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    In January 2001, my first book was released, The Philadelphia Experiment Murder. It originally centered on the covered-up murder of Deep State whistleblower, Phil Schneider but it unexpectedly veered into the terrain of parallel universes when I serendipitously befriended the late Glen Pruitt while writing it.

    Glen was the son of the alleged Director of the Montauk Project, Jack Pruitt, as recounted in several tomes previously published by Sky Books. His name was mentioned by Preston Nichols, Stewart Swerdlow and by the late Al Bielek,

    with the latter claiming that Jack still owed him $500,000. Jack was allegedly in charge of hiring, firing and paying personnel. Actually, I’m probably the only person who’s ever written a book about the Montauk Project who’s ever had a sociable lunch with Jack Pruitt (but I wasn’t allowed to discuss Montauk).

    As it happens, Jack’s father, Lee Pruitt (Glen’s grandfather) had been Nikola Tesla’s intern, while at the University of Colorado. When Tesla visualized a particular molecule, that would be needed for the filament inside a vacuum tube to greatly amplify EM fields, Lee was able to synthesize the required alloy for those filaments, which he would later brag to his grandson, were those used in the Philadelphia Experiment.

    Mind you, when I met Glen, he had no clue about his father’s possible involvement in the Montauk Project and he was highly annoyed by such claims, until he made Preston and Al pick out his father from a group photo from his job in the insurance department of the Republic National Bank of New York, in Dallas, Texas. They Picked Jack right out of the crowd.

    There are even crazier details around Jack and his father but this article is getting too long.

    Today’s clip is interesting, although like Al Bielek, it hews closely to the version of events that I and others have determined was a psychological operation run by the Office of Naval Research, starting in 1955, when they hired the Varo Publishing Company to print about 100 copies of an annotated version of ‘The Case for the UFO’, by Morris K. Jessup. Within the margins of the book are the details which would eventually coalesce into the urban legend of the Philadelphia Experiment with its most recognizable details, involving a “radar invisibility test” in the Philadelphia Navy shipyards with the USS Eldridge Destroyer Escort and multiple sailors ending up embedded in the steelwork of the ship.

    In the course of my investigation, I was introduced to an elderly man who had a very similar story to tell but with many significant divergences. His name was Bob Beckwith, at that time still working at the very successful company that he’d founded, Beckwith Electric. He’d been an electronics wunderkind who at 23, invented a telemetry protocol, which enabled the power generated by the Hanford nuclear plant in Washington State to travel further and to serve more customers.

    He was later working at Bell Labs in Massachusetts when he was personally commandeered by the Navy for the war effort, where they had him working on experimental sonar projects, to help with the problem of German mines being laid off the East Coast of the US, which were blowing merchant ships out of the water.

    Bob always maintained that the urban legend’s version of the Philadelphia Experiment story, about the US Navy’s need for “radar invisibility” bogus, as this was not the pressing problem. Radar was not the issue that needed to be addressed. Sonar invisibility against these German mines, which were motion-sensitive and anchored on the seafloor to come up and bomb ships on the surface was what was needed.

    To this end, Beckwith worked on an experimental minesweeper in both Long Island and Block Island Sounds, putting out from New London, CT where there was a Naval Underwater Sound Laboratory, as well as from Newport, RI, where there is still a large Navy Base. The only name or number associated with this “experimental” ship that Beckwith could recall was “IX97”.

    In trying to track down this vessel, I had a Navy friend scour the libraries, where he found a Samuel Eliot Morison book, which contained a brief history about a private yacht, which had been commandeered from its wealthy Connecticut owner and outfitted with experimental equipment and re-christened the USS Martha’s Vineyard. The information is now available online but I made photocopies of the picture in Morrison’s book, which was reproduced in my book. (You may have heard this account told by Andrew Basiago and others but I’m the one who broke it, in 2001). Beckwith was delighted to see the picture after all those years.

    He was working as a civilian but there were of course enlisted sailors aboard, who would share “scuttlebut” with him about a previous experiment that had been conducted on that ship. He reminded me that the National Security Act hadn’t been passed yet, which had an eerie effect upon me, realizing that I’d only lived in a National Security State my whole life.

    Beckwith said the sailors talked about a previous experiment, during which they looked out the windows and recognized the Philadelphia shipyards, where they’d been 2 weeks previously. It was a zoo inside the ship; everyone was panicking – but just ONE unfortunate sailor found himself merged with the ship’s metalwork, near the bottom of a doorway. His body had been cut out and the rest sanded down and painted over.

    Beckwith describes being taken by the sailors to the spot, where one could easily see a fresh coat of paint over the “splash cowling beneath the sliding doors.” When you look at the USS Martha’s Vineyard, you can see the sliding doors he was talking about.

    In his own self-published book, Beckwith expounded on his theory about “Divided Space” and how it could be created with counter-rotating EM fields of enough force; where bubbles in space could be created, separating a designated sphere of “Divided Space” apart from “Universal Space”. This, he says, is what enables UFOs to take 90º and 45º turns at thousands of Gs without breaking up.

    He went on to say that this technology had, by the late ’90s become very advanced and that the Osprey Class of Minesweeper had this capability and that they could literally blip themselves anywhere on the world that they wanted to go and could put themselves a second ahead of universal time while cruising and go unseen. He said he’d taken a tour of one of these ships and there didn’t seem to be any secret about it among the crew. He gave me the official laminated press release from its christening (which made no mention of this exotic technology).

    Beckwith also wrote about being a contactee of a beautiful brunette humanlike ET, who was was thousands of times more brilliant than he (the wunderkind). They would talk about neutrinos (officially there are now 3 different kinds; they’re all a kind of Lepton) and how these are so small and mass-less, that they coarse through everything in the universe and he believed that these subatomic particles were something akin to the “Internet of Space”, because having been modulated and informed by everything through which they’d passed, they carried that information, same way that some feel that water also can do…

    The book gets a much, much weirder than this – but you’ll have to buy it, as this article has gotten way too long!

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    • The WITTS have had a video on Youtube for some time but NOTHING has ever come of it. WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE AND THE RELATED TECNHOLOGY??? They show a 40KW self-sustaining motor-generator that would free EVERYONE from the doomed grid and powers of darkness, stupidity and greed.

    • Tesla is a great hero of mine and I have spent many years trying to replicate some of his work. The video was appalling. couldn’t listen to it


    • Actually, Tesla’s work is only thought to have disappeared. WITTS has been the premier caretaker of his work, as well as his predecessors. Look for it on the web.

    • A fascinating subject, to be sure! But the video was very poorly made; with incorrect words at the beginning’s headings, and that electronic narration’s syntax was completely off, and very difficult to listen to. Couldn’t they have found one human who could read it better??

    • Tesla undoubtedly was one of the greatest intuitive geniuses of the 20th century. Too bad his work disappeared into the Black World when his dream was to free humanity from the yoke of indentured servitude using the clean free energy of the universe available to everyone via his technological innovations.

    • Fascinating, I never knew the connection between Tesla, Einstein, and the Philadelphia Experiment!

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