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Todd Bensman serves as the Texas-based Senior National Security Fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and he’s an expert on the nexus between immigration and national security.

Todd filed a Freedom of Information Request and discovered that the US Government has invited people from 96 countries, including 24 countries of “terrorism concern”, where terrorist organizations are currently operating.

Although he was only given about a quarter of the information he’d asked for, he nevertheless discovered that, “They granted these paroles using very questionable vetting procedures, really kind of non-existent vetting procedures. Thousands from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, places like Iran have been brought in by design, by purpose, by acknowledgement by the Government that they knew they brought them in with no vetting or little vetting; Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, 24 different countries where terrorists organizations operate.

“These people are known as ‘Special Interest Aliens’ in Government parlance…From everything that I can tell, they are not doing the screening for the people they are bringing in like this.”

This is happening amid another Mid-East war, “that tends to inflame the passions of Muslim people from all over the world, really, including here. There’s a lot of threat stream traffic going on, right now in the intelligence world, inside the United States from people who grew up in those areas and they’re mad about the Israeli response to the terror attack…

“They pretended – the administration – that they started bringing people over these bridges, all of a sudden, for the first time – brand new program – in just January of this year but the data shows that they’ve actually brought tens of thousands, starting in May of 2021 from all nationalities. Russia. They brought in 23,000 Russians and didn’t tell us about it.

“They brought in – this is one of the weirdest ones – 57,000 Mexicans. Mexican nationals they’re bringing in on humanitarian grounds? Sorry. Mexican nationals never get asylum, because their country’s regarded as ‘safe’…and nobody ever asked the administration about this? Why they’re bringing in Mexicans, so many under this program? I’m told there are people on the Hill that are reading this and are writing letters, right now, as we speak, demanding answers for this.”

In addition, Todd says, the Biden administration has “allowed travel authorizations for more than 220,000 immigrants to fly directly from their home countries into 43 US airports…hundreds of thousands are not even touching the border. They’re letting them fly over it and then, they wouldn’t tell us the name of the airports, like, I’ll betcha, JFK and Chicago – all the places that are blaming Greg Abbott for busing them in!

“Oughta probably look at Biden’s DHS for flying them into these airports. So, we’re still litigating to get the names of these airports and the rest of them. There’s more than 220,000. Those are only 4 nationalities. They expanded the airlift program to Ecuador just the other day. They’ve expanded this thing to Colombians, Guatemalans, Hondurans and Salvadorans. They can stay in their hometowns and apply for an air flight.”

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  • “Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, 24 different countries where terrorists organizations operate”
    How ignorant statement that is, when US basically funded terrorists!
    And the US bombed these countries until people there had no other places to go.
    You (your government) created problem outside as to put blame on others, and ignorant people fall for it, still covering sorry Israel’s ass.
    Shame on you (if you still think that these countries are the source of the problem).

  • Millions upon millions of Muslims! No worries; I don’t need any incentives to send a Muslim home to Paradise. The Muslims are not to only ones to believe in Jihad, a “Holy War”.
    Welcome to America… Welcome to Hell.

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