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    New nano materials are being introduced into the environment and into the food supply with little fanfare. David Griffin was talking about this at a very high level a decade ago.

    In this 2012 Bases 17 AMMACH broadcast about the ET connections to the Falklands War, the Black Goo or Gray Goo, an “intelligent oil” seems to relate to synthetic biology, chemtrails and the hidden technology in the vaxx.

    I’ve been saying for a while that this whole COVID war has felt like a mass alien abduction via nano particles.

    This clip is a highly-intelligent and mind-expanding discussion that gives great insight into the times we’re in.

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    • Planes like ships can be leased by governments or any other corporation and then put them to use. They are still on the same registration.
      Magnets begin to erode when in salt water.
      Certain metals on steel ships and on wooden boat or aluminium boats have to be
      cohesive or the wiring and or operations on board will be damaged.

    • Sounds like what the liquafactioned dead bodies that have been injected with the nanobots turn into If they have been stored and not yet dumped into a sewage system; like what is, this black goo still has nano’s that do not die..Nano bots live through many chemicals poured onto them..

      WE better stop this shit FAST

    • ZOG has been after us for a while now .The GOM then FUKU now COVID the path of destruction leads to the axis of evil USUKIS the coverup is the only proof. Darth Cheney should be waterboarded with corexit till he gives up his evil alliance. The alien black goo organism was being refined from the falklands oil well site and shipped to the US. The DNA surveillance project from the COVID testing might show who has been compromised with the goo or who needs to be .

    • OMG! What if consciousness is actually a signal that the body receives as Tesla apparently believed. Are they messing with the nexus between the body and the signal?

    • Another conspiracy theory. But most of the conspiracy theories have been proven to be true.
      See Alex Jones for reference.
      Think the Black Goo is in some way connected to graphene oxide in vaccines? Probably.

      Jokers to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.
      This game we are living, is getting interesting.
      God save us.

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