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    • According to Dr. Martin (from Patent office) both Fauci & Senator Paul would be wrong, because there never was a “Pandemic. ‘Forbidden Knowledge’ has this very interesting interview with Oval Media, titled: ‘There is No Variant-Not Novel-No Pandemic’

      • I watched that, excellent video with Dr. David Martin. People world wide have fallen ill to what I believe Paul is saying, a manufactured virus via gain of function, thanks Fauci, Martin is right there is no natural threat but a manmade threat so NOT a pandemic because there are no bodies in the street waiting to be picked up by the heroes 24/7 as one would expect in a real pandemic. All manufactured, gain of function, people will fall ill because, it is NOT a pandemic. Fauci needs to be tarred and feathered and then hung for what he has done in his career. Process that

        • terry, I had watched the full version (1:56) of Dr. David Martin interview with ‘Oval Media’ twice. The only Virus that was manufactured was an ILLUSION. (1:35 min. in) So the real goal was indeed the Vaccines.
          Dr. Martin also has another interview worth the time titled: Drops Shocking covid info on Canadians

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