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For seven decades, US agencies have hoarded information on UFOs.

Less known to the West was a similar campaign conducted behind the Iron Curtain.

In this documentary, hosted by actor Roger Moore of James Bond fame, we see excellent Russian UFO footage declassified during the era of perestroika and the fall of the Soviet Union, with interviews of soldiers, scientists and spies, revealing unsettling events that took place during the Cold War.

One film clip, taken from the cockpit of a MiG fighter jet, shows two objects merging into one, during broad daylight.
Another shot, also taken from a Soviet MiG fighter jet of a US F-16 fighter jet reveals a UFO flying alongside it, then rapidly descending beneath the clouds.

We also hear testimonies about a UFO encounter that almost sparked a nuclear war, when a pair of MiG fighters, which tried to shoot it down were both blown out of the sky.

We also see stunning evidence that the Soviets recovered something not from this Earth in more rare film footage smuggled out of Russia.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Top agenda all top terrorist controlled the whole wold i read some other places 2040 UFO agreements are closed…………

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