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This is Nancy Pelosi during her press conference last Wednesday, following the Red Wave that swept across the country during the November 3rd elections – and which crooked Dems in New Jersey are now clawing back with mail-in ballots.

I can make out the words “birdbath”, “privilege scrub” and “bathing exercises” in this completely incoherent display.

Here’s the transcript of what she actually said, taken from Nancy’s own website:

“The other thing that we’re getting or – we’re sending stuff over to the Senate. Most of the product that we’ve done is – except now we may have added in the last hour or so – and some of what we added is Senate, to the bill, like hearing. Bernie doesn’t like hearing – excuse me – Bernie loves hearing. Manchin doesn’t want hearing in the bill and all that stuff. So, some is Senate-oriented, and then we have the family/medical leave. We figured if they’re putting things in, then we can put something in, even if Manchin doesn’t like it,” the Speaker said.

“So, we are getting some Byrd and privilege. I think mostly we’re getting privilege scrub because privilege scrub is deadly to a bill. Byrd? Well, it’s important. You have to take it out, but a privilege violation can take you out. So, we’re, again, getting that as we go along as well. But when we pass a bill, then they will see it in its aggregate and make some –,” she said.

Reporter asks, “Any concerns that any of this is, quote, ‘messaging’ because they have to take some of those things out regardless, no matter what you send over? And you said you weren’t going to send a messaging bill,” the reporter said.

“No, no.” She says, “We’re not sending a messaging bill. But we want to be sure that what we send is not Byrd-able or Byrd bath or privilege scrub. They’re the two exercises in case – bathing exercises we’re engaged in, and we’re getting a good response,” she said.”


As James Woods tweeted, “If you were a police officer, and a driver you had stopped were talking like this, how likely is it you would order a sobriety test?”

Nancy is third in line to the Presidency. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi should have a slurring contest to see who wins the Brain Damage Olympics.

The Powers-That-Be are mocking us with these demonically-possessed sock puppets defiling our institutions and profaning what this country stands for.

What if YOU showed up for work like this?

The Speaker of the House is drunk and on drugs. But who cares? She successfully shepherded the World Economic Forum’s $1.5 trillion Green New Deal Communist Takeover of America “infrastructure bill” passed late Friday night.

California Congressional candidate Amy Phan West says the bill “will put our country into such debt that we will never be able to recover…CBO only shows $180 billion in pay-for offsets, roughly equating to a $400 billion shortfall. This is unheard of. Includes $66 billion for rails and $91.2 billion for transit. That’s all. The rest is not even infrastructure.”

The bill includes a pilot program that introduces “tax-by-mile” to track exactly how much everyone is using their vehicles to charge them more taxes based upon that, $79 billion to hire more workers at the IRS for this enhanced “Tax Enforcement”, $25 billion for “Bias Training”, $3 billion for “Tree Equity” and it paves the way for the $4.3 trillion UN-backed Build Back Better Act.

This win for the Brandon administration would have been impossible without the RINOs, as six Democrats voted “No” (because it wasn’t radical enough).

The final vote should have been 215-219 but the bill passed 228-206.

The following 13 Republicans voted “Yes”:

  • Katko (NY) 202-225-3701
  • Reed (NY) 202-225-3161
  • Gabarino (NY) 202-225-7896
  • Malliotakis (NY) 202-225-3371
  • Van Drew (NJ) 202-225-6572
  • Fitzpatrick (PA) 202-225-4276
  • Upton (MI) 202-225-3761
  • Kinzinger (IL) 202-225-3635
  • Gonzalez (OH) 202-225-3876
  • Smith (MO) 202-225-3765
  • McKinley (WV) 202-225-4172
  • Bacon (NE) 202-225-4155
  • Young (AK) 202-225-5765

This Build Back Better Act is the main reason why the Globalists ensured that the 2020 Election was stolen. It was to enable the Final Looting of the United States of America.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • She is a total embarrassment and absolutely so stupid. She needs to go back home to never return to Washington DC

  • This is how the universe deals with evil. Just like Biden, it has taken away the life and thoughts of these creatures. Schumer, Obama, Hillary and the rest are next.

  • She has no idea what she is talking about. Just another PUPPET, maybe she has had the Astrazenica shot and like with most who have had the soooo called life/death saving vaccine it has affected her ability to function. As it will affect all of those who are stupid enough to just accept what governments around the world telling them what to do. Poverty, Slavery, Mass Genocide and Pedophilia are to be the Normal.

  • Perhaps being complicit in the murder of billions of people could drive even the Devil herself to pick up the bottle?

    • Of course it would, maybe somewhere deep down in side of her there is a little moral compass. Or! maybe she is drunk on her own EGO.

  • I use to be a professional drinker and I can say without hesitation that she is inebriated…
    She also has some deteriorating motor skills and she possibly has Late Stage Chronic Lyme Disease.
    Between her, Biden and Kamala, these people are the most embarrassing thing that has ever come out of America…
    Except Justin Bieber…and Don Lemon….

    • Well said, I agree her motor skills are definitely diminishing. They are all a Blight on Society not juts America, world wide along with all of the so called leaders who are a part of the New World Order bringing about their ugly agendas. The sad thing is these THINGS are beyond being human they have no energy and have to feed off those who do have energy, in fact they are very much like heroin addicts, one fix after another to try and fill the empty void within themselves.

  • Could be drunk but more than likely considering her age its probably dementia like Biden. Only her dementia sounds worse.

  • Holyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Sheeeeeeeeeeyet!
    Apparently, that evil Pelosi harridan had to dope herself up before appearing on camera.
    Overall, she personifies the bulk of Government–the Zionist, Globalist, Satanist-run Federal Government.
    “… she’s just a devil woman,
    with evil on her mind…”, as the song goes.

  • Once again …. there is the clear possibility that the hydra graphene vax computer AI has been activated in the leadership
    The surreal is far more than cognitive dissonance. China kiddy fiddler joe had the same issues like when he met the Jesuit pope , watching top level politicians behave like this is becoming more common. As the fake pox genocide gets more behind schedule the cabal may be forcing activation of the wireless AI link . We are all due to get switched on into the AI
    net in April….but only if you are vaxed when Elon s minimum number of satellites are ready.

    • & While you all are arguing about this nonsense of A-I, their passing bills in congress that at the end they will say “Now Bend Over”

  • There is a connection to Nancy’s full speech & the Queen’s speech at the COP26. It’s called America can’t seem to get rid of this bad case of flees. It’s about passing their “Climate Change” agenda.

  • She needs to quit drinking but on other hand, she scared that red wave is coming. She ought to just give up bc we want her gone. She should be tried for all things she’s done to Trump. Needs to be tried. She’s evil & a lair.

  • [[ Off topic, Alexandra—Sharyl A. has posted an outstanding chronicle of C-19 events ]]

    Copy to paper :

    Our Fractured Fairy Tale begins in Spring of 2020.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    There won’t be a vaccine for Covid-19 for years, even as a best case scenario.

    (A few weeks later…)

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    Great news! Multiple vaccines are on the horizon that are highly-effective at preventing Covid-19! The end of this pandemic is near!

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    Let’s be cautious. We all want successful vaccines, but history shows us that RNA vaccines don’t last very long and don’t work very well; that’s why we’ve never had one approved, even after trying to develop one for AIDS for 40 years.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    The vaccines are here! They’re nearly 100% effective at preventing Covid-19! It’s a modern miracle of science! Come one, come all– except for children, of course, who have a statistical zero chance of serious illness from Covid.

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    Let’s be circumspect. The Covid-19 vaccines will likely only be effective for about six months, variants will enter the picture, as with all viruses; and we have to watch for the possibility of Antibody Dependent Enhancement, a dangerous phenomenon in which vaccination puts the vaccinated patient at higher risk of getting a more dangerous form of the disease after the first wave.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    Conspiracy theorist! (Blocks them from social media, controversializes the scientists as “kooks.”) If you don’t get vaccinated to prevent Covid, you’re akin to a terrorist. A national security threat! Unless, of course you’re a child, because children are at such low risk of serious illness. So they’re the exception.

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    Let’s be realistic: Many vaccinated people are testing positive for Covid after vaccination. The Covid-19 vaccines don’t prevent people from getting Covid-19, after all.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    Everyone knows that’s just because those people weren’t fully vaccinated with both doses. Or maybe they didn’t wait the right amount of time between doses. Or maybe they got Covid after the second dose, but before the immunity fully kicked in.

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    No, I’m sorry, I don’t like it either, we all want effective vaccines. But vaccinated people are getting Covid-19 outside those specific scenarios.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    Doesn’t matter! Who said vaccines should prevent the disease? Certainly not me. The Covid-19 vaccines prevent almost all symptomatic cases. Symptoms, you hear? The vaccines are a huge success story! Exceeding all expectations!

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    Let’s be factual. We’re all for safe, effective vaccines. But we have to acknowledge the Covid-19 vaccines aren’t preventing all symptomatic cases, especially as time wears on. Remember, we always knew they would only work for around six months. Also, recall, scientific experience tells us RNA vaccines in general don’t work very well and don’t last very long.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    Kook! Are you still here? (Generates “fact checks” that call the information “debunked” and “dangerous.”) And I sure hope you’re getting your children vaccinated!

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    I thought you said children don’t need to be vaccinated because their risk of serious illness from Covid is so tiny.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    What?!? Liar! We never said any such thing. Well, maybe we did, but we didn’t know then what we know now. Haven’t you been watching the news? Kids are dying all over the place from Covid!

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    That’s factually untrue.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    Oh yeah? The pediatric death rate is, like, double what it was just a few months ago.

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    Let’s not be hasty with this whole medical experiment. Double a very small number is still very, very tiny. More kids died of flu last year, in a very light flu season, than of Covid in the midst of the pandemic.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    Why do you hate so much? Why do you insist on murdering children? Besides, kids spread Covid to their parents and grandparents. That’s really why we have to get them vaccinated. To keep others safe. Don’t you love other people? How could you be so selfish!

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    Certainly, the jury is out on the spread by children, but CDC acknowledges that vaccinated people carry about the same viral load as unvaccinated people, and that fully-vaccinated people are spreading Covid-19.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    ANTI-VAXXER! Denialist! Well, maybe vaccinated people sometimes get symptoms, but the symptoms are way, way milder than they would’ve otherwise been.

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    Not necessarily. When a vaccinated person gets Covid, it’s impossible to claim that he would have been sicker if not vaccinated. Remember, CDC says the vast of unvaccinated people who get Covid also have mild or no symptoms.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    Okay, maybe vaccinated people can still get infected with Covid-19, after all. And maybe they can still get sick, after all. But at least vaccinated people can’t spread Covid-19. The CDC Director said so. And that’s the point. Not that vaccines prevent illness. We always knew they didn’t do that. They prevent the spread. You nuts who are refusing to getting vaccinated are murdering me and my family!

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    Let’s be accurate. CDC retracted the Director’s false statement on that topic, and eventually issued findings that said “viral load” in vaccinated and unvaccinated people is about the same. Vaccinated people are spreading Covid-19.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    Well, maybe vaccinated people can get Covid. And maybe they can get symptoms. And maybe, okay, maybe they can spread Covid as easily as unvaccinated people. But the vaccines are almost 100% effective at preventing hospitalization and death. That’s the true mark of what makes the vaccines incredibly successful beyond anybody’s wildest dreams. It prevents serious illness. Nobody in the hospital with Covid has been vaccinated. Nobody! It’s a “pandemic of the unvaccinated!”

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    That’s untrue. Not only does CDC say vaccinated people are catching and spreading Covid, but also thousands of fully vaccinated patients have been hospitalized and/or died.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    So what? Do you know how tiny that number is compared to all the people in the world?

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    Yes, as tiny as the percentage of healthy people who get seriously ill or die of Covid.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    (Changes subject) Did you think we said the vaccines prevent hospitalization and death? Of course they can’t do that, silly. What we said was, fewer vaccinated people die or end up hospitalized.

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    Sometimes. There are some concerning exceptions. For example, more vaccinated people ended up hospitalized for a time in Israel, and four out of five patients hospitalized with Covid in CDC’s Massachusetts study were fully vaccinated.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    Dummy! When more vaccinated people end up hospitalized, it’s because there are so many vaccinated people. And when more vaccinated people don’t end up hospitalized it’s because the vaccines work so well. In each case, it points to the wild success of the vaccines! Don’t you understand math? You’re not too bright, are you? It’s all more proof the vaccines are an unimaginable success, and far more people should get them. In fact, we must require people to have vaccine passports to go about their daily lives. It’s a matter of life and death.

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    Vaccination may make sense for some people, but, surely, you understand by now that proof of vaccination is no assurance that person is immune, nor does it show he can’t spread Covid to others. Israel’s health ministry says effectiveness of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines appears to be down to 39% and falling. That’s far below the threshold needed to impact a pandemic. That’s happening in the U.S., too.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    Delta variant! That’s because of the Delta variant! Scary! Who could have known there would be these crazy variants in the picture, and that maybe the vaccines wouldn’t work so well against them?

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    Every professionally-trained virologist on the planet.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    Well, those are “breakthrough infections.” They’re Super Duper rare! And besides, they are less serious infections than if the people hadn’t gotten vaccinated. Are you stupid?

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    Actually, they’re not very rare, and there’s no way to know if a “breakthrough” infection was “less serious” than it otherwise might have been.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    Well… (Thinks…) The vaccines are still better than nothing! You’re an unhinged science-denier not to recognize the miracle of these vaccines!

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    In the interest of accuracy, the vaccines aren’t necessarily “better than nothing” for everybody. They may be worse for some people. And, unfortunately, there’s new study modeling implying Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) could be in play. We all hope that’s not the case. It would mean people who got the Covid-19 vaccine could be susceptible to a more dangerous form of the virus.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    Maybe. But how could we have known?

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    Because we told you about it in the very beginning. The ADE phenomenon is well documented, has occurred in the past after vaccination, and is something we should be mindful of— like it or not.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    Study, schmudy! Clearly that’s junk science! We’ll get that retracted before you know it. (Mutters under breath) Where are the censors when we need them the most?

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    Also, the biggest study of its kind, out of Israel, confirms what the other studies have shown: natural immunity is far superior to vaccination in preventing Covid-19. Those who were fully-vaccinated with Pfizer’s vaccine were 13 times more likely to get infected with Covid compared to those who had COVID-19 during the same time period. The vaccinated were also far more likely to be hospitalized.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    Oh yeah? Are you stupid? Do you really want to take the chance of DYING OF COVID to get natural immunity?

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    That’s not the tradeoff for anybody. Nobody is suggesting people intentionally get Covid-19. The fact is, well over 120 million Americans have gotten it and survived, according to CDC, and the fatality rate of Covid-19 is statistically very, very small. So widespread natural immunity, which is better protection than vaccination, should be factored into discussions about policies to mandate vaccination in order for people to earn a living, get educated, attend events, shop, etc.

    (Public Health Officials Drs. Propa and Ganda):

    Fake news! No evidence! Stupid! You’re clearly just an anti-vaccine nut case! I’m reporting you to the authorities. You’ll be sorry. You should be arrested. Terrorist! Sure, Covid-19 vaccines don’t prevent the virus or long-lasting immunity or stop the spread or prevent hospitalization and death. But all we need to do is give boosters. See? Also, space out the first two shots. We gave them too close together. That was a mistake, but we can fix that. We’ll get it right next time for sure. Then, vaccines will be better than natural immunity, I’m sure of it. You’ll see. That’s how vaccines work. Everybody knows it. You have to keep giving boosters. Forever, maybe. It buys time to formulate the next version of the vaccine, and then, you give that to people, too.

    So, as you can see, we’ve clearly made the case that the Covid vaccine story is one of the biggest success stories on the planet! If you’re too blind to see that, I just can’t help you. Period. Settled science. Case closed.

    (Other scientists, Drs. Indy and Pendent):

    Remember when you claimed the vaccines were nearly 100% effective at preventing Covid-19?

    The End.

  • I embarked into this type of knowledge domain 20 years ago. There were astute people then who saw this moment approaching. Take back your City Councils, and County Governments, now. Hear is where you have the power that is rightfully yours. Get everyone involved. Sign a recall vote election petition, Know that your vote is being counted on the spot. Get mad, take action. Through the bums out. Slow down the rest. Think Globally ACT LOCALLY.

  • Which Alien Snakebite Jab does Nancy and President Xiden have in common?

    The traitors they don’t want to get rid of just yet probably get jabbed with water, but these two seem to have had the identical Jab.


    What’s really hilar , besides Pelosi’s ncohernt ramblin’…r the reporters who pretend 2 actually understand this word salad!!!

    Where’s Peter Doocy when y’all need him?!?!



    Btdubbs, every of those RINO Repubs who helpd FakecPres Biden with his commie build back bet tag Green New Scam will b primaried…

    They jus gav Butedgeedge [ Pres Trump says that’s how y’all say Butegedge ] however its sp…a slush fund 4 the Green New Deal…

    Pete has jus returnd from his 2 mo fam leave since he realizd he cudn’t breast feed his newborn….hahahaha…

    I watch’s a vid from andweknow/LT n Jan aftr the 6th, with a clip of Pelosi walkin’ 2 the Capitol, laughin’ and jokin’ with reportrs…

    When she nters the Capitol, she is immediately surrounded by 4 women, n black pants and jackts…the jackets r open and y’all cud c badges on their belts…

    They were very sternlkin’ and told her not 2 say a wrd….and she replied “I wont”….she lkd scared….

    US Martials, y’all?!?!

    Mayb that had sumthin’ 2 do with SPECIAL FORCES stealin’ her laptop on the 6th…and what they discovahd…

    Pelosi is a tr8or!!!

    Btdubbs, Pelosi has a dbl….jus like Fake Pres Joe…hahahaha.

    Q said y’all were watchin’ a movie!!!

    Gettin’ tired of this shit show Q!!


      I have no interest whatsoever in vaccines. Nothing has convinced me there’s any benefit, relative to a healthy lifestyle.

    • No scum (what floats on the surface of the sewerage) ever goes to prison. What fictional idea is this? It sounds fascinating but an unsafe thought even. I doubt they make those kind of prisons anyway.

    • Mafia women tend to get around, JFK, Robert Mueller, Harry Reed, John Boehner, Mitt Romney, Adam Schiff, and currently Peter Buttigieg

  • While the MSM condemns the use of ivermectin, the most populated state in India just declared they are officially COVID free after promoting widespread use of the safe, proven medicine. In addition to this, Ivermectin attaches to covid spikes and prevents them from binding to ACE2. Get your Ivermectin today while you still can!

    • And in Indonesia, after banning Iver for a month, and death rates spiralling, they allowed it in (I think) the end of July or August, nd now the death rates have gone down dramatically, to almost zero. But, no money in that remedy…

  • no brain cells were harmed in the making of this video . they should have used one of those hand talking interpreters . this is what Prep-H drug abuse looks like kids , just say no.

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