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In this mini documentary, ‘Cutting off the Head of the Snake’, Pascal Najadi and Dr Astrid Stuckelberger discuss the dark underbelly of global organizations headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Everything evil in the world related to democide unfortunately comes from Geneva,” Najadi says. “You have WHO in Geneva, you have GAVI, then you have the WEF…that has diplomatic immunity.

“I, as a Swiss citizen right here, now declare that the WEF is not eligible anymore for diplomatic immunity. I call on the Swiss authorities and security to arrest those people immediately.”

“Why? The WEF, WHO, GAVI, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Bill Gates all advocated a global humanity injection by a bioweapon injecting nanolipids into 5.7 billion people. And we Swiss are hosting them. That’s terrible. We cannot tolerate any entity that promotes poison to be injected into humanity. But you have done it. I’m the victim. I’m dying from it, and my mother, too. It’s a democide and will be judged. It will be corrected in the name of humanity.”

At the beginning of this year, Pascal Najadi, a retired banker from Switzerland filed criminal charges of Abuse of Office under Article 310 of the Swiss Criminal Code against Swiss President Alain Berset, who was also that country’s former Minister of Health. To everyone’s surprise, the Attorney General of Switzerland launched an investigation into the President – the first, of a sitting head of state over their “vaccine” policies – causing Berset to resign!

Pascal was born in Switzerland and his Swiss mother, Heidi Anderhub-Minger is the grandniece of Rudolf Minger, who was the President of Switzerland before World War II. Pascal’s father, Hussain Najadi was the renowned Persian-Bahraini international banker and business developer who became a founding member of the European Management Forum, before he broke off with Klaus Schwab in 1987 and the Davos meeting was renamed the World Economic Forum.

Pascal says his father broke off with Klaus Schwab but he says that the early European Management Forum was a small gathering of no more than 100 people that was held at a 4-star hotel that he describes as “clever” and “benign”. It was basically a schmoozefest for leaders from “emerging markets” mainly in Asia, where Hussain had founded banks to develop Middle Eastern capital. In 2013, Hussain was fatally shot in Kuala Lumpur, alongside his wife, who was seriously injured. Pascal believes his father was assassinated for reporting corruption within Malaysia.

In the meantime, the World Economic Forum was taken over by the same group that is pushing Agenda 2030 at the UN, which Pascal calls “The end of humanity.”

Last February, Pascal said of the International Health Regulations, “Trump was good. He exited the WHO. If you can do that, that’s the smartest thing to do. Just exit…It is a Fascist declaration.”

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  • Is this a promotional video or the whole film? It’s very surface without going into details much at all. It doesn’t even explain what motivated his father to “leave in disgust”. I mean, good subject matter but it’s too light on the damning facts.

  • your efforts are so appreciated and i believe they are eternal, looking forward to meeting you in the next world, a much more wonderful world, thank you so much for standing on the side of truth

  • Revelation 2:13 Speak of the city where Satan’s throne is, where Antipas was martyred. Antipas was martyred in Geneva. It seems that all the world’s evil power have collected there, especially CERN. It will be where antichrist opens the bottomless pit releasing Hell on earth. The prophecy in the Bible is being fulfilled at an alarming rate. Time is short “Seek the Lord whilst you may”

  • If this evil world was a 1960s James Bond movie, I should think that about 20 megatons in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland would do it. Irradiated gold is difficult to spend and to recycle.

  • Why does everybody think Trump is good? He exited the WHO but in return he gave millions to GAVI. And there is many, many more prove he’s the Trojan Horse.

  • Brilliant move and clip. Geneva is the centre of the world banking cabal as well–and related to the Global Gangsters who tried to kill us.

    Take them all down!

  • We are in a spiritual war. A battle for the souls of man is being fought in the spiritual war. Just consider the history of the world and it is evident. It’s been a slow progression but now, as we near the end, everything is moving faster. Evil is on the rampage. Look at the evil that is rearing its ugly head. But why? Why now? Because Satan knows his time is short and he wants to take as many people with him to hell as he can. Any who have read the Bible and understand, know that the end is coming and we know how it ends. God wins. All those who have opposed God will spend eternity in hell.

    • You are a part of the problem when you spread message as all good has to be under one god / one religion.

      Simply – IF you don’t want it to happen, do NOT believe it, you’ll save yourself.

      • The only mistake in this video is that humanity doesn’t have the light, God does. We are in this pickle because humanity ditched him from the public square. Especially in Europe. Europe lost its roots and replaced it with its strong, human will – not God’s. So no. You are 100pct wrong.

  • An older friend called me a couple years ago and we started to rebuild after our fallout, but he quoted the WHO, I just deleted him!

  • Benevolent Extra Terrestrials can get rid of the Reptilians but must be asked to do it by Earth people. That’s why so many people are brainwashed into thinking there are no ETs!

    • Catch 22. You can’t ask the aliens for help because the aliens wont expose themslves until the people believe. And the people will not believe until the aliens reveal themselves.
      Demonstrate the Alien.
      Present the Alien for inspection.
      It is the obligation of the one making the claim to prove their case.
      An anomaly is not Aliens until it is aliens.
      Collapse the wave function by reproducing the observation of an Alien.
      I’ve seen lights in the sky I could not identify.
      That doesn’t mean it is aliens.
      (1) start with a case of justified false belief;
      (2) amend the example, making the element of justification strong enough for knowledge, but the belief false by sheer chance;
      (3) amend the example again, adding another element of chance such that the belief is true, but which leaves the element of justification unchanged;
      Only reproduction of circumstances is the validation of a claim.
      Things can be both True and (Unknown or Unknowable.)
      Non-local hidden variables:
      The Revelation of Jesus Christ.
      Yet nothing can be confirmed without the reproduction of circumstances.
      Reference Frames can be believed and True without the necessity of knowledge.

  • Tens of thousands of NGO allies have taken policy power from governments across the world.
    The UN SDGs are pure compliant ideology and the power surge is heading from the West to the East.
    Anyone else see where this is heading?

  • Go for it people, most of this planet is on your side, but most of the small people a afraid of these marionets of politicians and their Bosses. We support you with all our hearts!!!

    • Forget about them (or sheep) as they won’t do a thing for us
      Focus on doing our part so that we won’t be affected by the snakes
      Belief changes the world “of ours”, however; not much with their world
      Therefore, focus on shaping up our world

  • MOVEMENT: a series of organized activities working toward an objective
    also : an organized effort to promote or attain an end …WE THE PEOPLE!

  • Back when trump was the heir apparent for the newly opened position of Pindar (when bush senior was cut down) he was doing his whirlwind kiss the ring blackmail tour getting heads of state to acquiesce to his great power and prowess having fooled the people into believing he was the savior du jour . trump heaped mighty big praise on the higher up the food chain master nazi prick Kraut Swab who was leading us into the NWO and WHO plandemic . The sideways talking snake trump made comments contrary to the simping speechifying he does for the media to distribute to the gullible masses . The scorpion and the frog story is his favorite in your face way to rub your nose in his shit .

  • Bad news the minions in service to the head snake who is gone removed from all the planes of existence are acting on the dead head snakes plan set in motion years ago . The minions keep trying to recall the dead head snake bastard but he doesn’t respond no matter how many sacrifices they offer up and they won’t stop trying no matter how much complaining about it we do . The operatives who help the dark human hybrid minions could care less about us as well and get payed to cause as much chaos as the broke ass controllers can afford . This last ditch war effort has failed on all fronts since they lost the pin to the ATM charge card and they cannot think clearly without the evil genius head snake big guy bastard to run the show and it shows . It’s like amateur hour with the clown factory rejects . The guardians are busy sweeping up the last of the retarded remnants and soon they will run out of new ways to commit suicide .

  • Located about 100-miles from Geneva beneath the ground in Bern Switzerland, Cern is perhaps the heart of the snake. CERN is the IOT. Interestingly, the land and geography in and around this dark, beating heart, is crumbling – literally crumbling, due to the constant 24/7 magnetic force and vibrational activity as well as the massive amounts of toxic chemical elements it requires for nonstop operation.

  • This is not difficult to understand, what is difficult is the inertia behind blind trust of government and people chosen to monitor government in the media.

    This is no different from 19th and 20th century renegade governments and their media toadies of which everybody knows about, yet people refuse to believe it has happened again.

    Or more precisely, never stopped, only went underground for a season. Well, they are back!

    Yes, I am old enough to remember my family and their friends talking favorably about various population control devices, because Adolph Hitler was being portrayed as a forward looking leader, and Stalin was called Uncle Joe in our nations capital. Yes, yes, yes in the thirties my parents generation had bought into rich mens tricks – just like today.

  • I wholeheartedly support your “We The People” movement …hope you/we can get the People woken up to this to end it and bring those responsible to justice. I personally ( and many others ) will not comply with Un/Who mandates along with the others involved in this democide…they are the real terrorist organizations.
    💪 ❤ ✌ is needed. 🙏.

  • For whatever it’s worth, Ben Fulford said that Switzerland is the location of a command center of high level Reptilians running the world behind the scenes.

  • This is not an issue for the Swiss alone, this is about the entire world and this video should be shared everywhere!
    Problem is, those who submitted to the jab were either forced, coerced or just weak of will, scared into submission and most will fall back on denial for a sense of security, a denial as if their life depended on it, as it does!
    Any attempt to make them aware of their mistake will cause them to ostracize you, to hate you, as you will be viewed as an assault on their life!
    Even if you are able to force them to accept the truth, it will likely result in depression, and not rage towards the perpetrators.
    Then, even the small minority that will feel the rage and act on such, will likely drop like high school football players on the field, as excursion will likely trigger a cardiac arrest!

  • The Edmond de Rothschild Group financial institution specialized in private banking and asset management is based in Geneva, Switzerland, the group is family-owned and independent, and encompasses the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations.

    A rabbi explains why there will be no mercy on the civilians trapped in Gaza. 1 minute video.
    Rabbi reads Deuteronomy 20: 16, from the bible.
    “However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.”
    The rabbi then reads Deuteronomy 25:19
    ” When the Lord your God gives you rest from all the enemies around you in the land he is giving you to possess as an inheritance, you shall blot out the name of Amalek from under heaven. Do not forget!”

    This is why I rejected the bible at age 7, because I actually read the book.
    All non-Jews are considered to be Amalek AKA Esau. But they especially hate white people. That should be obvious at this point. But the matrix mind control programming of religion, is a hell of a drug.

  • I pray that this message resonates with the masses. I’m American and I believe all are politians are corrupt at some level especially on this worldwide genocide by eneities named in this man’s testimony. May God Bless him and hes mother and all the VICTIMS. May Justice prevail ❤

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