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    Censorship is about to get a whole lot worse with Operation Jigsaw, which is rolling out this year on all Google platforms, as Roman Balmakov at The Epoch Times breaks down for us, here.

    Frankly, I think he self-censored several times in this video, to avoid getting de-platformed by YouTube!

    I had experienced beta tests or iterations of the first three Operation Jigsaw interventions that Roman describes here on Facebook and Twitter – before I was unceremoniously and inexplicably de-platformed by the federal agents in their employ.

    What remains unclear is if the same censorious pop-up windows and other AI protocols that are seen on social media platforms will also start appearing on ***all the webpages indexed by Google*** such as on the 7,000+ pages of my website?

    If so, the Chinafication will be near complete and the Democrats will celebrate, as the drivers of all the censorship in America. Last year, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), who never passes up a junket to Ukraine introduced the Nudge Act to increase online censorship. It’s filled with all the same buzzwords as Operation Jigsaw.

    As I’ve said many times, censorship is now an expansion industry and as the Twitterfiles have clearly shown, Big Tech censorship is only about obliterating all vestiges of American culture (aka “Domestic Terrorism”) and to brainwash all who survive the Death Shot with their absurd Woke groupthink.

    Ve vill own nothing und be happy. Ve vill eat ze bugs. Ze only zing ve vill talk about is how stunning und brave it is to be trans.

    Finally, Operation Jigsaw is intent on categorizing any objection to mass-vaccination as “Manipulation” and it will “preempt” any such Manipulation with a technique they call “Pre-Bunking”, whereby if you click on content that goes against the genocidal state narrative, a Pre-Bunking video will be served to you in the form of an ad that discredits any and all anti-vaxx wrongthink – all the better to mind control you into killing yourself.



    This, right here is known as Operation Jigsaw. You see, the brilliant Engineers over at Google have come up with a new plan. It’s a plan couched in the idea, as these plans always seem to be, of keeping us safe from “Misinformation” and from “Harmful Language” and the way to do that, obviously is to control evermore what you and me are able to see and to say online.

    What you’re looking at right now on your screen is the home page for a new Google initiative called the Info Interventions. Their official website builds this new initiative as a quote “Set of approaches informed by Behavioral Science research and validated by digital experiments to build resilience to online harms.”

    Now, if the term, Behavioral Science research makes you think about Pavlov and his experiments on dogs, well that’s actually a pretty good analogy, because this new initiative, it has Google essentially using the very same techniques, the very same methodologies on you and me, meaning the users that Pavlov used on his dogs.

    However, while Pavlov was trying to make his dogs salivate, Google is trying to make you question anything that goes against what the “fact checkers” have deemed to be “misinformation”.

    Regardless though, getting back to the actual nuts-and-bolts of this new initiative, this info intervention initiative, well, it’s actually being led by one of Google’s subsidiary companies. It’s a company by the name of Jigsaw.

    As you can see from their website, Jigsaw is a complete subsidiary of Google. They are under complete Google management and according to their mission statement, their mission is to quote, “Apply technological solutions, from countering extremism, online censorship and cyber attacks to protecting access to information.”

    Now, that all sounds very benign. Who wouldn’t want to protect the general population from cyber attacks and from extremism? However, like most things, well, the Devil is in the details.

    Because you see, citing this research paper right here, that was published over in Nature magazine – a paper, by the way, which claimed that shifting people’s attention to accuracy can reduce the spread of misinformation online – well, Jigsaw actually partnered together with the authors of that research paper to create the Info Intervention Initiative and, in terms of what this initiative will actually do well, in March of last year, Jigsaw published an article in which they did a recap of their online social experiments and concluded by writing this:

    “Gently reminding internet users to stop and think about accuracy is a great first step but there is no Silver Bullet to counter online misinformation. For this reason, we are exploring a range of approaches, including how to inoculate people against misinformation by building core information literacy competencies.”

    And of course, their use of the word “inoculate” in that statement is likely not an accident, as they were drawing a direct parallel by saying, essentially that they are the vaccine to misinformation.

    But within this article, it didn’t actually stay any concrete steps that they were going to take, it was all very conceptual. However, we fast-forward a few months from when this article was first published and it’s become a lot more clear about what is included in the range of approaches that they are going to use to combat misinformation.

    The four methods that Google’s operation jigsaw will be using to curb supposed misinformation are the following: 1) Accuracy prompts; 2) Redirect methods; 3) Authorship feedback, as well as something that they call 4) Pre-bunking, as opposed to debunking.

    These are the four new methods that we can look forward to in the coming year and so let’s go through them together, one by one.

    The first method of Operation Jigsaw are the Accuracy Prompts, which are little pop-up windows that show up when you happen to scroll past a piece of content that’s been flagged by Google’s fact checkers as “potential misinformation” and the stated purpose of the accuracy prompt is to remind us – meaning, to remind the users – to only share content that they believe is accurate.

    Here’s specifically how the prompt will work, according to Jigsaw’s own website: A person scrolls through their social feed and comes across content with potential misinformation. An Accuracy Prompt is then triggered and pops up over top of the concept. A bite-sized explanation is shown on why the person is seeing the reminder and then the individual is prompted to be more aware and he or she may think twice when coming across similar content in their feed.

    Now, if you’ve been on the internet and you’ve already seen something like this on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, with Operation Jigsaw, we can now look forward to these prompts on YouTube – on this platform – as well as anywhere else that Google has their influence, which includes almost all web pages that happen to be indexed by their search engine.

    Although it is worth highlighting that on the actual website for this initiative, Google does not lay out what websites will be carrying these prompts. That’s yet to be determined.

    Regardless though, moving on, the second method that Operation jigsaw will be using is called the “Redirect Method”. Here’s how Jigsaw’s website describes it: “The redirect method is aimed at reaching individuals who are vulnerable to recruitment by violent extremist groups and seeks to redirect users looking for extremist information towards curated content that refutes the extremist messaging.”

    Here is how, specifically the Redirect Method will work: A person does an online search using keywords which indicate that he or she might have an interest in something deemed to be “extremist propaganda” – again, deemed as such by the Google fact checkers. Google will then initiate the Redirect Method, which will pick up on these keywords and intervene.

    The intervention will come in the form of an ad, which is presented to the individual making the search and the ad contains the approved information on their topic of interest and then upon clicking on the ad, the person is redirected – which is why it’s called the “Redirect Method” – to content which counters the extremist narratives.

    Now, in terms of what types of quote-unquote “extremist narratives” they will be targeting, well we do have a bit of a clue. That’s because for the Redirect Method specifically, Jigsaw actually partnered with another organization called Moonshot and according to the Info Intervention website, it says that Moonshot has a history of partnering with other tech companies to deploy advertising, which subverts what they refer to as online harms, including quote “White Supremacy”, “Violent Misogyny” and of course, “Conspiracy Theories”. Now, in terms of what exactly qualifies as a “Conspiracy Theory”, well that is, like most things up to Google to decide.

    Then, the next method of Operation Jigsaw is called “Authorship Feedback”, which aims to, quite literally shape what people – meaning, you and I – can actually write online. Essentially, the way that authorship feedback works is that when a person is writing, let’s say a comment on a blog post, Google will use AI software to detect any toxic language and then, they’ll provide real-time feedback to the person writing by highlighting the portions of their comments that might be perceived as being offensive.

    Here’s specifically how this AI feedback will work, in practice: A person writes a comment that the AI identifies as being quote unquote “toxic”, which is a rude, disrespectful or unreasonable comment that is likely to make someone leave a discussion. Then, as the person is writing – as the person is writing – the AI picks up on the quote-unquote “toxic” comment using the Machine Learning technology that supposedly identifies any types of abusive language. Then, as the person is still writing their comment – meaning,  while they’re still on their keyboard and Authorship Feedback message has popped up and it alerts the individual that their comment has been identified as being either “risky” or “offensive”. Then, the individual is encouraged to adjust their language before publishing the content.

    Now, at the moment, if you look at the screenshot on their website, it looks like you will still have the opportunity to ignore the feedback and post your comment anyway by hitting that “Post Anyway” button, although it is not exactly clear how long that will last for. Maybe in the very near future, you’ll either be forced to alter your language or just give up on trying to post.

    Moving on to the fourth method of Operation Jigsaw, it’s called “Pre-Bunking”. This is how Google pitches, over on their website what Pre-Bunking actually means: “Pre-Bunking is a technique to preempt manipulation attempts online, by forwarding individuals and equipping them to spot and refute misleading arguments, they gain resilience to being misled in the future.

    Now, just to pause here for a super quick moment I always appreciate how the individuals who create these types of programs in these big tech companies they always assume that the people they’re dealing with are being misled. It seems to never cross their minds that perhaps they are the ones who are misleading people but anyway, who am I to judge?

    Regardless though, in terms of how this Pre-Bunking actually works, well, here’s how they describe it: Let’s say you click on a video on YouTube that goes against the established narrative. What will happen is that a Pre-Bunking video will be served to you in the form of an ad and this ad is basically a short cartoon video that’s designed to inform people of what to look out for and through the message in the short ad, you will be informed of possible attempts that are being made to manipulate you online.

    Now, it is kind of ironic that the ad, which is trying to manipulate you is telling you that you are being manipulated! But let’s set that aside for now. In the ad video, you’re going to be shown a relevant example of a manipulative technique or a manipulative narrative and then, you’re going to be given the official counterpoints to review those quote unquote “misleading claims”. And then, once this whole process is in place, the AI will start to conduct surveys, in order to analyze how well the people who watch these ad videos were able to recall the quote unquote “manipulative techniques” that were discussed.

    And if you’d like to get a real world example of what these Pre-Bunking videos will look like, well, here’s one of them from Google’s own website:

    “We finally have a vaccine for COVID but you may run into people who still want you to panic. They’ll use tactics to manipulate smart, honest people like you. Sometimes, these people talk about vaccine injury…”

    It’s a video showing what appears to be healthcare professionals going through some of the generic claims made by people who are opposed to mass-vaccination and labeling those claims as “Manipulation Tactics”, designed to scare people away from getting the vaccine.

    And so by now, I think that most Americans are pretty familiar with all the techniques that Big Tech uses in order to both control the narrative and to throttle down content that they don’t approve of. However, what we just went through; the four methods of Operation Jigsaw, well, it appears that these will be the next wave of techniques used by Big Tech in order to stifle our ability to communicate freely online and as always, it’s being done, like everything else in this Modern Age, under the banner of keeping you and I safe from “Misinformation” and safe from “Harmful Content”.

    But the big question in these scenarios is always the same: Who, exactly gets to determine what, exactly constitutes “Misinformation”? What constitutes a “Conspiracy Theory”? What, exactly is “Extremist Content”? And what, exactly is “Toxic Language”? Because, whoever gets to decide the answers to those questions, well, they essentially get to decide what Americans – what you and me – can see and also what we can say online. That is a tremendous power.

    And to assume that this type of program will be rolled out in some kind of a non-partisan manner is actually quite a large assumption to make, especially given the fact that the employees at the very company that’s rolling this out, meaning Google, they gave 96% of their political donations to a single political party.

    Regardless, this is what we have to look forward to in the coming year. If you’d like to read more about Operation Jigsaw and this whole “Misinformation Initiative” being pushed for by Google, I’ll throw all my research notes down into the description box below this video for you to peruse and also I’d love to give a big shout out to Mr Eric Schumacher, who helped pull a lot of this research together, as well as to make sense of it.

    And then lastly, I would love to know your thoughts regarding this whole matter this whole initiative. Do you agree with Operation Jigsaw? Do you agree with this initiative that Google is implementing?

    I’m personally of kind of two minds about it, because on the one hand it would be a net positive in my opinion if these Big tech companies were actually able to stop real extremist ideologies from spreading. I mean, it’s a known fact that for instance, the remnants of the Islamic Caliphate, they are actively recruiting people and radicalizing them online.

    In fact, there was a case just over the weekend of a young man, right here in America who became an Islamic radical and he attacked three cops in Times Square with a machete. That happened just a few days ago. And so it would be great if somehow that were avoided but the question really is this: Could that have been avoided?

    Because that kid in Times Square, he was apparently already on the radar of the FBI and yet the attack still happened. And so what, then?

    Google will implement these new policies in Operation Jigsaw, which will stifle Free Speech for the common citizens, like you and me then some extremists will still fall through the cracks, which will lead Google to ratchet-up their censorship regime ever more, another extremist will fall through the cracks, which will lead to more restrictions on free speech and then, until what? Until we’re not able to speak freely online anymore and it will all be done step-by-step in the name of our own safety.

    It’s, in fact similar to gun crime. Some wack job shoots up a shopping mall and then all of a sudden, you and me are not allowed to own rifles in our very own homes. And so, these are the supposed positive and negatives stopping extremism, while at the same time suppressing Free Speech.

    However, there is another you can say – dimension – to all this, which is whether or not we can take Google’s motives at face value? The claim is that they are really doing this to “stop extremism” – or is it the case that the “extremism” that they’re trying to stop is not necessarily Islamic Extremism but rather, let’s say, another 2016-type election, where Donald Trump is elected to the White House?

    I’d love to know your thoughts on this matter. Do the positives outweigh the negatives and what do you think the real motive is behind Operation Jigsaw and all these “Misinformation” initiatives being launched by Big Tech, as well as Google.

    Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. I’ll be reading them later this week and also, if you haven’t already, while you’re making your way down there to the comment section, take a quick moment to smash that Like and Subscribe button and speaking of the Subscribe button, by the way, late last week, we passed a big milestone: Facts Matter got to 1 million subscribers, here on YouTube.

    It was actually our goal by the end of 2022 to reach 1 million and we did it! And so, from the entire Facts Matter team, I’d like to thank you all for subscribing and for spending your valuable time watching our episodes, here in the coming weeks.

    We’ve got some super-sweet deep-dive episodes that are currently in the works and so I hope you keep tuning in, even if Operation Jigsaw tells you to tune out!

    Anyway, until next time, I’m your host Roman from The Epic Times stay informed! Most importantly, stay free!

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    • Oh it will get worse before better. Sly. Devil IS in the detail. We’re in a monopolist, Communist world. I’m old, censored Jan 7 by Twitter is probably over Jan 6. I feel be badly for all Truthers. Maybe back up everything. Don’t give up. If USA falls the World falls.

    • Once again the “big wigs” of Americas are listening, watching, and brain washing Americans into “believing” the leftist, nonbelieving Athetists, government, and Big Tech propaganda by utilizing Jigsaw Operation. We are already inundated by Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc… regurgitating ads from our conversations they’ve been listening to. OOPS! I bet I get censored as a Conspiracy Theorist! Big Deal! Ironic that they do EXACTLY what they CLAIM the right does that they hate. They are already dictating our world toward ONE WORLD government, health, and rights….or NO RIGHTS! Facebook limits on FB and Messenger how many people we can tag. This is just MORE EVIL CONTROL.

    • Just another method for the Cabal to control the population. Many subjects on Google are so left wing that it never shows the other side of the story.

    • Notice that the Judeo-Christian ethos which is foundational to our culture isn’t even allowed into the discussion anymore. Why is that?

      Because it provides objectivity in the tidal wave of subjectivity which its purveyors hope to maintain exclusive of any contrary arguments.

      This is simply the same ole same ole relativity of the recent past that puts everything into a state of flux where even the historic outcome of two plus two is called into question by “new math”. Hegel, if you please or just plain insanity!

      It’s a form of mental illness that rejects historic objective truths in order to accept new and novel subjective falsehoods which is what denial of reality of gender identity is for instance, to pick a more obvious example of confused minds.

      Prior generations kept this new and novel genie in the bottle because they believed in the Judeo-Christian social order, which is what government is really all about. That order, where best understood, led to peace and prosperity, but not everyone practiced it and that is where our troubles started.

      When any people permit lawlessness to define law, or redefine it shall we say to favor rarely occurring exceptions such as naturally occurring gender confusions, the damages reverberate all up and down the established social order, creating chaos and injustice without ever resolving their stated objections to the established order.

      Once unjust law is established there is never any shortage of fools to carry out enforcement, imposing a new and novel rule on the rest of society. But, it’s a fool’s errand because natural law cannot be defeated except through genetic modification.

      And that dear reader is where top down outlaw mandates to accept genetic mass manipulation comes into sharper focus.

      • Indeed, the Judeo-Christian ethos is foundational to our culture, which is why they eek to end it, as culture is very much a nations identity. Destroy the culture and you destroy the identity, you end any nationalism, any common bond, any unity, any patriotism, which led to the fall of Rome, such is the very specific intent, the very reason for the mass immigration.
        Likewise, the Judeo-Christian ethos is foundational of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, he very concept on which they were conceived and a great detriment to the global agenda.
        Then you have the family, very much the foundation of the Judeo-Christian ethos, which is antithetical to the intended agenda, as the state is to replace the family, one’s bond, one’s devotion is to be to the state, no other loyalties are to be tolerated.

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