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Hal Puthoff is a physicist and parapsychologist who owns patents for laser and electron beam devices. He’s written scientific monographs, including “Fundamentals of Quantum Electronics”, co-written with Richard Pantell.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Puthoff was Director the DIA/CIA-funded remote viewing experiments at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). In 1985, he founded the Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin, TX, a scientific research organization, where he is currently Director. He also founder and CEO in Austin of the for-profit company, EarthTech International, Inc. which explores the physics of space flight energy and propulsion, with a strong focus on studying zero point energy and evaluating claims of “free energy” and “over unity” devices said to generate power via the zero point electromagnetic field or other sources.

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  • Oi Sergio, lamento muito mas este clipe não tem legendas em português. Antigamente, a YouTube oferecia traduções para umas 60 outras línguas (mal traduzidas mas pelo menos alguma coisa).

    Você podia escolher a língua preferida entrando pelo “CC” (“Closed Captioning”). Eu não tenho visto este programa, que nunca saiu da fase “beta”, há muito tempo.

    O vídeo em si não está com defeito nenhum. Os problemas que você esta descrevendo parecem ter a ver com a sua conexão ou da largura de banda fornecida pelo seu serviço de Internet.

  • The image is very bad (I don’t know if is my computer problem, but it is pixeling and truncated.
    Anther issue I would like to mention is that however my Eglish is notperfect, I can understand most of it.
    Anyway, I ask if there is any possibility to put portuguese legends.
    Thank you for your attention

    sergio graciotti

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