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    Things are getting very strange in George Webb land. His investigative partner, Jason Goodman looks very freaked-out, here. YouTubers who were on webcams, supporting them last week are now disparaging them. One wonders whether the trolls have fallen under the control of the DNC, the same way that is apparent with the family of Seth Rich.

    My response to the trolls is for them to go get an interview with Rod Wheeler, the private investigator originally hired by Seth Rich’s parents. Rod had a tight relationship with the Rich family but he was suddenly iced-out after they came under the control of DNC crisis manager, Brad Bauman. Wheeler was suddenly ordered to “cease and desist” and gagged from discussing the findings of his investigation.

    None of these trolls that I’ve seen, podcasting from their popcorn-spackled abodes have the credibility to get an interview with a seasoned FoxNews consultant and former DC Metro Police detective like Rod Wheeler, nor is that their objective.

    Their objective is purely to discredit the work of George Webb and Jason Goodman.

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    • Hi Aham:

      I was searching my name today for a separate reason and found this thread of messages again on Alexandra’s excellent site. I would love to communicate privately. How do you suggest we get our contact info to one another?

      Blessings to you!!!

    • Of course people are searching for truth in a world in which we are persistently told lies about anything of relevance. Searching within for truth is certainly most important. I do not understand why a healthy person would not engage in searching for all truth; within and about our world and universe in all respects.

      • Amy,

        yes, it depends on a certain healthiness in order to search for eternal truth.
        This healthiness is a certain mass of love. When this is not present, the search does not appear.
        In my “work”, I meet people wiht many forms of illnesses, which want to find their love.
        Besides, I know also that any illness energy, emotional energy of fighting against each other, in fact is NOT LIVED LOVE ENERGY:
        Now all “bad” energy can become transformed by a breathing process.

    • I think it is very strange to search for the “truth” in the outside world beyond the own body.
      Generally this search base on the idea: who is the bad one.
      Because almost any one does this, they think the other is the bad one and I am the good one.
      This seems to me a system which is present on earth, now preventing and hindering the capacity of universal love.

      What about finding the truth inside?
      Who does this and can descirbe it?

    • Also, my iPhone’s changed after I tried to download the Seth Rich Files on June 1. I had only recently started following George Webb. Since then my iPhone’s LTE turns totally off when making calls. So if I am not connected to a network how are my calls going through. George Webb claims that veterans are not getting the right amount of prescribed pain mediation. I am a disabled veteran with significant chronic pain issues. I usually get my medication fine. This month the pharmacist has only been given 1/2 of the prescription and I am yet to get an answer and have the correct meds prescribed. I am well aware that I get punished for commenting online about certain topics. It is a sad world. Personally, I recommend caution regarding George Webb. If he is not recommending judicial accountability than what is he doing this all for? Of course an investigation such as he is doing comes with tremendous risk by anyone who truly poses a threat to involved criminals.

      • Regarding your comment about the chronic pain meds–Everyone is being regulated by the Feds. Right now pain and spine clinics across the nation are dropping patients who require class 2 narcotics for pain, vet or not. The Feds are all over such clinics and have set a single number for patient pain relief. If a patient is not dropped from the clinic rolls then the Feds require the dosages be no higher than 120 (grains, I think) of daily combined meds. (There is a Federally mandated formula that can be found online which calculates your meds. Sorry I don’t have the link, but your doctor does.) That means every person, no matter their condition, must adhere to this maximum number. It’s not a lot of relief for those who have been blown up in the bankster wars, have nerve damage, spinal damage and TBI, seizures and so on.

        If you are in a state where medical marijuana is legal, and you test positive via a urine sample, the clinic is required by Federal law to remove you from all Class-2 narcotics for pain relief. They will also likely drop you from the clinic.

        As always the public pays for the Feds’ political paddling of the states who defy them and the significantly reduced revenue of the pharma companies since medical marijuana began to be used.

    • When I started following George Webb I assumed he was an independent citizen journalist and was intrigued by and supportive of his efforts. I am a patriotic pioneer woman West Point grad whom has suffered horribly. I continually search for truth about our world, George lost my confidence after I witnessed him clearly claiming he is with Mossad (the old Mossad, whatever that means) and that he is very pro George Bush Senior and against arresting Podesta. Something is clearly amiss!

      • Eek. He’s said repeatedly that he’s a “Bernie-crat” and I saw a few posts in which he was saying that Podesta had threatened his family and others, where he said that he didn’t want to put anyone in jail; he just wanted transparency. That’s what Robert David Steele proposes…

        • Many picked up on the fact he says he is part of the “Old” Mossad. So then he is not really an independent citizen journalist. It costs a lot of money to travel around staying in hotels everyday. How does he afford this?

      • Can you provide the link for the evidence about the Mossad connection? I’d certainly like to see it and research it’s inception.

        • Other people mentioned the Mosssad connection in a live chat the night he was asking people to dlownöoad the Seth rich files, I did a search and found a video in which letter clearly stated he was “Old” Mossad several times, pro senior George Bush and against arrests, especially regards Podesta. I don’t have time to go back now and find the video although I did try. I think it may have been a Veritas interview.

          I think Aham speaks wisdom!

          • I found a video listed on YouTube that was titled something about Webb being asked about being Mossad. I refuse to use YouTube so I didn’t watch it. However, the information you may have seen is here:–will-he-carry-the-ball-of-justice-across-the-goal-line-or-save-his-own-.html

            There are a number of quotes from Webb that state staunch support for Israel and protection thereof. In one video, pulled out to the sidebar, he says he would defend Jason of Crowdsource to the death stating, “…it’s Mossad, you-know.” At first, I assumed they were both Jewish, based on the comment, and he was making a point of loyalty within ranks–something I do not support as it presupposes those on your “side” are correct in their actions, no matter what. Nope. Then, I listened to all the video sidebar break-outs. You are correct. He states outright in one that he is part of the “good” Mossad (like the good CIA–WTF?) and that Jason is being used to document his research–didn’t set so well with Jason. It means he lied about himself, even to Jason. Whatever alphabet agency in whatever country doesn’t matter in terms of action. This admission is VERY disturbing. Mossad is known as a death squad that protects the entrenched elite of Israel. I’ve seen no evidence that actions taken by alphabet agencies in any country are in the best interest of humanity. They serve only secretly held objectives of secret groups who make secret laws to protect themselves and drum up war for their economies.

            Webb’s reporting is/has been excellent but his admitting to being Mossad opens the obvious question: What is his employer’s agenda? No one can know. He presents as just “some guy” who turned-up the flame under trafficking children, guns, organs, dope and murder. Now, I have to hold his comments in mind as calculating a larger agenda, not his own, but his employer’s. GOD.

    • I wonder if you can hold a news conference to reveal the actors (trollers) real ID and Names.
      The most people knows what’s going on, the more you are protected. Specifically, investigates the taboo issue/articles that easily causes body harm. I don’t believe any god, but I do wish the heaven guarded you, Webb and concern parties’s safety and security. Be extreme careful, dealing with cold blood murders careless is not in the dictionary. There were absolutely no explanation needed for what a courageous test you folks taking on. It is elucidated that all the facet of governmental agencies had been infiltrated and misguided. Only truth will be tell if your gangs’s protection warranted.

    • Benjamin Franklin:
      “Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither, and will lose both.

      Thomas Jefferson:
      “When people fear the government, it’s tyranny; when the government fears the people it’s
      called liberty.”

      Victurus LIbertas:
      “NYPD [New York Police Dept.] detectives, along with select FBI agents who are sick of the stonewalling of [FBI Director] Comey and the brass at FBI and CIA, have started leaking infor-mation on their investigation into Anthony Weiner’s laptop.”
      “Among other things, we have learned from our insider that the Clintons and other politicians were engaged in money-laundering, child exploitation, sex crimes with minors, perjury, pay-to-play through the Clinton Foundation, obstruction of justice and other felony crimes.”

      “Weiner has also contacted young boys and also still keeps in close contact with Chuck Schumer. A file marked ‘Life Insurance,’ may be leaked by the NYPD detectives because they are done sitting around while the politicians rape children and lie to the public.”

    • Not surprising given the Wheeler interview. These guys are on the tracks of the DNC’s participation in a criminal cabal of unknown breadth. Wheeler knew it before he was gagged and fired. Web and Goodman know it. AND, as Web turned up long before the Wheeler interview, this “organization” represents a third party. It’s not the DNC. Rather it’s one that is keen on continuing to hold the entire planet in slavery. They have a lot to lose. Be safe guys.

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