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This video is O’Connell’s March 2020 presentation of what he calls the big picture outline of what is going on with the withdrawal of the United States from Central Asia and the Middle East.

O’Connell claims that the US, which has been the capital of the banksters’ (Rothschild, City of London, East India Trading Company) global financial empire for much of the past century is now being replaced by the “Multipolar World Order” of the pan-Eurasian superstate trading block of Russia and China, with Israel at the center of it.

You may have heard some people warning of the dangers of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and you may have asked yourself what’s the problem with an infrastructure development plan that will bring trade to the isolated countries of Central Asia and which will drastically reduce shipping times from the world’s largest manufacturer, China to the world’s largest consumer market, Europe?

O’Connell claims that China is not leading the BRI, Israel is; Israel is supplying China with the technology, much of which it has systematically stolen from the US. He even suggests that the $5 trillion from the 2008 Wall Street bailout was used to finance the BRI.

He says that the entire COVID-19 psyop is a distraction from this emerging “Multipolar World Order”, with Israel’s central role as the data collection point for the fiber optic cables that will cross from Europe, North and South Asia and Africa and how vital this will be for the future of Artificial Intelligence – as in, the autonomous Boston Dynamics robots and octocopters that, in ten years’ time, will be deployed to exterminate any stragglers who manage to survive the biowarfare and economic collapse – that is, unless we stop these plans.

This video was originally posted in March of 2020 but then, O’Connell’s channel was suspended. He sued YouTube and his channel was reinstated, however the video was not restored, with no reason given. He then extensively re-edited it to avoid any future strikes or de-platformings.


BRENDON O’CONNELL: “Please understand how important this video is in understanding the big picture. If you can understand the big picture you can work out the details for yourself, including the ongoing breaking-up of the United States, first in cyberspace, then physically. Please enjoy and take in the next 15 minutes. It is vital you understand this information.

“To understand coronaviruses, you must first understand the geopolitical context in which the event is happening and it’s all about China and Israel. But first, some background.”

(Plays clip from documentary, ‘Deadly Enemies’ – 2004, including an interview with Sergei Popov, Soviet bioweaponeer who worked at VECTOR, who defected to the West in 1992).

“Let’s talk China and Israel. We are seeing the shutting down of the US economy and strict population movement control measures, as described in Part 6 of this excellent video, shown here. 5-minute extract. Watch. This video was released on January 5th, 2020 just before the unfolding events we see today.”

(Plays clip from his 1-5-2020 video, ‘Trump vs Corona: 2020 & the Forced Economic Collapse of America’)

O’Connell predicts how collapsing confidence in the US dollar will lead to a futures market spike and hoarding, world trade dislocation, physical shortage of produce and how the IMF will step in with a global solution: the ESDRDLT or Electronic Sovereign Drawing Rights Distributed Ledger Technology to replace the US Treasury system. He says this includes Bitcoin.

He says global rates everywhere will crater, wiping out what is left of the middle class. Universal Credit will be launched, as well as global taxation to “Save the Planet”® from “Climate Change” and the Age of Communitarianism will begin, with the UN’s Smart Cities program. This is the plan of the UN’s Agenda 21 and of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.

O’Connell asks, “Ever wonder about the endless mass-hacking and theft of hundreds of millions in crypto? No one is ever caught and no one seems to know how they do it. I know how they do it! (Laughs)

“Anonymity going to save you? Tor gonna save you? No. Every bit of hardware and your electronic device is serial-numbered and tied to you, one way or the other. You can thank Intel Israel for the backdoors and Taiwan Semiconductor, if you use AMD or Qualcomm Snapdragon in your phone or Apple’s A12.

“China is making its own phone CPUs and operating system now, as well as server CPUs. Thank you, Israel. Microsoft Israel will assist on Windows machines, of course. Intel’s deeply-embedded core or deck running its own independent Linux-based operating system gives the people that matter the full access they need.

“Ask Christopher Domas and God Mode Unlocked. All hardware is backdoored in this manner.

“All these newfangled robots and drones will pour out to clean up any Americans still in love with their firearms. Hint, hint: your Barrett 50 will not save you. Welcome to the jungle.

“We are in the age of the Currency Reset and rollover into the Swiss Bank of International Settlements’ Electronics Sovereign Drawing Rights Distributed Ledger Technology crypto token, soon to replace the US Federal Reserve and US dollar hegemony.

“Before this ESDRDLT token can be used effectively to manage the new planetary-wide electronic crypto system, all the world’s currencies must be brought to parity. That means no US domination of the planet – or more precisely, no more Zionist-controlled domination of the planet via the US.

“That has moved on to the new sub-offices and Rothschild in the City of London East India Trading Company three bastard sons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.

“If you want to know more, consult Alexandr Dugin, briefer of the Russian General Staff, whose father was a GRU general or Russian military intelligence general. He’s been writing books since the mid-1990s on how to bring down the United States using Soviet Era active measures, asymmetrical, small-scale, kinetic- and large-scale propaganda warfare. I refer you to KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov for the details on how that works.

“Now that Israel, Russia and China are fully embedded together on the Belt and Road development, it all becomes clear why the administration of Donald Trump is pulling out of the Middle East.

“While the pull-out was stalled, as the US military and Intelligence Community grappled with the Israeli-firster rats in the Pentagon and the US State Department [content deleted to avoid YouTube de-platforming].

“But he soon came around after the White House mole, Jared Kushner got his orders from President of the United States, Benjamin Netanyahu [content deleted to avoid YouTube de-platforming].

“After we have read this damning article from October 2016, Bunting’s map and Israel on China’s New Silk Road, understand this article and you will understand the Grand Chessboard context, in which all is currently unfolding.”

Yossef Bodansky, an Israeli-American political scientist and senior editor of GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily, wrote an insightful article in their September issue regarding the convergence of China’s Afro-Eurasian integration project and Bunting’s map of the world as a clover leaf.

Heinrich Bunting was a German Protestant pastor, theologist and cartographer, and in his masterpiece Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae (Travel Through Holy Scripture) in 1581, he portrayed the world that mattered was comprised of the three continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa, with each depicted as a cloverleaf.  They converged in Jerusalem, and the rest of the world was irrelevant.

In his article entitled “The History of What’s Next”, Bodansky argued that the Bunting map is likely the best depiction of the unfolding global geopolitical architecture of the 21st century.  With the demise of the Arab modern state and Sykes-Picot post-Arab Spring, “Libya, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon are no more, and Jordan and Yemen are not far behind.”

Instead, what is arising is the merging of the greater Middle East and the greater framework of the reawakened Mackinderian world order.  And, the clover leaf world centred on Jerusalem is converging with China’s One Belt, One Road project.

Israel as key node on China’s New Silk Road

With the rise of Salafi-jihadism in the Middle East increasingly threatening China’s overseas citizens and assets, especially to their maritime trade via the Suez Canal, Israel is emerging as a strategic node on China’s southern corridor on the New Silk Road.

As the worlds’ largest trading nation and with over 95% of global trade still being seaborne, Beijing is heavily dependent on the Canal to reach its largest export market in Europe—with trade volume at €521 billion in 2015. Geography matters, and the Middle East is also where China imports more than half of its crude oil. 

However, the presence of ISIS, Al Qaeda and other Islamic extremist groups in the Sinai are threatening China’s maritime trade. As such, China is building a “steel canal” of the Med-Red Railway through Israel to connect the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea that bypasses the Suez.

This was especially prompted by an incident in 2013 when Al Furqun Brigade, an Al Qaeda affiliate, attacked China’s COSCO container ship by firing Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs) while it was in the Suez Canal en route to northern Europe. With increased military activity and ship inspections in the Suez, maritime insurance company Lloyd’s List recommended that ships take the 6,000-mile (almost 9,700 kilometers) longer route around the Cape of Good Hope—essentially around the entire African continent.

These shipping delays and risk premiums are costly for China. Although Beijing is building overland networks of railroads and highways as part of the planned Silk Road economic belt across Eurasia, these routes are a diversification, not replacement, of important maritime transport corridors.

Cut to video of Benjamin Netanyahu speaking at the Cybertech 2019 conference:

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: “And what it is, is basically the meeting ground between Big Data, IT and connectivity. Everything is being driven from this nexus. Everything! Big Data, AI and connectivity is allowing small countries to be big countries, because the intersection of Big Data connectivity and Artificial Intelligence – and what it does in robotics and genetics and all the other fields that you mentioned – everything – that is changing our world in rapid, rapid succession and the future belongs to those who can seize this change. We are positioned right at the cusp of this change, right at the center of this change.

“We can take it – and we are. It’s changing us it’s giving us powers and prowess that we never had before. But we’re in a position now to compensate beyond anything that we dreamed of in cyber. Cyber is a real domain of power.

“Israel now is a cyber power, it’s a water power, it’s a solar power, it’s an agricultural power – it’s a milk power, can you imagine? This makes Israel very powerful. It’s giving us powers and prowess that we never had before. But we’re in a position now to compensate beyond anything that we dreamed of and the future belongs to those who can seize this change. We are positioned right at the cusp of this change, right at the center of this change. We can take it – and we are.”

Continuing from the article:

Israel as a regional power

Thus the rise of Israel as a key node in China’s Silk Road grand strategy not only elevates Jerusalem in China’s strategic calculus, but as Jean Michel Valantin of The Red Team Analysis Society argued, also presents a new status of Israel from a “protected power” of the US to an “integrated regional power” in its own right, transforming Israel’s traditional narrative of seeking “protectors” to one of seeking partners.

The emergence of Israel as a Mediterranean energy player, its continued stability and robust military power in a neighborhood of unstable and weakening Arab states, and outreach to the eastern hemisphere by joining Turkey and Egypt in their applications to the China-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization, is thus slowly creating a new regional and international systems of shared interest between Mideast countries and the Middle Kingdom.

Nonetheless, Syria remains a thorny issue between Israel and China as well as with Russia and India, due to Jerusalem’s support for the opposition that consists of jihadists from these countries.

The August 30 terrorist attack on China’s embassy in Kyrgyzstan by Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP/ETIM) in Idlib, Syria, financed by the re-branded al Nusra Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (JFS) and coordinated from Turkey, demonstrates how terrorist haven in Syria is increasingly threatening China’s energy, maritime, and human security.

With Russia, China and India now increasing support for the Syrian government that is helping them fight Eurasian militants in the Army of Conquest, while Israel understandably sides with Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar to back them, this risks misunderstanding and miscalculation between Jerusalem and rising Eurasian powers.

As such it is important for Israel to establish a cooperative platform for deconfliction and crisis management with China regarding Syria, as it has done with Russia, especially now that Chinese military advisors are on the ground and will likely increase its footprint with the recent military agreement with Damascus.

If Israel could balance its status as a traditional “protectorate” of Uncle Sam and its emerging trajectory as a “regional power” with additional partners, and take stock not only of US interests but also legitimate interests of new Mideast actors such as China and Russia, it could help manage the transition and maintain relative stability as the greater middle east continues to converge with China’s Afro-Eurasian integration project.  And along with this, perhaps a resurrection of Bunting’s Cloverleaf world and a return to history. 

BRENDON O’CONNELL: “Now you understand the central role of Israel and the Belt and Road project. China is not leading this. Israel is. Israel is supplying China the technology.

“China could not innovate a toilet seat without first studying in the US or having it handed to them by Israel. China is not a technology innovator, it’s a slave labor camp of traumatized collective sociopaths suffering deep anxiety issues, able to regurgitate large amounts of data on command.

“No offense to beautiful Chinese people all over the world, some of which I call my friends but they don’t live and work in China. They’ll tell you all about it.

“Now you might understand why Iranian General Soleimani was assassinated: a man who hates both Russia and China. The story that he was heading to a meeting with Saudi officials in Iraq makes sense, as he realized Iran was being used to smash pan-Arab nationalism and resistance to the expansion of Israel’s borders.

“His take-out was the precursor to coronavirus and the propping-up of the Swiss- and German banker-approved Davos doughboys, Rouhani and Zarif. If you watch my channel – and you must – you will understand the urgent need for the expansion of Israel’s borders into the Biblically-prophesied Greater Israel.

“If you watch my channel, you will understand Israel’s key role as a quote ‘cyber technology juggernaut’.

“If you watch my channel, you will understand the central role of Israel as a data collection point for the fibre optic cables that will cross from Europe, North and South Asia and Africa.

“And if you watch my channel, you will understand how vital that data is for the future of Artificial Intelligence and robotics.

“The Middle East is not a vital geopolitical point for energy anymore. That system is being dismantled right now. The Middle East is a vital point for the new oil: data, real-time data to feed the AI quantum supercomputer that is going to change everything.

“And what can we do? Well, nothing. We’re all going to die from corona and financial doom and the zombies will come and finish us off, apparently.

“So whatever you do, don’t think and don’t plan. Stay stuck in your hyper-vigilant passive state and await instructions from your relevant state-approved government body, comrades one and all.

“They need robots and drones. Human beings are the key vulnerability in the system and they are waking up and they’re getting dressed and getting out of the house. Being woke is not enough, you have to leave the house, for God’s sake. You’ve woken up but you’re still in bed. Get dressed, have a healthy breakfast and get the hell out of the house!

“We have time but we can’t fix what we can’t name. We can’t fix what we cannot articulate and plan for and we cannot fix something, if we keep telling ourselves we have no power. We have plenty of power and we have plenty of supporters in all the right places that matter.

“If you know my story, do you think I would still be alive and kicking, if powerful people did not give me a nudge and a wink from the sidelines? They kept telling me, ‘These things are handled quietly, Brendon. Your job is simple. Understand and articulate the subjects just discussed:

“Israel and the City of London East India Trading Company and their think tank proxies that are formulating policy in the US; policy that is designed to make the Middle East safe for Greater Israel and hand the Mackinder World Island to Rothschild’s bastard sons, Bibi, Vlad and Xi.

“We used to call it Communism. Now it’s being called ‘Communitarianism’ and you need to understand this ideological twist for the new millennium. Like any old out-of-date ideology, it has to dress itself up for the new generation.

“Understand the subversion of the United States and its Constitution, using manufactured crises.

“Understand if we free the United States, we free the world.

“The bankers are the enemy. The predatory international, borderless loan sharks; the people who stole $5 trillion from the US economy and paid themselves bonuses, back in 2008.

“Where did that $5 trillion go? Ask the damn question. Where did it go? It didn’t disappear. It was transferred. What do you think is paying for the Belt and Road?

“We need to protect the United States from socioeconomic implosion. We need to keep the US military-industrial complex high-tech sector strong. We need to cut off Israel, Russia and China from high technology; high technology that Israel is constantly stealing out of the United States.

“A technology sector that is being transferred from the US to Israel, just as US manufacturing and heavy industry was transferred to Asia and in particular, China.

“We must bring the supply chain to Mexico, Central and South America. We must return the power to print money or issue crypto to the objective economic data based on transparent government policy.

“We must protect the allies of the United States from Rothschild’s bastard sons. We must create new social policies that encourage and even demand citizen participation in the political decision-making process.

“We must issue new school curriculums that teach real history: the history of the great conspiratorial banking occult program to enslave the entire planet under a highly complex tyrannical Big Brother surveillance system.

“We must instigate policies that limit the speed of technological innovation to take into account human beings; their hopes, their dreams, their right to exist.

“The freight train rushing towards us of Artificial Intelligence and robotics must be immediately blunted with firm policy and rational community discussion.

“And one final thing. Sounds a bit extreme but I’m being deadly serious: immediately land two marine divisions in Occupied Palestine, eject all of the Jewish extremist settler movement back to Russia, disarm the Israeli state and create a secular government with equal representation for Jews, Christians and Muslims, dismantle the Israeli military industrial complex and high technology sector and transport it all back to the United States.

“Let’s cease letting them direct the debate. There are people in higher places supporting us. They will act and move quietly, according to the public mood, so get moody in all the right ways and in all the right places.

“Focus your information energies on the United States Military, the men and women with the guns and the lawful authority to use them.

“We have 10 years before we face autonomous killing machines on our streets. Let’s get moving.”



Australian Brendon McConnell was imprisoned for three years after demonstrating with a Palestinian flag in a shopping mall and posting a video of the resulting altercation that he had with Zionists there. As obnoxious and inciteful as his actions may have been, I have a hard time believing that he deserved to go to prison, let alone for three years. He was jailed again after attempting to seek asylum in New Zealand. Since then, he’s been on the lam in Iran, Malaysia and most recently, in Mexico.

I despise anti-Semitism and I do not allow it on my website. From his recent videos, it does not appear to me that O’Connell is an anti-Semite, he is against the crimes of what some call the “6,000 year-old death cult” or what others would call the “Khazarian Mafia”, i.e., criminal bankster Satanists who accuse their enemies of anti-Semitism.

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