists to hyperventilate. However, the ULTRA MAGAs, like myself are skeptical, because the first thing Johnson did after he was sworn in was to vow to support Israel.

    Maybe it’s what he had to do to keep the peace. At least, he’s demanding that funding to support Ukraine and Israel should be handled separately, meaning that he will not back President Joe Biden’s $106 billion aid package for both countries.

    We need to get our own house in order before ending our country once and for all on another criminal excursion in the Middle East.

    Happily, Mike Johnson does appear to be committed to that, as far as impeaching Joe Biden is concerned, which is probably what’s got the Commies so bent out of shape this week.

    As an American, watching my country being destroyed by these criminals posing as our government who take our money and launder it through Ukraine and who use our tax dollars to finance the human trafficking operation of tens of millions to replace us with foreigners and terrorists who hate us, I don’t want to ever talk about Ukraine or Israel again, frankly.

    And if you think all of this is happening because Joe Biden is brain dead, here he is 10 years ago, describing exactly what he and the Deep State were planning to do to us.

    So, what happens if we have millions of people with no loyalty to the US living on public benefits and the country goes bankrupt — what happens then? Patrick Byrne was on with Alex Jones earlier this week to talk about how we are being set up for a civilization-ending decade.

    Jack Posobiec was on with Steve Bannon to talk about the trigger that will set it off: Once Bibi Netanyahu invades Gaza, anti-American sleeper cells will activate.

    Todd Bensman is the Texas-based Senior National Security Fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies and he’s an expert on the nexus between immigration and national security. Todd filed a Freedom of Information Request and discovered that the Biden Regime has invited people from 96 countries, including 24 countries of ‘terrorism concern’, where terrorist organizations are currently operating.

    They just tell them to use this app and then, they wave them in. He says, “These people are known as ‘Special Interest Aliens’ in Government parlance…From everything that I can tell, they are not doing the screening for the people they are bringing in like this.”

    This is happening amid another war in the Middle East, that tends to inflame the passions of Muslim people from all over the world, including the millions already living in the US who grew up in that part of the world and they’re mad about the Israeli response to the terror attack.

    In addition, Todd says, the Biden administration has, “Allowed travel authorizations for more than 220,000 immigrants to fly directly from their home countries into 43 US airports…hundreds of thousands are not even touching the border.” He says they wouldn’t tell them which airports but he imagines that among those would be New York City and Chicago, Los Angeles and all the other places that are blaming Greg Abbott for busing these people in!

    Biden’s DHS is flying “migrants” into these airports. They can stay in their hometowns and apply for an air flight.

    In other news, it looks like there was another Maui attack, this time in Acapulco, Mexico. My friend, Jeff Berwick who lived in Acapulco for 15 years reports the extreme shadiness of what’s happening in Acapulco, Mexico. There was zero warning from the weather services about a hurricane – let alone a Category 5.

    He says people went to bed on Tuesday night, thinking everything was normal and suddenly, 200-mph winds and a massive storm surge basically destroyed Acapulco, which is a nice-sized city of about 700,000 people. 27 people have been reported killed. He has people on the ground, who were finally able to get there, through all the mudslides and here’s what he had to say.

    If the spirit moves, you can find out how to help at the website Jeff set up:

    And in Obama news, the Daily Mail has obtained the 911 call made by Barack Obama’s Secret Service agents after chef Tafari Campbell fell off a paddle board on Martha’s Vineyard.

    Does that even sound like a Secret Service agent to you? But hey, super-ripped and in-shape adult men drown all the time in 8 feet of water. Not.

    But there isn’t only bad news happening. At the beginning of this year, Pascal Najadi, a retired banker from Switzerland filed criminal charges of Abuse of Office under Article 310 of the Swiss Criminal Code against Swiss President Alain Berset, who was also that country’s former Minister of Health. To everyone’s surprise, the Attorney General of Switzerland launched an investigation into the President – the first, of a sitting head of state over their “vaccine” policies – causing Berset to resign!

    Now, Pascal is vowing to remove the diplomatic immunity from World Economic Forum, which is headquartered in Switzerland, so that they can be prosecuted.

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    • Doesn’t matter how much evidence one has against the cabal when the cabal owns the judges and the courts. Looks like taking off the head of the snakes is the only anwser

      • Doc Hollywood,

        . . . and owns the HAARP array :

        “ A N G E L S don’t PLAY this HAARP, “
        by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeanne
        Manning (1995)

        Page 176 :

        “In 1966, [ Geophysicist Gordon J. ] MacDonald was a member of the President’s Science Advisory Committee and later a member of the President’s Council on Environmental Quality. He published papers on the use of environmental control technologies for MILITARY PURPOSES [ my emphasis ]. The most profound comment he made as a geophysicist was :

        ‘The key to geophysical warfare is the
        identification of environmental insta-
        bilities to which the addition of a small
        amount of energy would release vastly
        greater amounts of energy.’

        “While yesterday’s geophysicists predicted today’s advances, the HAARP program managers ARE DELIVERING [ my emphasis ] on the vision.”

        Think of Kentucky’s unusual Tornado storms!—and Boulder
        County Colorado’s ( not-climate-change-caused ) fires . . .
        and HAARP technicians playing deadly games with U.S. lives,
        so that dumb-as-a-box-of-bent-nails Climate Nazis ( Al Gore )
        can PROFIT from our lack of vigilance.

        Above paragraphs found here :


    • So Biden is a president of a bankrupted country? But, he can spend trillions on wars for Ukraine and Israel? If Trump gets in office 2024, would the bankrupted country stay bankrupted?

    • A real discouraging bummer to observe AMP disintegrate into a questionable source of true journalistic endeavors. Almost brings into question the true nature of Mr Chambers bout with cancer and the resulting sellout of the project. I speculate without knowing any of the details, but I am cursed with the inalienable capacity for critical analysis. And then, I’ve been raised in Missouri! Your contributions and Jeffrey Prather’s added credence to the site. May you both flourish elsewhere, beyond the yoke of censorship!

    • Old News Alerts
      1. We don’t live in a democracy. Safe-guarding democracy is not our job.

      2. Americans aren’t born as citizens of anything and don’t owe any obligation to serve their government or any subcontractors of our government.

      3. If Americans do agree to serve any part of their government, they get a paycheck for it.

      Any claim that Americans are government employees, officials, or dependents must be backed up with pay stubs and other validated proof. See Bey AFROYIM v. Dean RUSK, a federal split jurisdiction case that demonstrates this nicely. The same requirements apply to split jurisdiction cases between the people inhabiting actual States and the Federal Subcontractors occupying international and global jurisdictions. Proof and pay stubs required.

      4. The Federal corporations and the franchises they operate using your name without your knowledge or permission are in debt to you and have amassed an awesome amount of “national debt” which they are attempting to discharge off onto your shoulders via bankruptcy fraud. We are in fact their preferential creditors and have claimed their debt, placing us at the head of the creditor line instead of being presumed to be debtors. Our American Fiduciary set it up so that this can’t be changed, no matter what happens to her.

      5. The Municipal FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM went bankrupt and its assets were liquidated in 2009-11. As a result, Chase Bank and JPMorgan gained control of these names and trademarks. Whatever “FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM” once meant and whoever controlled it, is long gone.

      6. The Territorial Federal Reserve which has existed as a private banking cartel nearly as long as the Constitutions is technically bankrupt. It is carrying $1.3 T in “unrealized losses” on its portfolio (meaning the debts haven’t been called in) and a $80 billion operating loss this year — the first such loss since 1915. It’s an actual $38 Billion in the hole. Thanks to Biden’s spending, and the failure of members of the Territorial Congress to act responsibly, it’s clear that the old blood money system is being collapsed.

      7. This means that both the Municipal Corporations residing in the District of Columbia are either dead, gone, insolvent, under foreign Successors hoping to assume contracts (which has already been denied) and a veritable perfect storm is brewing that can only be answered by our actual American Government rearing its head and taking over the direction of the situation. Which it has.

      8. Certain members of the global banking community and some members of the military and intelligence agencies need to be convinced of these simple facts.

      Carry on as necessary, America. Come home to the land and soil of your birth and take up the reins.
      You are the only ones with the right and the provenance to do what must be done and provide the direction needed.

      Go to and start today.

    • “But hey, super-ripped and in-shape adult men drown all the time in 8 feet of water. Not.”

      Actually it’s a distinct possibility if the super-ripped and in-shape adult man got vaxxed, which Tafari probably did since he was working for the Obombers.

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