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    On Monday, Jovan Pulitzer testified about the staggering, preliminary findings of his team’s ongoing forensic investigation of the 2020 General Election in Maricopa County, Arizona.

    This included a highly-detailed video presentation, which begins at roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes into this full video of Right Side Broadcasting’s livestream of the event.


    During his live presentation, he describes how every conceivable form of fraud was deployed; digital, mail, Social Security, mules, dead voters, phantom voters, COVID, etc., etc.

    COVID was first reported in the US in January. July 4th was the first holiday where people were told to stay home. By August, 38 states decided to go all-in on mail-in ballots.

    But back on March 1st, Runbeck Election Services, a government contractor placed the largest order in history for ballot envelope stuffing machines. This was two weeks before the infamous “Two weeks to flatten the curve” emergency was even declared. Jovan asks, “How did they know?”

    Jovan describes how the US Postal Service’s Mail Cover system, which snaps photographs of the front and back of all pieces of mail sent, storing the images for 6 years for investigational purposes. He says that the USPS stopped its Mail Cover program on April 1st and image storage was changed from 6 years to 30 days. After Biden was installed, it was turned back on,  indicating that this fraud went up to the highest levels of the US Government.

    Jovan says, “If I wanted to buy every politician in the country making these decisions, there’s about 7,000 of them. And if I made a deal with them, ‘I’m going to pay $1 million a year if you look the other way’, it’s going to cost me $7 billion…so, where’s the money and how is it hidden?…We discovered 10,000 people using the exact same Social Security Number…

    “See if this one rings true: You take an illegal, you bring ’em in. They sign a piece pf paper promising to pay taxes. What they get is a Social Security Number, so the employers can take out the taxes…

    “Here’s what they do…they will bring in hundreds of illegals. They will spread them out all over these plants and factories, giving them jobs. They’re all using the same Social Security Number. The IRS, unconnected are names from the Social Security Number, now, when you look it up, it just pings to see if there’s an employer. If there is, it says it’s good, it validates it.

    “Why do they do that? Because all of these factories are giving them Social Security Numbers, the Government turns its back on it, as soon as you have a Social Security Number and you go over to Motor Voter, pass the driver’s test, you get a driver’s license…that’s how they pack the rolls.

    “By the way, they don’t pay taxes, anyway, it’s taken out by companies. Our government’s been sitting on a $1.7 trillion slush fund, that one fund still has in it, to this day, if you want to know where the dark money comes from. By the way, that’s $100 million per month in interest.

    “I could go on. I now understand that this why they tried to kill us…it’s not stuff I wanted to know about my country…But we have a Uniparty, we don’t have multiple parties. Everyone has benefitted from this at one time or another. Everybody’s turned their back on it, at one time or another.

    “And it it’s gotten so far, we’ve lost, potentially our country and nobody ever believes it’s going to happen in their lifetime.”

    He describes ERIC voter registration, which was set up by George Soros and which sends ALL of our data to China as a “Massive con to undo the United States of America and they’ve probably put 22 million people into the system that way, that are not real.”


    “The initial conclusion of the 2020 General Election in Maricopa [is that it] was not certifiable, in any manner. There was gross maladministration of the most egregious, neglectful manner. Not one single aspect of the Election could be verified to have been operated according to the exact election rules, standards and compliance procedures.

    “There were hundreds of thousands of 14th Amendment violations and civil rights violations. There were hundreds of thousands of illegal votes and at no time was the final outcome, as reported repeatedly in the media or by Maricopa County officials, themselves in 2020 ever real, truthful, provable, transparent and most of all, certifiable.

    “There is sufficient and irrefutable evidence of pervasive voter fraud and widespread, systemic election fraud in Maricopa County, Arizona.

    “This is our Cyber Report, which discovered there is a pre-determined algorithm running on the machines in Maricopa. Approximately 406,972 individual ballots were cast of a predetermined nature and inserted into the 2020 General Election…

    “These pre-determined ballots were not cast in a manner which is both required and determined by law: one voter, one ballot, one vote representation.

    “These predetermined ballots can be defined in a manner which is based upon the use of digital forensics forensic mathematics, forensic accounting and rhythm analysis, further combined, with the aid of computer vision, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

    “This investigation, after millions of tests confirmed and revealed the following specifics:

    • 38% of the mail-in ballots cast for Joe Biden were found to be of a predetermined nature.
    • 33% of the Election Day ballots cast for Donald J Trump were found to be of a predetermined nature.
    • 59% of the votes, when adjusted by removing the predetermined outcome and revealing the true vote is found to have been for Donald J Trump.
    • 41% of the votes when adjusted by removing the predetermined outcome and revealing the true vote is found to have been cast for Joe Biden

    “A deeper forensic analysis revealed that 91.62% of the predetermined ballots were cast in the favor of Joe Biden.

    “A predetermined ballot is a ballot that has been decided by a mathematical algorithm and inserted and leads to having to make the paper ballot be created to match the electronic outcome.

    “The use of predetermined algorithms to determine the outcome of the Election was used widespread across all Maricopa County, Arizona voting precincts.

    “This is our pallet-packing chronology report for Maricopa County, Arizona: The determination is the boxes were pilfered and opened and re-opened over time, to either insert or remove ballots.

    “The specifics are as follows: 45 individual pallets of ballots existed. Approximately 1,675 boxes, fifty-two of these boxes were pre-set aside on Election Day for a hand audit, if required.

    “Each box has an average of 7 batches of ballots. An average ballot batch is 200 ballots. Each box was found to have been opened and re-opened over time.

    “The only boxes found to be opened or re-opened over time were the pre-selected 52 hand-audited boxes.

    “The dates and the boxes of the ballots are not consistent with how the ballots were processed. Each pallet had both multiple dates and multiple months of ballots, which is not congruent with how these ballots were processed.

    “141 individual batches took two days or more to process. The highest or largest batch was 1,393. The average batch was 200 ballots, with the smallest being 46 or ten ballots each, taking two days to process.

    “The 2-day ballot batches comprise 30,122 individual ballots or just under 2.5 times the margin of the Election. 89% of these dual-date ballots were decided for Joe Biden.

    “Election workers with decades of experience have never seen such dual-date batches. We have complete boxes and layers of boxes where one candidate won. 100% of the batches, which is not consistent with the ending turnout.

    “1,394 of the batches were compromised. That’s 13.94% of the batches, we believe were digitally altered.

    “Our conclusion is, the ballots were removed from and added to the boxes after the official election dates. They were pilfered in order to make the paper match the digital outcome.”

    In this brief excerpt of Jovan’s testimony that I downloaded from Twitter, he describes his discovery of something completely unexpected and VERY disturbing. He says:

    “‘Russia! Russia! Russia!’ was not about Donald Trump. ‘Russia! Russia! Russia!’ was sold to the nation to activate, in our own country backdoor systems; activated old programs that are dropped in every law enforcement agency, that allowed them to see all of the traffic of the vote through the law enforcement agency, as a ‘protection measure’. That is the backdoor. It comes in through the Sheriff’s Department. That’s what they’re hiding.” 

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • “It’s a big club…and you ain’t in it.”
      When they had touch-screen voting they could drop a memory disk in and get whatever outcome was required to uphold the 2-party pretense; NOW they have to screw around with paper ballots which, GUESS WHAT! leaves a trail (the details of which are explained pretty well and pretty much as succinctly as possible in the video Alexandra linked to in her yeoman work of trying to compress a 45-minute video – with a LOT of numbers and some puzzling audio gaps – into a TL;DR)…so whatever you do (says MSM & Big Tech) “don’t look behind the curtain!” to find out that our elections are Uniparty theatre, like everything else since forever: Shays’ Rebellion, Pearl Harbor, 9/11, many/most/all? “lone gunman” shootings, George Floyd, etc. (I’m not saying the blood isn’t real; gotta have some blood to sell the show). It should be at least as hard to vote as it was to apply for unemployment benefits in Michigan where I had to upload copies of my DL, SS card AND birth certificate.

      This is excellent work and much more impressive to my mind than “2000 Mules” (which drew conclusions based on a lot of suppositions). This is stuff you can take to court.

      (Only nit was with one mathematical typo: 1,675 boxes times 7 (avg) batches per box is 11,725 batches; if 1,394 batches are compromised, that’s 11.89%, not 13.94%.)

      Regarding the Sheriff Depts, I think there are Sheriffs (the ones who said they would not enforce Covid theatre) who would have blown the whistle by now if they were privy to malfeasance, so I’m curious where that goes.

    • Thank you, Miss Bruce, for summarizing the long version for us. Absolutely mind boggling, especially the part about the Sheriff’s depts.

    • If this is true then well we are pretty much screwed because I read once throughout history when a totalitarian takeover was stopped the local law enforcement joined forces with the “we the people”

      “‘Russia! Russia! Russia!’ was not about Donald Trump. ‘Russia! Russia! Russia!’ was sold to the nation to activate, in our own country backdoor systems; activated old programs that are dropped in every law enforcement agency, that allowed them to see all of the traffic of the vote through the law enforcement agency, as a ‘protection measure’. That is the backdoor. It comes in through the Sheriff’s Department. That’s what they’re hiding.”

      • I believe the election process “has been taken over and is a fraud”.
        I have had my own personal experiences. But, nothing I can prove.
        I believe the Sherrif’s Department, and Counties have strong vested interest to go along with election fraud.
        Unfortunately, I was not able to follow this presentation. Can you give me a better explanation of what it is saying?

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