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    Even though I have the opportunity to vent nonstop about the COVID War, day in and day out, I was surprised at just how much more bottled-up emotion and PTSD I still have, when this video made me cry.

    It is a happy video about Australia!

    What looks like tens of thousands of Melbournians gathered in front of the Parliament House of Victoria with very high energy to protest all things COVID.

    There were a lot of Trump flags and LGBTQ flags and hand-made billboards railing against corrupt politicians and Big Pharma.

    Claire Woodley, daughter of Australian Singer-Songwriter, Bruce Woodley, of the hit folk anthem, I Am Australian led the crowd in a rousing mass performance of the song.

    It’s incredible what a mass-expression of patriotism can be like when there are no FBI in the crowd to Astroturf violence.

    There were no police to be seen.

    Simeon Boykoff, aka the Aussie Cossack suspects that Victoria Premier Dan Andrews will face the same political fate as Romanian Communist leader, Nicolae Ceaușescu. He says:

    “Now, if Dan is listening to this, you better quickly, Dan seek refugee status. Go to your nearest Chinese embassy or consulate. Maybe the Chinese will take you, because you’ve obviously been working for them all this time…

    “It seems that Dan Andrews, Dictator Dan has finally succumbed to his own power. He’s pushed the people that hard, that it’s no longer a question of Right Wing, Left Wing; no longer a question of race, color, political persuasion. Everybody is out on the streets and Melbournians, you’re doing this for the whole country…

    “Something awesome is happening in Melbourne. Melbourne, which is the most locked-down city in the world, officially, Melbourne has been overtaken by Australians.

    “People have taken to the streets. It’s now at a turning point. It’s like a runaway train. It’s no longer a handful of construction workers or a few people here and there. It’s officially become a huge movement. It’s so huge that it even reminds me of one of these Left-Wing sort of movements.

    “And why I say that is because there are certain flags appearing in the crowds which weren’t appearing before and you can have a look at what I’m talking about.

    “Look at this video…courtesy of a gentleman called True Arrow. Fantastic footage. This video will probably bring it to your eye.

    “It really is people power. There’s not a cop in sight. We’ve gone from people getting shot in the back as they run away, to Melbourne being overtaken – and this Saturday, there’s going to be twice as many Melbournians on the streets!…

    “This is fantastic! Look at that! There’s no cops at all. The cops have given up!…

    “So Dan Andrews, who was thrown down the stairs by Linfox Group, you’re in trouble, mate. You’re about to be politically unseated.

    “And congratulations to all of you, for being on the right side of history. And to those who are on the wrong side of history, Nuremberg 2.0 is still going; it’s still going ahead, because we will never forget what you’ve done, Victoria Police, New South Wales Police, the Liberal-Labor politicians…your trial is guaranteed. Nuremberg 2.0!

    “Enjoy this video I’m so proud of Melbourne! Aussie Cossack, signing out.”


    I came from the Dreamtime
    From the dusty red soil plains
    I am the ancient heart
    The keeper of the flame
    I stood upon the rocky shore
    I watched the tall ships come
    For forty thousand years I’ve been the first Australian

    I came upon the prison ship
    Bound down by iron chains
    I fought the land
    Endured the lash
    And waited for the rains
    I’m a settler
    I’m a farmer’s wife
    On a dry and barren run
    A convict then a free man
    I became Australian

    I’m a daughter of a digger
    Who sought the mother lode
    The girl became a woman
    On the long and dusty road
    I’m a child of the Depression
    I saw the good times come
    I’m a bushy, I’m a battler
    I am Australian

    We are one
    But we are many
    And from all the lands on earth we come
    We’ll share a dream
    And sing with one voice
    I am, you are, we are Australian

    I’m a teller of stories
    I’m a singer of songs
    I am Albert Namatjira
    And I paint the ghostly gums
    I’m Clancy on his horse
    I’m Ned Kelly on the run
    I’m the one who waltzed Matilda
    I am Australian

    I’m the hot wind from the desert
    I’m the black soil of the plain
    I’m the mountains and the valleys
    I’m the drought and flooding rains
    I am the rock
    I am the sky
    The rivers when they run
    The spirit of this great land
    I am Australian

    We are one
    But we are many
    And from all the lands on earth we come
    We’ll share a dream
    And sing with one voice
    I am, you are, we are Australian

    We are one
    But we are many
    And from all the lands on earth we come
    We’ll share a dream
    And sing with one voice
    I am, you are
    We are Australian

    I am, you are
    We are Australian

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Congrats to Australia for standing up to freedom.
      What you need to do now is hijack the MSM T.V. to broadcast this as here in Britain we`re under the illusion that the good people down under have just rolled over and have done nothing because the BBC and all T.V. as well as newspapers have not reported a single word on this.
      Andy Hughes
      (Scotland )

    • Protests come and go ,they wont work, only mass non compliance in day to day life and activity can can change things ,I mean at least 70 percent of the population ,but alas that will not happen

    • Can anybody tell us here what became of the truckies strikes? It was supposed to shut the country down but yet we have heard nothing about it for at least the last month or longer. Would really like to know if that was successful or not or if it happened at all.

    • I’m Canadian and wish with all my heart we would stand up like these wonderful people. I’m so happy and proud of you all. Free Australia,!,

      • I’m with you – also Canadian. Sick of the tyranny. Action4Canada is our best bet for now. Check out their website. God keep our land glorious and free!

    • Be careful when you unite to fight evil. The evil ones will wait and let you do all the work. They always let people do all the work for them, then “they” step in with their funding and MONEY from the Luciferian Bankers as they did in China and Russia. They infiltrate and destroy from within, then they take over all control=the Yids, the Synagogue of Satan, they are traitors and will do the exact opposite of what they proclaim to be doing. They took children from their parents and prisoners and ordinary people to Australia, they made you do all the work of building OZ, then they came in and took it over with their MONEY=satanic POWER. Satanists run finance and banking. You built Australia and made it beautiful, then the satanists took over. When you get rid of them, Keep them out for good. Never trust them again. Know them by their fruit which is always rotten pretending to be good. God Bless you all. God is with you because you are with God and against the evil enemies of God and the enemies of your souls. Toss them all into the pit of Hell, cleanse all evil from Australia, it belongs to you, the children of God who created it, not the devils from Hell and their power which is only the power to destroy all God created.

    • So nice to see Melbournians showing up in numbers and spirit. This is happening all around Australia in all kinds of ways too. The Eureka Stockade 2.0 is now. Nuremberg 2.0 is next.

    • Thanks to All down under for standing up to the oppressors. Here in America, in the San Francisco Bay Area, oppression bolstered by constant lies in the media and from every level of government is at top levels to drown out the voices of those who see for themselves and not from the telly.

      We are inspired by you as we take to the streets in growing numbers, unreported by the liars who have bought out the papers, television, and corporate web sites.

      Yours in Truth, Health, Freedom, and Spirit,

      Glen –

    • Hmm… I’m tempted to celebrate seeing the breakthrough by the public in Australia. But knowing about the Hegelian dialectic, I am wary.
      What if this is the desired Reaction to the Problem the elite class had created before they pretend to bring the Solution they’ve always wanted to roll out?

    • And see, this is how conservatives gather to protest. Same as those at the rally on January 6 in the U.S. Conservatives narrative is LOVE. WE WILL ALL COME TOGETHER IN THE END. ALL.

    • I hope I’m wrong, but the way I see it, he’s an extreme optimist. I don’t see a peaceful solution or court trials to deal with those behind the NWO plans and actions. They will only back down if violence is taken right to their individual homes. Peaceful street protests will accomplish nothing, and are a major waste of time and energy, but again, I hope I’m proven wrong.

      • That’s a risk but what’s the alternative, stay home and obey?
        Get out and protest, if you don’t then you are complicit. Get off your arse.

      • Hopefully we feel similarly, but an ultimatum should be presented, followed Quickly, with meaningful actions & retaliatory shows of support! All these measures need to reflect huge areas of the country’s landmass, as well as widespread groups of likeminded citizens!! We must stay strong & UNITED, as we are currently being forced to become divided! Remember the saying “ United we Stand: Divided we FALL

    • Australia – breaking the chains of bondage, congratulations…
      United State’s traitors??? You’re next damn you…

    • Alexandra, thank you so much for posting this, it made my day! We all needed to hear some positive news and this sure did it. I am so proud of the Australians, love to all of you, from an American who is an old lady. I watched this 3 hrs ago and am still crying – happily!

    • Hawaiian Patriots against Tyranny are proud of all of You in Melbourne for standing up against Tyranny in your Country.

    • Those police that committed the crimes against their own citizens must be held accountable! They ran away but hoping that Australia does not forget who committed abominable atrocities during this time. Hold them accountable!!

    • Tremendous! Exciting! God bless those Australians! They are an example of what happens when the people decide enough is enough. No more tyranny, no more mandates, no more communistic tactics. Way to go, Melbourne! So proud of you!!!!!

    • This is the best thing that I have seen since March of 2020. Finally, the right response in huge #’s and strength of direction and heart. What is so notable is that no one is wearing a face mask. What is so notable is that there are NO police. ZERO “enforcement” for the agenda of tyranny and more oppression. That MUST mean that we have crossed the point (finally…) in which the people say…ENOUGH, come together in solidarity, and stand their ground. That must mean that the police are sick of being a force of oppression against their own countrymen, and are no longer willing to be pimps for this evil oppression. Australia has stomached this insanity for so long as the western prime focus for how hard the state hammer can hit and insist that oppression be followed, or else, has now clearly turned.
      What is NOW critical is the follow up. How long the legs that this moment has in the rest of the world. How many people send this out to others. How many sites re-produce this and bring this overthrow moment of tyranny to the minds and hearts of others. If this does not occur in large measure then, what will occur
      is the most dreaded outcome of: “Game over, the bad guys won.” We want to prevent that outcome at all costs from seeing the light of day. And, truth be told, we need to come to the realization of just how close “they” are from being able to successfully implement this disaster on us all. Truly understanding that is essential to be seen.
      Thank you Melbourne for being an example to the world. May this example spread like
      honey and a joyous rain over a parched earth.

    • Is it possible that Australia has been one of 86 nations that accepted IMF’s offer of credit to off-set covid economic disruption—with the proviso the nation had to impose a lockdown ?? Would a lifting of the lockdown trigger an immediate calling of the credit-extension ??

    • I have to admit this tall tough Texan broke down in tears and sobs of gratitude to God and pride in my Australian brothers and sisters who have been through so much. This spirit of unity is truly inspiring and tells me that the dark ones have lost. Bravo to this great people for waking up, may this spirit of unity soon overtake America as well. Thanks for sharing this Alexandra, you are a gem.

    • At last in my 80 years I have just witnessed the true Australian Spirit >>
      We the ‘ordinary people’ are the essence of Australia, somewhat slow to react, always prepared to give everybody a ‘fair chance’ , but once aroused, a very powerful force to have to reckon with, and rightly so, when we have just been forced to endure such traitorous behaviour by those who we gave the privilege to represent us and our Great Nation. They have just had the ‘shot’ over their ‘bow’.
      Continue as they have been, they will experience something they were just far too arrogant to consider possible. >>> God Bless Australia.

      • I experienced the Australian spirit in 1977 when I went thru Europe with a group of Aussies – boisterous, spirited, fearless and always with a grand sense of humor – I fell in love with the Aussies. I am SO proud of Australians today and will be eternally grateful to them for showing the rest of the world how it’s done. I’m born and bred American but have always felt a kinship with Aussies with 1977 and saw how freedom-loving they were. My heart is with all Aussies today, I love you all and am so proud of all of you! With love from an old lady who is American.

    • Thank you Alexandra for this very positive, uplifting video. Things have been very dark for far too long. All they could do is use force to push their agenda.

      Force will always create a counter force that didn’t exist before. The global elite wants force upon force upon force to create a back and forth, eye for an eye situation that will likely benefit them. What they don’t want is for people to find their courage, their voice and speak truth to power without violence. Why? Because time and time again, all force comes to an end by respecting power. Look at all the non-violent movements that caused great, positive change in humanity. It happened because they found their power.

      If you are interested in learning more about the subject, I HIGHLY recommend reading the book “Power vs Force”.

    • This is so powerful. It answers my question of how do we overcome these tyrants…the answer is to gather in masses and stand up for what is right and truly real. We are the people and we the people shall prevail!


      Remember well that this Bozo was instrumental in setting up George Papadapolous . That was for justification for the Corrupt faction of the FBI to illegally surveil candidate Donld Trump as he and George were associated as far as legal justification is concerned. He has Diplomatic Immunity so can’t be touched for anything he did while in office.
      This is an clever trick by the Marxists in the Au Government working hand on hand with their equally corrupt US counterparts. I guess the late great Senator Joseph McCarthy was right all along.

    • Finally!! A happy video about Australia! This scene in Melbourne caused my tears to flow as well. When they all began to sing it brought to mind that scene in the musical version of Les Misérables where the people sang Do You Hear the People Sing.

      I was especially glad to hear and see this video after listening to what Penny Kelly had to say about Australia in response to a question asked in a Q&A on Sunday. This question about Australia comes up at !:03:02.

      • After watching these thousands of Australians join in singing their hit folk anthem, I Am Australian, it got me to thinking that we need a global war song (we are most definitely at war) that would have a message that would be appropriate for all people of the world. Perhaps with just a small bit of editing the song from Les Misérables, Do You Hear The People Sing, might be the song. Check out the lyrics as shown in this video and see what you think. Note: in this video at 2:03 there are additional lyrics that did not show up in any of the lyrics provided by various sources I looked at resulting from a search I did.


    • Beautiful! One concern that I wish to share—A label under the video titled, One World Order. A bit concerning. Please explain.


    • If only so many on the Left were not so well indoctrinated to hate our nation, to be contemptuous of Capitalism, to view freedom and liberty with disdain, as Capitalism is not so much an economic system, as it is a result of freedom and liberty.
      So thoroughly gaslighted, first by the hate porn of lies, deceit and deception, then with the fear porn of the Plandemic, which continues today, that we must first defeat the Leftards before we can address the corrupt, tyrannical regime that our government has become.
      For as a nation, a people united, we could easily correct the course of our nation, remove the criminals within our government and remedy any of the ills we are facing!

    • Nothing brings a diverse group of people together like a common enemy. That was awesome, all of them peacefully protesting together, no ‘brownshirts’ attacking them or politicized feds fomenting violence, attempting to destroy the narrative. hopefully coming to the US very soon.

    • God bless us all and Australian spirit and love. Show the rest of the world the way. It’s inevitable when evil tries to suppress our God given love and humanity .
      Saving your children from Commonwealth communism and gorrillas in black lace. I will be praying with you all this weekend. Dump the corona crown. Xxx

    • This had to start, it’s way pastime for this to happen here!
      But, we have lots of sheep, and are being invaded.
      War on all fronts.

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