A tape has emerged of a neighborhood vigil that was held for Seth Rich where Debbie Wasserman Schultz was present, in which a man claiming to be Seth Rich’s neighbor, Mark Mueller said that he was at the scene when Rich was shot on July 10, 2016, and that he was listed in the police report. He made the following statement:

“I was there when he [Seth Rich] got shot and uh they walked him past me so that I could see him and identify him because I knew him in the neighborhood — and the police officer said: ‘he didn’t even know he was shot’. So, if it gives anyone any comfort, I don’t think he had any pain, physically, so – if that helps.”

This is especially interesting because George Webb interviewed a woman gun forensics expert (who declined to be identified), who told him that based
on the statements of the anonymous internist at MedStar Hospital, that it sounded like Seth was hit by two 22-caliber bullets or smaller. She said that there was no way that Seth would have died of the wounds described within an hour or so of the shooting, as widely reported.

This corroborates with the statements of the internist, who stated that he was shocked to hear that Seth had died of his wounds, as he’d seen many much more severe cases survive. The internist also stated that Seth died 5 hours after he was admitted into the Emergency Room but that Seth’s room was blocked off by law enforcement personnel and that he was prevented from seeing anything after he performed the surgery.

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  • So, there was no video of the police in the hospital? Why not? Oh yeah. They are above the law. DNC maybe.

  • in this account the internist who performed the surgery claims he was blocked from entering the room by “police” for 5 hours, at which point Seth died? Where is the get real autopsy to find the get real cause of death? Who are these police who attend him while he is dying, and give no alarm or call in no hospital staff. This is very disturbing.

  • Seth MUST be in WitSec, or he was killed by an assassin in the hospital. Until I see the autopsy report, considering we know how the control system lies to us in propaganda fake news (the alt news is the real news!), conducts secret testing on innocent, naive and uninformed Americans (and the rest of the world by now..), such as with nuclear fallout testing, agent Orange, and so on – our gov’t sucks. It’s become as laden with corruption & excess as Rome did; their morals are no better than the Fascists. If you can’t see that, you must either be a Fascist yourself, or Illuminati/ NWO Pedophile scum, or uber rich and stupid.

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