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Patrick Byrne tells Alex Jones:

“The World Economic Forum, that crowd is in fact trying to collapse the United States through a Color Revolution and integrate it into some European-based superstate. It’s basically Nazi 2.0. We are facing Nazism 2.0.

“They learned this time, don’t come after them with tanks and bullets, come at us through a Bezmenov PSYOP to take us over and so we’re facing social stresses from that.

“In addition, another player is China. They want to create a Confucian World Order, center of gravity, Beijing, with concentric circles around it and their definition of war is much more sophisticated than ours. It’s not just with guns, it’s diplomatic, it’s economic, it’s cultural and they’ve come at us in all these different ways at once.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Hey, Patrick Byrne, how goes the war against Smartmatic/Dominion’s illicit Election in the Phillipines that would guarantee the riddance of Dominion machines in America, you know, the issue two weeks ago that you promised to be focused on? Remember that?

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